Lisa's Awakening Chapter 5

Lisa's Awakening Chapter 5

Lisa struggles through her Friday classes in anticipation of the weekend where she won’t have to wear clothes for two whole days. Much of her thoughts are also on how it feels to be watched without her clothing and especially with her legs spread, exposing her young pussy to all eyes. While her dad watching is a huge turn on, she finds herself sometimes wishing there were others watching her as well. Her recent fantasies even have her on a concert stage, completely naked and masturbating for a huge crowed of strange men. These thoughts so fill her mind that by the end of the day, her panties appear as if she peed in them.

When she gets off the bus at the end of her long driveway, she is very excited. After the bus pulls away and she walk just a few yards down, she stops and looks around. The property is heavily wooded with some underbrush and she steps off the driveway and walks around in the woods a bit, surveying the area as cars pass by on the road. From where she stands, she could be seen if someone happened to be looking intently into the woods, but driving in a moving vehicle would minimize this risk. Feeling her panties continuing to get wet, she decides to run a quick test.

Kneeling down a bit, she removes all of her clothes. Her hands tremble as she undresses in the bright sunlight no more than 30 feet from the main road. Once naked she slowly stands up and begins to walk away from her clothes. The further away she gets, the more excited she becomes. Then she notices a rock which will allow her to sit. As she does so, she sees a clear path to the road, but with heavy bushes to the left and right. This means that a car passing on the road, if one were looking directly out the window, for an instant could see her naked form, but approaching from either direction would be obscured.

Excitedly, Lisa leans back and spreads her legs. She watches the cars pass. She notes most of them are occupied by only a driver. She reaches down between her legs and starts to stroke her very wet pussy and at the same time looks back to where he clothes are still laying – at least 50 feet away. Feeling so naked and so exposed, yet with just enough protection, her fingers dance over her clit faster and faster. She pinches and squeezes her budding tits with the other hand. Soon she is lying back on the rock, fingers rubbing her pussy and moaning rather loudly. She begins to imagine men seeing her as they pass on the road as, in her mind, all the bushes disappear and she imagines herself in an open field right along the road on display for all to see. It only takes about 5 minutes until she erupts into a very powerful orgasm, squirting her cum at least 5 feet from her.

It takes another 10 minutes for her to recover from her orgasm, all the while keeping her legs splayed widely. Finally, on slightly wobbly legs, she gets up and makes her way back to her clothes and book bag and gathers them together. She decides to walk back to the house through the woods, remaining naked all the way and only walking out of the woods to cross the lawn. There is an area of about 15 feet which is fully exposed to the road, but it’s far enough in, nobody would notice or notice very much. Entering the house she heads directly up to deposit her clothes and books in her room and returns back downstairs as her otherwise preoccupied father comes out of his office.

“Lisa, you’re home” Tom smiles brightly. He goes over to give his daughter a nude hug. “I heard you come in, but was on the phone. How was school?” he asks cheerfully.

Lisa and her dad walk into the kitchen, arms around each other as Lisa recounts her day. Not a lot to tell, but she ends with how glad she is to be home and be out of her clothes. Tom, of course, chuckles as he has been so happy not wearing any clothes all week. He fixes his daughter a light, healthy after school snack as Lisa sits in the chair, legs spread open.

“Dad?” Lisa asks.

“Yes, sweetie?” Tom responds.

“Can I talk to you about something?”

Turning to smile at her, “Of course, honey, you know you can.”

“Well, I’m not sure how to say it, but you know how we watch each other masturbate” she asks, slightly nervously.

“Yes, I know” Tom responds, still unsure where she is going.

“Well, it’s really exciting when you watch me, but I have to tell you something. I sometimes imagine that, uhm, well, there are more people than you watching me.” Lisa finally gets out and bites her lower lip in anticipation of her dads’ reaction.

Tom brings her the snack he’s just prepared and sets it down in front of her, then takes a seat. “So you get more excited by imagining there are a lot of people watching you pleasure yourself.
Lisa nods with a nervous look on her face.

Tom considers this a moment. “Lisa, what you are getting excited over is what is known as exhibitionism. That’s when someone likes to show off in a sexual way for an audience of anywhere from one to many. “It’s a fetish, but not unusual. I even have it sometimes myself, so I guess you come by it naturally.”

“Dad, uhm, well when I got off the bus, I went in the woods and took off all my clothes. I found this rock that had a clear view to the road, but heave brush on both sides. I couldn’t help myself, dad. I masturbated imagining everyone in the cars could see me as if I were out in a field. I came so hard when I did that.” Lisa confesses nervously.

Tom was aware of the rock to which she referred. It was along the property line and that’s why it had a clear corridor to the road for surveying purposes. He knew she was fairly safe doing that there, but it wasn’t impossible to be seen, but any such incident would be very fleeting for the one passing by. Still, he was concerned.

“Lisa, sweetie, I completely understand how that exposure makes you feel. How excited you can get, but, well honey you must be careful. Exposing yourself like that could not only get you in trouble with the law, but also it could get you molested.” He tries to explain to her. “If you promise me you’ll never do anything like that again, I’ll try to arrange for you to have your ‘exposure’ without all the risk and also be there to protect you. Is that a deal?” he asks.

Lisa looks at him, a bit of relief on her face. “So you’re not mad?”

“Well, I’m a little mad. More like scared, but I also understand. Honey, please, if you have any fantasies, please bring them to me so I can protect you. Please understand, you’ll never get in trouble for bringing these things to me and I’ll do everything I can to help you.”

Lisa gets up and gives her dad a hug. “I’m sorry, daddy. I promise I will”

“Well, honey, it wasn’t so bad. At least you didn’t actually do it in a field” Tom laughs.

Lisa returns to her chair to finish her snack, feeling much better now. “So dad? What would you do to help me, uhm expose myself without the risk?” she asks curiously.

Tom looks to here, not sure of the answer, but thinking quickly, “Well honey, I’m not sure, I haven’t given it a lot of thought, but I suppose maybe I could find some people who wouldn’t mind watching a pretty girl masturbate. People that I knew I could trust.” He tells her.

“So they would be like real? I mean in the same room?” She asks in a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

“Well that’s one way to go” he says. “There may be others, but I need to think about it a bit”

Satisfied with that answer for now, Lisa finishes her snack and gets up from the table. “Dad, can I go for a swim now?” she asks innocently. Now that daylight savings time has kicked in, Lisa is out of school long before the sun descends. It’s only two weeks before school is out for the summer.

“Are you all caught up on your school work?” Tom asks initially.

“Yes. We start testing on Tuesday for the end of the year.” She tells him.

“OK, but Sunday, we start reviewing, deal?”

“Deal!” she reply’s.

“And only if I can join you” he adds.

Smiling brightly as any young girl would do, “I was hoping you would”, she replies.
The both get up and head naked out to the back. On the pool deck, Tom playfully grabs Lisa and hangs on as he jumps into the water with her. They come up to the surface, Tom still holding on to her, sputtering a bit in surprise, but still happy. Skin on skin, she twists to wrap her arms around his neck as he swims them to the shallow end where Lisa wraps her legs around Tom’s torso, her pussy against his cock. She smiles, laughs and then gives him a kiss on the lips. He smiles and kisses her back and they start this playful back and forth, lip smacking. Suddenly, Lisa looks at her dad with more seriousness.

“Dad? Can you teach me to kiss like for real? You know, like boyfriends and girlfriends do?” she asks, her questions now less tentative as she gets more and more comfortable with asking her dad these things.
Tom looks at her eyes for a moment, then smiles, “Well, I guess I could teach you. You mean like French kissing and all?” he asks for clarity.

“YES! That’s what they call it!” she exclaims.

“OK, sweetie, I can teach you that. The first thing though is how to start. I’m going to kiss you with what is called an open mouth kiss. As you feel what I’m doing, try to do it back to me at the same time.” He explains, then leans to her and begins to kiss her more with lips open a bit.

Lisa feels her father lips on hers differently than all the kisses he’s given her so far. She tries to mimic him and does so quite awkwardly at first, but dad is patient and persistent until their kiss soon becomes a bit more romantic. Lisa feels the romance and also feels her pussy tingle slightly as they kiss.

A few moments pass of kissing when Lisa feels her dads soft, warm tongue part her lips a bit further and gradually work its way inside her mouth. She feels it exploring her mouth and her kissing pauses as she waits to see what her dads tongue is going to do. It finds her tongue and flicks at it, stops, then flicks again. She gets the idea and starts to flick her tongue back at his. She can taste him and she likes it.

Soon, Tom’s tongue retreats back slowly to his own mouth. Lisa hesitates for a moment then tentatively, she pushes her own tongue into her dads mouth and tries to mimic what he did a moment ago. Tom then surprises her a bit when he sucks on her tongue. At first she pulls back, but then tries it again.

She breaks the kiss with a smile. “Ok, let me try sucking your tongue now” she beams and kisses him again. Tom slides his tongue back into her mouth and Lisa tries sucking.

“Ow! Not quite that hard” He exclaims pulling back a bit. “loving and gentle” he grins before returning his lips to hers. She tries again and it’s better. The stand there in the pool naked, her legs wrapped around her dads waist as he holds her up with hands cupping her bare butt and kiss romantically. Slowly Lisa gains the knowledge and improves her skill as their kisses become more like a couple. With her comfort level, she feels her pussy tingle more and more.

When they finally break, they look at each other with some seriousness and lust. They are both excited and feel something they haven’t felt before. Neither realizes that they are falling in love with each other.
Tom finally lets Lisa slide down his body to stand. “Well, so how did you like that?” he asks, a bit hoarsely at first.

“I definitely want to do more of that” she responds with a smile but seriousness in her voice.

She glances down and sees her father erect just under the surface of the water and knows it turned him on as much as it did her. She steps a bit closer to him and reaches out and gently takes his hard cock in her hand and gently strokes it. Then taking his hand with her other, she guides it to her pussy. He understands she wants them to masturbate each other at the same time.

Tom gently rubs her pussy as he leans back in to give her another French kiss. As their lips and tongues intertwine, he feels her grip get stronger on his cock and her pelvis push into his finger. They kiss harder and rub each other faster. The water splashes as their pitch gets more and more intense and they can almost feel one anothers orgasm approaching. A moment later they just push their closed lips together as they both start to cum. Not the strongest of orgasms, but different and more connected to one another. As they start to relax a little, Lisa looks down, still holding her father’s softening cock. Then she sees his sperm floating to the surface.

“Oh wow! Look, it floats!” she says excitedly and Tom’s hand drops away from her pussy. She giggles softly as she releases his cock and starts to play with the floating cum for a bit and Tom watches with a smile.
A few minutes later, they ease slowly out of the pool to cuddle on the lounge chair. “That was kinda different” she says softly as she lays her head on his firm chest.

“There are a lot of different orgasms, honey. That was just another one, but it was very nice…I thought!” Tom responds.

“It was really, really nice” Lisa says with a soft and satisfied giggle.

Tom and Lisa lay naked on the lounge for another hour or so, sometime softly, gently and lovingly fondling one another. They chat a little about nothing really important as they enjoy the feeling of skin on skin and a new feeling in both their hearts.

They doze for about 15 minutes when Lisa wakes up and realizes she has to pee, but being so comfortable laying with her dad, she doesn’t want to get up. She then remembers how she pee’ed in the grass and how warm it felt when it ran down her leg. An idea forms in her head and she lets a little pee go, just experimenting. The feeling is exciting for her and she lets a little more go, this time though it squirts out and lands on Tom’s thigh as she has one leg over his leg.

Tom wakes and after a moment realizes what happened. He looks at her and smiles as Lisa bites her lower lip wondering if he’ll get mad.

“Sorry!” she says softly

“It’s ok. Feels nice! Go ahead, let it all go if you want.” He finally says.

Lisa smiles broadly and with her fathers’ permission she relaxes and releases her pee in a strong stream that splashes over his thigh, her thighs and covers them both in her warm, golden nectar. The feeling is very erotic to Tom and his cock swells to a semi erection until her flow stops. He then reaches down and holds his cock straight up and lets loose his own stream of warm liquid that arcs in the air and comes splashing down over both of them.

Lisa giggles a bit and holds out her hand to catch some, then rubs her skin. Tom directs the stream so that it climbs and descends both their bodies. By the end of his stream, they are both as wet as if they had gone swimming again, but this time it each others pee.

Lisa reached down between her legs and began to masturbate again. She lifted one knee straight up as she found her clit and rubbed it slowly. Then, feeling lewd from the odor of pee, she gets up, lifts her dads knees up then straddles his lower chest and leans back against his upward knees. As she masturbates now, she reaches under one leg and begins to play with her asshole and slowly works a finger in just inches from her dad’s face. She watches him intently watching her.

“Look dad, I’m masturbating both my pussy and my ass.” Lisa says softly to him. “I want you to watch me cum, daddy. I want to cum for you.” She starts talking dirty to her dad, trying to satisfy the exhibitionist in her. “Can you watching you. Rub it, rub that wet little pussy. Show daddy how you can make yourself cum.” Tom says back to her, his eyes going from her pussy and ass to her face as he talks. “You like showing off your pussy, don’t you baby? You like people to see how nasty you can be” he continues softly.

“Yes, daddy, watch me. I’m almost there” she chants softly, rubbing faster and finger fucking her asshole faster too. Suddenly, she arches towards his face and starts to cum, squirting once again and crying out as she cums.

After the first stream of little girl cum hits Tom in the face, he instinctively opens his mouth for the next two, tasting his daughters cum.

Lisa rests for a moment before getting off her dad and cuddling up with him again. She takes his now hard cock in her hand and just holds it as they both doze off again


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