My First Cum, and More

My First Cum, and More

The following story is essentially true. The events happened pretty much as described, though I have embellished some of the details – after all, this occurred when I was much younger, and I can’t remember everything precisely as it happened.

Names have been changed where needed.

Although I had been initiated into oral sex with a female by a friend of my mother’s at age six, and into oral sex with a male by my grandfather when I was seven, I didn’t really think about girls sexually for a couple of years after my grandfather began having sex with me. I was more than happy, initially, to swap oral sex with my grandfather, and later to give oral sex to an older male friend of his at my grandfather’s direction.

When I was nine, though, I began to have my own sexual encounters with others. The first of these was David, a classmate who lived just down the street from us. I used to visit his house in the evenings, after school, and he and I would play cards on his back porch. His mom worked at the school, in the school office; she was a single mother, whether as a result of divorce or death of her spouse I do not know. They lived, with an older sister of David’s, in a large, two story house, one of the nicer old houses in town.

A few nights a week, David’s mom would have male visitors after dinner, and would disappear with them upstairs for the rest of the evening. Now I know she was a prostitute, selling herself to a few choice customers a few nights a week to supplement her income from her job at school, but then I didn’t even have any idea what prostitution was. David never said much about it, and simply referred to the men as his uncles.

We were playing cards one evening while David’s mom entertained one such guest, and his sister was at a girlfriend’s house, and David mentioned he had accidentally walked in on his mom with one of his uncles’ cock in his mouth a couple of nights before. He had watched quite a bit before either of them noticed him standing there, and she had gotten up and taken him to his room and told him not to interrupt them again. Then she went back to the uncle to finish up.

She hadn’t offered any explanation to him since then, and David wasn’t sure what to think of it. He had seen his mother and his oldest sister naked many times, but had never thought of it as a big deal, or ever considered either of them doing anything like that. In fact, he was pretty na? about sex altogether, and when I asked if he had ever jerked off, didn’t even seem to know what that was.

No one was liable to interrupt us, so I dropped my pants and underwear down around my ankles, and showed him how to masturbate. He watched as I stroked my dick and the bit of fluid formed at the tip, and I told him maybe he would like to try it. He was a bit shy at first, but soon had his pants and underwear down around his ankles, and we sat in a porch swing, facing each other, watching each other jerk off.

A few minutes later I asked him if he would let me play with his pecker, and after a few seconds, he said okay. I reached over and began to play with his peter, and he moaned as I got a bit of his fluid on my fingers. I let him watch me lick it off, and asked if he would like to play with mine as well, and soon we were both sitting there, happily masturbating each other and licking the fluid off our fingers.

After a while, I told David it felt even better if we did what his mom was doing for his uncle, and asked if he would let me kiss his pecker. By now David was enjoying the best feeling he had ever had in his life up until then, and he was more than happy to let me take his dick into my mouth. I began to lick and kiss his dick, which was about the same size as mine but uncircumcised, as I grasped the shaft in one hand and continued the hand job. I slid the foreskin back to expose the head of his dick, and licked around the head, then ran my tongue across the slit, licking off the bit of fluid that was there as I kept stroking to pump more out.

As I began to suck David’s dick, wrapping my lips completely around it and taking it in and out of my mouth, all of a sudden he fired his load of cum into my mouth. That surprised me, because I hadn’t ever really cum like that yet, but I swallowed it on down and continued sucking, hoping for more.

David’s dick began to go limp, and I gave it a few more last licks, then sat back and asked how he had liked it. He had loved it, and couldn’t wait to do it again, and I asked if he would do the same for me. He gladly lowered his face to my dick and began to lick and kiss the tip of it, and I coached him into taking it into his mouth while he stroked it, then began to suck on it.

I had never cum like David had, my fluid simply seeped out as he sucked me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. He sucked me until I was satisfied, then I wrapped my lips around his little hard-on and sucked him off again. We continued masturbating each other and sucking each other’s dicks until it was time for me to go home. As we did, I told David it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to say anything about this to his mom, or anyone else. Since I had begun swapping oral sex with my grandfather, I had figured out that our incest, and the fact that it was sex between two males, wasn’t looked upon favorably by others, and had become very good at keeping it secret. David, until now sexually innocent, paid attention as I warned him, and promised not to tell anyone.

The next couple of times we got together, David was so excited by the thought of cumming again, he was ready to go straight to masturbating each other and swapping blowjobs. His mom had finally had a talk with him about the night he had walked in on her, and told him it was just something two people, two grown up people, did for each other sometimes. David was smart enough not to ask any questions or let anything slip about us, so we were able to continue on. We eventually went back to playing cards again, but the loser would have to suck the winner’s dick, though usually we ended up swapping blowjobs anyway.

A few months later, my mother loaded my two younger brothers and me in the old station wagon along with the family across the street, and we all went to the lake together. The family across the street was a mom and stepdad, along with her kids. There was an older girl, about 13, another girl about 11, a boy my age, another younger boy about 6, and a younger daughter, maybe 3 or 4. They all went to the lake with us, except for the stepdad, and they along with my mother, me and two younger brothers, made quite a load in the station wagon.

We had a great day at the lake, and then piled into the wagon for the trip home. Along the way, I pointed something out – I cannot remember what, now – and used my middle finger to point at it. Wayne, the boy who was my age, said something about that being a nasty gesture, and, not having any idea what he meant, I asked him about it. It was Barbara, the 11 year old girl, who leaned over and whispered to me that she would tell me later, after we got home.

That evening, after we had cleaned up and had dinner, Barbara found me and told me to come with her. She led me out behind their house, to an old barn hidden in the woods, and we climbed up into the loft of the barn. There, over in one corner, was an old blanket and a small pile of magazines, and Barbara told me to take my clothes off as she started to strip herself. Naked, we sat on the blanket, and she explained that the gesture I had used meant ‘fuck’, but I had no idea what that meant. She pulled one of the magazines out, a porno magazine she had swiped from her stepdad, and showed me some of the pictures. When she came to one of the man with his cock firmly in the woman’s pussy, she explained that that was fucking.

My little dick was already hard when she reached over and touched it, taking it in her hand, then pointed at her pussy with her other hand. She explained that my dick was supposed to go there, and that then we would be fucking, and she wanted me to fuck her.

I leaned over for a closer look at Barbara’s pussy, and played with it a bit with my fingers. I vaguely remembered Jane, my mother’s friend from several years before, letting me play with her pussy and teaching me to lick and kiss it. Barbara’s pussy wasn’t hairy, of course, but it was most definitely a pussy, and I had kissed and sucked pussy before. I asked Barbara if I could kiss her pussy first, and she said okay, and lay back and spread her legs. I lowered my face to her pussy and took a couple of tentative licks up and down her slit, then I began to remember.

I used the fingers on one hand to spread her little pussy lips a bit, and began licking deeper inside her pussy, then let my tongue roam on up to her little clit. I licked around it a few times, then licked it directly for a bit, feeling her shudder as I did so. I went back to licking the slit again, gently pushing a couple of fingers inside her and finally working them in and out as I licked and kissed her pussy.

Barbara got incredibly wet, and I licked furiously, trying to lap up as much of her pussy juice as I could. After a couple of minutes, I moved up and licked around her clit again, and she moaned and grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy. I pounded her clit with my tongue, flipping my tongue back and forth across it, then licked around it a bit more, then hit it again a few more times, and she began to cum. I continued licking and sucking as her orgasm ebbed a bit, then went after her clit again, backed off, and hit it again. Soon she was cumming again, moaning and crying out, and even though we were pretty far from the house, I began to worry someone might hear her.

After I had stopped licking her pussy and she had calmed down a bit, she told me to get on top of her and put my dick in her pussy. She helped me, guiding my dick into her, and told me to start pumping it in and out. I did, and after a few more minutes and a bit of instruction from her, I was fucking her just as she wanted. It seems like we fucked for an hour, though it was probably quite a bit less than that, and she came again while we were fucking. I still hadn’t had my first cum yet, but eventually my dick started going limp, and I just pulled out of her and we lay side by side, holding each other for a while.

Barbara had never had her pussy eaten before then, but she had seen it in a couple of pictures in the magazines she had, and she asked how I had known about that. I told her about Jane teaching me to satisfy her that way, but didn’t tell her anything about my grandfather. She told me she and Suzy, a cousin the same age she was, had been molested by Suzy’s older brother several times a few months before, until they got caught. The older brother had been sent away, but Barbara had decided he liked sex, and Suzy apparently had as well. Suzy sometimes got to visit them, and she and Barbara had found the barn and set up the corner of the loft as their little hideaway. There they would slip off and masturbate themselves, or each other, looking at the magazines. Barbara had a hairbrush with a large, round handle on it, and said she used that to fuck herself with when she was alone, or she and Suzy would share it when Suzy came to visit.

After Barbara had told me about her and Suzy, she had me roll over and began to suck my dick, something the older cousin had had her and Suzy do for him, and I was hard and ready for another fucking pretty quickly. This time went much more smoothly, and again we fucked quite a while with the energy of youth. Barbara had another good cum, though once again, I simply fucked until my dick began to go limp, without a real cum.

It was getting dark, so we got dressed and left the barn. We split up in the woods so she could go to her house and I could go to mine, and promised to get together again as soon as we got the chance.

The next time we got away to the barn, a few days later, we were able to spend almost the whole day there. I sucked Barbara’s tiny titties and ate her pussy several times, and she sucked my dick and we fucked like rabbits, until my poor little dick just wouldn’t come up any more. I ate her pussy for her again, something else I was beginning to get good at, and we parted to go home pretty much sexually sated.

We met at the barn again a couple of days later, and went straight into our usual routine, me eating her pussy until she came a couple of times, and then fucking until I went limp. This time, though, as we were waiting for my dick to recover, we thumbed through a couple of the magazines, until we found a picture of a man fucking a woman in the ass. I swear, my dick gave a little jump and was back to full staff, and I asked Barbara if she had ever tried that. She said no, and asked if I would like to, and I said yes. We looked closer at the pictures to see how it was done, and saw pictures of the man kissing the woman’s ass, and spitting on it and spreading his saliva on it, and her spitting on his cock, before he began fucking her ass. It seemed like a lot of spitting to me, but I had to try it, and Barbara seemed as eager as I was.

She got down on all fours and lifted her ass in the air, and I got down behind her and began licking her asshole. I got as much saliva on it as I could, spitting on it and spreading it around, then had her lick my cock a few times and spit on it to get it good and wet. I got behind her again, on my knees this time, and put the head of my dick against her asshole and began to push.

It was really tight, and even with all the saliva, it took a bit of pushing to get the head of my dick into her ass. I waited there for a moment, on the threshold, and asked Barbara if she was all right or if she wanted me to stop. She said she was okay and to go ahead, so I began slowly easing my dick into her ass. It felt so tight, but my dick was still not quite fully grown yet, and I eventually got it all into her. I paused again and asked Barbara if she was okay, and she said yes, so I began to slowly pull back, then slowly push back in again. After taking my time for the first few strokes, I began to speed up a bit, and as I hit my rhythm, Barbara matched it, rocking back each time my dick entered her and forward on the out-strokes, one hand stroking her pussy and clit as I fucked her ass.

It felt so absolutely incredible, much better, to me, than having my cock sucked or even fucking Barbara’s sweet pussy, so much so that OHMYGOD! I began to cum, for real this time, my little dick spasming and spurting my cum deep inside her ass. I kept pumping it in and out as my dick spasmed and jerked, and continued for a couple of minutes after it had stopped, until it was too limp to continue. It had felt so absolutely wonderful I didn’t want to stop, and couldn’t wait to do it again.

My cum started seeping out of Barbara’s asshole, and I got down and began to lick it off. It was just second nature to me by then to lick her pussy after I had fucked her, and I certainly didn’t give any thought to the idea that this was her ass instead of her pussy. Barbara stayed on all fours, her ass as high in the air as she could get it, and let me lick my cum from her ass as she continued playing with her pussy. I asked how it had felt for her, and she said it had hurt just a bit at first, but she had liked it. She had gotten a cum as well, and would be glad to do it again.

She wiped my dick off with my underwear, and took it into her mouth, greedily sucking on it, wanting me to get my hard-on back as soon as I could. My dick was back up in a few minutes, and again I licked and kissed her ass, spreading some saliva around that sweet puckered hole. The second time my dick went in much easier, and she said it didn’t hurt at all the second time. Again I made a few nice slow strokes first, then I began thrusting at her ass, in and out, as quickly as I could. She quickly caught the rhythm, and we were on our way as she began playing with her pussy while I pounded my dick in and out of her ass. It felt absolutely fantastic, just as incredible as the first time, and a few minutes later I had another tremendous cum.

Afterwards I licked her ass clean again, then just lay down, exhausted, as she curled up beside me. She had seen how much I had loved fucking her ass and shooting my cum into her bowels, and she had enjoyed it as well, and she promised we would do it again whenever we could.

After a couple more sessions, we decided to find something else to use as a lubricant, and hit on the idea of using plain old cooking lard. That worked very well, with the advantage that it was edible, where cold cream wasn’t, so I could continue to enjoy licking my cum from her ass afterwards. We began to concentrate mostly on oral sex and anal sex, and fucking her pussy became almost an afterthought, though we still did that as well.

I was still seeing David about once a week, and we were still swapping blowjobs and masturbating each other, but I decided I wanted to fuck me in the ass. Actually I wanted to swap ass-fuckings with him, but mainly I wanted him to fuck me in the ass. It had felt incredible to fuck Barbara’s ass, and she had said she loved it as well, and I wanted to see what it felt like from her perspective.

It wasn’t as hard to get David to go along as I had thought it might be. I explained it to him, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to try it, until I told him we should play cards for it, just like we did for blowjobs, and the loser should let the winner fuck him in the ass. He agreed to that, which suited me because he normally beat me at cards anyway, and we started playing. Sure enough, without me hardly even trying to lose, he won.

I had already figured out the lubricant thing by then, so we swiped a bit of lard from his mom’s kitchen, and David smeared my ass up good with it, then put some on his stiff dick. I bent over a porch chair, with my stomach on the back of it, and spread my ass cheeks for him. He stroked his dick a few times and put the head of it against my asshole, and began to push. It was tight at first, then the head of his dick popped into my asshole. Instead of stopping for a moment to let me get used to it, he pushed it all the way in, stopping only when there wasn’t any more of his cock to stuff in. It hurt a bit, like Barbara had said, but the pain didn’t last very long, and I told David to start stroking it in and out, just don’t let it go all the way out. He began to catch on, and once he had a rhythm going, I began to rock back and forth on his dick.

Damn, it felt so good to have his dick in my ass, to feel him fucking in and out. I got one hand on my own hard dick and began to stroke it a bit, and within a couple of minutes I was cumming, my dick spasming in my hand as I shot a load of cum onto the back of the chair. Damn, it felt so good, and a couple of minutes later I could feel David begin to lose his rhythm as his dick began to spurt inside me. He plunged his dick as deep into my ass as he could and unloaded his cum, and then finally withdrew it from my ass.

I could feel the cum seeping from my ass, but didn’t even ask David to lick it off for me, I just used my underwear to clean it up as much as I could. I told him it had felt wonderful, and it really had, and asked if he wanted to play another game of cards for the next ass fucking. He wasn’t sure he wanted to take the chance he would lose just yet, so I simply gave him a blowjob, sucking his dick until he came in my mouth, forgetting her had just had his dick in my ass. I could feel his cum still seeping out of my ass, and after I had sucked him off I cleaned up again as much as I could. Then he surprised me by saying he would play one more game, loser gets his ass fucked, and we sat down and started playing.

Maybe his concentration was off from just having his first ass to put his dick into, or from the blowjob I had just given him, but I won easily, something that almost never happened. David bent over the back of the chair as I had and spread his ass cheeks, and I lubed him up with the lard, then smeared a bit on my dick, and lined up on his asshole. The head slipped on inside, and I stopped a few seconds to let him get used to it and see if he wanted to go on. He said okay, so I began to push the rest of my dick into his asshole, slowly, until there wasn’t any more. I paused again and asked how he felt, and he said he was okay, so I began withdrawing my dick, slowly again, then back in and out again, slowly. His asshole was still very tight, but it was beginning to relax a bit, and I began stroking my dick in and out a bit faster. Soon I was banging away at his ass, and he was rocking back and forth in time with my thrusts. After a few minutes, I shot my load of cum into his ass, burying my dick as deep in his ass as I could as I did so.

As my dick grew limp and I pulled it from his ass, David complained he hadn’t cum yet, so I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him the rest of the way off. He never did enjoy being fucked in the ass as much as I did, but he certainly enjoyed filling my willing ass with his dick and cum. We still swapped blowjobs regularly, and played cards for ass-fucking, but like I said, I generally lost anyway. Whenever I did win, though, he never backed out, and let me fuck his ass as long as I was willing to finish him off with a good blowjob afterwards.

By the end of the summer, going into fourth grade, I was still seeing my grandfather most weekends, and seeing David and Barbara one or two times each during the week. I never told either of them about the other, preferring to keep them separate.

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