The Reunion-Part I

The Reunion-Part I

The wind tossed Kim’s curly red hair about and into her eyes as she stood in the parking lot anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bus. The bus that she had been waiting to come for 15 months. The bus that carried her husband back from across the world to her arms. She could not possibly been more nervous.

Her emotions where a train wreck to say the least. She could hold still. Her head had a dull pain right about her eyes she was doing her best not to cry. Worst of all, and to be expected to, her pussy ached. Her little black thong was soaked with her sweet juices in the anticipation of her husband. She felt half bad for feeling the way she did, but who wouldn’t? She hadn’t felt his amazing cock inside of her for 15 damn months!

She had her ways of taking care of herself. Ajay and her were very open. They had quite a few toys for her to play with on herself, or him to use on her. Plus she had her girlfriend Akira. A sexy little Japanese stripper that they had met 2 years before and had gotten very very close with. But no matter what, she still wanted him. Every night before going to sleep she would think of him. Most nights having to get herself off in some form or another. Be it to watching one of their many home made porn movies, or just laying in bed with her middle finger steadily massaging her swollen clit.

Now her man was going to be home. She could feel every second tick past on the clock. No surprise regarding the military, the bus was late. But she knew it would be here and as soon as he stepped off the bus he would scoop her up in his strong arms and shower her with his sweet kisses. God how she missed all that.

Kim was a beautiful woman. At 23, she stood at exactly 5 feet tall. She had what her husband referred to as the “perfect” body. She wasn’t always so quick to believe him, but she knew she was sexy. She had large D breasts that would stand up on pretty well. Even when she was laying on her back they were still perky. Her half dollar sized nipples were also pierced with nickel sized 10G hoops. She had done that as well as her tongue two years ago, then 6 months later, her and Ajay decided to go out and get their privates pierced. Her getting her clitoral hood with a small curved barbell and Ajay getting a 3 step ladder on the top of his cock. Kim had a small belly which Ajay loved to hold onto when he spooned her from behind, often times talking about the day that their child would reside inside of it. Kim had the perfect ass. Not to small, but not to big. No matter what she wore for jeans she always captured the attention of men. Her ass sticking out a good few inches from her well toned lets and moving as she walked. Ajay loved her ass. Especially when he would bend her over doggy style and fuck it. She did too.

So there she stood in her cute little jean skirt that hung maybe 4 inches below her ass and her cute little tank top with no bra. The windy spring day was not helping her nipples either. They were standing straight out with their rings poking thru her shirt. She didn’t care and she knew Ajay wouldn’t either. She was slightly bouncing up and down with anticipation, making her cleavage jiggle a bit.

From up the road she her the deep grumble of a diesel engine. She turned to look and finally saw a large coach bus pulling up to the post PX parking lot. Her heart skipped a beat and her pussy became even wetter knowing she was mere seconds from feeling Ajay’s touch again.

The bus pulled to a stop in front of the crowd of 80 or so in the parking lot. The door swung open and soldiers in ACU uniforms started pouring out of the bus, barely able to contain the tears they had welling up in their eyes. Kim noticed the first 10 or so soldiers out of the bus were all privates. Just as she had suspected. Ajay’s company commander, a newly promoted Major, would file his men out by rank. Always taking care of his privates first, then his Non-Commissioned Officers, which Ajay was, and then his officers and himself last. He was a damn good man and always played fair.

Civilain men and woman were running up to their soldiers. Children in some peoples arms, nothing in others. All crying in disbelief that their soldier was finally home. The last Non-Com out of the bus, and about he 40th person was Ajay. Kim fought hard but lost the fight with the tears in her eyes. He was such a welcome sight. Tears poured down her face as she worked her way towards him.

When she got to about 5 feet away she ran at him and leapt into his arms. He caught her effortlessly. He was 6 feet even. Well built and well tanned now thanks to the Iraqi sun. His hair was its normal high and tight. He wore his ACU’s with his sergeant rank on the front and his unit patches on his shoulders. His beret sat on his head slightly cocked to the right. She fought back the urge to strip him of his uniform right there and instead took her head out of his neck and kissed him deeply on the lips. Their tongues doing the lovers dance that they hadn’t done in 15 long hard months, but didn’t miss a beat either.

“Oh my God Baby, I didn’t think that you would ever get here!” She said pulling away for a second before returning to kiss him once again.

“I’m here my love. I’m here.”

They wasted no time. Ajay put her down and took her by the hand. They started walking towards the other end of the parking lot where Kim had parked his car earlier that morning. There was to be a Welcome Home luncheon at noon, but that was 2 hours away. That meant 2 hours of time that she had to spend with her very much missed husband.

Every step that they took Kim’s clit became more and more swollen because of her hood ring rubbing directly on it. She knew what Ajay was thinking and they both knew that there was nothing wrong with it. They finally got to his car, a year old Nissan 350Z that he had turbo charged not long before he left. She handed him the keys and he popped the hatch, throwing his duffle bag and back pack into the back and closing it. She went to her side and he to his. They got in, fired the car up and headed for home.

In the car she could barely control herself. She had her hand on Ajay’s thigh, feeling his large cock threw his pants and he moved his hand to the top of her bare left things. He moved his hand upwards, reaching her soaked thong and looked at her smiling.

“Someone missed me, huh?” he asked coyly.

“You have no idea. Get us home Ajay. I need to have you inside me in every way possible as many times as possible.” Kim begged.

“As you wish.” he said, pushing the car into 1st gear and taking off.


Ten minutes later they had the car parked in their garage and they were both on their way towards the door. They were less than 2 feet inside the door when they turned to each other, embraced and began kissing again. They explored each others bodies. His hand wandering down over her ass, pulling up her skirt and grabbing a handful of it. Hers went down his back, and one moved down to his front, down over his jacket, up under it and loosed his belt. She then slid her hand down inside of his pants and grabbed his 8 inch long very thick cock.

Looking at him she said, “Time for me to play with my toy again!”

Without and protest she pushed him back against the wall and pulled his pants and boxers down while he removed his jacket. She went down with his pants to her knees. She took his big cock in her hand and adored it for about 2 seconds before she kissed the head of it and began swirling her tongue and tongue ring around it head and threw its slit. She stroked it slowly up and down as she lifted it up and licked from his balls right up to the tip.

He allowed a moan to escape him. Feeling his wife’s hot mouth on his cock for the first time in 15 months almost made him cum right there. She moved back up to the head again and took it right into her mouth. She made sure not to touch it with her teeth and began moving up and down his cock with her mouth. She made it half way down the first time, then three quarters of the way down the next and then the third time she went right back to her last spot, slowed down a bit to relax her throat muscles and proceeded to deep throat his whole cock. She gulped on it and that made Ajay let out a little yelp and almost cum.

He already could take it. He picked her up from under her shoulders and led her back wards thru the house to the living room. He removed his under shirt and was now naked. His hard abs and muscles flexing as he moved. This made Kim even wetter. She took off her shirt right before he laid her back onto their sofa. As he did he kneeled down on the floor and removed her thong. He sat there adoring her pussy. Its soft little lips all engorged from her horny-ness. Her clit swollen and her shiny pussy jewelry. She was completely shaved save for a little heart shaved and trimmed into the top of her pussy above her slit.

Waiting anymore was not an option. He moved into her pussy. Licking and sucking on her lips. Taking them into his mouth while breathing in. Savoring the sweet smell of her pussy. He moved over to her tight little hole. Licking it gently and then slowly sticking his tongue deep inside of her. He didn’t have his tongue ring in at the moment so that made it easier for him to put his tongue deep inside of her. He tongue fucked her for a minute and then pulled out and moved up to her waiting clit. He took her clit between his lips and gently tugged on it and sucked it at the same time. Releasing it he moved down to it covering it with his mouth and licking it furiously with his tongue. This caused her to go crazy.

“Oh my God, oh my God. That’s it Baby. Eat my pussy. Suck my sweet clit. Oh my God how much I missed you!!!!”

Neither of them could really take it any longer. He sat up and moved up to her. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, palming one of her tits in one hand, the other resting on her waist. His cock was leaned aginst her pussy. She arched her hips up allowing his cock to fall right to her pussy opening and before he could do anything to stop her or tease her she pushed herself all the way down onto his cock. A loud gasp escaped both of them as they instinctively embraced each other.

They sat like that for a minute, not moving and barely breathing. The were both sobbing quietly. They deeply loved each other and this connection was something that they both needed. Ajay sat up and kissed her tears.

“No more crying my love. I’m here with you. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere my love.” he told her softly.

Kim stared deep into his eyes, tears still welling up in hers. She reached up and wiped away his tears and said; “I know Baby. I’ve just missed you so damn much. Like nothing before in my life. I am so thankful to have you back her and in one piece.”

With that there was nothing left to say. They began their love making. Ajay placed his hands on her waist, looking into her eyes as he began to move in and out of her. She looked right back into his eyes, with one hand on his flank and the other tracing up and down over the rips and cuts of his chest and stomach. She leaned up and bit and Ajay leaned down to share a kiss. They kissed long and deep. Their tongues dancing off one another, their arms wrapping around each others body as if to ensure that the other would not be able to slip away thought they both knew that was the last thing that either of them wanted.

The moved together like that on the edge of the couch for a while. Him sliding in and out of her wet tight pussy. Before long though she made him pull out and she then made him sit down where she was. She then stepped over him and sat down on his cock. He loved this position because it allowed him to be so close to her and also allowed him the best access to feel and fondle her body. She loved it too for the same reason. She grinded against him. Feeling his big cock move in and out of her wet pussy.

He sat back at first, both of his hands on her ass. But quickly his hands began wandering and soon found their way up to her chest. He first took her left tit and moved his mouth to it. Licking and sucking on the nipple and its jewelry, it made more sounds come from Kim. Her hands where up on his deltoids, pushing back and forth harder and harder to grind his cock into her pussy harder and deeper. He then took her right tit and began fondling that one. He sucked and played. Then he began moving back and forth between them when his right hand wandered down to her stomach and he placed it there, palm down.

She felt him stop playing and looked him, realizing where his hand was and that he was looking directly at her. She looked into his eyes and he could see them swelling up again. Then he spoke.

“You know what me being home now means, right?”

She smiled in the realization of what he had just said. Her smile continued to grow as tears of her own crept to her eyes. She replied with, “We finally get to make me pregnant…”

She could barely get the words out of her mouth before the both erupted. Every thing changed. The both pulled each other close and she began vigorously fucking his cock in and out of her. Her body now not only ached for an orgasm from her pussy, but from him. She wanted his cum inside of her and she wanted it now.

She grinded against him harder and harder. They were both moving together now with a sence of urgency. Harder and harder they fucked. Deeper and deeper he went inside of her until she said first; “Oh Baby, that’s it. I’m cumming. I’m finally cumming. It’s been so long. Baby, cum with me. Cum with me. Cum IN me Baby. Cum inside of me!!!

Hearing her say those words was all he needed. He began thrusting his hips up into her harder and harder. Feeling her pussy contract around his cock. He began to feel the beginning of a huge orgasim emenate from her pussy. He pumped harder and faster. Deeper and deeper until he felt his balls swell up and finally begin to purge the cum from themselves and up his cock.

“Here I cum baby. Here I cum!!! I’m going to cum in you Baby. Here I cum!”

With that he began shooting his load deep inside of his wife’s pussy. 15 months of pent up cum. He must have pumped 8 or 9 times. So much cum that the 3rd time it already had began to dribble back out of her pussy and onto his cock and balls.

They both came so hard, especially Kim, that after their orgasm they just sat on the couch. His cock still semi-hard inside of her. They sat there. Her head on his shoulder, and his on the back of her neck. Their hands on the others body. Just breathing. They were both in heaven.


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