Fight Night_(1)

Fight Night_(1)

I was pissed my fight got canceled. The bitch I was supposed to fight went over on her weight and they canceled it. I mean seriously, how hard is it not to eat a fucking cheeseburger when you are getting ready for a fight. I was only two fights away from going for the featherweight belt, and this bitch is going to delay me at least another month.

I stayed to watch some of the other fighters, but not all of them before I left. It’s good to watch the competition as much as you can, but I was too pissed to stay. I was frustrated because of my cancelation and my boyfriend had to work late, so he couldn’t come to my fight. So now I have all this energy and frustration and he is not even going to be home. I would at least have liked to know there was sex waiting for me.

All the way home I just kept running fight scenarios through my head. She throws a left hook, so I duck to my right and throw a right hook to the body followed by a jab to the face and cross to the face from the new position. If she throws a cross, I will lean slightly to my right causing her to miss high, then I will jab to the jaw and follow with my right cross. And so on and so on, I ran through all her favorite punches, and all the ways I was going to counter. When we did fight next, she was going to regret giving me extra time to train. I was going to fuck her up bad.

After an hour drive home, I was ready to have a drink and hopefully go to sleep. My night seemed as though it was going to take an up turn when I saw my boyfriend’s car in the driveway. I remember thinking, ‘Let’s Get It On!’ to myself, copying my favorite referee’s catch phrase. Those were words I was hoping to hear tonight before my fight, but I guess they will have to work for a silly sex pun. The good news was after I had a drink and had sex, I was going to be able to sleep for sure, so that was a little silver lining to the evening.

I just left my gym bag in the car and went to the door. I was surprised to find the door locked. I just assumed he had a long day and went in and went to bed. He was not on the couch and the tv was off so that pretty much meant he was asleep. I figured I would just go ahead and get me a drink before I went in there. After sex I just wanted to pass out, so this would save time.

I poured myself some Woodford Reserve and sat at my bar in my kitchen. I was a very healthy person for 99 percent of the day, and my one vise, was that nighttime drink. Some people say it is healthy and some people say it is the sign of an alcoholic. I say, have a drink and lighten up. It loosens me up and makes me care a little less about things that others stress about. And it helps me go to sleep which works out well for nights like this.

I got carried away thinking about the fight and finished my first drink too fast. I poured the second one the same as the first and knew that this was going to be my last. I wrapped up all my thoughts about scenarios and outcomes and decided that it was time for me to start working on my night’s close.

I downed the remainder of my second drink starting to feel the affects of the first finally set in. I put the glass into the sink and headed towards the bedroom. I took off my shirt as I walked down the hall. I had a mirror at the end of the hallway so that I could use it to train and shadow box in the house. I watched myself walk down the hall in my Venum sports bra and fight shorts and was pleased with my appearance. I imagined myself walking down to the octagon as I had dozens of times, so I squared up and silently threw a jab, jab, right hook and jab, uppercut combo at myself, and smiled.

I had hit that beautiful spot that all drinkers know, where I could have a relaxing night, or I could fight someone, and both would be equally acceptable. I rolled my neck around on my shoulders with my eyes closed and opened them to meet mine in the mirror. I gave myself a very seductive half smile and said, “let’s get it on.” and winked.

I opened the door to find my boyfriend on his back looking in my direction, with his cock standing up and looking at some blond bitch on her hands and knees on my bed. They must have heard me talking to myself in the mirror because they both had horrified surprised looks on their faces. His mouth was just hanging open and it was like he couldn’t move, which I would say was a good plan at that point.

The bitch on the other hand was scrambling off the bed grabbing handfuls of clothes looking like a scalded scared animal.

“So, you had to work late?” I said to him in a very obviously rhetorical question type of way.

He said nothing as he stared at me in a way that I had never quite seen him look. I felt 10 feet tall standing in the doorway as this frail little bitch was hunched over with her clothes in her arms. She stood there looking up at me as if she wanted to ask permission to leave but knowing damn well that if she spoke it would set off something lethal in me.

I am not sure how long we all were frozen there as I oversaw the world’s next move. “Who the fuck is this?” I said in a very controlled serious tone.

“Baby… it’s nothing.” He said closing his eyes and placed his hand on his forehead, already knowing that he had lost control of this situation.

I turned my head back to her and gave her a look that may have turned her to stone, (if we were on the island of Sarpedon in the 2nd Century BC), but it just made her look away. She was still crouched down looking weaker than I had ever seen a human look.

“Why her?” I gave him a discussed look wishing he had chosen a more respectful person to cheat on me with. It made me doubt myself for a second. If he was going to fuck this weak bitch, does that mean this is the way he views me? Does he not respect me the way that I want to be respected? If I was going to be cheated on, I wanted to be cheated on by someone stronger and more beautiful. Not this little piece of shit.

I took a step towards her and placed my hand under her chin and made her stand up. She was close to tears, and probably should have guessed what was coming next. I bounced on the balls of my feet twice and Jab to her teeth, Jab to her nose, and Right Hook to the side of her chin.

Her head spun violently around, and she collapsed because of the trauma to her brain. “Whew!” I screamed out as I bounced two or three more times. (I just imagined Big John McCarthy coming over and grabbing one of my wrists and holding them up in the air.)

“What the fuck?” he said as he was starting to get up.

“Don’t fucking move.” I said as I walked to the bathroom.

When I came back out, he was still laying on his back, but his erection was falling. I took the Body Wand massager that I had gotten from the bathroom and turned it on high. I placed it in between his balls and his asshole and sucked his cock into my mouth. It took no time at all for him to come back. Without the wand he may have been psyched out enough not to get hard again, but it was his favorite thing in the world. He had requested this so many times, and I only did it for special occasions.

His breathing was all over the place and I knew I needed to stop so he wouldn’t cum. I pulled my Venum shorts off and climbed on top of him reverse cowgirl. To this day I cant tell you why exactly I chose that position, but I can guarantee you it was either, I didn’t want to look at him not knocked out, or I did want to look at her knocked out.

I slid him into me and gyrated around on him making his cock hit every available surface. I am very clit stimulated so I turned the wand on myself. I turned it down to a low setting so that I could build. I grinded forward and back slowly as I pressed firmly with the wand.

I was staring at the pretty little blond bitch snoring on the ground as I felt the first little shiver climb from within me. I slowed my gyrations just a bit and turned the wand higher. I fluttered the pressure so that I could get the most out of this orgasm. I let myself climb and fall a few times guaranteeing more pleasure when I allowed myself to release.

It was only a minute or so and I was ready. My body was so tense holding back, my mind was perfectly fuzzy, and I was hot and ready. I cranked the wand to high, used both hands to hold it on my clit and started popping my hips forward and back fast, as I began my release.

“OOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!” I screamed loud as there was wet noises coming from my pussy. My hands were soaked in my fluids and my body was shaking as it felt like small electrical pulses were moving from my pussy into my stomach and down my thighs. I felt like I was on top of the greatest high I had ever had in my life. I felt relaxed because of the orgasm and warm because of alcohol and loved it. I just sat there staring at the loser of tonight’s night, as this feeling slowly faded, and I soaked it all up.

After maybe a full minute, which seemed like an eternity I felt him start to move his hips under me. I was almost surprised because of this heightened feeling and the second drink now kicking in made me almost forget that he was there. But something had to be done about him as well.

I placed the wand, still on high right back in his favorite spot and started bouncing on his cock. This was his dream position and I am not sure if I had ever actually done it for him up until that point. He was rock hard, and I know that his balls must have been hurting, and desperate for their release.

“Tell me before you cum.” I said knowing that it would not take long.

“Ok.” He said with his breath already wavering.

Only seconds had passed and I heard him say, “Ok. Here it comes.” He said right as his hips started to flex.

I took the vibrator off his spot and got off him as fast as I could. I stood at the foot of the bed and looked down at him. He had such a scared confused look on his face. As his hand was headed towards his cock, I stopped it. I held his wrist with one hand and slapped his cock very hard with the other.

“AAAAAHHHHH!!!” He cried in pain.

I then popped the back of my fingertips hard on his balls. They were all tight as they always were right before he came, so I got both of them solid.

“Oh My GOD!!!” he screamed as he rolled over on the bed in the fetal position.

I laughed one very satisfying “HA” as I walked to the opposite side of the bed from the door. “Now get the fuck out of my house and take that bitch with you.” I said with no question in my voice at all.

“You’re Fucking Crazy!” he said as he was grabbing his clothes.

“Not another fucking word. Get the fuck out and never come back.” I said lifting my arms to the orthodox boxing stance, so that he knew he would be snoring next to his new girlfriend if he spoke again.

He kept his eyes on me as he wrapped his arms around her and the clothes. She was coming back to consciousness, so her legs were moving but not holding her weight. He pretty much dragged her down the hallway.

Once they got to the door, he leaned her against the wall and started to fidget with his pants.

“Get the Fuck OUT!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and started walking towards them.

He winced as I said it, and almost fell. He looked at me quickly and realized that he was out of time. He threw her over his shoulder and opened the door. They were both still naked as he clumsily carried her across my lawn and to his car. He got her in and then had to run back and get his pants, he had dropped on the way.

I acted like I was going to run at him once he got to his pants, so he ran back to the car in a full sprint and jumped in. The car started and drove off, as I realized that I was on my porch with no bottoms on. I decided to own it, so I stretched really big before slowly turning and sauntering back inside. (That was definitely the alcohol that did that.)

Once back inside and doors locked again, I went back to the bar and poured another drink. I was warm and lightheaded. The bourbon whiskey tingled my throat and warmed my stomach even further.

That night had not gone how I planned it at all, but at that point I was very pleased with my performance.

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