Lia Learns The Limits Of Friendship

Lia Learns The Limits Of Friendship

A work of fiction.
Charisma steps in the door and gasps, "Lia…what is going on?!" Lia pulls back from the cocks in her mouth. She turns to Charisma, still gasping at her friend, "Oh fuck... You weren't supposed to be over yet." Lia is slapped hard for dropping the cocks from her mouth. She moans at the contact. "We didn't tell you to quit sucking," the men growl at her. The men then stuff her face full of their cocks as punishment for her momentary disobedience. Two other men leer at Charisma; "And just who might you be? You come to join the party, you hot little bitch?" Charisma's eyes go wide and she steps back. One of the men starts approaching her. He jumps forward and pins her to the door, shutting it, as he then reaches out and grabs at her soft breasts. Her eyes go wide in terror as she begins to sob, unaware of how much worse things will get.
Charisma’s eyes fill with tears and her makeup starts to smear as she grovels to the powerful men, "Please don't hurt me...just let me go... I am a friend of Lia's...I wasn't supposed to see this..." He simply leers at her as he then gropes her ass. She sobs even harder. Lia twists herself around while straddling on a cock. Her tight cunt spreads to accept the eager throbbing penis. She groans in pleasure despite her eyes filling with tears as she catches sight of her dear friend Charisma being groped. In lust, Lia had nearly forgotten about her friend’s intrusion. Charisma's eyes grow wider. Her sobs only increase as one of the men starts tugging at her dress. After a jiggle-filled fight with Charisma’s curvaceous teenage body, her dress finally falls to floor exposing her near-nudity to masculine roaming eyes; the soft flesh that only Lia has seen before on display for all of these men to see.
Charisma makes attempts to cover her delicate bra with one arm while grabbing at her own thong with the other. Her attacker leans down and kisses her face. Charisma shudders in revulsion. Her attacker leers at her again, his cock thick and throbbing. He fights with her enough for her defenses to drop, as he then yanks her panties and bra right off of her. She again tries to cover her own nudity with her arms, but both her ass and tits bounce as her underwear is ripped from her teenage body. The attacker laughs at Charisma’s feeble attempts to stifle his pulsating erection, "You have got a great body, bitch."
Lia finally manages her lust well enough to spit the cock from her mouth again, "Please let her go. She wasn't supposed to be here.” Lia coughs as her words are cut off by a stream of piss. The urine soaks her beautiful teenage body and sexy blonde hair. Lia moans in total delight again as her pussy clamps on the cock inside her, her body dripping in warm piss. Charisma does not even try to fight these strong men as she expects for her friend to fight for her. Charisma looks at Lia. Charisma's eyes are full of pain and humiliation already. One attacker pushes Charisma to her knees and slaps her tear streaked cheeks with his cock, finally making lewd contact with the once-innocent teenager.
Charisma scoffs as her innocent face is smeared with pre-cum. She gags at the smell of his cock; her stomach rolling in disgust at the sight of it’s throbbing purple head...she does not like cocks at all, especially when they are pointed at her face. He simply grins at her and pushes forward; "Suck my cock, bitch." Charisma is not given a moment to protest as her lips are widened around the darting penis. She gags hard. His thick meat slowly pushes into her throat. Her little tits bounce as she tries her best to pull away. "Naughty, bitch!" he shouts and slaps her as he grabs her head with both hands and pushes her down harder. He pumps into Charisma’s throat a few times then yanks out, leaving her gasping for air and still sobbing. Pre-cum trails from Charisma’s unwilling mouth and back to the cock which had just raped her throat.
Charisma’s rapist grabs her hair and drags her. They head toward the four men stuffing Lia’s teenage body. He grins at Lia, "Your friend has a great mouth. You like it when she uses it on you?" Lia shuts her eyes as her face grows red in embarrassment. The cock in her mouth pulls out and slaps her face, "Answer him, you bitch!" Unsure of her condemning words, Lia looks up at him. Her eyes leak with tears, fearful to recognize her own responsibility in her best friend’s current situation. "Yes…I enjoy kissing her," Lia finally answers.
Charisma is tossed to the floor, staring directly at Lia. Charisma’s ass is lifted up as her eyes display her discomfort and fear. Lia tries her best to avoid eye contact with her friend. The big throbbing cock of her rapist rubs at Charisma’s virgin pussy. She looks over her shoulder as her pretty black hair falls onto the carpet. Charisma desperately pleads with her rapist through her tears, "Please don't...Please don't rape my pussy. I am only a virgin. Please…I am too innocent and too young for this." Charisma’s words do not work in her favor as she feels the pulsating heat looming behind her only increase in vigor. Lia's huge piss-coated tits are groped as she sobs in shame underneath her horny lovers, realizing her friend Charisma’s words will only do the opposite of defending her vaginal virginity. "Yum, a virgin...Is your friend a lesbian, blonde bitch?" Lia sobs, desperate to turn this situation around before it gets any worse, "Please don't hurt her. Please just let her go." Lia is slapped hard leaving her cheek red. "Answer the question, you stupid cunt!" Lia pauses, swallowing her own saliva and more. "...Yes...she is," Lia finally responds, losing her turmoil in the sex as she pants out her answer.
Lia finally looks Charisma in the eye as Charisma’s rapist starts pressing forward. Charisma screams in pain as the thick shaft tears into her virgin body. "I am so…sorr-y…" Lia starts to say. She is cut off as she moans in heat; her body tossed forward. Lia’s face is overtaken with pleasure while she looked towards Charisma as a thick cock plunged deep up Lia’s asshole. Lia screams in painful pleasure as her apology to her best friend is ruined by her own lustful orgasm. Lia cannot even muster a real apology for her best friend who just had her virginity raped away from her. Lia does not try to reiterate her fabricated grief after being cut off by a thick shaft plowing into her eager sexy teenage butt. The two sobbing girls are pushed forward. Charisma screams in pain. Lia screams in pleasure.
Finally, both Lia and Charisma are forced to kiss. Their mouths meet as Lia attempts to sooth her friend with a calming kiss, but more so to please the men watching. Charisma is intent to not further insult the men out of fear of further punishment, as she tearfully accepts Lia’s kiss. The man in Lia's asshole bends over. His hands reach under Lia. Her fat young tits squeeze into his hands. The thick flesh slips between his fingers as she gasped in pleasure inside of Charisma's mouth. The rapist in Charisma's pussy spanks her thick ass hard; "This bitch is so fucking tight! I am gonna shoot so much of my hot semen into her warm tight cunt." Charisma apathetically breaks the kiss as she gasps back in total terror. She is fearful of this rapist getting her pregnant. She begins panting and sobbing in horror. Charisma's rapist just laughs at her sobs of pain and despair. Lia's eyes open wide at the thought of cum, too presently wrapped in lust to associate the words with her best friend’s plight. Her face flushes in pleasure now as the thick cock in her continues its relentless pile-driving up her asshole. Lia finally snaps back to reality as she hears her friend Charisma crying, "Don't cum in Charisma. Please don't cum in her. She was a virgin… She's not on the pill or anything like I am. Please don't get her pregnant. She doesn't use protection like I do. Please quickly pull out of her vagina." Charisma is eager to back her friend’s words as she looks over her shoulder, her eyes wet with tears and her face twisted in pain. "Please don't cum in me...I...I don't want to get pregnant....Please!" she pleads.
Any chance Charisma had of Lia’s words making any impact on her rapist were ruined when he saw Charisma’s beautiful tearful eyes beg him to not impregnate her. Her arms give out as he begins pounding her pussy even harder. Charisma’s chest falls to the ground from the pain. She collapses onto her sweet tits. Charisma’s entire body spasms in the pain of being raped. Her fingers quickly dig into the carpet in an attempt to alleviate the pain radiating from her crotch. She somehow finds the strength to look up again. "Please,” her rapist’s orgasm builds, “…don't cum in me.” He begins panting harder. “Please.” An evil smile envelopes her rapist’s face. “You can cum on my face or on my breasts...” He grunts. “You can even cum in my mouth.” Charisma explaining her sexy teenage body to her rapist only makes his orgasm build stronger. “…Just please don't cum inside of my vagina, please!" He continues thrusting hard inside of her vagina. Charisma continues begging to him, screaming in desperation, her words having the opposite effect.
Charisma finally gives up on stopping her rapist alone as she turns toward her sexy best friend, "Help me, Lia, please!" Charisma cries to her friend for help as Lia is jerked back, now riding the cock in her asshole reverse cowgirl. Lia bounces hard on the thick cock in her asshole. Lia ignores her rape-victim best friend as her perverse fingers drop to her own dripping pussy. Charisma looks at Lia, her eyes pleading for a response, desperately reaching out to her closest friend. Lia just ignores her; one hand mauling one of her heavy bouncing tits, the other grinding her clit as she bounces on the stiff cock. "Yes! Fuck my asshole! Make me cum on that big thick dick you dirty bastard!" Lia gasps in even more pleasure as the other two guys aim their cocks at her big tits and start pissing on her hot lewd teenage body. Charisma screams in despair and gives up all hope as her friend bursts into total orgasm, still ignoring Charisma. Piss drips down Lia's large breasts, her beautiful blonde hair gets soaked. Lia devolves into complete degeneracy as she screams in pleasure, covered in urine as her asshole is hammered.
Charisma still feels the hard cock pounding into her vagina. She sobs silently to herself knowing her friend has given in too far to total lust to care about her. Charisma pleads one last time, trying to be heard over her friend's moans of pleasure; Charisma can barely speak as the cock in her pussy speeds up its thrusting. Terrified of what is about to happen, Charisma powerlessly begs, "Please don't cum in my..."
It is too late. Charisma feels her rapist's warm gooey semen firing off and filling her pussy. Charisma is terrified that she has now been impregnated by her rapist. This is her slut of a best friend's fault. It is Lia’s fault that Charisma may be pregnant with the child of her rapist. Charisma’s life may now be completely ruined.
Charisma's train of thought is broken as she hears her friend shriek in delight, lapping at the piss raining onto her as she played with her hard nipples. Lia’s tongue darts out of her mouth like an animal, tasting the urine cascading onto her slut body. The cock that just came inside of Charisma slips out of her ruined vagina. His cock still covered in blood and cum, Charisma’s rapist walks toward Lia. Lia's entire body drips in piss with a smile of total pleasure stretched across her slut face.
Charisma’s rapist stops in front of Lia’s mouth. "Clean your friend’s virginity off from my cock," the rapist boldly states. Lia may have been too busy to protest Charisma's impregnation, but Charisma is certain that Lia will at least not take orders from the man who had just raped her best friend’s virgin pussy. Charisma figures there is no way that Lia would further pleasure the man who had just raped her best friend. There is no way that Lia would ever do that. Lia moans, delighted to have another cock pointed at her face. Charisma cannot believe what her best friend is doing as Lia's tongue sneaks out of her mouth and licks her best friend's virginal blood off from Charisma’s rapist's dirty dripping cock, further pleasuring the degenerate rapist. Charisma's eyes cry uncontrollably as Lia moans again, licking up towards the pee-hole, a bulb of fresh pre-cum leaking from the rapist and licked off by Lia's eager tongue.
Charisma can barely see through her tears to see her once best friend’s total betrayal. Lia continues sucking the rapist's cock as her asshole continues to be hammered hard. She eagerly cleans her best friend's virginal blood from the cock of her best friend’s rapist as a fresh orgasm builds within both Lia and the rapist. Lia's big tits gently jiggle as she now has sex in both her asshole and her mouth, her fingers still mauling at her large breasts and dripping pussy.
Charisma realizes there is no longer a place for herself in Lia’s life, her supposed best friend having totally betrayed her. Charisma delicately attempts to quietly gather her clothing as all of the men continue building up orgasm around Lia’s hot teenage body. Charisma’s rapist laughs at what a degenerate he always knew Lia to be as her eyes close in pleasure while cleaning her best friend's rapist’s cock with her tongue. Charisma realizes that while her virginity may have been stolen from her, it was only just another orgasm for her rapist. Charisma slowly crawls her way behind the door of Lia’s room, and no one makes any protest, or even seems to notice Charisma, as they are all now enjoying Lia.
Charisma stands behind Lia’s door, unsure of her next move. She hears both Lia and both of her present lovers begin building towards orgasm. Lia’s tits still bounce as her asshole and mouth are being hammered hard. Charisma’s rapist, the man fucking Lia’s throat, quickly removes himself from the blonde’s mouth, Lia’s tongue is disappointed as it trails from the cock. Charisma watches as her rapist masturbates in front of Lia’s face, Lia’s eyes closing in compliance and pleasure at her upcoming reward. Meanwhile, Lia’s tits face no resistance as they bounce hard, up and down, as her asshole is fucked even harder. Lia pants, practically hyperventilating as her fingers dig deep into her own pussy. She begins orgasming in time with the man fucking her asshole. Charisma’s rapist meanwhile begins spraying Lia’s face with his thick white semen as a tear sheds from Charisma’s watching eyes. Some of the cum sprays across Lia’s feminine eyelashes and some of the cum sprays across Lia’s pretty blonde hair. Some of the cum even drips into Lia’s orgasming eager mouth. Finally, the cum descends from Lia’s face and onto her still bouncing tits. The cum drips from her chest, down her curves, reach turbulence on her areolas, and finally drip off of the teenager’s hard nipples. The man whose cock is deep in Lia’s asshole fires his load as Lia continues to moan, her breasts finally resting at a jiggle as her tight colon juices his semen into her digestive tract. He moans as each web fires into the blonde slut. He finally removes himself from Lia as she sits on the ground, still digging deep into her pussy.
Cum drips from Lia’s face and all over her big heavy tits. She finally opens her eyes as she continues masturbating her tight teenage vagina. Charisma watches as Lia’s eyes meet hers. The two friends eyes briefly meet, then Lia’s eye drift down. An evil smirk spreads across Lia’s face as she looks at Charisma's womb. Lia lifts her eyes back up to Charisma's tear filled gaze. Lia’s wicked smile stings Charisma more than any pain she has ever endured. As soon as the two former friends make actual eye contact, Lia finally begins cumming. Her feminine juices soak her hand as she moans in sick pleasure at the former friend whose life she had just ruined. Pain, humiliation and disgust fill Charisma's heart as she scrambles with her clothing and darts away from Lia’s room. Wasting no time with her departure, she manages to throw on her clothing to preserve some decency as she runs toward the exit of Lia’s home. Charisma swings open the front door to Lia’s house as she conclusively makes her escape. Finally running outside, the fresh air meets the tears on Charisma’s defeated face. The feeling of the cold air amplifies Charisma’s trauma. Fresh tears pour down Charisma’s face as she resolves to never see that slut again.

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