Locked in the Past part 5

Locked in the Past part 5

As I pulled into the driveway, I was surpised to see Richard's car. When I walked in the front door, he was on the couch, talking with Pat. I was greeted with their hellos, but Pat did not bother to meet me with the usual hug and kiss, an oversight I normally would not have noticed. I excused myself to get a shower.

In the bathroom, I stepped out of my shorts and wondered how I could hide the bloodstains from Pat. I decided to dispose of them rather than risk any embarrasing questions. My rectum was swollen. Every move I made brought fresh pain. I stepped in the shower and tried to wash away the day's events before dressing for the meal.

Pat met me as I started out the bedroom door. "Why didn't you tell me that you had invited Richard to spend the night," she demanded.

That was the first time I had thought about it again. "I had other things on my mind and just failed to call you," I said honestly. "Honey, I am really sorry. He said he could go to a motel if he needed to," I offered weakly.

"No, he is not going to a motel after you invited him to stay with us," she said angrily. " I don't know how you can be so inconsiderate of me and the kids. I've put him in Roy's room and Roy will go to the basement tonight, just like we had planned when he stays with us next week, but it would have helped if I had been given a little lead time. Richard helped me change those sheets make up the other bed. He was embarrassed about my not knowing."

"I didn't know he was coming over so early," I said. "I could have helped do those things after I got here."

"Yeah, if you had even thought about it then," she snapped. "He came early to take a shower. He was very apologetic when he realized I didn't know you invited him. It's done now and everything is taken care of, thanks to his helpfulness."

On that note, we drove to The Utopian for our "special" family evening.

The mood in the club was subdued and the crowd smaller than usual, but the food was superb. In the elegant setting everyone seemed relaxed and serene, a welcome change from the grieving and tension of 9/11. While waiting for the main course, Richard asked Pat to dance. She tried to beg off, but at the urging of Richard and the kids, she accompanied him to the dance floor. I watched as she glided into his arms and begin to follow his lead. Richard was a surprisingly graceful dancer. Patty seemed impressed with his skill and soon they were talking and laughing as they floated across the floor. One dance turned into two and then three, before they returned to the table.

After ordering desert, Richard asked June to dance. She immediately took his arm and joined several other couples on the dance floor. "You really smell good, she said as she moved comfortably into his arms and begin to sway to the beat of the music. Richard smiled. He was glad he remembered to put on some more of the special cologne after his shower.

After dancing a couple of minutes Richard said to her, "Tell me something."

"Ok shoot," June smilled, 'what do you want to know?"

"Do your folks know that you are sexually active?," he asked.

June's eyes opened wide in surprise, "No, they don't," she gasped. Then trying to cover up her tacit admission, she asked, "Why would you think that I was, ah..uh..active in that way?"

"I can't explain how, but I can sense it after I've been around someone for a little while. I don't know really, but it is like the girlishness is missing and something seems to shout, I'm a woman and proud of it. Your total demeanor says that you know the glory of being a woman. You are not a little girl anymore are you?" (He failed to also tell her he had looked in her purse when he visited Monday afternoon and found the birth control pills he suspected she was taking.)

She searched his eyes, trying to figure if he was conning her or not, then a smile played at the corners of her mouth. Finally she said, I just hope my Dad doesn't have your senses."

"I take it that he doesn't know. What about your Mom?," he pressed.

"I don't know. I really don't think so. A couple of times I thougth she might, but she has never mentioned it and I think if she knew, she would have plenty to say. If Dad even thought something was going on, he would go ballistic,"June told him honestly, sounding almost glad have find someone to whom she share this part of her life..

"I can understand where Jim is coming from," Richard told her. He laughed like he was enjoying a private joke and then said: "If you were my daughter, I might shoot anyone who came around looking like they wanted to get into your panties. But if Roy was my son, I would be trying to teach him how to get in every girl's pants in school and half the teacher's too. Is that a double standard or what," he asked.

It was June's turn to laugh. "I think that qualifies as a double standard. So you think it is fine for the boys to have all the fun, but it's off limits to the girls huh." she joked.

"No, not off limits to all the girls, just my daughters," he grinned back at her.

As they continued dancing, June had a wicked idea. She moved closer to him until their bodies rubbed together. She pushed her pelvis hard against him and looked up at him with a smile that promised a feast of carnal delight. He arched an eye brow as their eyes met . "I know I am an old man to you, but I want you to know my gun is fully loaded and it knows how to shoot the light out. You better back off if you don't mean it, or you may end up being used for target practice," he said in a light hearted tone.

They were on the far side of the dance floor from their table. Looking him in the eye, she slipped her hand between them to gave his hardening dick and a hard squeeze. "I take it you mean it," he said. "When do you plan to deliever?"

"You are spending the night. Do youI know a better time?" When he did not reply, she said, "My room is next to the one you will be sleeping in and Mom and Dad are on the other end of the house. I plan to be there all night with the door open,'"she winked. Then in pure devilment she broke away from him and guided him back to their table, knowing full well his tented trousers could be seen by anyone who bothered to notice.

After desert, Richard handed envelopes to Roy and June. Inside was a gift certificate to the major electronics store in their town. June squealed as she looked at the amount. Roy's face broke into a big grin, as he said "Gosh, Mr. Holt, thanks a lot."

Richard was obviously pleased. "You can call me Uncle Richy. I was so close to your Dad as we grew up that you seem like mine. I hope you will get something to remember me by." Then turning to Pat, he said, "Lets get some more dancing in before we leave." This time there was no protest. Pat's face broke into a delighted smile, as she took his arm.

They had hardly began dancing when that dance ended and the lights dimmed. Richard was disappointed. "Was that the last dance," he asked.

Pat smiled and said, "Oh no! We are getting ready to do what Jim calls "the adultry dance," and gave Richard a sly wink. "The romantic music starts now and everyone trys to grab someone else's spouse," she said. As the slow dance music began she moved her body closer to his and lay her head on his sholder. "I just love your colonge," she cooed as their bodies merged together to the soft music.

"Wow," Richard thought. "I think she is out to seduce me." He grinned . "Mark up another one for the pheromones," he noted as he felt a stirring in his groin.

Pat moved her head slightly and begin kissing and rubbing her tongue over his closely shaved neck. Her lips would alternate between gently sucking and kissing as they enjoyed the sensual friction of their bodies moving together. He moved his hand lower until it rested on her beautifully shaped buttock. He gently push her closer and she responded by grinding her pubic area into his body and sucked harder on his neck. "Don't go and give me a hickey now. It might be difficult to explain how Uncle Richy got a hickey while dancing with Mommy," he cauctioned.

"Oh, I didn't even realize what I was doing," she whispered, as her lips pulled away. "That could cause some problems," she agreed, and as if to compensate for ending the kisses, she pressed all her body against him in a full body hug.

He looked into the eyes of his beautiful temptress and in a voice choking with desire, he said: "You are a gorgeous woman. You have the face of a beauty queen and the body of a movie star. Jim has gained about 50 or 60 pounds since I last saw him, but you are really trim and sexy. He is one lucky guy."

"You are such a sweetheart," she replied, pulling his head down to for a epassionat kiss. As her tongue move inside him his dick came to full attention. Breaking the kiss, she whispered, "Ough oh, I think somebody just woke up."

Richard jerked his head toward the table to see what she meant. She laughed at his confusion. "I don't mean over yonder. I mean down there," she snickered.

"Oh, that," he grunted. He was at a loss for words. He couldn't believe she was being so bold. "This gal is one hot momma," he thought to himself. " I won't need Jim's help to get in her pants, but I may need it to get out. He knew it was his for the taking, and he did plan to take.

For the second time that night, Richard left the dance floor with a raging hard on. He decided on a rather bold move himself. Walking slightly behind Pat to shield the obvious tent, he seated her and as he turned to take his own seat, he brushed his hard dick against June's arm. Her reaction was all he hoped for as she jumped in surprise. Ignoring her he took his seat on her other side pretending not to notice the puzzled grin on her face. No sooner had he taken his seat than he felt June's hand grab and squeeze his enlarged cock. "Damn, I can't believe how agressive these two are." "Like mother, like daughter," he thought to himself

As they drove back home, Richard remarked how tired he was. "I didn't get but about three hours of sleep last night, and I am beat. I knew I could never make it home. That's why I was going to get a motel room for the night." Soon after they pulled out of the parking lot, he laid his head on his door window and feigned sleep. One thing for sure, he knew he couldn't have momma and daughter both meeting in his room. He had promised June. Momma would have to wait till next Friday night

At the house, Richard announced he would see everyone in the morning and headed for his borrowed bedroom, promptly turned off the light and snuggled under the covers. His cell phone alarm set for two hours later, lay beside him.

The vibration awaken Richard immediately, and he disarmed the phone before it made any noise. He heard only silence. Slipping to the master bedroom door he heard the deep breathing of Jim and Pat, then walked back toward June's bedroom. Dropping his shorts, he closed her door, lifted the covers and joined her. She did not awaken. He studied her angelic facial features in the faint moonlight shining through the window. Lifting the covers he was not surprised to find her clad in a short, skimpy gown and no panties. He lifted the thin material to gaze on the lovliness of her ample breasts. His eyes traced down her narrow waist on to the flare of her curvaceous hips and to her strong slender legs. She was a beautiful young lady. She didn't measure up to her mother yet, but she had a good start on it. He would love to see her like this in another five or six years and compare her to her mother's voluptuous figure. That would probably never happen, but that was alright. She was certainly a lucious piece of fuckmeat for tonight and he was ready. Naughty Willie had been in Joan's little sanctuary and deep inside Jim's asshole, but had never be allowed to shoot his load. The waiting would soon be over.

He took one of her breasts in his hand and squeezed it gently. She stirred but did not awaken. His mouth covered the nipple of her other titty and he begin suck and massage it with his tongue. She moaned and began to breathe more rapidly as her body responded to his manipulations. Suddenly she awakened with a start and barely stiffled a cry. "Ohhhhh, you are here. I had given up on you," she whispered softly.

He moved to take the other nipple in his mouth and that hand moved down to her pubes. She shivered in delight. In a few minutes her breathing was ragged and her hips were bucking against his hand as liquid fire moved out from her belly to consume her body. He knew she was on the verge of a shattering climax. Suddenly he pulled away. "I've got to move," he told her. "My arm is killing me!"

He flexed his arm several times and laid back to catch his breath as the near orgasim receeded, leaving her unfulfilled and disappointed. He pulled her to him and begin kissing her on the lips. Their tongues dueled each other. She liked kissing him but her body demanded more than kisses. He pulled back until their lips were barely touching and asked her, "Has anyone ever sucked your pussy?" She quivered at the thought of it.

"No boy has ever sucked it," she answered.

Her answer surprized him. "But it has been sucked?," he questioned.

Without any emabarrasment she said, "Sometime when we girls get together we go down on each other and imagine what it would be like with a boy. We are not gay or anything but we do like to experiement."

"Have you ever sucked a guy's dick before," he probed.

She laughed as she fought to keep herself under control. "Of course, I have. After Monica and President Clinton, we all know the guys expect it whenever we date." Teasingly, she asked him, "Didn't the girls do that for you when you were in school?"

"Not hardly," he asnwered her, "But if you are so good I would be glad to let you show me how it's done," he challenged her.

Her disappointment of being left hanging a few moments before, vanished from her face. She looked at him with a titilating smile. "You want me to show you what you missed?"

"I'm up to it if you are," he told her.

"Ok old man, if you think you can handle it," she teased as she moved her head between his legs. She grasped his hardened dick and examined it in the dim moonlight. "You are pretty big," she said and then took the head in her mouth.

He quickly realized she knew her business. She had all the skills of her old man, blended with the softness of her femininity. She knew all the sensitive spots and found them with her knowing tongue. She licked his sac and gently sucked his balls into her mouth. She licked the shaft, sucked and bobbed up and down over it. Soon he was at the verge of a major climax. "No!, he told her. Not yet. Stop." He tried to free himself from her mouth, but suddenly she did something no one else had ever done. She swallowed his whole organ in her throat and milked him dry. He couldn't remember ever having a climax to equal that moment. It seemed like massive loads of his sex gravy shot from his balls down through her throat and into her belly. His whole body tingled. He felt the goosebumps in his scalp, down his back and under his balls to the opening of his anus. He surrendered to the sensations that seemed to thrill every nerve in his body. Then he lay there totally spent, as his balls tried to find more seman to expell into her mouth.

As his penis shriveled and sought to hide in his thick pubic hair, June, released him and moved up to his mouth. There she expell his sperm and her slobbers into his open mouth. When she had drained her mouth into his, she raised up and reprimand him: "It is not nice to leave a girl hanging!"

When he was able to talk again, he told her in a shaky voice, "I've never had a blow job like that one. I never imagined a mouth could do all that. You are sensational."

"The boys say I am one of the top three in the school," she said with pride. "So. did it meet the old man's approval?"

"Did it ever," he said with a sigh. "I wonder if I could pass as a high school boy again? I am surely tempted to try. I wanted you to stop so we could get off together, though."

"Then I guess you are going to have to stay a bit longer aren't you?"

"Oh baby, after that episode, it may take me a week to get it back up again."

It did take longer than normal and they filled that time by talking about many things. She was an excellent conversationalist and surprisingly knowlegable about many things for a 17 year old teenage. Finally she raised up on her arm and looked him directly in the eye and smiled a coquettish smile. "So Momma got you hot and bothered tonight, did she? Do you have plans to bang her too?, she asked.

He was not sure how to answer, so he deferred the question to her, "I don't know. What do you think about it?"

She paused a moment apparently deed in thougt, "I really don't think you could. I think there is only one lock to that box and it belongs to Daddy. But she deserves a little excitment that I don't think she is getting. I love Dad and when some of my friends were going through divorce and being split up with their parents, I knew if something ever happened, I would want to go with Dad. But sometimes I think he is probably a better Daddy than he is a lover. So, I guess, I would be glad if you could, but I don't think you or anybody else has much of a chance."

"Well," he said with a grin, "I used to know how to pick a lock. I might give it a try."

She smiled back, and said,"Good luck!" The thought of her mother in the arms of another man beside her father apparently excited her as her breathing deepened noticeably. He also felt a familiar stirring in his groin.

He turned his attention to her body again, after their time of intermission. They kissed unhurridly, before his fingers begin toyingwith her breasts. Her passion quickly built again, having been denied her earlier release. Finally he kissed down her nipples and her full breasts, down to her belly button that he washed out with his tongue and finally to her furry mound. "Are you ready for a man to eat that thing now?," he asked.

"Oh yes," she squealed softly and parted her legs. "Eat my box lunch. Make me cream like never before," she begged.

He took his time. He kissed up her thigh till the hair pricked his nose, then moved to the other thigh and kissed down to her knee. He teased, but avoided the lips of her pussy. He even sucked and tongued her anal opening. She quivered in anticipation and sexual excitment. Finally he parted her pussy lips and ran his tongue the lenght of her hot wet gash. His tongue stabbed into the opening and she jerked and begin to shiver. He thrust deeper and deeper inside as his finger moved to her back door and gently pushed against the tight hole. She was moaning now, trying to be quiet enough so that she would not awaken anyone.

Her juices mingled with his spit as he probed and then sucked her cuntal flesh. Then he moved higher to find her clitoris that stood like a sentinel, guarding her entrance. He licked it and her whole body jerked. He did it again and again, evoking the same response. Then he sucked it completely into his mouth and attacked it with the roughness of his tongue. She gasped loudly and then stuck her fist in her mouth to muffle the sounds that emitted from deep inside her. One spasm after another shook her body. Pleasure was ravaging her entire body as she built to her first orgasim under a man's tongue. Suddenly it erupted like a volcano as her hot juices expelled from her. One orgasim gave way to another until their seemed to be no beginning and no end, just one total orgsim that kidnapped her body, mind and spirit in a prison of pleasure. The bed shook as her hips bucked up and down as if they had a mind of their own.

Finally, he pulled away. She grasped for him, unwilling to give up this source of erotic excitement, He mounted her and his hard penis knocked on her door. Then he was in.
Another thrust and he was deeper than anything she had ever known before. Once more and he was all the way in. He pushed her hand away and covered her mouth with his own, stiffling the screams that wanted to explode from her throat. He rode her hard, no longer caring if Jim or Pat walked in. Then he was there. He jerked and the hot cum flew from him deep into her pussy. She moaned and soon was meeting his orgasim with another of her own.

Richard was too drained from his previous milking to make her a worthy offering and soon he lay spent on top of her body. She wished for stranger to come in where he left off and carry her back to the heights she was enjoying. She did not want it to ever end. She had been fucked hard and it felt good. She clung to his body with all her strength until finally the jolts of pleasure began to slowly subside. Then without a word to him, she seemed to drift into a deep darkness and lay limp under him.

After a moment, he got up, picked up his sleeping shorts and headed to his bed. His back felt raw where her fingernails had clawed his back, but at the moment he did not even care. Never had he been so totally drained and fulfilled sexually. Three minutes after his head hit the pillow, he was in a deep sleep.

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