Second life becomes Her

Second life becomes Her

As the hum of the computer interrupted me from my far away thoughts I looked for the Second life icon and double clicked it. Within minutes I would be in the virtual world I loved so much.
I go by the name Emma in there. In there I could act out any sexual fantasy. Knowing men across the planet had masturbated over my mind and my Avatar many times. I looked walked and talked like a gasping slut on heat.

My avatar would be fucked over and over by hundreds of men in my time there. Some being gentle with soft romance as their style. Others liked it rougher. with a slightly sadistic edge. Others still would surprise me and kneel beneath me opening their mouth to suck my pussy in a crowded nightclub or bar. Everything about me looked like I was ready for sex. Just like me in my real life my Avatar wore no panties. So my pussy was always on display.

Whether it be through a see through outfit or a dress that plunged all the way to my mound. Showing the tuffs of hair poking out. My Avatar is gorgeous,Hot, Stunning Unique all words I had heard hundreds of times before A body of a supermodel with medium sized breasts. I could change my hair style at whim.The only constant was my pussy on show no matter where I went.

Emma always stands out and it wasn't just the Avatar. In Second life you have a profile where you can tell everyone who looks at it, a bit about yourself. In my Pick section I was open and told the virtual world who I was and what I was looking for.

I explained how I was a true Slut, Unable to exhibit it in the real world.I showed anonymous men that side of me. My pussy My avatar and My mind was for them to use over and over as they saw fit.
I always loved the attention. When men found out my mind was just as stunning as my Avatar they crowded me on a daily basis and did what they could to get their cock firmly embedded in my virtual pussy.
Such was the life of a free spirited woman using her Avatar to have sexually, erotically charged encounters in second life with men from all walks of life in the real world,

Outside a dark house with the glow of a computer the only light emanating from the residence sat Dan in his car..

Dan was also known as Rocco in Second life.
Rocco was Dan's alter ego. Rocco was a rapist in second life

There was nothing better Dan liked better than messing with women's heads and having them feel through words and sometimes with the voice software in second life, that they were being fucked by a stranger without their concent..

By day he was a mild mannered accountant at the same building that Barbara worked at.
At night he would get on Sl and find willing or not so willing victims to fuck and rape in the virtual world.
Just by a chance meeting he had come across Emma in his travels.
He loved the way she thought, The way she behaved and dressed in second life,
He had raped her once but had never found a way for her to agree to spend time with him in that way again.

He had been so intrigued by her reactions to the rape in Second life, by Emma. that he wanted to fuck her over and over.
He wanted her to be his exclusive property.
He wanted to fuck this womans mind up so badly that she would be begging to be his in real life.
But she was a brick wall.
She had explained after he raped her that she didn't do relationships in second life and just bounced from cock to cock, She had a couple of friends' but they were real life focused ,not second life focused in their relationships with her in the virtual world. Both men where great friends and they followed each others real life adventures as any friend would.
So Dan made a plan. He would find a way to be her friend in second life. He created a new Avatar
He made his avatar very attractive and had a back story in his profile that he had left sl and was back after a year absence.
The fight he had to get past her bitch slut persona to reach the real woman took time and mind games.But his perseverance paid off.
Over time Emma let slip little clues about who she was what she did.Where she worked in a vague kind of way.

It took 3 months and his eyes nearly fell out of his head when he realised it was Barbra in the office across from his. He double checked all his notes. Everything they had ever said in chat. That he had saved on his computer.
It seemed almost impossible that the object of his desire sat in a small office on the other side of the 3 story building they both worked in.

Once Dan realised he was on the case.
He brought Rocco out of retirement .
Then began the onslaught of getting emma to fuck him again in second life,
He had one thing on his side.The rlv viewer in second life.
He knew that if he could get her in a sim with rlv enabled. It would be with the touch of a button that he could have his avatar fucking hers.

He didn't have to wait long. With one avatar logged on as her friend and the other waiting in limbo to go to the same sim that she was in . It was like stealing candy from a particularly wet and open pussy.

The moment he saw her walk into the sim he struck fast. Causing scripts to grab her avatar and have her chained to a door,
She barely had anything on apart from boots and a see through dress and her ever present bush..In second life 99.9 percent of women were shaved.Emma was not .

"Hello Emma " he wrote in an instant message to her." Are you ready to get your cunt pounded like the slut whore you are?
Emma's reply was to disappear from Second life in that moment.

Rocco logged off and Dan waited patiently for Emma to return to second life. To hear the tale of her ordeal of seeing Rocco again. She had once confided in him that of the few times she had been raped in Second life that he was the only one who had made her cum in real life after. This had scared the her as his eroticism was so raw so rough, That she was concerned if she spent more time with him she might do the unthinkable.Fall in Love or at least addictive lust.

Emma was far too bright to play with fire like that so she kept him at arms length. Eventually not hearing from him again.

Until today
Barbra's heart slammed into her chest the moment she saw Rocco.
The moment his instant message arrived she felt her cunt flood in real life and her mouse finger log out of second life,

That was 3 days ago .

Dan had his tablet on in the car as he sat talking to Emma in second life about his day. Barbra chatted happily with her friend, although complaining about the heat. She got up and opened 2 Windows in her bedroom. Sitting back down on her bed with the laptop on her blanket.

Dan stayed talking to her until she said she needed to get some sleep.
He watched outside as her lights went off and she went to bed.

An hour later Dan got out of his car and slinked in the dark toward the open window of Barbra's bedroom.
With great agility from a life time of tennis he managed to get inside her room with the absolute minimum of noise except for a loud intake of breath as he found her there naked and asleep with a dildo still buzzing away inside of her cunt.

He unhooked his bag from his shoulder and set about getting her ready.
One arm at a time he lifted them up to the beadhead and put on the purpose made hand restraints. Soft and supple. With a trick, the more you pulled on them the tighter they become. Almost to the point of cutting off circulation to the hands.

Then he manouvered her deeply sleeping head to have on a mask over her eyes.

Once he had her the way he wanted her .He blew on her face .Simultaniously climbing on top of her legs to keep her completely restrained.
As she awoke and realised there was someone on top of her she opened her mouth to let out a scream .
Dan was too quick and had his hand over her mouth

In a commanding voice Dan said so she could hear him over her muffled screams.

"Hello Emma Are you ready to get your cunt pounded like the slut whore you are?"
Barbra immediately stopped screaming and in a hollow voice said:"Rocco?"

"Yes Emma.It is Rocco and by the looks of you .This dildo stuffed inside you I have come to the right place."

Barbra took a sharp inhale of breath under his hand as he turned the dildo to maximum.
It buzzed and whired inside her cunt as he whispered next to your ear "don't scream and i will use you like you never dreamed in Second Life"
He tested the waters by moving his hand slowly away from her mouth.
Barbra whimpered. But nothing came from her mouth but heavy breathing.

Rocco got off her legs and opened them.The dildo obscenly whirring away on maximum shoved almost fully inside her.
He pulled it out sharply and dove head first between her legs and started sucking the life and juices from her rather numb lips. He could barely believe the taste and amount of wetness that he slurped up like a drunken sailor pounding rum.
He covered every inch of her cunt.Her lips her clit the walls inside.Draining her like a dam letting the plug out..
His face was covered in her
He could smell the intensity of her arrousal through his flairing nostrills.
He just kept licking and feeling himself getting high on the power and desire flowing from between her legs

Barbra could barely breathe from the intrusion of this mans tongue.
Despite herself she felt one orgasm after another building crashing over then subsiding from her body
She wanted his cock inside her as she was now so aroused in spite of the humiliation of putting herself into this situation
Dan could feel the reaction from barbra. The flood of her orgasms were slowly filling his mouth. He almost wanted to spit it into a cup to save it to partake in later. Unfortunately with all his planning he never considered the effect her taste and smell would have on him,
He could feel her squirming and knew that this slut was needing to be filled.He took 2 fingers and slid them deep inside her. The fingers were grasped imediately by her vaginal walls.He started fucking her slowly. His fingers wiggling inside her as he slid in and almost out.

He continued the pace with a slow laziness knowing that he had all the time in the world with his slut.Whether she liked it or not.
Dan continue licking with indulgent frenzy.

Barbra had to stop herself from crying out as Rocco stuck his fingers deep inside her terribly wet and aroused hole.
She felt like just a toy to this dispicable man He was causing her body to respond over and over to his touch and intrusions.

Dan stopped for a moment and spoke "emma, I am going to stick my cock on your slut lips.You have a choice. Either I can continue fucking your sweet sweet delicious open and aroused Vagina and you can suck me till I say enough. Or I can stop put on a mouth opening device and fuck your mouth and throat for as i long as i see fit. It is completely up to you.I may be rapeing you my delicious slutty whore. But i do prefer you being wet and orgasmic than forced to eat my cock with no way to enjoy yourself.
Barbra listed and despite herself she opened her mouth wide for him.
Barbra decided he could take this gesture which ever way he wished.

Dan watched Barbra open her mouth wide. He got off the bed and slid down his fly.. Pulling out his already hardened pulsing cock and stood over her on the bed. He dropped the purple head onto her lips and said" Suck Slut"
He felt his cock dissapear into her mouth.The slut seemed almost voracious in her willingness to comply. She swirled her tongue over the shaft and then she began to suck. Oh how she sucked him. The right pressure and willingness he lost himself for a moment in the feel before putting his fingers deep back inside the now pulsating cunt.

He wanted her to feel everystroke so he fucked her fast and hard. Slipping in a 3rd finger as he felt an orgasm about to break. In that moment she almost swallowed him whole in one long inhilation suck. She came so hard on his fingers she nearly forced him out of the hole he now possesed. His cock was sending out warning signs that he was about to blow.
He wrestled his cock from her yearning mouth and stopped himself just in time.
Dan withdrew his fingers and wiped the cum from her sweet sticky slut hole and rubbed it all over his face. Through his hair and along the back of his neck.
When he left he wanted the slut rape bait to be under no illusion she was now his and he had marked himself in her scent,

Barbra was overwhelmed how her body and mind betrayed her with this man. She gulped his cock into her mouth with ease and almost a sense of joy. She desperately wanted to taste her rapist. To feel the size of him possesing her The arousal on his hard cock pervading her mouth whilst she was shackled to her bed. Her eyes rolled back the moment he started fucking her again with his fingers. She inhaled his cock to the base of her throat and then went to work on sucking his cum deep inside her. The orgasm washed over in waves and she felt herself pushing him out from the sheer strength of it.
Then it was gone. Ripped from her mouth and she felt empty. She couldn't bring herself to cry out for more. She did let out a little whimper.

Dan stood there watching her reaction .He let out a booming laugh grabbing the vibrator off the bed and turning it on .He placed himself between her legs opening them wide so he could see the obscene tableu of a hairy womans cunt covered in the sexiest of slime. Her curly hairs all wet from the licking and the cumming.
"Emma do you want me to fuck you with this vibrator or with my cock?" he asked her seriously
Barbra let out a primal moan and said "cock" rather loudly. She couldn't believe how easily that sprang from her lips,
Dan laughed at her again,
"Oh Emma I always knew you were the most enchanting slut i ever met in Second life. Is it good to feel your Rocco in the flesh? Fucking you like the whore you are. I have watched you ever since the day we met in the Rape Sim and I knew one day I would get to experience it in real life. And here you are Slut, begging for my cock. He then placed the vibrator on 5 directly on her clit and slammed into her.Taking every centimetre with him deep inside the magnificent glory hole that was his sluts wet and delicious cunt.

He started to rock against her pelvis. Slidding into her and slowly out again.He could feel her clit reacting as the vibrator buzzed away. His cock screaming for realease. Dan wasn't going to allow this slut to milk him that easily.

Barbra fell into an almost sureal world of pleasure and exstacy as he plowed his cock deeply into her. The vibrator was making her body jump everytime the vibrations slid over a certain spot on her clit causing her one tiny clitoral orgasm after another.

Barbra panted hard and fast as she spoke almost incoherantly to Rocco.
Dan started fucking harder and harder as he watched her writhing underneath him. He withdrew the vibrator and took his fingers to lift the hood and flaps away from her clit. It was exposed to him as he drove deeper. He gently started to pat her clit turning slowly into hard slaps .He slaped her then thrust in her..withdrew and slammed into her again slapping her on alternate thrusts.

Barbra went into orgasmic meltdown . She had lost all cohesion and clarity with the situation.The pleasure and slight pain drove her to the edge .
Dan felt his cock be squeezed harder than it had ever had been squeezed in his life.

Dan was helpless and just exploded into her like a rapaging bull in a china shop. The pleasure flowed through his body and directly into her grasping pulsating and slut cunt .

He fell on her and imediately started massaging and sucking her breasts and nipples one at a time as he continued fucking her as the semen seeped out of him and directly to her womb.

Barbra screamed out in a loud voice a gutteral cry of orgamic extasy as he emptied into her. Her body racked with movements jittery in nature as she rode the strongest orgasm she ever had experienced in her life. Suddenly Rocco kissed her lips. Out of breath and now too scattered to think of the consequences of kissing her rapist. She kissed him with a passion a lust a deep desire to show her gratitude for the experience

Dan felt the response from the darkest of kisses coming from his Slut.
He kissed her deeper and even managed a few hard thrusts in between so she felt owned. In Dan's mind not only had he raped this glorious online slut but intiated her into being his real life slut as well. Dan was very happy.

Barbra was exhausted and unable to focus Her body had been taken by force. Although she admitted she did surrender to him after he told her who he was. She justified in the moment to help her through the dominating erotic ordeal that she had experienced this man online raping her. In some ways it can seem very real in a virtual world the pictures and the communication through instant meassage or voice chat. So this was just the physical side to it. As he had already raped her mind in second life. What happened to barbra was the manisfestation of joining of the two together.

Although she had no idea of the level of eroticism to actually be raped would hold. She felt dirty and sexy and slutty all in the same moment. The shame would come later but in that moment Barbra felt more sexually alive than she had in her 31 years.
Dan was feeling somewhat the same
He had finally stopped dripping into "his Slut" and made a move to get off the bed and clean himself with a towel.

He stopped short and turned around back to barbra prostate on the bed and said as he bent to reach her lips ."suck Slut, taste what it is to be raped."
Barbras mouth flung open and she aceppted him in one long deliciously pasionate suck.. Her tongue once again lapping over his shaft

When Dan withdrew he stoked her hair softly."good slut."
Barbra felt his cock drop from her lips and the tenderness in his caress of her hair. She hadn't had time to be terrified it had happened too quickly for her brain to catch up with her emotions.
She heard Rocco Pulling on his pants that had somehow come off during the rape .She heard him whistling as he loosened her cuffs. He took one hand after another and laid them by her side.

Dan was almost finished he picked the laptop off the table and opened it. Double clicked on the Second Life icon and started the virtual world loading.
On the screen came the beautiful emma standing in a sim.
He opened her legs and put the laptop between them .

Dan then shoved 2 fingers into her still wet vagina and started fucking her again ."Slut, second life is on. Open a chat to me and let me know if you want this again" He pounded his fingers into her as she was on the brink of an orgasm pulled them out swiftly
You know what i want to hear my Slut so get it right."
And with that he headed out of her bedroom door with his bag in hand and walked out to his car.

He pulled away but stopped the car up the street and waited.
Dan opened the app on his tablet for second life.

Barbra was left shaking after rocco withdrew his fingers she listened to him walk out the front door before she sat up still blindfolded.
Barbra ripped the blindfold off only to be greeted by the bright light of her screen and her emma standing there with rocco's chat window open
She took a breath and considered calling the police. Enough physical evidence to put this sick man away for years. Instead she wrote one line in the chat window.
." I am ready to get my cunt pounded like the slut whore I am."
The icon for Rocco typing flashed
and then Barbra saw this come up on the screen "Good Slut. I will be back again soon. Rocco then offered friendship so that his name would now appear in her friends list.
Barbra accepted.
"well my Slut I need to be getting to bed. So should you .Your training begins tomorrow." With that Dan logged off and drove home covered in the delicious juices of his slut.
Barbra fell backwards in her bed and shut her laptop and put it on her beside table and muttered aloud."training! What training?"

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