Interview With The Tentacle Demon Chapter 10: Threesome

Interview With The Tentacle Demon Chapter 10: Threesome


Lauren threw herself into the role of insatiable slut, and went to Gruthsorik for a tentacle fuck every day, sometimes even twice in one day. It wasn't long at all before she was taking two tentacles each in both her ass and her now-bare pussy, and loving every moment of it. She took an extreme liking to the monster's cum, using her hands to scoop it off her body and into her mouth, even sometimes licking it off the floor. At night Lauren slept snuggled close to the demon, often in a tight tentacled embrace.

They experimented with new positions. Lauren found getting fucked while held hanging upside down too hard to endure for very long, but she loved riding Gruthsorik cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, with the four tentacles thrusting directly from his body into her holes and the others reaching up around her thighs and ass to her tits, mouth, hands, and clit. Another one she liked was when he held her spread-eagle against the ceiling, sometimes on her back looking down at him, sometimes against her front side with her breasts pressed tight against the thick plexiglass. There was also the very creative one where Gruthsorik suspended her by two tentacles, each one binding a wrist to an ankle in front of her. When she got fucked like that, it set her swinging back and forth like a pendulum in time with the thrusting of the tentacles in her holes. They also did doggy style after a fashion, with Lauren on her hands and knees and Gruthsorik on his hands and knees, his larger body completely over hers, tentacles taking her whole body from behind. Claire couldn't help but feel a little jealous, and promised herself she would get to try everything she watched Lauren do.

- - -

Claire opened the inner door to the cell. "Lauren, time for another physical exam," she called. It was the third, two weeks in from when Lauren gave herself over.

Lauren set her laptop computer down and stood. "Coming," she said.

Claire saw fast movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head to look, but the tentacles were already upon her, snagging her wrists and ankles. She gasped, and asked, "Gruthsorik, what are you doing?"

The beast smiled as he pulled her further into the cell and began the traditional process of spreading her limbs apart and helpless. Tentacles ran over her body, grabbing hold of her clothes. "You know, I've not had a chance to do this part to you before," he said as he tore them away. Claire's panties were already soaked as they were ripped from her body. He wasn't supposed to be doing this, but she couldn't bring herself to protest further. She wanted this, she wanted him inside her again. She looked over to Lauren, and saw tentacles winding their way up her legs as well.

Claire gasped and moaned loudly as a tentacle suddenly plunged into her pussy. All the way inside, to its full depth, in one thrust. "Oh God. Oh God," she panted. Moments later, Lauren squealed as the same thing happened to her. The tentacles rammed their pussies as Gruthsorik moved them around so they were facing each other, naked woman to naked woman. Their eyes locked, and they stared at each other as they moaned, faces contorting in pleasure. Claire grunted as a tentacle shot up her asshole, again completely in with one movement. Then Lauren shrieked as her ass was also filled. Their gaze did not leave each other's eyes.

Claire's arms fell to her sides as the tentacles released them. Well, of course, it wasn't as if he needed to restrain her, they were better utilized elsewhere. Exactly where became clear when she felt the tips of the tentacles against her already stuffed pussy and ass and saw two more get into the same position on Lauren. "Oh shit," she whispered, and then both women screamed as four more tentacles invaded their holes simultaneously, their eyes still fixed upon each other's. Both of them continued to moan and shout dirty words of encouragement to Gruthsorik as he brought them together. Their breasts pressed against each other's and their faces were mere inches apart. It was obvious what the demon wanted and they complied without hesitation. They threw their arms around each other and their lips met. They kissed deeply as if they were starving for each other, tongues intertwined, moaning into each other's mouths as eight tentacles pounded into them, with the remaining four holding them steady by the legs.

"Mmmmmmm, now that's a pretty picture," Gruthsorik smiled in approval. Claire and Lauren continued kissing, sharing in each other and their mutual tentacle filled holes as their naked flesh pressed tightly together. An eternity passed in a few minutes. They felt each other building, and finally their lips parted as their heads tilted back screaming in simultaneous orgasms. Gruthsorik's voice joined theirs as the tentacles fired their load into the pair of pussies and asses. After their climaxes subsided, all three collapsed to the floor, Gruthsorik to his hands and knees and the two women laying there still holding each other in a tight embrace.

They moaned quietly as the tentacles slowly retracted from their insides. Lauren pulled herself free from Claire and turned herself around, then positioned herself over her. She leaned down and licked the cum from Claire's thighs. When the tentacles popped free from Claire's pussy she immediately clamped her mouth around it, sucking and licking the warm jism from inside. Claire moaned as she felt the other woman's tongue working inside her, then looked up and saw the cum dripping from Lauren's pussy down onto her face. In a heartbeat she followed Lauren's example, drinking the thick monster semen fresh from a fucked cunt.

Gruthsorik pushed himself up to a kneel and took in the enjoyment of what Claire and Lauren were doing to each other through the tentacles that still clutched their legs. When their pussies were emptied of cum, they moved to their assholes, felching the spunk from each other's rears. When that too was gone, Lauren turned back around face to face with Claire. They cleaned up the last bits of cum smeared on each other's faces and then went back to kissing. It had been a long time since Claire was last with a woman, and at the moment that seemed like a real shame. "I suppose," she said in between sticking her tongue in Lauren's mouth, "we'll have to postpone your physical until tomorrow." Lauren giggled in reply.

- - -

By the third week, Lauren had a reduction in stamina that was evident from the endurance tests in her physical exam. By the fourth, it was obvious even without looking at the data. The fifth week, she couldn't even walk more than ten steps without help, much less perform on the exercise equipment. Claire had to bring the portable medical scanner back into the containment room to get updated readings on her deteriorating condition. "I'm dying, aren't I," Lauren asked.

"Yes, most likely," Claire answered.

"That was the real medical study all along, wasn't it," Lauren realized.

"I'm sorry," Claire shook her head with regret.

"No, don't be," Lauren said. "This has been a fuck ton better than a lethal injection. I had fun. We had fun. It's... more than I deserve."

- - -

Whether out of recognition of her role in things, or because she couldn't resist even knowing what it was doing to her, or if she was just resigned to her fate, Lauren kept begging Gruthsorik to fuck her, day after day. He always complied, though with clear reluctance. Towards the end of the sixth week, Claire was doing paperwork while half watching the video feed of Lauren being jammed full of tentacles, when she heard Gruthsorik shout out in a panic, "Shit! Fuck!" She ran to Containment Room 1. Lauren laid crumpled on the floor, dropped there quickly and carelessly. Gruthsorik sat on the far side of the cell, his knees pulled up to his chest and his head down, cowering as if he'd been traumatized. Claire entered the cell and checked Lauren's pulse but found none. "Don't bother," Gruthsorik said, his voice shaking. "She's gone."

She went to Gruthsorik, put her arms around him and said, "Shhhhh, I'm here now, it's okay," as if comforting a child, as ridiculous as that was given his size. "You're trembling!" she exclaimed, surprised.

"She was cumming," he said. "Her body just couldn't handle it anymore and gave out. I felt her die. I was feeding from her orgasm and I felt the life go out of her. I felt it inside me. Satan's horns, I hope I didn't eat her soul. That's the kind of shit only the Eldritch Ones ever did." He sounded genuinely disturbed by the experience. All his predatory self-assurance had vaporized in that instant.

"Alright, alright, shhhhhh, it's all over now. I'm so sorry I made you do that," Claire said softly. "I'll be right back, okay? I need to take her to the morgue." Gruthsorik nodded. It was the best thing for the body, and maybe it would help him calm down. She walked back over to Lauren's body and picked her up easily, she had lost a lot of weight as her health failed, and carried her out of the room. She returned a few minutes later and went back to Gruthsorik's side. "Feeling any better?" she asked.

"No, not really," he answered.

"I know what you need. Something to wash that bad taste out of your mouth, so to speak," she said, already starting to undress.

Gruthsorik looked up at her, his eyes pleading. "Yes. Yes, that would help. Thank you."

"Mmm, don't mention it," Claire mumbled as her clothes fell to the floor, silently trying to convince herself that this didn't make her a vulture waiting for Lauren to die so that she could fuck Gruthsorik again.

- - -

Claire walked into the lab, naked, with only hints of Gruthsorik's cum still sticky on her skin. She had licked up what she could, and scooped most of the rest into her mouth with her hands. She just couldn't resist it. It didn't matter, there was still enough of it left in one place for what she needed. She went to where she left her purse and retrieved a comb from inside. She ran it through her hair, it came away coated in the demon jism. She transferred some to a microscope slide and checked it under magnification. It was absolutely teeming with sperm, well above the high end of the human range. A woman with this in her pussy at the right time of month would almost certainly get pregnant. Amy Brennen had been correct in her theory, apparently, and Claire's own extension to that theory seemed to be spot-on also. There was evidence of it in Lauren's last body scan, her reproductive system had been shutting down along with the rest of her body, keeping her safe from the consequences. Claire, on the other hand, was now extremely glad she had stayed on birth control.

Continued in Chapter 11: Counselor

- - -

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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