Bully Revenge, Pt.3

Bully Revenge, Pt.3

After I had been stroking for a bit, I had a good rhythm going, and I noticed that Jordynn was indeed taking it. But I wanted her to pay, so I grabbed one ass cheek in each hand, and roughly pulled them apart. Jordynn Perry was one of those women that had thin legs, but a total PAWG ass. I mean, it was like a shelf, so ‘cracking her open’ like this just let me slam that much deeper & harder. I could tell, I was very much ‘bottoming out’ in her, and ‘Day-umm’ did it feel good.

“Ah-Ah-Ah…” Jordynn was grunting. Now her grunts were tinged with something else. I won’t say pain, but I will say it wasn’t comfort or lust. “Ahh-Jo-John..Ah-Ah-AH…John…P-P-p-please….PLEASE!. go softer…” she implored.

“SHUT-UP” I said loudly. Completely ignoring her, I hit it at least 4 more times a tad harder still, then whipped out. I did this so fast that the action caused Jordynn to emit a small noise, and just for a moment I got to see her twat hanging open, prolapsed. “I bet you’re tired of that position,” I said, and, taking her roughly by the arm, I got her on her feet. I walked her over to the bed and said, “Get that ass on the bed, across it, and on your back.” Giving her no time to react, I added “Move woman, we’re not done yet.”

Jordynn was trying to stammer out something, but I just pushed her back onto the bed. She was trying to pull herself back away from me. But with the back of my fingers I gave the inside of one thigh a ‘pop’, making her crack her legs open and, wrapping my arms under her thighs and pulling her back to the edge of the bed., I had her right where I wanted her, and she knew it.

Jordynn clearly showed she did not like being tossed around like an object and said “Dammit Johnathan! Would you quit pushing me around? It’s not like I’m your personal Fuck-Doll…or is that what you wanted?”

“Yes you are my fuck-doll, toy, or whatever I want, so shut the fuck up.” I responded, “You just say the word, and…”

“Holding her hand up, Jordynn said “Ok….ok…just let a girl adjust…”

I let her go for just a moment, reached over and picked up the Hitachi. Standing at the side of the bed with Jodynn’s ass at the edge & in front of me, missionary style, knees up. Handing her the wand I said “Up on your elbows, and use this on your clit….you obviously know how it works.” I then stared at her with an expectant look.

“What now?” Jordynn asked, as she turned on the wand. There was partial answer as she frowned from the application to her clit. It even made a wet sound as she did so. Just as when I used it before, it was simple biology. No matter how much she hated me right now, the correct application of vibration on her clit was enough. Jordynn wasn’t looking at me, she was looking at the wand, and for someone who was hating this, she sure reacted as though she liked it.

“OH-h-h-h-h……” she said, in a soft moan, biting her lip.

She was panting and even moving her hips, her voice again trailed off in that slight whimper that made my dick hard. ‘Damn she’s close to cumming’, I thought.

“So NOW we get to see if you are truly on-board.” I said. I had already applied some lube to my fingers, and I slathered some on the head of my dick, though it was already well marinated in her juices. Jordynn got the idea when I began to rub some on her butthole.

“No-WAIT!” she said, as I repositioned myself. Seeing it was falling on deaf ears, Jordynn tried again. “Wait – *Johnathan…*WAIT!”

There was no ‘wait’ in me. I pushed down on my rock-hard-cock, and pushed slightly against her butthole, just enough to hold it in place. I could feel the annular ring on the very tip of my dick. It felt tight. “Remember why you’re here Jordynn, remember what got you here.” I said, and pushed just a bit. I could feel the ring open just a tiny bit.

“OW-ooh-ohh..” Jordyn said in a panicked tone. “Johnathan please…” she asked.

“kind of like those times I pleaded with you, right?” I said. Pushing my hips forward, I could feel her anus open to me a bit more. “Jordynn, breathe, then push your rectum into me. It’ll go a lot easier”

“Ah-AHH!” Jordynn replied. She was trying to move back, but my arms were holding her thighs like a vice. I could feel the annular ring, it was giving in to my pressure. Jordynn had her chin tucked, but now she raised it as she looked at me thru squinted eyes.

“This is not your first for time for this…” I told her. Her anus was slowly giving.

“Well – Ah-Owie!” She responded ‘ Yeah, bu-but not in a long….ah shit! Long t-time….” Jordyn responded.

She wanted to stop, but it was no use now, and she knew it. Her annular ring was opening to me, and her anus was giving, and there was nothing she could do. Again, she was being betrayed.

Jordynn threw her head back, her Red-Black hair moving back. “ah *SHIT-SHIT-*SHIT!”** she called out

I tucked my chin, and pushed just a wee bit more…and with a last gasp, her anus gave up, and the head of my dick popped right in, complete with a small shriek from Jordynn. “Yeah…”I grunted down low. I was past the club door, and eased myself inside the club. It felt all silky, like a glove, the ring squeezing my dick. Wow it was tight, but man did it feel good.

“Ow-ie – OWIE! – Stop-stop-stop!” Jordynn exclaimed, but it was no use. She had kept a brave face for a long time, but no longer. Her mascara had long since run down her cheeks, some of which had made it to the back of her hands from wiping her face, so at least the tears weren’t black…but they were real. She felt the shaft in her butt, and the damn thing hurt even more as some more of it slid in. It really was bigger toward the back, so she concentrated on taking it, as opposed to fighting it. He had his hand painfully squeezing one nipple as he was sliding in and out of her now, and so she tried to not cry too hard, to at least not give him that.

I really hated that I could not get a pic of my dick inside Jordynn Perry’s ass. If I could have gotten it, I would have it framed and keep it by my bed at night, I was so proud. The annular ring continued to grip me, though not as hard. The rest of her anus felt very different from her cunt. It gripped me all at once, neither resisting nor opening. At last, I got what I was here for. Jordynn Perry was a broken woman. She just lay there, sniveling, while I pumped that cunt, taking what I wanted.

I should have gone longer. I should have stopped, wiped off, and plunged it back in her cunt, or maybe her mouth. It was mine now, if I so desired. Right now I had my dick in her ass, her ankles on my shoulders, and both hands were squeezing her tits. I was on top of the world! I was thankful knowing the cameras were getting some good stuff, &I could feel my balls churning. There was no turning back. As I felt the eruption coming from deep inside me, I switched back over to grabbing her thighs, and with a mighty roar, I dumped every possible ounce of my load inside her ass, rope after wonderful rope, and anything else her twitching asshole could milk from me.

The bungalow was really small, as in just a bedroom with a small attached bath, not even a bathroom door. After I finally pulled out, I took a can of wipes from the dresser and sat again in the wicker chair, cleaning off my dick. Jordynn got up, sniffling, and walked haltingly to the bathroom. As she did so, I quietly flipped off the cameras. The night wasn’t over, but I had what I needed. Jordynn washed her face, and came back in, looking like complete shit. I pointed to the other, matching wicker chair, and naked, she had a seat.

“now you have a tiny window of the pain you put me through.” I said.

Jordynn was silent for a bit, then “is it over?” she asked numbly.

“And yet you still haven’t learned.” I responded.

Looking dead at me, she responded, “Oh, I have. That I have. But I cannot run back time.”

“No. you can’t. Which is why I am so tough on you. Now get dressed.”

As Jordynn dressed I told her, “Court is at 9, so be at my law office at eight.” Flipping to her Facebook page, I found a nice red sundress. It was a classy look, not at all slutty, and showing it to her said, “You will wear this, and otherwise dress like you’re going to church. Bring me the robe hanging up in there.” And I pointed

“Ok….” Jordynn responded as she came back. “you never answered my question.”

“Over? you get that answer tomorrow. I have a strong case to keep David out. While I really am something for you to hate, I am also a man of my word, and as said, tomorrow’s court date will answer your question.” Sitting in the chair, I pointed to the floor at my feet. As Jordynn sat tepidly, I fiddled with my phone, then picked up the remote and flipped on the TV, all while totally ignoring her.

“Are-you…going to take me home?” she asked.

“Uber driver will be here in about 15 minutes.” I told her. Sliding a hand to the lower part of the chair, I again flipped the switch, thinking there should be enough memory for this as well “That gives you about 12 minutes to suck me off, so you need to get that bitch-mouth over here and get work.”

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