Now Is Your Chance Boy

Now Is Your Chance Boy

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Now Is Your Chance Boy

Our family is quite close and we always have company on weekends. Dad is a vice-president in a manufacturing company here in town, Mom is an executive secretary at another manufacturing company in town, and I’m fourteen years old and I’ll be going into high school in the fall. The ninth grade is kind of scary for me. Being a computer nerd, a virgin, and having a big house in the best part of town will certainly set me up as a target for the jocks. I’m not looking forward to it at all.

Our family room was the general meeting place. It had a huge television, a movie library, and a great sound system. The sliding glass doors looked out into the spacious backyard. There was an in-ground swimming pool, a hot tub, and a kiddy wading pool left over from when I was a kid.

There was a fully stocked bar too with several refrigerators full of beer and soda. Dad even had a wine cooler full of bottles, however most of the wine that they drank did not require being cold.

The party that weekend was to celebrate my cousin Tina graduating from high school and being accepted at a good college. At nineteen she had it made. She was beautiful, she was smart, and she was always very popular.

Her parents came by early to help get things ready for her party. Tina got nervous, came up to my bedroom, and asked me to sneak her some booze. When I asked her what she wanted she said she really liked Tequila Body Shots. She said that licking some guy’s chest really turned her on.

I went to the family room, found Dad, and told him that Tina wanted to do Tequila Body Shots. He smiled and got out a fresh bottle of Tequila, he cut up two whole limes and put them in a bowl, and then he stuck a salt shaker in my shirt pocket.

As I walked away Dad said, “Now is your chance boy.”

I looked back at Dad and he was pretending to hold an invisible woman’s hips as he thrust his crotch into her. He was smiling at me the whole time.

I thought about what he had said about it being my chance. My chance to what! Then it finally struck me that he wanted me to get my cousin drunk so that I could fuck her. Wholly shit! No wonder my father was so gracious with the booze and lime.

As I entered my bedroom I looked at my beautiful cousin. She looked radiant. Her makeup, her hair, and even her fingernails were elegant. She had a white fancy lace bra on under a yellow silk blouse and she had on a black short micro miniskirt that allowed me to see a glimpse of her white panties even with her knees pressed together as they were. I locked my bedroom door and cleared a place on my desk for her stuff. I though that I had forgotten a shot glass but Dad had put one in the lime bowl.

Tina opened the bottle and poured herself a shot right to the brim. I smiled to myself as I realized what Dad had done. He had several shot glasses that all looked alike on the outside but had thick to thin walls that held anywhere from three-quarters of an ounce to one ounce to one and a half ounces. Dad had given Tina the double shot glass.

Tina surprised me when she said, “Get your shit off. I need a nice chest to use.”

After I removed my shirt Tina sat me down in my swivel desk chair, licked my left nipple, and then sprinkled salt on me. Next she pulled out on my pants and tucked the shot glass in my pants. Then she knelt between my knees, grabbed a lime wedge and licked the salt off, lowered her head and took the glass into her mouth and then bit into the lime. Wow! She shook from the taste but smiled at me. She said that she had done six before but because of the party she should probably stop at three or four. I just smiled.

The second shot was off my right nipple. There was a pause after her second shot to let it soak in or whatever booze did to you.

After a while Tina said, “Remove your pants. I want to lick your balls for the next one.”

I replied, “No way! If I have to get naked so do you.”

After thinking about it a moment she said, “You are absolutely right.”

She stood up but she was a little unsteady on her feet. She unbuttoned her yellow blouse and placed it on my other chair. She removed her skirt and placed that there too. Then she smiled at me as she removed her bra and gave me my first look at a woman’s breasts. They were round, firm, and they had pink ends with pink nipples. Finally she removed her panties to show me what a real woman’s pussy looked like. The bush over her slit matched the hair on her head and the lower part was bald.

Tina looked at me and said, “Okay now it’s your turn you little stud.”

I stood up and removed my pants and my underwear. I then sat back down.

Tina said, “I can’t lick your balls if you’re sitting on them. Get on the bed, on your back, with you knees up to your chest.” She got her salt, lime, and shot then walked over to me. She licked my balls as if she was going to devour them. The salt went everywhere and the glass was leaned in against my asshole. She took a deep breath, licked my balls, stuck her nose in my asshole, and drank that third shot before biting the lime.

Tina said, “Do one off me.”

I replied, “I don’t drink. Besides my father would kill me.”

Tina said, “Okay then, use water.”

At her direction I liked her left nipple salted it and licked it again washing the salt down with some water. That lime almost killed me though. My second shot was off from her right nipple. When it came to licking her balls though she rolled her pussy up like a small table for me. She was feeling pretty good at that point so I parted her pussy lips and licked the entire length of her pussy slit, I salted her sparingly, and then I licked her again. I liked the taste even with the salt and licked her a few more times.

Tina said, “That feels so good. Come on up her and fuck me.”

I said, “But you’re my cousin.”

Tina said, “Don’t worry so much. You won’t be the first cousin that I’ve fucked.”

My mind wondered to how many other cousins she had but all I could think of were girl cousins since I’m the only boy on this side of her family.

She wasn’t about to take no for an answer either. Tina pulled me up until she could kiss me then she grabbed my cock and pulled it into her pussy. Wow, Dad was right this was my chance.

I fucked into Tina like I knew what I was doing. Even she thought that I knew what I was doing. She moaned and groaned and pushed up against me. When I cum in her she pulled me tighter and thanked me for fucking her. Why she was thanking me I’d never know, she was the one that I should thank. She got my virginity. An almost high school freshman had just fucked an almost college freshman and lost his virginity. Even if I told my friends about it they wouldn’t believe it.

Tina said, “Let me do another shot off your wonderful cock and I’ll let you fuck me again.”

I said, “Okay but my friends would never believe this.”

Tina smiled and said, “So take some pictures of me if you want too. Take some of you fucking me if you want too. Hell take some of me sucking your salty cock.”

I got my twelve mega-pixel digital camera and turned it on. Tina posed for me and then she got her next drink ready. I laid back and watched as my beautiful cousin sucked my cock into her mouth to wet it and then salted it. Soon she was sucking it back into her mouth for yet another picture. I had to ask myself, “Why was she letting me take nude pictures of her?’ Obviously she trusted me not to spread them around but then again I had told her that my friends would never believe that I had fucked her. Maybe she was just too drunk to know what she was saying.

After that Tequila Shot, Tina squatted down on my cock and lifted herself up high enough for me to get a picture of my cock in her. Who in their right mind would ever believe that it was my cock in her?

I asked her to get off from me so that I could set my camera on something and get us both in the picture. She smiled and said, “I’d like a copy of that.”

I set the camera on my desk, zoomed into her body for size, and jumped on the bed with her. I had my cock in her and her leg up out of the way when the flash went off. I did that a few more times. Tina suggested doggy style and then with her on top again. She was very cooperative and she was feeling pretty good too. That forth double-shot was all that she had needed. She was feeling really good. She went in my bathroom with me right behind her. She peed and she washed her pussy as I took pictures. She posed next to me for a few more pictures while we were both naked. Then I watched as she put on her panties and posed, her bra and posed, and then her miniskirt and posed. Finally she put on her blouse and posed again. I got a kiss before we walked down to her party right on time.

Dad gave me a questioning look and I smiled and nodded at him.

Tina was the life of the party. She received many gifts and she got a lot of money for college. I just stayed in the background taking pictures of her with her guests. Near the end of the night Tina asked Dad to take a few pictures of me with her, since I had been behind the camera all night long.

As she left our house she kissed me right on the lips in front of our parents and said, “I’ll be back in the morning. I want to see all of the pictures that you took tonight.”

I had heard the word ‘all’ emphasized as she spoke.

The next morning Tina showed up as promised and Dad sent her up to my bedroom. I was sitting at my computer when she came in and locked my bedroom door.

She said, “I want to start with the good pictures first. You know the ones where I was naked. If they are any good I’ll let you take some more now that I’m sober. I hope you still have that bottle of Tequila. I feel like having a few more drinks. Are you up to fucking me a few more times little cousin?”

I smiled and pointed to the bottle, the shot glass, and a fresh bowl of lime wedges thanks to Dad.

Tina looked at all of our pictures that were taken in my bedroom. She liked a few of them but said that she could have looked better in a few more. Then we looked at the party pictures. She picked out several that she wanted me to have printed off for her scrapbook.

After that we got naked and she started posing around my room like a freaking Playboy model or something. I could hardly believe it when she really got freaky and opened her pussy lips up for me, bit her own nipple, and fucked herself with the jade queen from my chess set, then she used my black onyx queen next. I really liked it when she stuck a bishop in her asshole at the same time. Those queens were eight inches tall and that bishop was five inches tall. That chess set was a gift from Dad when I won my very first State Chess Championship at the age of ten. I may never wash or use them again after this.

Tina saw the lump in my pants and undressed me so that I could make love to her. She had not had a drink and she still wanted me. Obviously I wanted her.

Making love to her without a camera was nice because all I could think about was making love to her. I enjoyed every second of every minute that my cock was inside her. For a fourteen-year-old to be fucking a nineteen-year-old is a very nice thing but for that nineteen-year-old to be your own cousin is so much better. Fucking her stone cold sober was much better than fucking her drunk too. I could feel the slick inside of her pussy against the outside of my cock. It felt so good under the head of my cock that eventually I had to cum. Apparently it coincided with her orgasm because we both shook with intense pleasure.

My cell phone rattled on my desk and when I checked it there was a message from my Dad telling me to check outside my door. When I opened it a crack there was a pizza and a cooler full off soda. I text back, “Thanks Dad.”

That day Tina and I made love, took pictures, and we totally enjoyed ourselves. We ordered Chinese for dinner and warned Dad that it was coming. He paid for it and delivered it to my room. Tina even spent the night in my bed. The next morning when we went down to breakfast Mom and Dad simple asked us if we had a good time.

Tina said, “I have had the best time ever. Thank you for hosting my graduation party and thank you for letting me spend the night. I plan on spending a lot more before I go off to college in mid August.”

Mom was the one that said, “Tina come in anytime and go right up to his bedroom. You are always welcome.”

The End
Now Is Your Chance Boy

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