Maria is initiated Part 2

Maria is initiated Part 2

On the way home Maria was strangely silent, usually she chatters all the time, she lay back in her seat with her eyes closed and a wide smile on her lips, I guessed that she was thinking of what had happened, or maybe what was going to happen.
I didn’t say anything for a while then I apprehensively asked her again if she was still going to go ahead and invite a couple of friends over, I was hoping she would, I wanted to see her fucked again, she let out a sigh and asked didn’t I want her to now.
I said no, I did want her to, she said good because her mind was made up, as soon as we got home she was going to ring two of our friends, my cock went hard thinking of it.

True to her word as soon as we got home she was on the phone ,I heard her tell whoever she was talking to to come over for a small impromptu party she was having. She said to get to our place in an hour, When she put the phone down I asked her who she had phoned ,she told me she had phoned Tomas, he is a married friend of ours, I asked her what he had said and she said he had said he would come, I said what about his wife and Maria said that she had made it clear the invitation was just for him, it was to be an intimate party. He had asked her what the party was for and she had said that he would find out when he got there.
She immediately phoned again, she said the same to this person too.
I asked her who she had phoned this time she said Nikoli, another friend, although he isn’t married.
I was still surprised that she had decided to hold a party straight away, especially after what had happened to her earlier, I said as much to her and she said that it had made her more horny, also she now realised that she liked being fucked by more than one person, and she hoped that I didn’t want her to back out now that she had decided to do what I had wanted her to do for so long.
I said of course I didn’t as long as it was what she wanted to do too.
Little did I know then that I would be responsible for awaking Maria’s uncontrollable sexual appetite, which would run riot, and which neither I nor Maria could ,or want, to control
I also asked why she had chosen the those two, she smiled and said a woman knows if a man fancies her or not.
She said that she had to get ready and went to the bathroom, shortly I smelt the cream she uses to dehair her cunt.
When she left the shower she was only wearing her high heels, she went to the bedroom and blew dry her hair, I watched her, she was naked looking in the mirror, it made me horny watching her, she has a really slim body and magnificent tits and the thought that very soon they would be played with by other guys was very exciting to me.
She painted her finger and toe nails bright red and put scarlet lipstick on.
I asked her if she was nervous, she said a little, I asked if she was excited, she said a lot, I asked if her cunt was excited, she said very very excited.
Shortly before the guys were due she suddenly told me that we didn’t have anything to drink and sent me to buy some gin and vodka.
When I got back and let myself in I heard male voices followed by Maria laughing, she had already started. I went into the kitchen and opened the bottles and took them and some glasses into the living room.
Maria was wearing a short bright red dress, it was one of my favourites, it was another one of her clothes that she wouldn’t normally wear in public or where other men were, she would usually only wear it for me, whenever she wore it I knew that she wanted sex. It plunged both at the front and the back, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra her tits were in danger of falling out, she had done her hair up on top of her head, which showed off her neck really well, I guessed that she had done it to give the two guys a clear run at her neck, which she loves having kissed.
I could see that she was excited, she was standing very close to Tomas, almost rubbing her tits against him, she noticed me and told me to join them, both Tomas and Nikoli jumped back from Maria, I guessed that they felt guilty being so close to Maria. I didn’t know if she had told them yet what they were there for.
To make them feel more relaxed I went over to them and hugged them and kissed them on both cheeks in the continental way, I said that it was great to see them again and hoped that they would enjoy themselves. They asked how many more people were coming, I looked at Maria and smiled, she said they were the only two that would be there ,I asked if Maria had told them why they were there, they said she hadn’t, I told them that they were there to fuck Maria, neither of them spoke at first then Nikoli asked if I was joking, I assured him I wasn’t, I poured drinks for all of us, making sure that the three of them had large ones, I raised my glass and said we would have a toast, Maria asked what we would toast, I said we would toast her being fucked for the first time by good friends, she laughed and said she hoped that it would be the first of many such toasts, I said that we should all drink to that ,I said to down it in one.
We talked for a while and then I said that I would let them get started, I went and sat in an armchair which we had placed in the shadow given off by the table lamp.
At first Tomas and Nikoli were nervous and a bit shy, but Maria soon began to put them at their ease.
She started by putting on a CD which contained music that encouraged dancing together, she started by dancing with Tomas, she took his hands and put them on her arse, then she put her hands behind his neck and held him tight.
They danced together for about five minutes then she changed over with Nikoli, she did the same with him, then after dancing with him for another five minutes she pulled his head down and kissed him on his lips.
They had stopped dancing and were grinding their hips together, simulating fucking each other.
I heard Maria speaking quietly, after she told me that she had told both of the guys what to do the whole time.
Tomas went behind her and undid the straps of her dress, then pulled them down.
Maria eased herself away from Nikoli so that Tomas could pull her dress down.
He pulled it over her hips and to the floor, Maria stepped out of it, now all she was wearing was her g-string and her high heels, she turned to Tomas and started to kiss him full on his lips, at the same time she put her hands behind her and took Nikoli’s hands and placed them on her tits.
Maria then started to unbutton Tomas’s shirt, then took it off, next she undid his trousers and eased them down, Tomas stepped out of them, Maria eased his pants down, Tomas finished getting them down, his cock was sticking straight up, Maria was still kissing him full on his lips and at the same time playing with his cock, Nikoli had taken her g-string off and had resumed playing with her tits and was kissing her neck, I knew she wouldn’t last long, she would cum very soon, she doesn’t have to have her cunt stimulated to have an orgasm.
It took five about minutes before she came, as she did she took Tomas’s hand and placed it on her cunt, it was a good orgasm.
Straight away she turned to Nikoli and stripped him and then started to kiss him, Tomas was playing with her tits, she came again.
Then she got down onto her knees and took Nikoli’s cock in her mouth and started to work her mouth up and down it, I love her blowing me, she can take my cock it’s entire length into her mouth, she did the same with Nikoli, he was moaning in pleasure and was pulling her head hard onto his cock.
At the same time Maria was wanking Tomas’s cock.
I thought that Nikoli would cum very soon, but before he could Maria stopped sucking his cock and turned to Tomas and started to suck his cock.
Again she stopped before he could cum.
Next Maria lay on the floor with her legs pulled back and wide open, Tomas knelt between her legs and started to lick her cunt, Nikoli was kneeling by her head and was kissing her tits, Maria was lifting her cunt up and down against Tomas’s tongue, when she came it was a multiple orgasm, she grabbed hold of Tomas’s hair and pulled his head hard onto her cunt, I heard her call out to him not to stop licking her cunt when she started to cum.
Immediately she had stopped cumming she told Nikoli to do the same as Tomas had done, she came again, only this time Tomas let her rest for a few seconds and then licked her into another orgasm, I counted her cumming five times.
Next she let them fuck her, both Nikoli and Tomas came in her cunt, Maria managed to cum at the same time as both of them came.
The three of them lay on the floor recovering.
After about five minutes Maria was recovered enough to start again, she took hold of both of their cocks and started playing with them, after several minutes neither of their cocks were hard or showed signs of going hard, I knew that Maria wouldn’t be very happy about this, she stopped playing with their cocks.
Nikoli was the first to speak, he said that he had to be leaving, he had to go to work early, Tomas said he should go too.
The three of them stood up, there was an awkward silence, to break it I thanked them for coming to Maria’s ‘party’, she thanked them too.
Both of the guys got dressed and started to leave, I went with them to the door, when we were at the door I thanked them again, Tomas said that it was them that should thank Maria and me, Nikoli said if only our friends knew what he and Tomas had done tonight they would be jealous, I asked which of our friends, Nikoli said all of our male friends, they had often said how much they fancied Maria.
I thought for a moment and then said why didn’t they tell them, they could also tell them to phone Maria if they wanted to, I was excited by the idea of Maria being fucked by all of our friends.

After Tomas and Nikoli had left I went to the bathroom, Maria was in the shower, whilst I got ready for bed I stood there watching Maria shower, I had to admit she was very fuckable.
Maria finished showering and got out of the shower, she asked me to dry her, I do this quite often as a prelude to sex.
She told me to not be long coming to bed.

We were laying on our backs in bed playing with each other, I was fingering her still wet cunt and she was working my foreskin up and down my cock. Maria asked me what I had been looking at so intently when she was in the shower, I told her that I had been looking at her body, she said that I had seen it often enough why was I looking at it so intensely now.
I said that now I saw it in a different way, she asked me what I meant, I said that now I saw her body as a sex machine, something made to give men pleasure, she thought for a moment and then said that she liked that, from now on she would think of it in the same way, she would make certain that as many men as possible were made happy by it.
I asked her if she had enjoyed having Tomas and Nikoli fuck her, she said it was great, I sensed that there was something not quite right though so said; but.
She said but she felt as though she could have gone on for a lot longer. I didn’t say anything but carried on fingering her cunt until I judge that she was near to cumming, I thought that the time was right to push her further ,so I asked if she was going to fuck any more of our friends, she laughed and said of course all of them if she could, I asked her who next, without hesitating she said Alexi and Pavel. I have always suspected that she fancied these two, especially Pavel. I said why didn’t she phone them now and arrange to have a party with them for later today. She said it was too late, but I could tell that she wanted to ,so I told her to text them then. She was still hesitant so I waited until she was even more excited and said I thought that she wanted to make as many men happy as possible. She didn’t argue and left the bed and returned a few moments later with her mobil, she asked me what she should write. I told her, then she showed what she had written, it said, 'having an impromptu party 2nite,hope you will cum, plz fone ASAP, Maria' .
I told her that she had spelt come wrong, she smiled and said she hadn’t.
Then she made me watch as she sent the message first to Pavel and then to Alexi.
She asked me if I was satisfied now, I said I was half satisfied I would be fully satisfied when I saw her fucked by them.
Maria got back into bed and we started playing with each other again, just as I was going to get on top of her to fuck her, a text message was received by her mobil, she said ignore it, I said it must be from either Alexi or Pavel and told her that she should see. I wanted to see if they were interested.
It was from Alexi it said 'I will cum for you anytime '
Maria laughed and said she hoped he meant it, I said why not phone him now and see, again she said it was too late to phone, I could tell she was excited ,so said it wasn’t because he was obviously still up having just sent a text message. She didn’t need telling twice.
Alexi answered straight away, he must have been waiting for her to phone back.
They started chatting, I could see that Maria was still excited, to encourage her more I started to rub her clit as she talked.
They talked for about ten minutes, when they had finished I asked Maria what Alexi had said.

She said that the first thing he had said was that she had spelt come wrong and she had told him that she hadn’t, she said that she meant what it said, and she hoped that he meant what he had said too.
Alexi said that the party sounded interesting ,and to tell him more.
Maria asked him what he wanted to know.
He asked who else would be at the party, Maria said only three people would be there , him Pavel and her.
Alexi said what about me, Maria told him that I would be there but only watching, he asked her what I would be watching, she said the three of them.
She said that by now Alexi was getting excited, he asked her what they would be doing for me to watch, Maria said that that was up to him and Pavel, nothing was ruled out.
He asked her where she was talking from and she told him from bed, he asked her what she was wearing, she said that she was naked, this excited him even more and he said that he would like to see her naked, she had said perhaps he would tomorrow if he played his cards right.
During all this conversation I had been rubbing her clit and she was moaning in pleasure between speaking.
Alexi asked what was happening, Maria told him to guess, he asked if she was playing with herself, she said no, he asked if I was playing with her she said yes, he asked if she was near to cumming, again she had said yes.
He said that he wished it was him there with her, Maria said it could be tomorrow.
Alexi then asked if Pavel had said he would come, Maria said he hadn’t answered she had sent him a text at the same time as she had text him. Alexi said that he would phone Pavel now and tell him the good news.
Before he went he asked Maria if he should bring anything, she asked him like what, she said he was a bit hesitant then said like condoms, she told him that she never uses them, she likes 'bareback' riding, he said he did too.
Finally she told him to get there at eight o'clock, as she didn’t want to waste anytime.
After Alexi had hung up we went back to playing with each other, Maria was very horny by now, For the second time just as I was going to fuck her we were interrupted by the phone. This time Maria didn’t need telling to look to see who it was, it was Pavel.
Before she answered I took her hand and rubbed it over her cunt, I told her to come straight out with what she intended to happen to her at her party, I told her to say that she wanted to be fucked, I also told her to try and cum whilst she was talking to Pavel.
She grinned and said ok she would enjoy exciting Pavel, she started to rub her cunt .

Maria told me after what he had said, as she had done with Alexi.

Pavel was much more explicit than Alexi, he didn’t waste anytime getting to the point.
First he said that he was sorry to interrupt her, he said that Alexi had told him what was happening to her, he asked if she had cum yet, she said she hadn’t yet but there was a good chance she would whilst they talked. He asked if I was fingering her, she said I wasn’t she was doing it herself .He asked her if she was going to cum or not, she said she might, it depended on him .He asked how it depended on him, Maria said that if he excited her enough she would cum for him whilst he listened.

He said that Alexi had also told him about the party, he asked if it was true that there was only going to be three of them.
Maria said it was true that there would only be three of them but I would be watching, Pavel asked if it was true that they were going to fuck her, again she said it was. He asked how did she want them to fuck her, she said she wanted to be fucked in every position and everyway for hours and hours. Alexi said he was the man then.
Pavel asked didn’t I mind her being fucked by them, Maria said of course not she was often fucked by other guys whilst I watched, she said that she had given parties where she had been fucked by six or seven guys and I had watched, she said that she had said that because she didn’t want Pavel to think that she was a beginner, and she found it exciting talking like it to Pavel.
He asked if she was near to cumming yet, she said she was very near, he asked if she had a vibrator, she said she had, he said he wanted her to fuck herself with it for him ,she agreed to.
Pavel then told her to wait a minute, he asked if she had a web cam, she said she had, he told her to go on line and fuck herself on camera for him with her vibrator, she said ok, they exchanged their chat names, Maria told him to wait a couple of minutes.

Maria put the phone down, I said that that was very quick wasn’t he interested, she said that she was going to go on web cam for Pavel, I asked her why and she said that she was going to fuck herself with her vibrator for him. I said that was great, I had been trying to get her to have cyber sex on line for ages, but she had always refused.
She took her largest vibrator out of the bedside table along with a tube of lubricating gel.
She said that I would have to hold the camera for her because she wanted Pavel to see every part of her body.
She brushed her hair and put lipstick on, in a couple of minutes she was ready, but before she showed herself to Pavel she got me to hold the web cam and direct it on different parts of her body, first I had to show her face then her tits and finally her cunt, she made me hold it at different angles until she was satisfied.
Finally she turned on the microphone to hands free.
Then she connected with Pavel, who was waiting for her.
He greeted her with a wide grin.
She said that she was ready and told him that I was going to operate the web cam so that he would be able to see every part of her.
He had to type in his words, he said that it was great to see her, but could he see all of her before she started.
Maria said sure why not, she got up and walked away from the camera, as she did so I followed her with the camera, her arse looked fantastic, when she was a couple of metres or so away she stopped and turned round. She put her hands above her head and played with her hair, I find this very sexy, then she walked slowly towards the camera, I kept it on her cunt, eventually her cunt filled the screen, I told her ,loud enough for Pavel to hear, to pull her cunt open for him. It was already wet. She put two fingers into her cunt and fucked herself for a short while.
Pavel said WOW what a beautiful cunt.
Maria said that it was his tonight, all night, if he treated it right.
He asked how did she want it treated.
She said it would be happy if it was kept busy all night and made to cum all night too.
He said that it would be happy after he had finished with it.
She said she hoped it wasn’t all talk.
Maria sat in the chair and ask him if he still wanted her to fuck her cunt for him, he did.
I gave her her vibrator, which is shaped like a guys cock and about twenty five centimetres long, she showed it to Pavel, she said that she would think of it as his cock, then she put it in her mouth and simulated sucking a guy off, she took it out if her mouth and caressed it with her hands, I could tell that she was getting horny, she put her legs up onto the table, I pointed the web cam at her cunt, she started by rubbing her cunt with the tip of the vibrator then began to insert it into her cunt, she had got it about half way and stopped, Pavel told her not to stop he wanted to see it go all the way in, like his cock would tonight.
She got it all the way in, she had gone quiet, she was enjoying it a lot.
Pavel told her to fuck her cunt hard, again like he would tonight.
It didn’t take long for her to be near to cumming, I moved the web cam to her face, she had her eyes closed, I asked Pavel if he wanted to see her face or her cunt when she came for him.
He said this time her cunt, the next time her face, then her cunt and then her face.
I asked him how many times he wanted her to cum for him.
He replied by asking how many times she could cum.
I said she could cum for hours, almost non stop.
Pavel said ok let him see.
Maria said what about him, she would like to see him cum too.
He said ok he would cum for her, Maria told him that she wanted him to cum more than once or twice, she said that he was to cum once for every three times she came, Pavel said it was a deal, I thought that he had no idea how many times Maria could cum, he was in for a shock, normally I have to give her at least seven or eight orgasms before I am allowed to cum, I do this by either licking her into orgasm or fingering her, or using her dildos and vibrators.
Maria came with a lot of noise.
Then they chatted for a while, after which Pavel told her to fuck herself again.
This time when she came I showed her face, I told her to keep her eyes open as she came and to look into the camera and smile at Pavel as she came.
The third time she reminded him that he had to cum this time, which he did.
They kept this up until almost half past three, when Pavel had to admit that he couldn’t cum anymore, he had cum three times.
Maria told him that he hadn’t done badly but she hoped he would do much better tonight.

When we were in bed Maria said that she had really enjoyed cybering with Pavel and couldn’t wait for the real thing tonight.
I asked if she could have cum any more, she said she definitely could.

It was third time lucky with us this time, I actually manage to fuck Maria without any interruptions.

Maria was still sleeping when I left for work in the morning, I left a note saying that I would phone her later.

Mid-morning ,before I had a chance to phone Maria ,she phoned me, she sounded excited, she said that she had had a phone calls from both Alexi and Pavel.
I asked her what they wanted, she said that Alexi said that Pavel had told him about last night and asked was it true, he also asked if the party was still on for tonight. She had told him that it was true and the party was still on.
Pavel as before had come straight to the point, he had asked how her cunt felt today, she had told him it felt hungry and would be starving by tonight, he had laughed and said then he would feed it lots of cum tonight, until it was full and couldn’t take anymore, Maria had asked him only cum and he had said and plenty of big fat cock too, he said that he expected her to also swallow his cum, she said of course she would, and also he expected her to swallow his cock too, again she said she would, she said that she wouldn’t cum all day so that her cunt was hungry tonight. Maria told him not be late ,she also said that talking the way she had, she had got very horny.
I asked her if she was still at home, she told me that she was out shopping, I asked her what for, she said that she needed more lubricating gel for later, she said that she would buy several tubes as she expected to use a lot.
She said that she had seen something in the sex shop that she would like to buy, but wanted to know if it was ok to buy it.
I asked her what it was, she said she wanted it to be a surprise, but she was sure that I would like it, I said ok as long as it was something to do with sex, she said it most definitely was.

When I got home that night Maria met me at the door, she was wearing a see through negligee, I asked her if she was ready already, she laughed and said no she would get dressed just before Pavel and Alexi came so that she could be undressed. I asked her what she would wear, she said she would wear the same as she was wearing when we were stopped by the police, I liked her choice.
I asked her if she had bought what she said she wanted, she smiled and said yes, I asked to see it.
Maria left the room to go and get it.
When she returned she had her hands behind her back, I asked if she was going to show whatever it was to me, she said I had to try and guess what it was, I had several attempts but couldn’t guess, I told her to tell me, she said that it was a dildo, I said that she had several already she replied not like this one, I asked her what was different, she said that this one was bigger, I asked how big, she took it from behind her and showed it to me.
It was huge .It was black and shaped exactly like a mans cock, its head was bigger than its body.
I asked her how big it was she told me that it was forty centimetres long and its head was eighteen centimetres in circumference. I said it was too big for her to get it in her cunt, she said at least she would like to try.
Maria gave it to me and told me to feel how nice it felt, it was soft but firm it was silky smooth.
She said that she bought some other things too.
She had also bought two pairs of padded handcuffs, an eye mask and a rubber gag, which had a thick piece of rubber on the back of it which was meant to go into the person wearing its mouth, I supposed to keep them quite.
Maria asked me what I thought of her collection, I found them very sexual.
I asked her if they would use all of them tonight, she said that she wouldn’t get them out straight away she said that she would see how it went with Alexi and Pavel.
She told me that my dinner was ready, I asked her if she was going to eat, she said no, she hadn’t eaten since the morning because she was too excited about tonight, I was surprised that she was more excited than yesterday, although it helped to confirm my belief that she fancied Pavlov and Alexi more than Vasko and Nikoli, I suspected that she had already decided yesterday to fuck these two before we had left our country house.
After I had eaten Maria said that she wanted me to do something for her, I asked what, she said that she would like me not to be there when Alexi and Pavel arrived, she said that she wanted to start straight away and if I was there they might feel a bit awkward at first.
I said ok I wouldn’t be there when they arrived and asked how long I should stay away for, Maria said to stay away for about thirty or forty minutes.
Shortly before they were due to arrive Maria told me it was time to leave, she had got dressed, she looked very sexy, her skirt looked even shorter than usual, it barely covered her cunt ,I said as much, she said that she had had it taken up when she was in the centre earlier, she pulled it up to show me her cunt, she wasn’t wearing any pants, but more interesting was the ring she had in one of the lips of her cunt. She asked if I liked it, I said I loved it but more important was if Alexi and Pavel liked it.
She said that she was thinking of having a tongue stud fitted too, my cock went hard thinking of it.
I asked her if she was excited and she said very very excited. I asked if she was nervous, she said no, not at all. She was just eager to start.
I left ten minutes before they were due to arrive, I moved my car away from outside our house so that I could sit in it and watch the two of them arrive.
Pavel was first, he arrived at five minutes to eight, I saw Maria open the door to him and kiss him full on the lips, she had begun.
Alexi arrived at five minutes past eight, Pavel opened the door for him, I wondered why Maria hadn’t opened the door, I found out later that as soon as he was in the house he had had his cock inside her. She said he was a bit annoyed when he had to take it out to answer the door to Alexi, she said so was she.

I waited for thirty five minutes and then made my way to the house and let myself in very quietly.
I went to the living room, music was playing quietly, it was quite dark but I could see enough to see that Maria was being fucked from behind by Pavel and at the same time she was sucking Alexi's cock. Without disturbing them I made my way to the chair where I would watch from, I noticed that Maria had covered half of the shade of the table lamp with material so that where I was sitting was in the dark and I wouldn’t be seen too easily, but there was enough light for me to see clearly what was happening with them. They had no idea I was there ,not even Maria who was expecting me, they were in a world of their own.
Pavel was hammering Maria’s cunt for five minutes or so before she came, then they changed over, now Alexi was fucking her and Pavel was having his cock sucked. Maria came quicker this time.
They progressed to licking her cunt, Maria was laying down with Pavel between her legs, Alexi was playing with her tits, Maria had hold of Pavel’s hair and was pulling his head onto her cunt, she was moaning loudly.
When she came it was a multiple orgasm lasting for quite some time.
Then it was Alexis’s turn to lick her cunt, only this time Pavel who was sitting with his back to Alexi, took hold of her legs and pulled them back over her shoulders so that her cunt was easy for Alexi to lick, at the same time he had his cock in her mouth and she was sucking it.
Maria came again.
I heard Pavel ask her how she wanted to cum this time and she told them to fuck her with her vibrators, Pavel grabbed the largest of the two Maria had put on the table, but Maria told him it was for later when her cunt was bigger.
He got a smaller one, only about twenty centimetres long, and teased her cunt with it, putting the tip of it just into her cunts lips and then took it out again before repeating it. After a few minutes of doing this Maria begged him to fuck her with it, without warning he pushed it into her cunt all the way without stopping, Maria let out a gasp, then he took it out and teased her cunt again. I knew that she wouldn’t be able to take much of this without cumming.
He pushed it all the way in again, only this time he fucked her cunt hard and fast, she came in a few seconds.
While he had been doing this Maria had been sucking Alexis’s cock.
Alexi took over the vibrator without taking it out of Maria’s cunt, he took it halfway out and started to move it round in large circles, I could see Maria’s cunt lips stretching widely. He took the vibrator out of her cunt and took a tube of the lubricating gel and put it in her cunt and squeezed the whole tubeful into her cunt, then started to fuck her again with the vibrator, the sound it made was fantastic a sort of squelching sound, Maria came again.
Pavel said that now it was their turn to cum, Maria said she knew it was, she told Alexi to lay down, then she straddled him and slowly lowered her cunt onto his cock.
She started to work her cunt slowly up and down Alexis cock, she had her eyes closed and was moaning quietly in pleasure, she did this for about five minutes then suddenly started to fuck his cock very fast, he didn’t have a chance, he came and a few seconds later so did Maria.
Pavel was told to lay down next, Maria did the same to start with him, but also when she had his cock all the way into her cunt she would grind her cunt round and round on his cock, I knew she was enjoying it more with Pavel I guessed that she fancied him more.
She got him to the point of cumming several times then stopped, it was obvious that she didn’t want it to end with Pavel, but eventually she was too near to cumming herself, she told him that she was near to cumming he said he was too, they timed it perfectly, they both came at the same time.
Maria rolled off of Pavel and lay next to him, Alexi joined them, Maria put her arms around both Alexi and Pavel, the three of them were giggling happily.
I stood up and clapped, I said bravo, they had done well.
I was pleased to see that neither Pavel or Alexi were embarrassed.
I extended my hand to them one at a time and pulled them to their feet, then I shook hands with them and kissed them both on their cheeks.
The three of us looked down at Maria, she was still laying on the floor with her arms stretched above her head, she had her legs spread open, she looked very fuckable, she looked at us and smiled
I asked the two of them if they were satisfied with her performance, they both laughed and Pavel said that for starters she hadn’t done badly, the next session though she would have to work harder.
Pavel and I extended our hands to Maria and pulled her to her feet, she took hold of Pavel’s cock and said how could she do better when she had to work with a cock like this, the three of them laughed.
Both Pavel and Alexi wanted to have a wash and left for the bathroom.
When we were on our own I asked Maria what she really thought, she said that she was loving every second of it, and couldn’t wait for the next session to start.
She kissed me long and hard, I asked her what that was for, she said it was for being such a great husband, she said not many husbands would allow their wife’s to enjoy their selves like she was.
I asked her what she intended to concentrate on in the next session, she said that she wanted to have her arse fucked a lot, because she hadn’t much experience in that other than when the two police guys had done it, she also wanted to concentrate on being licked into orgasm and having her finger vibrator used to give her orgasms, and finally she said that she wanted to be fucked by both Alexi and Pavel at the same time, this was something that has never happened to her before.
I asked her if they would use her new toys, she said no, if they did they would use them in the next session, she had it all worked out.
Pavel and Alexi returned, Maria said that she would have a wash too because she was leaking, she put her hand to her cunt and then removed it, her fingers were covered in the guys cum, Pavel told her not to waste it but to suck it off of her fingers, she did this several times, before going to wash.
When she had gone I asked Alexi and Pavel if they were really pleased with Maria’s performance so far, they both said that she had been fantastic and neither of them could believe their luck being allowed to fuck her. I said that Maria said the same about them, how lucky she was that they wanted to fuck her, she hadn’t but I wanted them to feel good.
I said that whilst they were not there Maria had said that she especially wants her arse to be fucked in the next session ,and that she also wants to be fucked by both of them at the same time. I told them that she said that she wanted her mouth filled with their cum too. They both grinned and said that they would do their best.
I suggested that they danced with her for a while before starting the next session, I said she would like that.
I went over to the table to pour them a drink, I called over to Pavel to come and see what we had to drink, I wanted to get him on his own, when he got there I told him that Maria had told me that she loved being fucked by him and wished they could be alone together, he asked how could that be possible, I said I didn’t know but if the chance came to take it.
Maria returned, she was wearing high heels and a sarong around her waist, she looked really sexy especially her tits, both Pavel and Alexi said WOW.
I gave them their drinks again large ones, I also put on some very romantic music, the sort of music that encourages holding each other close.
Pavel asked her how she felt now, she said that she felt fantastic and her cunt was ready to begin again.
Alexi suggested that they danced, Maria agreed to, they looked great dancing together with Alexi naked and Maria naked from the waist up.
Alexi was obviously excited, his cock had gone hard again.
After five minutes or so of dancing with Alexi ,Maria started to dance with Pavel, he didn’t waste any time, he put his arms around her and pulled her hard against him, by now his cock was hard again and sticking out, Maria thrust her cunt against him, they were both getting excited, Maria put her hands behind Pavel’s head and pulled it down to her, she started to kiss him hard on his lips, Alexi stood behind her and undid the knot in her sarong, it fell to the ground, Alexi manage to get his hands between Maria and Pavel and started to play with her tits.
Maria and Pavel kept kissing for a long time, without unlocking lips, all the time Alexi was playing with her tits.
Pavel eventually pulled away from Maria and went down onto his knees and started to lick her cunt, Maria took hold of his hair and pulled his head hard onto her cunt, she was moaning in pleasure.
After about five minutes of this they pulled the settee away from the wall and made Maria bend over the back of it.
Then both of them tool it in turns to fuck her arse.
After Pavel had finished fucking her arse, without cumming, he made Maria lay on the floor and then lift herself onto her feet and hands, like a crab, then Alexi started to lick her cunt again whilst Pavel fucked her mouth, they couldn’t keep it up long, it was too difficult for Maria, so Pavel lay on the floor and Maria lowered her arse onto his cock, she lent back onto her hands, then Alexi shoved his cock into her cunt.
Maria came quickly.
They were coming to the end of the session so both Alexi and Pavel fucked her mouth until they came.
Maria stood up smiling cum running from her mouth.
Alexi and Pavel went off to wash again.
I told Maria that I loved seeing guys cum coming from her mouth, she said she loved having it in her mouth.
I asked what next, Maria said it was an ‘open house’ they could do what they liked with her now.
When the guys returned Maria went to wash.
I told them about it being an ‘open house’ they loved the idea.
I suddenly remembered about the toys Maria had, I went to get them before she returned.
When I got back and showed them Maria’s toys they both laughed and said that they were going to enjoy themselves.
Maria returned wearing a towel knotted over her tits.
This session followed the same pattern as the other two, they started by dancing, then Maria was stripped, the main difference was that both Pavel and Alexi used Maria’s vibrators on her a lot, she came almost non stop for most of the session.
The session finished with both Pavel and Alexi fucking her mouth and cumming in it.
All three lay on the floor and went to sleep.
I was tired too and my back was aching from sitting in the same position for so long, I decide to go and lie on our bed for a while, I didn’t expect any more action tonight, I thought that I would rest for a while and then check up on them.

It was light when I woke, I had slept for much longer than I intended, Maria wasn’t in bed. I went to see where she was.
When I got to the living room it was empty, neither Maria or Alexi or Pavel were there, I looked around the rest of the house but it was empty.
I started to get ready for work. I was in the kitchen when Maria came in, she was in a very excited state, I asked her where she had been, she told me she had been to buy the newspaper, I asked her why she had gone out so early, she started to flick through the paper very quickly until she found what she was looking for and then pointed to the page and said that was what she had gone out for.
It was an advert that was very eye catching it was printed in heavy black ink and in a box, it said;
' Attractive female seeks single well endowed men to have group parties ( 6 + ) with on a regular basis, only men with a lot of stamina need reply, this is a genuine advert'
There was also a mobil number, at first I didn’t realise that it was Maria's mobil number, I didn’t know that she had put the advert in the paper.
I asked her when she had done it, she told me she had done it when she had gone into the centre yesterday, I asked her why she hadn’t told me, she said she wanted it to be a surprise, it was certainly that.
She asked me what I thought, did I think that she would get any replies, I laughed and said I thought that her phone wouldn’t stop ringing.
I suddenly noticed how she was dressed, she had on the same things as she had worn for Pavel and Alexi the previous evening, I asked her if she had been out dressed like that, she said of course ,why not, I said because she had always said when I asked her to dress like that to go out that she wouldn’t because she would be raped, she smiled and said that that was the old Maria the new Maria was going to dress like this all the time from now on, I said what about being raped, she just smiled.
I asked her if anything had happened after the last session, she smiled and said there definitely had, I asked what.
She said that after the last session they had all fallen asleep, she didn’t know how long it was for, she woke because her arm was hurting, Pavel was laying on it, she quietly woke him, she didn’t want to disturb Alexi, when he woke his cock went hard again, she whispered to Pavel that they should go to our spare bedroom.
Maria told me that they spent the rest of the night fucking on and off, they only came to an end because Pavel had to go to work.
She said that they went downstairs got dressed and then woke Alexi, they left the house at about seven fifteen.
I asked her how many times they had fucked, she didn’t know.
By now it was time for me to go to work, just before I left Maria’s mobil rang, she answered it and grinned at me and at the same time pointed to the advert in the paper, I understood that the call was about her ad.
When she had finished I asked her about it, she said that the guy had seen her ad and wanted to get in first, I asked her if he was any good, she said he sounded ok.
Maria came with me to the front door to see me off, just as she was going to kiss me her mobil, which was in the kitchen rang, she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said she had to go because someone else wanted to fuck her.

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