Mom was designed for brutal rape - part 2

Mom was designed for brutal rape - part 2

I took some of her nude pics and went out for searching potential gangbangers. it was fairly easy considering we lived in a place close to teh red light area, as soon as i wandered inside the lane, i saw a group of 5 black men checking out the models like perverts. two of them wer looking like beasts with biceps bigger than my thighs, another was a fatso and teh rest two wer average though all of them wer easily bigger than me from all angles. each seemed to be able to land punches meant to make any one unconcious. two of them wer trying to tease n touch every model and wer getting scolded. they wer having fun but seemed to have no money. i crossed the road and intercepted them n said hey guys need a fuckhole tonight? they wer highly drunk n laughed saying you look like a dude, you're the pimp? i said somewhat like that without delay i showed mom's nude pics, their mouth was all open, all they wer seeing wer boobless assless same looking models and dint have money to fuck them too and suddenly they see a naked beauty. they said she must be costly man, one of them said if even she exists and youre nt bluffing n laughed, i said she does exist and you can have her for free. they wer still laughing and said okk suppose we believe you whats the catch, i said i want her to be gang raped furiously. they wer scared for a bit and said hey hey man we ll pass we dnt want trouble, i said dnt wry there is no trouble, infact she will welcome you with blowjobs. they said then why rape, i said we are kinky guys and i want to see her in as much pain as possible, beating, biting, hair pulling and any torture.. they stopped me and said yeah got it nothing of those.. i said wrong i want all of those. if you guys give her proper pain i will give you money instead when you are done. one of them said man i said we shud have taken those roofies just in case, i said what are those now, they sadi those are rape drugs and make anyone go crazy in sex.. its taken for people planning a brutal gangrape.. most cases the girl dies. i said hey thats teh only rule.. she shudnt die. yeah man fcourse we are here for a trip not murder. i took out some money and gave it to the guy taking abt roofies and said bring soem of those roofies and meet teh rest of us at this address, i gave him teh address and took the rest of them as i went to the room. i made them sit and poured some liquor. mom saw them and came out shy in a one piece with her long shiny hair all combed up. i went to her gave her a tight slap and said why do you need this dress now, i tore the dress as she was standing, she tried to hide her boobs as i said her to sit between them, they wer quick to start fondling with them.

by the time, the fifth guy also returned and said he said it takes half an hr to take effect, i poured another drink and all five took the drug. i said before anything let me see if you understood teh conditions, show me how you pull the hair, a guy held mom's hair gently jerking it and licking her neck. i said a how to beat her, mom was scared for a bit but one of them gave her a slap which dint seem to feel anythng. i said no thats nt how i want it all. the guy left her hair and i pulled it as tightly as i could to bend her head backwards and make her moan before landing a big slap. she fell down on the ground with a thud, i picked up her hair and stepped on her right boobs. i was crushing her right boobs under my feet while pulling her head as tightly as i could with her hair. they wer already stone hard and salivating, and one said let me try, he took my exact position crushing her right boob while pulling her hair by the right hand itself, he then picked up her leg and streched it onto his shoulder while mom let out a very big moan, he started inserting his big black dick in her pussy. not even half was in and mom was screaming and twiching like mad. then he fucked her for some time before one of them reminded man wait for half an hr and we can fuck the bitch for 4 hrs straight. he left her on the ground n said yeah bro i ll tear her apart. one of them said please tie her like you showed in pics. i said sure, i took mom to the bedroom dragging her by her hair, she dint say anything ecept some occasional hmmf. i tied her up exactly as i fucked her before, hands behind, legs to the corners of room, hair streched from the ceiling with rope but made some improvement. i amde the rope go through the ceiling hook and tied it at the shelf nearby so that it acts like a pulley and can be adjusted to height and i also tied her boobs so that they we were like two red baloons on teh verge of blasting, she was already in excruciating pain. i ignored her moans n adjusted her ropes to make it high enough allow space for just one person to sleep on the and fuck her remaining hole from below. i came out and called them, i showed them the kitchen and bathroom incase they got creative and then came to bedroom and said, there is your bitch ready to be raped and beaten up for 4 hrs. remember the more she screams all night the more money you get, mom was trembling with fear, i cud see her trying to look back but failing, i asid goodnight guys enjoy the slut, imagine you are the devil and make her see hell. they laughed and closed the door as i went off to sleep in the lounge.

i was woke up in teh morning by one of them. his name was wutan, i went with him to see mom and was stunned for a sec, her hair rope was probably opened and reattached quite higher and her legs rather knees wer tied to her hands at teh back so that her legs wer streched, her toes wer a feet above ground and she was wholly suspended by her hair, her boob knots wer loose for one side and as her body slowly rotated i cloud see the bloody swollen red beating marks on mom's whole body especially the boobs face and ass, at some places the skin cracked and some blood was there but not more than her face, her lips n nose wer bleeding. the main innovation they brought wer the pins piecered in her swollen boobs and burn black ciggaratte stub marks on her boobs and ass. thankfully her face only had swollen slap marks i dint want her to look bad for what was waiting for her. i went near her and checked her breathing with a scared and throbbing heart.. she was just unconcious. they had put a soda bottle completely inside her ass only a little bit was out. i came out lit up a cigg and gave them the money. they saw and got very happy, wutan said man if you seriously have no problem sharing her why dont you make her work in a glory hole.. i knew what that is and asked how? he said i knw a place where they will give you enough to stay here for another month just by making her work mayb 4-5 hrs a day. i said okk man i ll call you once i think of that, he also said man she is most sexy bitch i ever saw my tribe wud fuck her day and night without a break for a week before giving it a rest. i said thats good i will arrange it for sure. they wer ashtnished and said dnt wry man your rules will be properly explained and you will get all the videos along with gaurantee for her food and proper and extensive torture schedule. i laughed and said okk man i will call you for the dates. as soon as they took thier leave i came back and saw mom in amaze, she was beaten up to a pulp and was still unconcious and suspended. i collected teh tape from the camera i fit in earlier and played it on tv before opening her lose. i opened all the ropes and she moaned slightly.. she dint have the energy to properly moan. i lifted her up and put her on bed belly up. i pulled her dangle to dangle on teh edge on bed which faced teh tv. i arranged and combed her hair and slapped her back to conciousness. she looked at me upside down as her head was dangling and said good morning.. mike.. i was amazed at her resilience. i said good morning mom you enjoyed the night? she said with her remaining strength they wer a bit rough.. but its okk.. if thats what you want.. mike? i said yeah.. she said you dint even see it.. why do you like it.. i said no mom your wrong time for you to see some of my kinks that wer not covered in the porn collection, i switched on teh tv and pushed my dick in her mouth. i could see the reflection of tv in teh mirror.

they first came in and took positions instanteniously.. the fatso went for her mouth holding and smelling her streched mane, she could barely take it as he gagged her till others inserted. wutan took the table below and put in her pussy while eating her boobs and another heavy guy put her dick in her ass with a lot difficulty, mom was screaming while being gagged, twitching with excruciating pain as they laughed at teh blood that came because of his dick in her ass. teh other two werstroking one even tried fucking her armpit. her first geniune scream was heard for some fleeting moments when teh fatso finished in her mouth and took his dick out, she screamed and threw leaked some of teh cum out as a result and teh fatso got angry and slapped her hard enough, the guys exchanged and fucked all mom's holes, her hair sometimes in control of the mouth fucker and sometime the ass fucker. after sometime they opened teh ropes to her legs and tied as i found her, they sandwiched her as she bounced between them in air all suspended by her hair, then they took a break and lit up ciggarrettes while one of them was playing around with her hair rope pulley arrangement giving jerks making her scream liek a pig, the fatso and wutan beat teh shit out of her during that time before stubbing the ciggarrettes in her boobs and ass, i was forwarding some of it as i got to teh part where they dragged her with her hair and slapped her, they made her give them boob jobs while her hair was in 5 parts one with every guy pulling her head in every direction and she obidiently sucked teh cock towiards where teh pull was maximium. after teh sucking they even dragged her around while kicking her boobs and ass like football. teh fatso once took hold of her hair and just slammed her like washing clothes thankfully on the bed but oh my what it must have hurt. after some playing around they again tied her up like i found her and now the real thing started, one guy fucked her ass while wutan pieced her boobs with board pins he found from the drawer, he was extremely slow and mom screamed like hell during that, i paced my throatfuck and gagged her whiel i beat her boobs with teh pins still there, mom twiched with pain but i continued beating her pin stdded boobs, some even started bleeding, then i stopped and slowly pulled out teh pins one by one as i saw how they inserted bottles in her ass during teh last when they wer bored.

i finally held mom's boobs like joysticks crushing them and throatfucking her till i came. i gagged her till i was all out and then took her to teh bathroom, i made her stand in cold shower as she dint have proper strength to stand, teh cold water was making her do sounds of aah, ouch, uff i kissed her and applied soap and shampoo. i again fucked her in doggystyle holding her wet hair under the shower and finally cleaned her up. i used the hair dryer to make her hair semi wet and then took her to bed. she was silent all along. in bed she hugged me and said do you hate me mike? i hugged her with love she deserved it after all she went through. i said mom i love you with all i have, this torture and urge to see you getting raped and beaten just gets me turned on and this is how my sexual love is. she snuggled and said okk but teh videos? will you post them too? i said mom ohh dnt tempt me, she said you want me to be a slut? what abt teh people in our society and your frnds. i said mom who can say will keep quite once they get free fuck sessions. she kept quite. i said mom asked you consent before every step but yeah this is where you showed your concern and i will draw the line here. i kissed her forehead n said i will not post teh videos untill you say ur ready for that life, but yeah all that consent asking it ends here, whatever u faced in the last 24 hrs will be ur life, this is teh last consent i am asking you.. do you still want to be my sex slave mom? she yes but.. i said what.. she said i also want moments like this when you are hugging me with love kissing my forehead, it mayb once in a month thats fine. i said dnt wry mom u ll get it quite often but fcourse when you get a break from all the fucking and torture. she said if i will get it then i am ready for whatever my master demands of me next. we slept for some time till i got a call and i let her sleep to go attend the call. it was teh shady guy who gave me the pills. he was furious and said you promised and my boys are waiting since afternoon to pick her up at teh place decided. i said het man just give her once day rest and take her tommorow.. he got furious and said boy are you playing with me? my boys need a vaigan and if they dnt get it they will tear her apart in ur room itself. i said man man i have a better offer for you. tommrow if friday take her at night and keep her all teh weekend. return her on sunday night or even monday. he said my boys will be like hungry wolves if i say this to them. i said its better i want her to be raped as badly as possible just dnt kill her. he said okk fine. i said tom same place, at 5pm i will leave her to go somewhere and you pick her up, dnt say you know me just enjoy teh weekend and rape her till your boys are all satisfied. he said man thats fine but in weekend my boys are not alone and will have frnds over, may even have some police over, she will be fucked nuts by atleast 30 people. i said teh more the better. he laughed and cut the call.

when mom woke up we spent time smoking weed and ordering food, she also gave me a good blowjob and deep throat while i oiled her hair and combed it. i made mom turn around and sit on my dick, i ass fucked her gently while hugging her from behind feeling her hair on my face and chest. i asked her if she liked it, she said m a bits ore but i love it. after that we watched some more movies and went to bed again for a quick fuck session and scuddling afterwards till we slept talking abt my crush on her. the next day i said lets go outside, she got dolled up n wore the most sexiest red ultra tight one piece which was hardly covering her ass. her boobs wer prutruding and her hair was shiny as fuck in a high pony tail extending till even more than her dress length. we went and saw some places and finally around 5 we came to near teh chemist and said mom i need some flavoured condoms you can try them, she was excited i said her to wait outside while i went in and called teh guy, he answered my boys already picked her up. i said just dnt kill her and please return her my monday please. he said yeah yeah dnt wry just collect her from the dustbin in ur hotel basement at around 7pm. i was shocked teh dustbin? he simply laughed and cut teh call and dint pick anymore. i was stressed and just went home to have some weed. i somehow passed the time for three days and aroudn 7 i went to the basement to see the dustbins are empty, i called the guy and he said we put her an hr back teh garbage truck must have taken her. i googled and booked an ola to teh nearest garbage storage, i went to see the gates wer open i rushed in to find they wer fucking mom's half dead body with no reaction near teh garbage pile in the open. i rushed and said stop it she is my mom give her to me.. they laughed while still double pumping her and said fuck off kiddo she is our bitch.. i said i will call the police now and started dailing anything and they got scared. they said okk just give us an hr she will be at home.

i went back and waited abt 2 hrs and came down checked teh dustbin too but dint find her then i saw a very small dustbin with long hair flowing out of the cover, i ran and saw mom squeezed in somehow with the tag on her neck saying please spit. i got some wierd ideas on spot but first decided how to take her upstairs. i left her there to find two hotel staff and gave them money after saying my mom was kidnapped and is now in teh dustbin all naked, they helped me bring her to room only with a staff coat. she was smelling like dog shit, the boys said we cant take her in lift while smelling like this, let us take her to our room and we will wash her properly before taking her up. the way they wer touching her i knew they also wanted to fuck her. i went up and came down after two hrs to find them and they said please wait sometime she is being dried up. his frnd was just giggling while some other boys came out of teh room and two others went in. i said mom is here? they said no no fcourse not. i just went up and waited finally after 4 hrs they came in with a big cardboard parcel, i opened it to find mom, they said sry she was unconcious and we had to do this.. also many people knw abt this and are going to create a fuss. i said my mom was kidnapped what do you want. he said nothing sir we also want to solve this peacefully seeing that you are probably going to stay long.. so we wer thinking of having ur mother entertain us on saturdays. entertain as in? i asked. he smiled and said sir come on you know sexually. i was stunned and said how many does this "us" comprise of. we generally have a small party type thing with some 10-12 staff members. i just nodded n he went. mom was still unconcious. i made her sleep on bed and myself slept too. in the morning she woke up and held me crying.. she asked are you happy mike? i was raped over and over again by over 50 men and they all beat me up. they made me fuck strangers in the middle of road. i dont even knw how i got here. i said mom i know it was very bad. dnt wry you are safe now. she cuddled and slept again. for two days i dint let her get up from bed, brought her soup and food also weed while we watched movies and i occasionally took a blowjob only when she did it out of her own. on thrusday i said mom abt the whole dustbin garbage pickers and hotel staff thing n how she had to go fuck them on saturdays. she reluctantly said yes.. but you wnt even be seeing it.. it wud be worthless like i was raped last weekend. i know you want to see me raped if you want you can some people and i can do it today and mayb take some rest before going saturday.

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