CutieMish's gang-bang

CutieMish's gang-bang

NOTE: To aid in the visualization, I have pics of CutieMish(Michelle Lam) in my album My Fuckable Asian Fantasies.

Michelle Lam is a 20 year-old girl of Asian descent, living in a small town just outside of London, England. Something that sets this 5'5", dark-haired, brown almond-eyed beauty with the perky yet sensually soft and squeezable B-cup breasts apart from others of her kind is the distinctly English accent in which she speaks. In her onscreen identity as the internet phenom CutieMish, she's charmed guys around the world and inspired uncountable fantasies within those same guys about the things they'd love to do to/with/for her in bed. Hearing her speak in her English accent with her adorably exotic Asian looks damn near gets the blood to racing.

One night, Michelle heads out to a London club to meet some friends. Wearing a sleeveless olive green top, a light summery mini-skirt with miniature pink flowers patterned on it which comes down to just above her thighs with an oversized black belt cinching it to her waist, and black mini-pumps, her long dark hair flowing free down to her waist. Michelle--whose car broke down a couple days earlier--takes a cab into the city. Waiting outside the club, she gets a call from her girlfriends who she's supposed to meet, letting her know they're on their way but are stuck in traffic, and she should go inside and try to get seats at the bar. She heads inside, several guys whistling at the sight of her long, perfectly fit and slender legs. She smiles, pleasantly waving back at them as she goes in...since becoming a phenom and a bit of a mini-celebrity in her own country, Michelle's gotten used to the various types of attention she attracts.

The club is packed to the rafters, with partiers of various ages rubbing elbows and trying to get their groove on. Making her way through the dense crowd, Michelle tries her best to ignore the few gropes her small but well-rounded ass receives along the way. Her pleasant smile to the bartender wins her a space at the stuffed bar, but there are no other seats for her friends for whenever they show up. Michelle orders a beer and nurses it while she glances around at the couples making out at tables or dancing in the sunken floor a few feet away. Someone taps her shoulder, and she turns to find a tall, handsome guy in his early 30's with tousled brown hair smiling down at her. "Hey, hi...I've seen you somewhere before, haven't I? Are you an actress or something?"

Michelle nods. "I've done some stuff," she shouts back over the music. The guy stares at her a moment, and his eyes widen as he realizes, "Hey, you're that internet chick, aren't you? That 'cutie' girl--?" Michelle nods again. "'CutieMish', ya...Michelle. But my friends call me Mishy."

"Mishy, name's Rolly," he says, offering his hand. Rolly has large hands, almost like a boxer's. Mishy's fits snugly inside it as they shake hands. Rolly turns away a moment, talking to two guys next to him; one of them, another white guy like Rolly, has dark hair and piercing blue eyes. The other, a tall black dude, is bald but his physique is impressive enough that it shows through the thick sweater he's wearing. All the guys are in the same age range and handsome, Mishy notes to herself, as Rolly points her out to them. They nod and smile at Mishy, then make their way around Rolly to stand on either side of her. "These are my boys, Nate and Dexter," Rolly says, making the intros. As Mish shakes hands with Nate, Dexter--the black guy--quickly takes a small wrapped packet of tinfoil out of his pocket. He unwraps it and dumps a white powder into Mishy's drink. It's so crowded in the club, no one notices. Dexter tosses the foil away and shakes hands with Mishy as she turns to him while the powder quickly dissolves into her beer. They all chat up a moment, and Mishy finds out that Rolly and his friends all work in stock trading on the London Market. They're out for the night trying to score some dates, and Mishy playfully remarks that maybe they'll get lucky when her three friends arrive. She doesn't think anything of Rolly's comeback that he and his pals have already gotten about as lucky as they'll get meeting her. All of them raise their glasses to toast meeting new friends, and Mishy quickly downs half her drink.

The four of them chat it up for a while, Mishy's ringing phone going unheard in the din of the club, as her friends are trying to reach her to say they're still stuck in traffic. Michelle and the guys are having a hearty time on their own though, laughing it up and getting to know each other. It's only when her vision starts to blur a little bit that she thinks she might have had a little too much to drink, but then wonders how that could be, when she's only had one beer and hasn't even finished it yet.

Michelle suddenly finds the club music is pounding a little louder than it should in her head, and doesn't really know what to make of it as Rolly's hand slips around her waist and he pulls her to him, kissing her lightly on her cute little nose. She feels someone else's hand on her, and turns to see Dexter pulling up her skirt just enough to expose her pink panties for him and his friends to see. Nate has his back to Michelle and the others, looking cautiously around the club. He glances down at her panties and nods his approval. "Prime, mate. That's totally prime."

Michelle shakes her head dizzily. "What are you guys doing..." her voice sounds far away to her, almost like it's coming back from underwater. Rolly kisses her forehead. "You just relax. It's time to go home."

"But I just got here..." Michelle tries to argue, but finds she can't resist as Rolly takes her by the shoulders, turns her around toward the exit and he and his friends march her out of the club with them. Once they make it outside, Rolly puts his arm around her waist once more, leading her along as the quartet heads up the street. "But I gotta wait, my friends will be here soon..." Michelle argues weakly, slurring her words slightly. Rolly puts a finger to her lips, shushing her gently. "A good little girl's seen and not heard, right?" he offers cautioningly as the group rounds a corner and Nate unlocks the doors on a silver Audi. Nate gets in on the driver's side and Dexter gets in on the front passenger's. Rolly takes a pill out of his pocket and offers it to Michelle. "Say 'aahhh'" he tells her. "Uh-mm," Michelle replies, shaking her head. Rolly opens her mouth easily with his thumb and places the pill on her tongue. He then leans in, kissing her, using his own tongue to push the pill down her throat, which she doesn't even notice she's swallowing as she returns the kiss, unaware her hands are on his arms, feeling up his strong muscles underneath his shirt. Rolly ends the kiss and watches as Michelle sways uncertainly on her feet, a dazed but happy smile on her face. Rolly picks her up and climbs into the back seat, sitting Michelle on his lap as he closes the door behind him and the Audi peels off into the night.

A couple hours later, the guys arrive at the small private house they've rented for the weekend, out in the countryside. Each of them has been dying for a turn at their young exotic captive, but they've managed to hold off until they reached the house. But with bulging hard-ons in all their pants, they know they won't last much longer unless they get a taste of the sweetness barely hidden underneath Mishy's little skirt. "C'mon honey, wake up, we're home," Rolly tells Michelle, gently prodding her as she dozes on his lap, her head against his chest. She sits up and looks around, groggy, at the dark woods surrounding the small house. "W...where are we?" she asks as she looks up at Rolly, barely recognizing him. "I told you sweetie, we're home. Let's go, come on." Michelle looks at him a moment, puzzled, but then slides off his lap--her skirt and panties riding up a bit as she does so--and gets out of the rear passenger side. Nate's already at the front door, unlocking it and turning on the lights as he enters, Dexter right behind him. "Come on you two lovebirds--time to get inside and get at it," the black man calls back to Rolly who's waiting for Michelle as she reaches under her skirt and undoes the wedgie her little pink panties have given her. Rolly takes her by the waist and leads her into the house, which has a sunken living room floor with a bearskin rug and a couch. There's a tiny kitchen off to the side of the living room, followed by a bathroom. The bedroom is off to the other side.

Michelle looks around, shaking her head, which is hurting a little. "I don't did I get here?" she asks Rolly.

"Doesn't matter now," Nate says as he drops his pants, revealing a nice 7 1/2 inches sporting some glistening precum at the tip. "What it's all about is getting inside that tight little snatch of yours." Michelle gasps at the sight of Nate taking off his clothes, and now Dexter also pulling down his pants, showing off a hard black cock that's even longer and thicker than his friend's. Mishy turns to Rolly. "What do you guys think you're doing?!" Rolly grabs her sharply by the arms, shaking her for emphasis as he says, "Making you into our little fuckbunny. Your only job, little Mish, is to quit running your yap and open every hole you've got for us, right!" He shoves her backwards, and Michelle slips on the carpet, falling onto her tight little ass with a yelp. With fearful tears in her eyes, she watches as Rolly begins to take off his shirt and pants, then looks up to see that Nate and Dexter are standing on either side of her, their cocks pointing accusingly at her young face.

As Michelle stumbles to her knees, trying to get up, Dexter grabs one of her hands and wraps her slender fingers around his cock. "Here, can use this for support," he laughs as his mates join in. Before Michelle can protest, he grabs her roughly by the back of her hair, forcing her to cry out fearfully. "Let's get her, she can blow you first, Nate. Your dick might go down easier for her than mine."

"Hey, fuck you, cock!" Nate responds with a laugh, only slightly offended. He then nudges his thumb at Rolly, who's now wearing only his black socks, his 8 inch cock sticking out stiff as an ironing board. "Rolly should have first go, he's the one who scoped her." Rolly moves forward with a shrug, smiling as he looks down at their little captive, whose body is trembling in terror. "Suits me just fine, guys...believe me, I have no problem with it. Wanted to fuck this little minx since I first laid eyes on her! Open up, sweetheart."

Michelle waves her free hand, as if trying to ward off Rolly's cock with some type of magical gesture. "Please, please...I don't know you guys, please! Please don't do this...I just wanna go home!" She breaks down now, crying openly like a little girl. Rolly reaches down, gently cupping her chin in his hand, forcing her to look up at him. "Ssshh, my little dove. We tossed your cell phone out the car window on the way here, so no one can call you. We're out here in the countryside, where no one can hear you. You're not leaving. Of course I knew who you were when I saw you in the bar. You're all over the internet...YouTube, MySpace, all that bollocks. Problem for you is, this is the kind of shit that can happen when you make yourself a celebrity. Problem for you is, you've posted pics of your doddering dad and your fairly fuckable mom in the past. Now, it's time for you to be our star. Our little CutieMish. You're gonna do everything we say--and I do mean fucking everything--or we'll just tie you up, and in a couple hours you can watch as we bring your mommy back here. And unless the baby comes out black as ol' Dexie, you and moms can try and guess which one of us two here," he says as he points his finger back and forth between himself and Nate, "is the one who gave you a little brother or sister to play with."

"Oh my gosh," Michelle sobs. "Why would you do this?"

Rolly looks to his two friends, shrugs, then looks back to Mish. "Because we can!" he says, and the three friends laugh heartily. "Now, you understand that you're our little baby, right? Otherwise..."

Michelle nods sadly, tears spilling down her face and onto her olive green top. "y...y...yes, I understand."

Rolly nods, satisfied, then looks at Michelle's right hand, still forced to hold onto Dexter's shaft with his own hand. "How's it feel, having her little hand wrapped around your sausage, mate?" Dexter whistles and smiles. "She's got soft, soft hands, Rolly. You should feel it around your own cock."

"I will," he assures him, then says to Mishy, "I don't think Dex needs to keep your hand in place, does he?" Michelle shakes her head. "Go on, can trust our girl." Dexter nods and removes his hand. Michelle obediently keeps her hand in place, loosely holding onto the black iron rod. "C'mon, bitch...fuckin' wrap your hand around it!" Dexter snaps. "Hey, easy brother. Manners," Nate says and bends over, looking into Michelle's tear-swollen eyes. "It's 'cutiebitch'. C'mon, cutiebitch...give Dexie's cock a good, firm grip. And while you're at it, start stroking my pipe too."

Stifling a sob, Michelle gets a firmer grip on Dexter's black meat, then reaches up as Nate stands on the other side of her and firmly wraps her little fingers around his wide white cock as well. She slowly begins stroking the two of them, while Rolly stands in front of her. "You a virgin?" he asks. Michelle shakes her head no. "Fuck," Rolly says, disappointed. "Oh, well...we all make due with the best we're given, eh? Open wide, sweetie."

Michelle's breath comes in little anxious pants as she stares up at his rock hard cock. She's about to beg him not to make her do it, but the look in his eyes cancels that out. With a light gasp, she opens her mouth as wide as she can as Rolly holds the side of her head and pulls her forward, making her balance on her knees precarious as she tries not to fall when he pushes his cock into her mouth. He slips it in a little slowly at first, but then forces it in all the way, tickling her tonsils and enjoying the quick little gagging sound she makes just before she starts sucking him, all while she keeps stroking Dexter and Nate's cocks positioned on either side of her head.

"Oh, fuck!" Rolly says, genuinely surprised. "She's really fucking good at this!" he announces to his friends, his breath coming in abrupt little huffs far before he wanted it to. "Shit, seriously guys...I wish I had a fucking blue ribbon to give this bitch!" Rolly lets go of the sides of her head and holds onto the back instead, forcing her lips apart further to accommodate his cock as he begins furiously fucking her face, he and his boys getting harder even more to the sounds of Mishy's lips slurping and smacking on his cock, which is slick from her saliva and Rolly's own cum, which is starting to dribble out of him due to the moistness of her warm lips. Mishy moans sadly, disgusted with having to go down on someone she barely knows and certainly doesn't love...and it's that pitiful sound which turns Rolly on so much that he cums almost instantly, depositing a load of his sperm down Mishy's throat. Just as he pulls out, Dexter and Nate cum at the same time, splashing the sides of her head and hair with their sticky mess. Rolly finishes on her face as well, and Michelle screams loudly in agonized disgust, hoping against hope that someone will hear her.

"Fuck," Dexter says as he stumbles back a bit, spent with cumming so hard on the young girl's face. "Shut this bitch up, man!" Rolly waves him off. "No, let her get it out of her system. I think it's sort of fucking hot," he says with a chuckle. After a moment, Michelle calms down, her body shaking as the scream's taken so much out of her. Nate reaches down, grabbing the bottom of Michelle's splattered shirt and begins pulling it off of her. She grunts in protest and tries pulling away, but Dexter and Rolly grab her arms and legs, bringing her back and pinning her to the rug as Nate now tears at the shirt, ripping it off of her and exposing her cute little B-cups wrapped up in a pink bra. "Shit, bitch, I just wanted to wipe my dick off," he says, then plops down on the carpet, wiping his dripping remains with her shirt.

"Please...please stop this," Michelle begs them, looking more to Rolly. "I won't say anything. Just leave me and my family alone, please..." Her body shudders as she sobs, her beautiful bra-covered breasts jiggling in response, turning the guys on. Rolly gently pats her leg, bringing her attention back to him. "Answer a question first: if you have a choice between me, Nate or Dexter knocking you up, getting you pregnant, which of us would you want to be the father?"

Michelle's eyes widen in astonished shock. She can't believe she's being asked such a horrible question! "Why...!" Dexter slaps her thigh, making her yelp in pain. "Fucking answer the question! Which one of us do you bring home as your baby daddy?"

Michelle looks at the three of them, terrified of giving the wrong response. Finally, she points at Rolly. Nate and Rolly laugh, giving a fist pound, but Dexter is livid. "What the fuck--! What, you wouldn't bring me home? Is it 'cause I'm black?"

"Nonononono..." Mish responds, eyes widening in fear.

"Well, we'll teach you a fucking lesson, won't we," he says and wraps his arms around her waist, picking her up effortlessly and throwing her onto the couch. He rips his shirt off then climbs atop Michelle, pushing her thrashing legs open and tearing her little skirt off of her entirely. "Hey, mate--don't damage her," Nate says. "Yeah, leave some for us," Rolly adds with a laugh. Dexter isn't even listening as he pulls Mishy's pink panties down viciously, tearing them from around her ankles as she screams. "The fuck up!" he yells, backhanding Michelle and dazing her slightly. Her legs slump on the couch, and he grabs them now, lifting and spreading them, holding her cool, slender legs high over his shoulders as he positions his black monster at the entrance to her tiny Asian love hole. He calms himself down a moment as he looks at her half-open eyes. Amazingly, there's no bruise forming on her smooth, beautiful face, and he's happy for it. "You should be proud to be the mother of my child," he whispers through heavy breaths...

"EEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Mishy screams, suddenly snapping awake and trying to push Dexter off from on top of her as he pushes his nine inch demon all the way inside her snatch, which she never realized was so tight until this unthinkable dark meat started feeling like it was going to split her open. Dexter reaches behind Mishy's back, holding on tightly as he gets in a better position to mount her, the young Asian woman's legs resting on his shoulders as he shoves his cock in tight and starts getting to work, fucking her in long strokes at first, then shorter ones with more passion and fury behind them. Mishy can't help but moan in painful shock and somewhat surprising pleasure, even while Dexter's cock seems to punch a hole through her with each thrust. To Mish, it's like the pain of losing her virginity magnified times ten. Still, as her pussy widens and flexes, getting used to her dark fucker, her tears melt away and she can't do anything but hold on for the ride, her pussy getting wetter as his buddies chant "Dex!Dex!DEX!!" behind him.

Finally, an explosion of shame and humiliating pleasure for Mishy, as she and Dexter cry out together, her punished pussy unleashing a wave of sweet juice, matched only by his cock, which shoots what feels to Mishy like a truckload of hot sperm, pushing through the torrent of her juices in its search to seek out and conquer her ovum! Michelle collapses against the couch, stars behind her eyes as Dexter's body weighs her down. He slowly pulls out and stands, her legs sliding down from his shoulders to hit the non-carpeted part of the floor with a thud. He looks down at her stunned expression, his own face unreadable a moment, but then a wicked smile breaks out as he turns to his friends. "And THAT'S how you knock a cute Asian chick up, my brothers!" Dexter crows to his friends. They laugh and slap hands, then Nate heads over to the couch, reaching down for Mishy's oversize belt...the only thing she's wearing now, besides her pink bra and mini-pumps. "Here, you look stupid with this on. Let's get it off, hey?"

"Hey man, leave it on," Rolly protests. "I like it on her."

"Well, it's my turn now, and I don't," Nate says, annoyed, then pulls the belt off of her entirely. Mishy is crying again, fearful of what's next as Nate rolls her over on her side. "Get up on your fours, cutiebitch. Do it," he snaps, slapping her ass harshly with his hand. With a sob, Michelle does as she's told, getting on all fours on the couch. Nate half-kneels behind her, one foot on the floor as he bends the belt in half and rubs her wet, sticky pussy with his fingers. Out of nowhere, he snaps the belt hard across her right ass cheek, making Michelle scream in painful surprise. "That's not what I want to hear," Nate says darkly, now rubbing her ass to take the sting from it. "Every time you get slapped, you say 'please one more, daddy'. Got it?"

Mish has a look of numbness on her face; she can't begin to wrap her mind around how she got in this situation, or why these men are doing this to her. She turns her face away from Nate, bowing her head in shame, strands of her cum-streaked hair sticking to the sides of her face as she begins to cry openly again. Angrily, Nate slams the belt against her left ass cheek, bringing her attention back to her duties as her head snaps up and she screams "PLEASE ONE MORE, DADDY!!"

Rolly and Nate laugh hysterically, surprised that she gave in so quickly. Nate smiles, content, making her repeat her line again and again as he alternates belt slaps against the cheeks of her small, quickly reddening ass while he uses his free hand to finger her to further moistness. Mishy can't believe that in between belt slaps, her pussy's actually managing to get wetter! Tears streak her face as she can't help but cry as she's forced to keep screaming out what Nate wants to hear, as he brings his free fingers around to her anus, where he begins inserting them and lubricating her hole, occasionally going back to her pussy to obtain more moisture as needed. Finally, he throws down the belt and takes Michelle by the hips, beginning to push his cock into her asshole. With a savage grunt, Mishy claws at the couch, trying to use it to pull herself away from him. "No, no, no, NO!!" she screams desperately, trying to slip out of his clutches. Nate answers this by jumping up and bringing his body down hard on her back, slamming the both of them into the couch cushions, stunning her. He forces her ass cheeks open with his hands and plunges his cock in all the way in two quick, sliding thrusts--making Mishy cry out in an agony she didn't think she could feel, as his wide cock spreads her anus to what she swears will be its ripping point.

As Nate begins ass-fucking the helpless girl, Rolly rubs his hands together eagerly and looks at Dexter. "I do believe it's time for a bum rush," he quips as the two get to their feet and head to the couch. Nate moves into more of a seated position, still tugging on Michelle's ass while Rolly and Dexter turn her over onto her side, flattening her back against the couch. By now, Mishy can anticipate what's coming, and she begs them to stop, but they ignore her pleas entirely as Rolly throws her leg over his shoulder and inserts his cock into her pussy, fitting in tightly yet nicely. As Mishy opens her mouth to cry out, Dexter holds it open roughly with his hands and slides the first four inches of his black shaft inside. He kneels on one of her hands while Rolly holds the other one pressed against the couch to keep her from flailing. Dexter gets back up on his knees for a better fit back into Mishy's ass and Dexter tears off her bra, finally exposing her beautiful little breasts with their extremely hard nipples.

Between trying not to choke on the thickness and length of Dexter's cock and attempting to ignore the painful yet oddly pleasant sensation in her ass and pussy, Mishy finally just gives up, going limp and letting the three men have their way with her as they fill up every hole she's got, just as Rolly had predicted. As she tries to detach herself mentally from what's happening to her though, something else happens that Michelle didn't anticipate: giving up to these men, the nerve endings in her body have finally given in, allowing themselves to fully feel the pleasureful strokes and sensations of three cocks sliding into her at once. The nerve endings in her ass, of which she was never really aware before, have come alive, stimulated by Nate's thickness. Her pussy, although now having such a used feeling to it, clenches tightly around Rolly's cock, eagerly accepting of his sperm pouring into it(secretly, Michelle hopes that if she does get knocked up, that the baby will be Rolly's. Her parents would at least be more accepting if she brought a white man's baby home, although personally the thought of having Dexter's chocolate offspring tends to help keep her pussy wet). And although Mishy can't fully fit all of Dexter's cock in her mouth(at best, she's doing 4 1/2 - 5 inches of his nine), he seems happy just to be getting his rocks off inside it. Thanks to the fact Mishy used to give her last boyfriend a lot of head, she's able to swallow all of Dexter's cum easily, which is keeping him calm and content.

Unexpectedly, her fingers close around Rolly's, and he picks up on it right away. "Hey, check it out, boys...our little girl's finally learning her place!" Dexter looks into Mishy's eyes and sees the embers of desire and lust within her eyes being fanned into flames. "Yeah, fuck, look at that! She's totally getting into it now!" He nods to Rolly, who lets go of Mishy's hand, which instantly wraps around Dexter's dick. She now begins moving her head in unison with the black man's thrusts, managing to take in another half inch of his cock. "Yeah, that's it cutiebitch!" Nate says with a laugh. "Suck my friend's cock right off!"

The three friends laugh, and begin fucking Mishy's holes more furiously than ever before. It isn't long until the four of them have worked into a rhythm, and all cum hard together. As Nate leans back, his cock plopping out of Mishy's anus, Rolly kisses her inner thigh and lets her leg slide off his shoulder. Dexter's the last to pull out, holding Mishy's face still so he can spray some jism across her lips. Mishy lay on the couch, slowly licking her lips and staring down at her pussy and sore ass, which have her men's love juice dripping out of them. She shakes her head, bewildered. "I never, in all my life, thought I'd have so much cum dripping out of me from every leaky spot available." She starts to laugh, but it turns into a sob as she looks at Rolly. "I don't want to be a slut..."

Rolly sighs and sits beside her. "Hey, we found you. You're not just any're our slut, which makes your pussy our property. Any other guy tries to put the moves on our pussybitch gets a right shankin'! Ain't that right, boys?" His pals nod their agreement. Rolly starts to pat her on the head, but forgets about the sperm in her hair, which gobs onto his hand. He tells his chuckling friends to shut up as he offers his hand to Michelle. "Lick it clean."

With a resigned sigh, Mishy takes Rolly's hand in her own and begins licking the sticky remnants of their first cum session off his hand, her tongue lapping out like a kitten's. As she does, Nate gets up and heads into the bedroom while Rolly takes her chin in his other hand, looking into her eyes as she licks his sticky hand. "See? This is the difference between a good, personal slut--which is what you are, and will continue to be, unless you want to watch us bone your mother like we did you. We'll let you go about your life, taking your classes at university, doing your stupid YouTube vids and the like...and in return for that, you're at our beck and call in your free time. One of us calls and tells you we need a blowjob, stat, the only thing coming out of your mouth is 'do you have knee pads there, or should I bring 'em?'"

Dexter looks down at Michelle. "You understand your place, little girl?"

Mishy looks up at him and his still-hard cock, so tantalizingly close to her lips. She's hungry. She then looks at Rolly, whose own semi-hard prick definitely requires some attention from her lips. She nods. "I understand, guys. I'm your fuckbunny."

Just then, Nate comes out of the bedroom with a camcorder and tripod, setting them up at an angle pointed to the couch as he says, "Speaking of YouTube...wish I'd thought of this earlier."

Michelle Lam's mouth drops open. "Oh, c'mon, guys...!"

CutieMish's latest video was YouTube's most popular ever, with more than 10 million hits in under an hour. It only got pulled down because the constant page openings crashed the site's servers more than 15 times in a day.

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Becoming Omega, Part 4

Becoming Omega, Part 4 Men around her. Her, naked and collared on the floor, her lips snarling and her eyes fluttering. Drugs swimming through her veins and her cunt throbbing. Cameras around her, the world watching. They were going to destroy her. Omega felt her heart skip a beat and she knew, if it all ended now, she was where she was supposed to be. ___ She smiled. Her eyes fluttered. “Beat me,” she whispered. They stepped forward, silent. “Fucking beat me,” she screamed. Closer now. Still, they said nothing. “Kill me if you want.” They laughed. “She really will do...


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The Headmaster, Chapters 1 to 11

Chapter 1. The Opportunity and Setup. My wife and I decided to get out of the fast lane of the high tech world. We had an opportunity to take jobs that were offered to us by a friend who knew we were a little burned out. He was on the board of a private school that dealt with children or young adults who were trying to get their lives together. It was for those who had made the tough decision to try to get a high school diploma after run-ins with the law. It was a kind of boarding school for...


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The War_(1)

During the war back in the day, I joined the army. I was closeted and surrounded by big sexy straight strong and brave men. The first in command in our squadron was so sexy. His name was Rob. A very masculine and muscular man with strong country roots. When we weren’t fighting, he’d be almost naked and confident. He was married and had the most beautiful wife ever. I envied her. There were never really any women in the war. Only big dirty sweaty smelly men. Rob had naked pictures of his wife. Other men used to jack off to them...


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