Do as i say 3

Do as i say 3

I am 18 when this all took place

Chapter 3

As James walked towards Christine, she began to shout for help. She screamed for her friends to help her. Then she continued to scream that she was getting raped.

Shut the fuck up bitch and stop taking a shit your stinking up the whole place! Now like Sandra Christine open and closed her mouth but no sound came out.

You see bitch I have an almighty power, I can make you shit everything you ate, and I can make you keep on eating until you are about five times fatter than the fattest woman on earth. I can do whatever I want whenever I want, for instance.

Thinking of Julia and Dakota who were outside, Sluts come on in here now. As soon as they appeared, pointing at Christine,

Julia go eat her out and then go to her room and find the dildo that she uses all the time and fuck her with it. And for you Dakota, wrap your arms around her so she can't run away. I want to show her what I can do. Dakota went to bear hug Christine so hard that her tits actually fell out from her shirt.

Um Dakota could you please let me put my tit back into my shirt?Dakota wasn't even listening to Christine, because James was groping her ass. James finger was magical, they just seemed to know all her hot spots.

Stick out your ass a bit Dakota so I can get a good look at it. Dakota did so

Man you get to have powers like god and all you want to do is just stare at my friends Christine lost her words for James, as she was talking to him, he stuck his tongue into her ass.

What the hell do you have an ass fetish or something you pervert? Why would you want to lick someone's ass? I know Dakota has a fine ass but Once again Christine lost her word because this time, James had actually taken out his dick, and started to fuck her in the ass again. James just couldn't resist fucking his lover again. Because both Julia and Dakota were still in their bathing suits, James couldn't resist to reach for her tits.

You arsehole! What the fucking hell are you doing you could get her pregnant! Christine was just screaming her lungs off. Man was she dumb, James knew that Christine got into university because of volleyball but he didn't know she was that stupid.

Does she think that people can get pregnant from getting fucked in the ass? James thought to himself. Then he came up with a brilliant idea. It was so brilliant that it might just get Christie back for all the time she was bitchy to him. Pretending to be surprised by what Christine said, James pulled his dick out from Dakota's ass.

can't get you pregnant I'm sorry Dakota for everything I did up till now. If you guys will excuse me I'll be in my room James took a few steps towards the door when heard Dakota cry

Please don't leave me. And she pushed him against the wall, with his back against the wall, Dakota put his dick into her pussy. Just cum in me. I don't care if I get pregnant! If it.s with you I won't mind! Christine was taken aback by Dakota's remark. Christine was so hypnotized by what Dakota said, even though nobody was holding her, she didn't leave. It was more like she couldn't leave. It was because her best friend was fucking her brother right in front of her and secondly because her brother's dick looked so handsome and tasty.

Christine just stayed in place she didn't even notice Julia returning with a dildo until she was being fucked. Christine started to imagine how much better James dick would feel. She began to imagine that the dildo was actually James dick.

Oh yeah, James harder, fuck me harder James all the way in! FUCK JAMES I'M CUMMING! James now heard what he wanted to hear.

Ok Julia go back home, Dakota from now on you will be living with me forever now go to my room and wait for me. Christine had the biggest orgasm ever. It felt as if her pussy was now sucked dry.

Now Christine why don't you go into the tub so that we don't flood the whole goddam bathroom? Because of Christine's orgasm, the whole floor was soaking wet. But because she seemed to have no power in her legs, James lifted her up and dropped her in the tub.

As James lowered Christine down onto the tub, he decided to give himself a titty fuck. Even though her tits were not as good as Dakota's James could live with it. As James came all over her face, he decided to fuck her as hard as he could.

Do you know how hard it is to be your brother? I get like 100 guys asking me to get a picture of you naked and about 200 guys asking for your panties! But from now on you will let me take pictures of you naked or while I fuck you so I can sell them to my friends! It was true, James received so many of the request he actually was about to beat a kid inside out

Now I'll give those virgin wankers something to wank on. But no matter how embarrassing the position you have to do it.

Sure thing bro.

James was so happy that now he had a way to earn money as well. He could take more pictures of her and maybe other sex slaves, other than Dakota, and sell them as well.

James thinking of all the positions he could take, made him extra hard.

Christine! Im cumming! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuccccckkk!

James was happy that now he could fuck anybody he wanted. As he took his dick out from Christine's pussy he began to think

James was happy but still he wanted only all of his sex slaves to only eat his cum, his dick and always be available to him. Looking at Christine James said

You will never be bitchy to me. My pleasure is your pleasure. When I'm not happy you will do anything to make me happy. Ok?

Yes I am here for you, I am at your disposal.

Now you will call me master, you will let me fuck you whenever I want. Whenever you are at home, you will strip naked so I can fuck you as soon as possible. Also from now on you will not wear any panties or bras at all time. And finally only my dick will pleasure you, you could get fucked by a 100 dicks but you will not even feel an ounce of pleasure. Do you understand?

I understand, master.Christine did a little bow. Lifting up Christine's legs he went right for her pussy. James began to fuck her so much, but Christine was cumming for almost every stroke James made. Christine finally knew why Dakota loved to be fucked by her brother. James was about to cum when he heard the garage door open.

Getting out of the bathroom, James hurried into his room. But before he entered his room, he shouted back at his sister.

Make sure you take a shower cuz right now you reek of sex and also today I'm having a sleep over with Dakota and your also invited just make sure you come after mom falls asleep.

As James entered his room, he was surprised by Dakota who was masturbating on his chair. She was grinding her ass on the ledge and she also found James old pencil, which was as thick as his arm and as long as it too.

So Dakota are you looking for this? James held his dick in his hand. Dakota who didn't seemed to realize that James was there until he spoke was very surprised but she went for his dick right away. But to her surprise, James pushed her away from his dick.

Only naughty girls can get this. Have you been naughty? James was just playing with her but Dakota seemed to take it in for real.

Oh yes, I've been so naughty that I my virginity was taken by my own cousin.

Oh if your cunt is that dirty I don't think I want to fuck you anymore James was just playing with her. But Dakota was serious. Pushing James onto his bed, she began to ride him.

Oh your pussy is so tight its almost as tight as your ass! James was loving his view. On top of him was a goddess whose tits would bounce up and down. James grabbed onto her tits, dragged it down and started to suck on it real hard. He always loved her tits and her tight ass. James would always go to their university volleyball team matches not to cheer on his bitch of a sister but to look at Dakota's ass. James was sure many guys did so.

Dakota I'll be right back I just have to go downstairs for a second. Why don't you just go home? I'll call you tomorrow. It was evident that Dakota didn't want to leave and that she wanted her ass fucked again but still she listened to his orders.

Now for an explanation of Mrs. Emma Wellis (James mom), at the age of 36, she is 5'6" weighing 140lb with a bust of 40E. She used to be a porn star but retired and is now working as a nurse in a hospital. She had a body that would even make gay guys try to rape her. She didn't have to actually work because on James dad side of the family, they owned several companies including a porn industry (where James mom and James dad met) and the family always gave James mom enough money to last them a year, monthly. Also he got a lot of money from her parent's side and from the insurance from her husband's death, but Mrs. Wellis is the kind of woman who always does something.

Mrs. Wellis was too tired to even get out of her nurse's uniform. She worked for 14 hours that day, and worked overtime for the whole previous week. She sat down on the couch and turned on the TV and was surfing the channels when she came to a porn channel. Thinking of her younger years when she used to be one of the porn stars, and how her husband fucked her constantly and how they fucked like bunnies even when she was pregnant with Christine. She subconsciously started to rub her pussy. She needed a dick in her and fast! Maybe she could try to get back into the porn industry?

No porn industry takes away all the fun. Then she began to rack her brain for a doctor who would at her with lustful eyes. Then out of nowhere.

James, fuck your son James. His dick will be big cuz he is your husband's son, James dick must be as big as his. A thought rang into Mrs. Wellis mind.

No incest is not right, I can't have an incest sex with James, he's my son for Christ sake! Mrs. Wellis thought to herself so that she wouldn't be tempted to just go to James room take off all her clothe and fuck him.He could be a virgin and I want him to lose his virginity to someone he really loves.

Hello mother. James decided to step in. He was actually standing right behind her making her want to take his cock, but seeing that it failed, he decided to be more aggressive.

James I didn't see you there trying to lower her skirt slowly to not attract any attention in case James didn't see her masturbate Do you want something to eat?

Yes you! Now spread your legs and take off your skirt and panties. James started to dig in to his mom's clit, even though he never thought of incest, after getting his new ability, he has been finding very hot chicks everywhere.

Now Mrs. Wellis felt as if she as in heaven. Nobody was ever able to turn her on by just licking her, not even her late husband, but her son was like a pro. He just seemed to know exactly where to lick to turn her on.

As long as there is no fucking involved, I'm ok with it Mrs. Wellis thought to herself. She actually thought that she could tell James what to do and what not to do but she was going to find out that, that wasn't how things worked, from now on.

Now after making Mrs. Wellis all wet, when James was about to pull down his pants when Mrs. Wellis pushed him back.

No, James incest is not right. No matter what it says on the internet, it is not right. Mrs. Wellis thought that she had gotten to him, James just stood there almost frozen, until he looked right into her eyes and said

Don't you fucking move.â Mrs. Wellis was shocked. Her son was swearing at her. Tears were welling up in her eyes but when she tried to wipe the tears, she found that she couldn't move her hand! Or any other part of her body. As she just lied on the couch bewildered, she heard James walk upstairs, and open a door.

James opened his sister's door, there, to his pleasure, he found her butt naked and surfing the web. Walking towards her see saw that she was watching porn.

Are you so turned on that you have to watch porn right after having sex with me slut? I'll give you your wish than bitch. Got off the chair and lay down on your bed. Squealing Christine did so. James pounded her as hard as possible. He loved as he saw Christine's tits bounce up and down as he fucked her.

Ah Master! You dick is reaching all the way to my womb! Its just so good just please don't stop!

Now bitch stand up and lean against the wall! As she did so, James wanted to get her back for everything she did to him over the past 17 years. Christine was leaning against the wall with her ass out so James decided to kick her pussy as hard as he could.

But to his surprise, Christine just came. Panting she looked back at James.

Please master, I want you to do whatever you want with me. I don't care how rough it is I'll do anything you want me to do. James ignored her proposition but he made sure to remember it for the future. Now he slipped his dick into Christine's pussy again. He watched some porn and in that porn, there was a scene where the guy carried the girl with his dick inside her pussy. James wanted to try that out and show it to his mother.

Picking up Christine's legs, James began to lift her then let her go. He did this several times when Christine came. James was also about to come but he wanted to save it for in front of his mom. Now carrying Christine downstairs, James made sure that his dick was visible in Christine's pussy. Now James went downstairs and in to the living room.

Mrs. Wellis was very confused she just couldn't move her body. She tried everything that she could do but maybe it was because she was too tired from work but she just couldn't even move her pussy. She soon just gave up and just lied on the couch. As she was waiting, she began to think of her son's dick. Then she heard footsteps coming downstairs. As she waited for James to come back, she was surprised and even shocked that he had his dick in her only daughter's pussy. As Mrs. Wellis watched her daughter's face as she was being fucked by her brother, Mrs. Wellis was turned on. She never saw her boy's dick after he was 5 years old.

James threw Christine onto the floor and started to fuck her in doggy, missionary, or any other position there was. And they did it right in front of their mother. Both James and Christine were very turned on by the sight of an audience that James came more than he ever did. Now James took his cock out of Christine's pussy and right into her ass. James Then when James was about to cum, this time he didn't cum inside Christine. He instead took his dick out and began to cum all over her face.

Mrs. Wellis was very turned on by her son's dick. She never seen a cock as big as his. Even his dad's which was 7 and a half inch. Now she didn't care about incest being wrong or not. All that mattered now was that she needed a cock in her NOW! All she cared about was his dick all she wanted was his dick and all she was thinking about was his dick.

James saw his mother's pussy get wetter. He then purposefully gave Christine a titty fuck and a blow job. He let his mom see his dick as much as possible. He wanted his mom to be turned on as much as possible.

After fucking Christine in the ass and pussy, James finally turned his attention to his mother.

So slut are you turned on by watching my dick ravage your daughter? Mrs. Wellis didn't say anything

Unless you tell me what you want, I will just return fucking Christine.

please give me your penis

It's called a dick bitch. Say it again but this time properly and where are your manner?

Please Give me your dick please She didn't need to repeat that, James stuffed his dick all the way down Mrs. Wellis pussy.

James just call me Emma! I want you to call me by my name to show me that you love me! James just kept on fucking his mother.

Emma! I think I;m gonna cum! James finally came in his mother for the first time. Even though she wasn't a virgin, her pussy was almost as tight as one. No wonder his mother was a well known porn star, James didn't want to stop. In fact he couldn't stop. His body seemed to just move by itself.

As James came into his mother for the third time, he decided to make her one of his bitches as well.

Okay Emma, now you will call me master you will do anything to please me. You will let me fuck any girl and you wont care. You will be very turned on just by the sight of me and if I even touch you, you will orgasm so hard it will feel like a waterfall. Do you understand?

Yes Master James. James took his dick out from Emma. Looking at the time, it was 12:30 am. James wanted to get some sleep as he was tired from fucking 6 different bitches over 50 times in total.

James slowly made his way up the stairs, but instead of turning left to his room, he turned right going to his sister's room where he fucked her once more before falling asleep. Right before he fell asleep, thinking of all the chicks he fucked that day (Mrs. Wolfe, Sandra, Julia, Dakota, Christine and Emma) he said.

From now on you guys will call me master. And whenever any of you guys enter my house, you guys will always be naked. He then added Only my cock will pleasure you and no other cock will unless I tell you otherwise. You guys will let me fuck you whenever I want, wherever I want. And lastly no bras or panties at all time. So that whenever I want I could pull down your pants and fuck you. James fell asleep with his dick still inside Christine. And for the first time in a long time, he slept like a baby.

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