Abby Likes To Masturbate.

Abby Likes To Masturbate.

       This is my first story! Just wanted you to know that this story actually did happen to me, I was 14 at the time and now I am 28. Please excuse any typos, because i would be typing for 5 hours if I had to fix everything. BTW, My name is John. EDIT: I had to change the age of the characters in the stories. Just imagine me being pretty young, and Abby being a little younger.

      Backstory: My stepdad's sister had 3 daughters. One being 18, the other 20, and the last 22. The 18 year old, Abby, still lived with her parents. The story takes place at my stepdad's sister's house.

      We arrived to Aunt Sidney's house for a little party she had arranged. They invited us in, and I went straight for the couch; their house was boring. Well mostly boring.
      Abby. Holy shit she was hot. My only source of entertainment while i was at their house. She would always where these tight yoga pants, and I would always get a boner everytime I was there. Sadly, my penis wasn't very big. At my age, 18, mine was 5inches. So i was very insecure.
      Abby's ass was so amazing. Everytime she got up from the couch i would have to stare. Luckily, she wasn't blood related to me, so i could look at her wonderful tits and sweet ass.
      Everytime we went home after seeing Abby, i would almost always make the excuse, "I need to take a shower." And I would just jerk off to the thought of me fucking Abby.
      But not only did Abby have a nice ass and great tits, she also had an amazing body. She wasn't to skinny, but wasn't fat. She had amazing brown straight hair, that turned me on just by looking at her. She had silent brown eyes, that looked so sexy. Her beautiful white skin made my dick ache.
      I was sitting on the couch playing on my IPhone, when I said, "I'm going to watch TV downstairs."
      When i entered their basement, i noticed that nobody was down here. Well except Abby, she was in her room watching TV.
      I grabbed the remote for the TV, and turned it on. It switched to some random channel.
      I turned doen the volume right then and there, for i had heard something amazing. The sound that I have always dreamed of hearing.
      A girl moaning.
      And the only girl down here was Abby. I almost had a heart attack.
      I sneaked all the way to her door and put my ears to the door.
      All I heard was the sweet sound of Abby moaning. She must have been masturbating. It felt as if somebody gave me a million dollars. I was freaking out. What should I do? This was a once-in-a-life-time thing.
      I need to take a look. I needed to see Abby fingering her tight little pussy.
      Then I noticed that there was one of those key holes in the door knob. Such a small little hole, but I could probably look at Abby fingering herself.
      I bent down to the little hole, and I saw it.
      On the floor littered her sweet yoga pants, her sexy panties, her matching bra, and her tight little t-shirt.
      My eyes scrolled up from the floor, and then saw her laying on her bed.
      Her bed was adjacent to the door, so I had a perfect view. She had her phone with earphones in her ear.
      I looked down from the phone, and saw her legs spread apart fingering, with her middle and ring finger, herself. I heard more moaning. She was going even faster now. Bringing those two fingers in and out of her tight pussy.
      She continued to do so, but did slow down. I'm guessing she didn't want to cum just yet. I couldn't handle anymore. My dick had to cum.
      I unbuckled my belt, and pulled down my pants. My dick was harder than it had ever been. While looking at Abby fucking herself, i stroked my dick.         This was not porn though. This was teal life. I almost came right there. So i slowly stopped.
      I needed a better look. I needed to see everything. Then suddenly i had an idea.
      If i opened the door, to get the best view, she could not tell on me. I mean, who would want to tell anybody that John walked in on me masturbating?
      I slowly raised my hand to the knob, my fully nude body cold, then i turned the knob. Ever so slowly. Then i swung the door open.
      "AH shit! John!" She screamed, while she quickly covered her trimed pussy, and swung her arms across her boobs.
      She also took the earphones out and put them on the bed. And the phone was playing porn.
      "Sorry it was an accident!" I shreaked.
       "Why the hell are you naked?"
       "Oh my God, were you fucking masturbating?" She asked.
      I replied, "Yes.".
      "You were masturbating to me fingering myself?"
      I didn't answer.
      "Oh shit. Just close the door." She sighed.
      I ran for her bedroom door, still nude, and closed it. And locked it.
      "Come here. Sit on my bed." She said, the blankets still covering her.
      I walked over to her slowly.
      "Jesus Christ, your cock is so hard."
      I didn't reply. But i did sit down on the edge of her bed.
      "Ok listen," She said, "We do not want anybody to find out about this. We don't want to tell any of our parent that we were masturbating."
      The whole time I am just nodding my head.
      "Fuck. I don't know what to fucking do." She kept sighing.
      "Ok look, John, just let me finish masturbating. You can sit in here and watch me, and you can jerk off, since you are not done either."
      My heart was racing. A girl just told me i can watch her masturbate?
      She directed me to the end of the bed. While she sat on the front. She slowly took off the blanket, revealing her sweet pussy.
      "John you can stare, if you want."
      She once again started to finger herself. I put my hand on my cock and started to stroke it.
      Abby started moaning really loudly now. And she was moving a lot, the whole time bringing her fingers in and out.
      "Oh fuck," She shrieked, "John, I want you to finger my pussy."
      I didn't turn down that offer.
      I started to finger her, just like she had done to herself.
      "Shit! You're really good at it."
      She had took my hand and moved it to the side. Abby then pushed me so i was laying on the bed on my back.
      She slowly crept up to my raging dick, then put her mouth on it.
      HOLY SHIT! A girl was giving me a blowjob!
      She sucked on my cock until i was going to cum.
      "I'm gonna cum!"
      "You better not." She said.
      She stopped sucking me and pulled me down to her pussy.
      "Yea, just lick me!! Finger me while you lick me!!" She kept moaning and screaming.
      I went down on her faster. And faster.
      "Fuck! Stop! I don't want to cum yet."
      We both layed there tired.
      "John, i want you to fuck me."
      "But we don't have condoms."
      She replied, "It's fine. I'm on the pill. Just please fuck me.
      I crawled up to her. She then spread apart her legs. Her pussy wide open for my little cock to penatrate her.
      I stuck my dick into her.
      "Oh shit yea!" She shrieked.
      "Oh fuck. It feels so good." I said.
      I then started actually fucking her. Going faster and faster.
      "Oh fuck yea!! Keep fucking me!!"
       Everytime i went faster she shrieked "Fuck yes!!".
      I took my cock out of her. I then sighed. I tookk her body and spinned her so her ass was facing me. Her hands where grabinh ontu the headboard. Her ass all perked up for me.
      I wasn't ready for anal though. So i found her pussy and stuck it in there.
      "Fuck!" She screamed
       I continued to fuck her in her pussy.     
      "Oh fuck!!" She screamed.
      "I'm about to cum!" I shouted
      "Fuck yea," She sighed quietly, "Me too!"
      I continued to fuck her getting faster and faster, my dick aching to cum.
      "FUCK!!!!" We both screamed almost in unison.
       I took my fick out of her, and then layed down next to her. My hand slowly reaching for her tits.
      "I want to do it again..." She whispered into my ear.
      "Right now?" I asked.
     She nodded her head.
      While i was still laying on her bed, she climbed on top of me, now sitting on me. Her sweet tits hanging down.
      My dick got hard immedietly when she say on me, for her awesome ass had basically swiped against it. For a while she was almost giving me a mini-handjob with her ass, humping me, and teasing me by almost letting me inside her.
      I grabbed her beautiful boobs and slightly rubbed them.
      "They're awesome." I said.
      "Well why don't you suck them?" She asked me with a small smile.
      Well I wasn't going to ignore that offer. I raised my head and put my mouth to her nipples, while she kept slightly rubing my cock with her ass.
      "Oh fuck. I'm so wet! Please fuck me John!" She yelled.
      While she was laying on me, i penatrated her.
      "Ahhh!" She shrieked.
      My dick was already about to cum, and i just started to go faster.
      "Oh shit Abby! I love you!"
      "I love you too." She said, while humping me.
      "John, i'm going to cum again!"
      I didnt answer her. I just my hands on her tits, and she just kept fucking me.
      "Ohh." She sighed.
      She fell down next to me. I then kissed her on her beautiful lips.
      "Anytime you're here, and you're bored, just come down here to my room. We will do this all over again." She said at me, while eye-fucking me.
Hey! Thanks for reading!! This was my first sex story. Some things have been ajusted such as age, names, ETC. If you like I can make it a series!


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