Krypto lover

Krypto lover

Story inspired by pics from Ksennin and The Amphioxus.

Chapter 1:Wonder Woman.

It had been another successful day of fighting villainy for the justice league. They had all just come back from defeating and banishing Mongul from earth and, except for those on duty, were leaving for rest and relaxation at home. Noticeable of those leaving was Diana prince Aka Wonder woman. The beautiful Amazonian princess was getting ready for departure when she was stopped by the voice of her good friend Superman.

"Hey Diana, you fixing to leave?" He asked his friend only for the beauty to give a small smile. "Yes Kal. I was just about to go. Its been a busy day and since tomorrow is the weekend, I'd like to rest for a good while." She said as he nodded understandingly.

"I feel ya. Its been a long week, that's for sure. I hope Krypto isn't giving you any trouble. You could send him back to me if he is." He said as Diana simply shook her head. "No, Krypto's being quite the good companion on The island. None of the sisters mind him there." She said as Clark nodded.

"Alright then, I'll see you Monday then. Take care."


A bright blue light shined on the edge of Paradise island as Wonder Woman teleported onto the shores. She flew towards the palace, landing lightly at its entrance as the female guards bowed and Queen Hyppolita, Diana's Mother, came to greet her along with her visibly pregnant younger sister, Donna Troy. They hugged at their meeting as Diana placed her hands on her sister's swollen womb.

"It's good to see you again Donna. The other titan's send their greetings, by the way. How are you feeling?" She asked while Donna just smiled. "I'm doing just fine Diana. It took a month for my dear lover's seed to grow in my womb. My offspring will soon be born and be of great service to the island." She said as she massaged her belly gently.

"That's good to hear. Is Krypto in my room?" She asked her mother who nodded. "His been waiting all day for you. You should go see him after you bathe, change and rest." She said as they all entered the palace.


She ate and rested herself before going in for a hot bath in one of the hot pools in the palace, her sister Amazonian attendants removing the silver starred Headpiece from her brow and her indestructible silver bracelets before unbraiding her long dark hair and helping her bath, making sure to cover her in the best of relaxing oils and liquid perfumes, washing and massaging her scalp and hair before she finally got out of the water and dried herself, replacing her normal silver headpiece with a golden one, the star at its centre a shining ruby, putting on her silver bracelets and red heeled boots with white stripes that she wore as her costume.

She wore nothing else, leaving her body bare for all to see her honed and shapely, curvaceous physique and large, firm breasts that along with her beautiful facial features, drove many men to lust for her.

She walked to her rooms which were situated at the top of the mountain the palace was built upon. It was an open room with no walls but classic Greek marble archways and columns on all four sides and an open roof to allow for a clear look at the night sky. There was no problem to security as you'd have to scale the mountain or fly to reach her room in secret and the island was always pleasantly warm at night.

She closed the long doors shut as she walked over to the round, soft feather bed where her lover lay awaiting her, looking up at her with deep blue eyes that matched her own.

"Hello Krypto."


She lay down on the soft silk sheets and pillows of the bed, her legs at its edge parted as Krypto licked at her dripping sex, her juices serving to quench his thirst and arouse him. Already, she saw his bigger than normal canine cock emerging from its sheath, its huge red length wet and its head dripping huge amounts of clear precum.

When her mother had found that the island had a lack of war hounds that it had many years ago before Hercules had come, they had decided that Diana should come back with the fiercest dogs from Man's world so as to actively start breeding them. Due to their special physiology, Amazon's could mate, breed and birth with anything, human or otherwise, and carry their young to term successfully. Mate them with a Horse, they could bear quality stallion colts and fillies. Maybe even a centaur. Mate them with a dog and you'd get the most fierce and loyal of pups. Maybe even a Cerberus. It depended on the bloodline of the Amazon.

So instead of bringing back just any fierce breed of dog from man's world, Diana had brought back a dog that had the remarkable abilities that were shared by a certain kryptonian superhero and his species. She had brought back Krypto. Her sister Donna had been his first human conquest, his canine seed quickening her womb in one turn, her womb confirmed to be carrying multiple canine offspring, ten at least. Now it was her turn. Her own magical DNA and royal Genes and beauty coupled with Krypto's own Canine kryptonian heritage would give rise to strong, powerful and noble canine offspring with both abilities of Blessed Amazon and kryptonian. With the pregnancy period being only one month, they would soon have the many hounds of war they wanted.

"Ugghhh. More Krypto. BY HERA! Give me more! That feels so good." Wonder woman moaned in pleasure at the feel of his tongue at her opening, drinking and slurping up her sweet juices from her flowing pussy, making the edge of the bed wet with fresh Amazonian cunt juice. He gave a final slurp before clambering up her body between her parted legs, his sharp claws leaving marks all over her milky skin though she only saw this as added stimulus and a way of Krypto marking her as his. For all his higher intellect than the average hound, he was still a dog and needed to ascertain his dominance of his mate.

His huge cock stood dripping on her tummy as he began to lap and bite at her firm tits, biting and slurping at her erect and firm nipples, much to Diana's pleasure. He proceeded to lay his paws on her breasts, his claws biting and scratching at their sides leaving red marks as his tried to get a hood hold, pushing Diana down onto the will sheets and soft pillows as he began to sniff at her long, raven hair before beginning to lap at the sides of her face with his long, wet tongue, marking her face with his wet spit.

Diana watched as he began nearing her mouth, his tongue lapping at her soft, pouty lips, making them wet with spit before he began to insistently try to part them for a kiss. Diana opened her mouth, feeling his hot breath meet her own wine sweetened one as his tongue darted inside her mouth, his wet tongue licking and lapping at the insides of her mouth, covered her gums and pearl white teeth in hot spit before meeting and wrestling her own tongue, her mouth closing over his long tongue as their kiss finally deepened and went into a comfortable pace.

"By Olympus! It is as if we were young lovers of ages past sharing a passionate kiss of devotion."

Her mouth clamps over Krypto's tongue, allowing her to suck on it before finally letting it go, Krypto moving downwards to let his cock rest at her entrance to her pussy. The long thick canine cock dripped precum all over her slit, readying her entrance for penetration. Not wasting anymore time and lacking human patience, Krypto growled and slammed all 11inches of canine kryptonian cock into Diana's pussy, splitting her lips open and sending her into a wail of pleasure and pain as his cock head slammed into her cervix.

"AHHHHHHH! BY HERAAAAAA! Krypto, you're going to split me in TWO!!!" She shouted, Krypto's only response being to begin pounding her cunt, humping into her as her body filled with pleasure, her Amazon pussy releasing even more juice to help her canine lovers pounding as he growled and barked in triumph. His master and the other male humans were foolish not to mate the beautiful female when they had the chance. Now she would be his and bear his pups in her womb.

Diana's screams of pleasure didn't recede a bit, his cock stuffing her full completely, not an inch of her cunt free, her walls clamping down tightly on the thick canine member.

"Ohh Krypto! You wonderful, wonderful dog! You're going to make me fall in lo..mphhhhhh." Her words were cut off as Krypto leaned forward and pushed his tongue into her mouth for another session of sloppy kissing, his now drooling mouth sending spit past her tongue into her thirsty throat, quenching her thirst with dog drool that she was forced to swallow.

His pounding became more pronounced as wonder woman brought her legs and hands to encircle his body and white fur. She suddenly felt him tense and growl, feeling something huge and round press against her opening, pushing his cock past her cervix and the hot ball of flesh deeper inside her.

She was being knotted!

With a final growl of triumph, Krypto pushed with all his might, sending half of his cock past her cervix and into her sacred womb as his knot finally pushed into her pussy, making them one as he began to send huge and thick sprays of fertile canine seed into her vulnerable womb, Diana feeling her royal and sacred eggs being flooded and penetrated by Krypto's virile dog sperm multiple times, her two eggs dropping into and attaching themselves to her womb, only for two more fertile eggs to take their place and be impregnated again with dog spunk, dropping into her womb again to begin growth. She felt it all, no less than ten times. Her first litter of pups would be no less than twenty in number, her superior genes betraying her to a massive first birth.

Krypto finally pushed off her, twisting his body away from her as he continued to seed her, his knot shrinking after some time so he could pull out and watching as a huge spray of seed, thick and steaming, erupted from her now seeded pussy, moving over to Diana's mouth and placing his cock before her, her soft lips and mouth encircling to suckle and clean his softening member.


Diana had sent word of an extended leave of absence to the league to deal with "Amazon troubles." She insisted through her mother to Clark that Krypto was doing good in the island and would not be a trouble extending his stay.

The white furred canine in question watched proudly as his two Amazonian bitches lay on their backs on a thick lion fur mat near a warm fire as they birthed his pups. He growled fiercely at any attempts of the Amazon attendants to enter and help birth the litter. Krypto was sadistic on that issue. His two bitches would either birth his offspring or die during it. He cared not an inch. In that regard, he was still just an animal.

Donna and Diana screamed as they birthed their first litter, their offspring coming out from their womb in quick succession after their first pup came. Soon, the two raven haired beauties were surrounded by dozens of pups, all black furred to match their mother's now damp hair. Krypto finally allowed the Amazonian attendants into the room to cut the pups cords and take away the pups, only leaving two each to suckle on their respective mother's firm, milked filled tits.

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