Friend's Ex-Wife

Friend's Ex-Wife

Nancy is 36 year old divorced woman with no children, she has been divorced for three years from a friend of mine. She has not seriously dated since the divorce. She is 5' 11" tall with long blonde hair down past her shoulders and a hot sexy body for a woman in her mid thirties. She isn't fully dressed, just enough cover in case something got delivered to the house. She was slightly older than her husband and they had no children. Nancy is the kind of woman who tolerates a lot that is not in her personal best interest. She go's along to get along...especially when it came to men. While in the laundry room folding laundry, I drop by to see her. I'm not one of her favorite people to see, the back door is open, so I walk into the enclosed porch as if I have been invited.

" Nancy?" I call. She is surprised to hear my voice. " Who is it?" She knows who it is. She can't believe I'm in her house. " It's John," I answer. ' What does he want?' She thought. " Where are you, Nancy?" I shout.
" I'm in the laundry room," she said not bothering to hide her annoyance. She continues folding laundry, waiting for me to come to the room. " What are you doing here?" she ask as I came into the laundry area. " I came to see how your doing?" I answer sarcastically. " Why, Do you care how I'm doing?" She admonished. I ignore her foul attitude. Instead, I stood looking her over, remembering how I have wanted to fuck her. She is still a sexy woman at 36. When Nancy finished folding the laundry, she picks up her basket and passed me on her way out of the room. I can't help noticing the sway of her bare tits under her dress. As she passes close by me, I can also see the bubble butt I like so much. Before she can reach the door, I step forward wrapping my arm around her waist.

" What are you doing, let me go," she demands. She is a serious woman and did not appreciate my flippant of the reasons she did not like me. As I hold her tight, I whisper in her ear, " You need to lighten up. You're too young to be so tight-assed." " And you need to leave," she shot back. She is angry. She freed herself from my grip saying, " You didn't come here to talk to me, you can leave now." Nancy turns to walk away from me, I grab her again. She drops her basket of laundry struggling to get away from me. I hold onto her tighter and drag her back into the room. I force her up against the wall and fasten her there with my body. " Let me go, John! Stop it and let me go," she snaps. As she spoke, she feels the familiar protruding lump pressing into her pelvis. It became evident to her that I'm not going to let her go. She slaps and kicks me the best she can, I had her completely against the wall.

I had desired Nancy since meeting her six years ago. Until that moment I had not been alone with her, here I am, about to force myself on her. It is the middle of the day and no one is around. No chance I will be disturbed.
I grab her wrists and twist her arms behind her back. I take both her wrists in one of my large hands. With my free arm around her waist, I lift her off the floor. Suddenly I shove my knee between her thighs, planting it up against the wall behind her. I lower her, so that she is straddling my thigh with her legs dangling and her feet off the floor. " What are you doing, John? A friend is coming over any minute," she lied. With her hands held behind her back and her feet swinging, she feels helpless with me pressed against her. She can't help feeling a little afraid . " Don't worry, I locked the door," I said as I reach down pulling her loose dress up. " WHAT!? What the hell are you doing!? John, you have to stop. DON'T DO THIS," she said in a sudden panic realizing what I'm trying to do. She wishes she had put on panties, not that it would have done much good.

I ignore her again, surprised to discover that she wore no panties. How convenient. I take the time to rub her thigh and knead her bare buttocks. I smash her breasts against my chest hard, as she continues to struggle to get out of my grip. I buried my face in her neck sucking and licking there to keep her from biting me. 'Oh my God, he's going to rape me after all,' she thought. Suddenly, I lift her up again slipping my free hand between her thighs. When I lower her again, her pussy is on my open palm. Straddling my thigh like that, she can't get her legs closed. I have free and total access to her pussy. I squeeze and massage her pussy getting my fingers between the slit.
" NO!! NO!! STOP IT!! STOP, JOHN!! STOP IT!! NO, NO, NO!! PLEASE, JOHN PLEASE STOP!! PLEASE STOP!!" she screams. She begins to cry nervously which made me feel a little sorry. Not enough to stop. I had this opportunity and I intended to have a good time. The screaming and fighting is getting on my nerves, but I know how to shut her up. I found her clit rubbing it in a rapid-fire, circular motion until I feel the button start to swell. The moment I press my finger on it, I hear her gasp and softly whimper. Her body lurching forward a little and her head fell back against the wall again.

I raise my mouth from her neck looking into her face to see what effect my caressing is having. Her eyes are closed and she is still crying with her head resting back against the wall twisting from side to side. There was a little quiver going through her body that she tried not to show. I keep a sharp eye on every reaction and I feel her thighs gently squeezing together. When she opens her eyes realizing I'm looking at her, she continues to beg me to stop. I eagerly pull the blouse so both her tits are free. Nancy then presented one of them to my eager mouth. " It's just one time," She said in a quiet voice, as my mouth finds her engorged nipple. Oh. Yes....My tongue slowly painted all over its surface, like it had her clit, and she closed her eyes in complete abandon. God, he knew how to kiss my tits! I use both hands to eagerly cup and caress them, my mouth moving back and forth between them, kissing violently and making small bites around the outer edges before zeroing back in with soft kisses and eager sucking and tongue work on her nipples. Nancy feels how wet she is getting. Thank God, this is about to be over it is just one semi-harmless hurrah between us.

Nancy eagerly got my shirt off so she can feel naked chest-to-chest contact. I eagerly assisted her in doing that, she pressed her naked tits into my chest as our tongues intertwined again. This time, feeling my hands go underneath the skirt of her dress to cup her naked ass seeming so appropriate and welcome. Again, I had tongued her pussy to orgasm, so it is no big deal that I'm holding her there with both hands. She is trembling at the sensation of my thick fingertips pulling her apart. Then my index finger is moving past the edge of one side of her thong and finding the steaming open wetness that is her vagina. She feels me softly trace up and down her labia and she shudders with pleasure. Now things really are getting out of hand, her mind finally registers, as she feels the tip of my thick finger finding its way inside of her. That is penetration, and more than a tongue tip. This is going to have to stop now. Too bad it feels so good to kiss me. And too bad she'd never see my big cock close-up. That would have to be where she draws the line. Just for fun, though, she presses forward so the front of her crotch made contact with my hardness, through my suit pants, while my finger penetrates a little further into her from behind. God his cock felt good. So huge, so powerful...she thought. Oh God, he is really finger-fucking me now. She is eagerly, easily taking my thick long finger as it moves in and out of her. Nancy screams " STOP JOHN."

Nancy pulls back, ending the kiss, backing up off me, and I gently remove my finger. She found herself sliding onto the floor woozy and light-headed, on her knees between my legs. " I'm sorry you're never going to get to fuck me," She whispers. " Truly sorry, for both of us." " It's okay..." I answered. " But I just have to see what you've got in here up close, so there will be no regrets..." I nodded, tilting my head back, eyes closed, as she unzips my pants. Nancy just wanted a look, close-up. Just to end the experience. She is so hot, and so intrigued by my massive organ that she'd felt against her so many times. She gently pulls the waistband of my shorts over what she can tell is the erect head of my dick, which is pointed on the diagonal to one side. Oh My God That cock is enormous. She barely notices that she is pulling my shorts and pants all the way down and that I'm now naked. Nancy stared in wonder at the incredible over sized penis that is before her. My balls are also big -- they are like a couple of oranges hanging tight in a heavy hairy crotuch beneath a foot-long spear that is probably as big around as a soda can. She took the plum size knot at the base of my shaft in one hand from beneath, just to feel the weight, the mass, the hardness of the thing, and it did not disappoint. It feels so hot to hold it in her hand.

Her other hand went to my balls, cupping them and feeling their size and weight on her fingertips. Damn, those things are excessive in size, almost obscene -- their sole purpose to supply semen to the insane amount of fluid that rockets out of that gigantic shaft. The crown of my cock is especially impressive -- almost beautiful in its shape and smoothness, like a big mushroom cap, engorged and enlarged, pale purple in color, with a tiny slit that didn't begin to suggest the power of what can shoot out of it. She has to kiss it, just to see what it feels like. This is one goodbye kiss, after all, and she can't let me leave without moistening me for a second with her lips and tongue. She is sure to my delight and sense of having " conquered " her, she opens her mouth to engulf my cock head in a huge, wet, sloppy kiss, tongue painting it like I'd done so expertly to HER clit and breasts, her hands now both gripping my shaft in baseball bat fashion. Nancy thinks it's safe to say that it feels good for the both of us to have her tongue wrapping around the head of my cock, then moving up and down the top few inches of my shaft. It is so hot and outrageous to kiss such a large penis, her hands holding on to the knot at the base of my thick shaft for dear life as her mouth brought intense sensations to it -- pleasuring me, like I'd pleasured her. She removes her hands giving each one a big lick on the palm, knowing this will increase the pleasure to me as she caresses my shaft in earnest. She begins twisting and stroking them back and forth, around and up and down my long shaft, as she tongued my slit like it is a tiny clit, then put the whole thing in her mouth again and run her tongue all around the enormous crown.

I'M bucking my hips slightly now in total sexual heaven, my hands going to the back of her head to hold her gently in place something she'd probably never let a guy do normally. But with me, somehow it seems natural and right, for this moment, she not only services me in this gently passionate way for a moment more, but also allowed my physical power and dominance over her be emphasized by placing my hands there, so that I feel like I'm truly fucking her pretty mouth with my monster cock. And essentially I am -- She is letting me -- her mouth open as wide as it can go, my head on her tongue and moving back and forth on top of it, as her hands continue to stroke my huge shaft.
Of course the thought crosses her mind that he might be close to cumming, but really, she kind of relishes the possibility. If it happened, an "accident," oh well, she would give me one last thrill and let me pump some of my cum into her mouth. She'd try to swallow as much as she can, but won't make any promises. But the key is, I'm not fucking her. If anyone ever asked or suspected, she could be completely honest and say, " We made out, we fooled around a little, but we didn't have sex." Of course, to her ex-husband, the fact that she blew his hung friend and swallowed his load is wrong. But in this moment she can't think of such things -- all that concerns her is making this moment of us together sweet.

Nancy is making it sweet for me. She is not stopping, despite my moans, and the sensation that my shaft and head, if anything, are getting warmer, bigger, and harder in her hands and mouth. She is hungry for that cum shot. She wants to feel it and experience it. I did not disappoint. Nancy had three or four inches of my cock shoved into her mouth when I went off. Suddenly there is this huge rush of liquid she feels pumping against the back of her throat, and then pouring down it. One of her hands went to my balls, which are too big to contain in one hand, and she gently milks them, as her tongue continues to pleasure the underside of my shaft and crown, totally surrendered now to my ejaculation. She wanted to see me shooting, close up, so she pulls her mouth off me but kept it open, and watches in amazement as I powered out several more thick ropes of semen into her open mouth from inches away.

Nancy got up and snuggled into my lap as she thought about this, luxuriating in the feel of those arms going around her, barely noticing that her bare legs are on mine, and also in contact with my cum-soaked penis. She realized my cum is in danger of getting on her dress, and decided it would be easier to just take it off. So she did, leaving her in panties now as she sat on my lap enjoying one last make out with me. My hands went to her tits again and she let them, loving the feel of me holding her so firmly. She marvels one last time at the up close look and feel of me. Nancy started to kiss my neck, then my arms, my shoulders -- wanting to cover every inch of me with goodbye kisses before she'd never see me again. She works her way down to my thighs, now, turning me over so she can kiss all over my butt, letting Her tongue flick teasingly into the crack for a moment. She barely noticed that I'm getting hard again, but when she did, it is like one last treat -- to get to kiss up and down that gigantic shaft again and run her tongue over ever square inch of it this time, feeling its heat and hardness against her tongue. It never occurred to her that my fresh wood might mean something else is about to happen -- so committed was Nancy to the idea that we are just finishing up, and she had essentially been "good", in the one way that most mattered.

Nancy knew it was incredibly naïve to think nothing more was going to happen, she wasn't thinking about it. She is enjoying the feeling of me kissing her. She is awoken from her trance in suddenly, a few seconds after I pulled her panties to the side placing my enormous engorged head of my cock, lodging it firmly between the outstretched lips of her vagina! My mouth is pressed hard against hers that if she opened it further in shock, or tried to speak in protest, it won't be heard. So sudden, before she can react to it, the incredible wetness of her pussy yielded -- despite my girth -- to my massive crown moving past them, and into her. The feeling of my cock inside her was -- not so much a painful stretching, but a fullness, a sense of being taken over in some way, consumed, violated, but in a pleasurable way, with her lubricated nerve endings exploding from the sensation as I insistently, aggressively slide the first few inches of my impossibly thick cock up inside of her.

As great as it feels, and as long as she has been waiting for this moment, or at last a part of her had, she can't let it happen. Nancy broke the kiss, stunned at what is happening, how I'd never removed her panties, never taken a moment to get permission, but is plundering her like my prize. " We can't," She manages, despite the fact that her long legs are wrapped around me and crossed at the ankles, and her hands are still on my back, holding me close into her. " Just to feel it, for a second..." I purr, like I'd probably said to countless other girls, before I proceeded to blast my cum into their hot bodies. " I don't want you to leave disappointed. I know how much you want this." " I do, but I can't... I'm divorced from your friend." " I know, baby," I said, kissing her breasts as I move her ankles up and over the front of my shoulders. She squirms to try to somehow stop what is happening, but she is completely in my power now, and so obviously wanting it and allowing it -- at least her body is -- that is hard to claim otherwise. " It's just this once, and I won't cum..." I continue. " I just want you to feel it." Well, that would at least be one distinction -- if he didn't cum. And god, I did want to feel it! Nancy stopped thrusting when she started talking, even pulling back to just the crown. Leaving her wanting more. she had a decision to make. And she made it. She let her arms flop down on the couch, hands resting over her head. When she did, I grin the grin of a conqueror, who is finally reaching my prize. For a split second she realized that that is probably all she is to me, but before she can register this completely, she feels my cock start to force itself into her more fully, inch after thick, hard inch.

The feeling is insane, it is like being impaled by a hot steel rod, and she is lying there on ex husbands's couch (yes, he'd bought it), just taking it, as my ex husband's big-dicked, cocky, trash-talking friend is taking her, in the most complete way a man can take a woman. My huge condom-less cock is knifing up into her unprotected, tight feminine essence, its size is obscene and an outrage as it insistently carves its way up into her body. Fuck, he was fucking me! How can she let me fuck her? Her mind is racing as I flip one of her legs over my head and turn her over onto all fours, so I can drive my cock into her more efficiently from behind. Nancy knelt there on all fours like a dog, out of her mind with a mix of lust, ecstasy and outrage as I take a moment to pull her panties down, gently holding each leg as I slip it down past her feet rendering her totally naked. She could have taken this moment to cry stop, to get up, to make me leave, but she didn't. She lifts her foot helpfully for me and then resumes the position willingly--back arching, waving her hot tight ass back and forth to me, spreading her knees on the floor a bit further to open herself up to me more, then gritting her teeth as I took a thigh in each hand and found her opening again with my incredibly thick cock head.

Nancy looks back at me and said, " I want you in me." I lean over her my chest on her back, I wrap my arms around her grabbing her breasts for leverage. My fingers digging into her breasts, she winces yelling for me to get off her. The stuffiness of the room and my chest on her back is making her sweat. Then she feels a sharp jab into her pussy. Nancy jerks forward and my cock suddenly slides inside her. Then I begin to hump her like a jackhammer, pistoning in and out of her, she feels my cock begin to swell inside her. I drove her across the floor on her knees. As I fucked her, she cries out, " NO!" She can't believe she is allowing this to happen. My cock is so warm inside her the sensation of me on her back and my cock inside her, " oh god no," she whimpers. Her body is betraying her. She feels it building inside her, involuntarily humping back to meet my thrusts, feeling what she would later know as the knot swelling against her, shooting my sperm inside her as her toes curl behind her and she came as I came inside her. I quickly dismounted, our warm cum, ran from her and down her legs. I took a few licks, long tongue stretching out across her clit so sensitive and inside me and finally across her asshole. Nancy balled up again, knees into her chest, feet tucked under her ass, as cum dribbled from her and onto the soles of her feet
pooling in her arches.

Nancy got up went to the bathroom, she came back lying down on the bed. I came back into the room stood eyeing her.
Her body hurt, her pussy bruised and sore. There is no way she can go at it again. I approach the bed " Nancy, get on your hands and knees." I growl in a low menacing voice. " No, I can't. I'm tired and sore." I glare at her, she got on her hands and knees spreading her legs. I climbd between her legs spreading her ass cheeks, then Wham, wham, wham, my hard cock thud resoundingly into her wide spread buttocks, each fierce advance ramming my merciless long thick spear another fraction of an inch deeper into her tight virgin ass, she gritted her teeth. It does not hurt anymore. In fact, it feels... good. The expression on Nancy's face turns into a blind stare of passionate acceptance as she crouches in helpless submission before me humping her from behind. Then, without warning, Nancy feels her hips begin a mindless, motion back against my invading cock, and in another moment the suddenly maddened woman is twisting her buttocks around in lewd circles of abandoned passion, moaning and
whimpering in pleasure.

The sex-enchanted woman tries to look back under her kneeling body to see that my hard rod of flesh disappearing up into her grasping ass, but she can only see my hairy balls as they swing repeatedly against her desire-swollen clitoris, causing her additional jolts of lewd pleasure. With one hand the straining girl reaches back towards her pussy and lets her fingers encircle my slippery wet cock as it flashes in and out between her sensitive cunt-lips, at the same time letting her knuckles dig gratifyingly into her own genital flesh. The sweating, panting, moaning girl feels a rush of obscene forbidden pleasure come over her as the full realization of what she is doing hits her. Somehow the very thought of crouching lewdly on the floor, offering her body up to me, panting like an animal to fuck adds another dimension of lust-filled depravity to the sensations and emotions that are already ravaging her wildly aroused body. God, how utterly... obscene, she thinks to herself in pleased amazement while ever-growing pleasure radiates through her shamelessly used body.

My thick cock disappearing with ferocious regularity up into her squirming, pink pussy. Nancy is now turned slightly looking back at me, she sees my merciless glistening shaft sawing relentlessly in and out, drawing back the soft clinging vaginal flesh on the out-stroke and then ramming it back inside each time I lunge forward. Nancy moves her ass-cheeks back to seek fulfillment from my hard cock plunging deep up into her seething belly. I redouble the force of my wild thrusts into sweet smelling young woman who has opened her lovely body to me again. " Ooooooooh," cries Nancy as the ever swelling cock slams deeper up into her. " Ooooooooh," again. For a moment her eyes are unfocused a little as though she is looking off into distant mist. Only that wonderful filling of her hungry cunt matters. " You'll never tell anyone about this, will you?" Nancy manages to gasp out between thrusts of my rampaging cock. As my cock thrusts deep into her to its fullest, the trembling woman feels her vagina open up like an accepting flower, and a kind of dizzy euphoria sweeps over her.

I'm thrusting endlessly in and out of this doll's squirming vagina. My shaft of pleasure traps her from behind. Never in her life has she known such perverse bliss as she feels now, being buffeted back and forth like a helpless rag doll. Each time As I slam hard into her ass-cheeks, she is driven forward and somehow that makes it seem even more exciting to the lewdly crouching woman. Her whole body tingling at this further humiliation. Yes, yes, she wants me to cum in her again. She wants to feel her hungry belly filled to the brim with my semen. Watching me wildly-slamming into her, Oh God, how she loves the nastiness of it, the wild-eyed woman thinks to herself. As she feels the first onslaught of her building climax, the moaning girl thrusts her buttocks back hard against my cock as I thrust forward, wanting to get the full benefit of my long, thick length. The wildly excited girl feels the rock-hard shaft smash past her tender pussy-lips on its way toward the ultimate depths of her convulsing belly.

This is the final trigger Nancy needs, suddenly she feels as if she has been hit hard in the stomach with a fist as all her muscles contract at once in spasms of wild delight. Her buttocks flexes and hollow as her clenching pussy pulls wildly on my near-bursting cock. All this is too much for me, I'm wildly aroused and suddenly my hot cum begins to jet up into Nancy's squirming cunt. Nancy's mind explodes in a great flare of colored lights from this last incredible stimulation as she starts to cum all over again. I empty my testicles savagely into her gyrating body kneeling before me in total, abject depravity.

Wailing and thrashing, Nancy presses her cunt back against my spurting cock as if she is afraid to let one drop of the milky fluid escape her. The thick liquid gushes back out again from where her snug vagina clasps tightly around my jerking member, and runs in sticky trails down her shuddering thighs. Finally, with one last quiver, Nancy's sperm filled body goes rigid in final release, and the exhausted girl falls limply forward onto the floor. My now diminishing cock slips from her battered cunt with a soft wet sucking sound.

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