Afternoon delight_(4)

Afternoon delight_(4)

The first Saturday in the month was Amy's night out with 'the girls'.

She was mother of two, in her early 40s, with short dark hair. She had recently lost a little weight, which had made her look and feel more confident and sexy. Her friends were all of a similar age and background, all married with kids ranging from 6 years old to Amy's own sons -20 and 22.

On that particular Saturday night her husband, Alan, sat himself in front of the TV with his cans of beer ready to watch the football as Amy got dressed for her night out.

At exactly 7. 30 the doorbell rang and Amy came running down the stairs and opened the door to find her best friend Bev.

"Hurry up, “Bev told her, "Taxi’s cost money!" Bev turned back to the taxi as Amy went in to the lounge and kissed her husband goodbye.

"How do I look" Amy asked him.

Alan hardly looked up, although she was wearing a short black skirt, low cut white top and black high heels.

"Lovely, you look lovely.” He told her; eyes fixed on the TV.

"Bloody football,” she thought, "I hope they lose!"

His wife shook her head and smiled, she quickly joined her friends in the taxi, who were all giggling like schoolgirls.

As the taxi chugged out of the street, Amy's friend (Sue) introduced another woman, "Amy this is Alison, who used to work with me. . . Until her husband sold his business for a fortune. “

The women both nodded 'hello'.

30 minutes later they were in a bar on Newcastle Quayside.

It was a typical Saturday night everyone was drinking heavily and having fun in the packed bars. Within the hour Amy could feel the buzz from drinking too quickly.

By 10 o'clock she was standing in a corner of Chase Bar, drinking, chatting and 'people watching'.

Sues friend Alison whispered to Amy that they were being "eyed up.” She looked across the bar and noticed a group of black men were indeed looking them up and down.

Once the men made eye contact, they needed no further encouragement and came over and introduced themselves. "Hi, I'm Paul,” the tallest said, as he held out a massive brown hand.

Allison reciprocated, with her own, dainty, fingers, "I'm Allison, and this is Amy. “

"Cool, he continued, "Stevie, Mikey and BJ.” He nodded to his friends, who smiled at the women.

"Ooh! BJ? That's a strange name, Allison laughed at the innuendo.

"Ha, ha, ha, “he laughed, "Big John!"

Alison looked at Amy, and continued the joke, "He doesn't look that tall to me,” and raised her eyebrows, making Amy blush.

By now Bev and Sue had returned with their drinks. Allison was talking to the men the most, but BJ and Amy chatted about life, love and the Universe. Allison was tall, elegant and blonde with large, full breasts that she wasn't afraid of showing off. Amy wasn't surprised at the attention that her friend was receiving as she thought that black men do go for blonde woman.

After 20 minutes the others decided to go to the Quay Club. Bev overheard Alison invite the black men to join them later. She thought that she was being a little pushy and presumptuous to be making decisions for the whole group.

The women finished their drinks and made their way to the Club next door. It was only 10. 30 so it was still a little quiet. They found themselves some seats and ordered a round of drinks.

The others drank vodka and Red Bull but Amy was on Southern Comfort and lemonade (doubles) which usually had the effect of making her a little naughty and flirty.

The women danced and drank and as the time went on the club filled up.

Alison looked unhappy, "What's wrong?" Amy enquired.

"I thought those black lads would have turned up by now,” she replied, scanning the entrance.

Smiling and shaking her head, Amy left her to go on the dance floor with Sue and Bev.

"Your friend's disappointed that those lads haven't followed us,” Amy told Sue.

"I'm not surprised; she's got quite a reputation with the men.” Sue replied.

"How do you mean" Amy enquired.

"She is a right old tart and 'luuurvvvees' Black men" Sue told her, grinning.

Amy and Sue finished dancing. As they approached their table they noticed that the men had now turned up. Allison's mood had changed and she was now laughing and flirting outrageously with the men, who had bought a round of expensive cocktails for everyone.

One of the black men then led Alison by the hand onto the dance floor. His friend then asked Sue to dance but she grabbed Bev's hand and said they were just off to the toilet.

The large imposing figure, BJ, then turned to Amy, "would you like to dance with me?" he asked her. His big brown eyes smouldering, in a way that made Amy unable to refuse.

On the dance floor he held her close to him. Amy could see Alison on the other side passionately kissing, her man, as he discretely fondled her breast.

Amy tried to hold John loosely as she did not want to give him the wrong impression. But he held her in a strong grip; she could feel his hands on her bum; stroking and groping her buttocks through her tight skirt.

Smiling at him, and shaking her head, she pushed his hand away until it was in the small of her back.

As he held her close she could feel something hard begin pressing into her stomach. Amazed she instantly knew that it was his cock.

It felt long and thick, much bigger than Alan's did. In fact much bigger than any she had ever seen, even her husband's magazines.

What with the drink and the loud music, John’s cock more than a little preoccupied Amy. Pressing herself against it as they moved on the dance floor she did not notice his hand had moved up her leg, pushing her skirt up at the back so everyone on the dance floor could see her tiny knickers through her black tights.

As the music stopped, she suddenly regained her composure and pushed his hand back down. Embarrassed, she rushed back to her friends.

There was only Alison at the table, as Sue and Bev were fetching more drinks and the other men had moved on.

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself!" Alison laughed.

"Err not really. I was a little, err distracted" Amy sheepishly replied, as she gulped down the last of her drink.

"Why were you distracted" Alison enquired, knowing full well what had happened.

Amy blurted out; "It was the size of his. . . dick. It was sticking in my stomach!"

Alison laughed "You've never been with a black man, have you?"

"No, of course not. “Amy replied.

"Well loads of them have oversized cocks, it’s not unusual" Alison nonchalantly told her.

"In fact I've had one black man who had an 11 incher, and let me tell you I have never been so satisfied. . . You couldn't get the smile off my face for a week. "

Shocked, Amy stopped her, "But I thought that you were married. "

"I am, but a girl's got to have a hobby!" Allison laughed, as Sue and Bev delivered the drinks and went straight back to the dance floor.

She then went on to tell Amy how, 'in her opinion' black cocks were always much longer and thicker than white men's and stayed harder for longer.

Amy looked at Alison in awe.

Alison could tell that Amy was fascinated, she leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Can you keep a secret?" Amy nodded, "Sue doesn't know about this, and mustn't find out, but once a month I organise a 'Ladies Day' for other women who. . . share my hobby. "

"What do you mean, Ladies Day?" Amy asked, drunkenly.

"Well, some friends and I, while their husbands are at work pay for a man to come and. . . Service us. "

Amy looked at her in surprise.

She then went on to say that they recently had a Jamaican lad who had such a large cock, that all five women had fucked him twice each and when they had finished with him he had to be helped into the taxi!

Then out of the blue Alison said to her, "Would you like to come to one of our days?"

Amy shook her head, "No I really couldn't, no, no, my husband wouldn't like that at all. "

"Don't be silly, just don't tell him" Allison laughed out loud. Realising that Amy was nearly hooked, she continued, "You can always come to one of our parties and just watch. You don't have to take part, although most women do, eventually. "

Amy's interest was pricked.

"If you give me your mobile number, I could tell you when the next one was on and perhaps, if you fancied it, you could come along.” Allison said, trying to sound uninterested.

Amy gave Alison her number as the girls left the club and went for something to eat before going home.

When she finally crept into her house it was 3. 30 in the morning, it was pitch black and not a sound could be heard. She was feeling very horny, so she crept into the lounge, closing the door silently behind her.

Unable to stop herself, she sat deep into an armchair. Putting her legs either side of the chair arms, she hitched her skirt up to her waist then slid her manicured hand down the front of her tights and knickers.

Her red fingernails quickly found her swollen clit, "Oooohh!" she groaned as she started to play with herself. Biting her lip so as not to make a sound, she lay back thinking of Big John and his huge cock.

Her fingers flicked and teased her pulsating clitoris as she visualised herself outside the club with his monster cock inside her, fucking her and stretching her, as they could still hear the music and laughter from inside the club.

As she imagined his huge length fucking her mercilessly with his balls banging against her, she came to a shuddering climax, biting her lip hard so as not to make a sound and wake Alan.

With her legs shaking she staggered upstairs to bed only slightly relieved.

The next day after she had sobered up she felt a little bit foolish as to what had happened and a little guilty, although she did not let on that there was anything wrong to her husband.

Weeks went by, and the memory of that night had all but faded, when, one day when she was at work her phone started ringing.

She looked at her phone; it was another mobile calling her although she did not recognise the number.

"Hello this is Amy" she answered.

"Amy, this is Alison, Sue's friend . . . from the other Saturday" came the reply.

Amy's heart started racing, her breath became short and she suddenly felt very flushed.

"Err hello Alison how are you" Amy stammered.

"Were having a party at my house, tomorrow, and your invited, if you want to come,” Alison said provocatively.

"Oh no, I don't think so, no, I couldn't.” Amy stumbled over her words. She knew exactly what the 'party' would entail, "I can't, I've got work, and. . . I don't know where you live. “Her heart was beating like a drum and her stomach was spinning.

"I'll text you the address, you can get a taxi. Turn up at 11. 00. it’s an all day event. "

"Err yes I will try" Amy feebly replied.

"I am expecting you Amy, we have two gorgeous young black studs turning up and I've seen their photos. From what I remember about you at that club, you will want to see them in the flesh, if you get my drift. “She laughed.

"OK I'll try to be there,” Amy said nervously, her stomach twisting and turning.

"Oh and Amy, wear something nice and sexy. I know you just want to watch, but please try and get into the spirit of the event. "

The next day was a Thursday and Alan, her husband, left for work at 7. 30 and wouldn't be home until late, perhaps after 9.

As he left for work Amy lay in bed, debating whether to go to work herself, or not.

After 20 minutes the hot tingling feeling between her legs gave her the answer. "What harm could it do?" she thought, as her fingers explored her soft pussy, "I'll only be looking, not actually touching, or anything!" she giggled as a tiny orgasm lit up her face.

"Hello this is Amy" she told the girl who answered the phone, "I'm sorry but I have a really bad headache and I just can't make it into work today. "

"OK, look after yourself. Hopefully we will see you tomorrow" the receptionist told her.

She was so pleasant Amy felt a little guilty that she was deceiving them.

In the bathroom, she took out her 'Ladyshave' and just as she finished her legs, a delicious thought ran through her head. Five minutes later, she looked down to admire her freshly shaved pubes. Whatever happened later that day, Alan would get a lovely surprise at bedtime.

When she began to get dressed, she remembered Allison's instructions.

"Why not?" she thought, as she put on a brand new pair of 10 Denier black stockings, black suspenders and a matching g-string that she normally kept for 'special occasions'. This was followed by Alan's favourite white uplift bra that really emphasised her 34D tits.

She then put on her faithful short black skirt and white silk blouse.

As the taxi arrived she wore a long coat over her sexy clothes and made her way to Allison's house.

Her new friend lived at the other side of town in a very nice area, in a large, five bed-roomed house.

Amy arrived at the house at just before 11. 00. She was the last of the women to arrive. Allison led her into the lounge where the curtains had been drawn to stop anyone from snooping, and where the other 6 women were seated.

They were all very pleasant and made Amy welcome into their little group. It could have been a 'tea morning' anywhere in Middle England, but for the fact that all 8 women were 'dressed to kill' and were waiting for a 'cabaret act 'with a difference!

Amy was given a large red wine and told to make herself comfortable as the "act,” were on their way.

Amy took off her coat and sat down on the sofa next to another lady called Pat and took a large sip from her glass.

At that point the doorbell rang and Alison sprang up, "They're here" she said excitedly.

The women all made themselves comfortable as the two black lads came in.

They were very young; Amy thought maybe 18 or 19, younger than her own sons.

The men, who were introduced as, Leon and Dave. Both were about six feet tall with rippling muscles and 'six pack' stomachs. After placing a CD in the Hi-fi, they slowly stripped off their clothes, throwing items to each of the women, who seemed to be being whipped up in to state of high excitement.

Within 20 minutes the lads were reduced to just their jockey shorts which did little or nothing to hide there soft oversized cocks.

Dave did a series of press ups and sit ups as Leon went into a series of bodybuilding poses, before offering his arms and legs to the women to feel, straddling their thighs as they giggled with delight.

Each woman had a good feel and some tried to grab their more intimate parts, which they made no attempt to stop.

Leon put his leg on the sofa next to Amy, who turned away, blushing. "Would you like to feel my thigh?" he asked.

Allison raised her glass and winked.

Reluctantly, Amy felt his rock hard muscles. They were like iron, but also she could not fail but notice his huge cock was now almost erect in his baggy shorts.

As the music became louder, Dave and Leon danced in the centre of the room and ripped off their underpants, exposing their huge wobbling black cocks, to the delight of the middle-aged women.

The men slowly walked around the room waving their cocks under the noses of the assembled women. Every one of them 'had a good feel' with one or two, bending forward to kiss the tip, or give it a little suck.

Allison had arranged it so that Amy was last. She sat nervously and uncomfortably as the two men stood in front of her waving their huge dicks only inches from her face.

"This is Amy, she's new to this" Alison told Leon and Dave.

"I'm only here to watch,” Amy said coyly.

"Really" the young men said looking at each other.

They then moved Pat away so they could both sit either side of her on the small leather sofa.

Leon then took Amy's hand as she sat uneasily on the edge and put it around his large penis.

"That's it, don't be shy.” He told her, "Does that feel good?" he asked. She weakly smiled and nodded, as her hand gripped his rigid cock, "Is it bigger than your husbands?" Grinning, she nodded as her grip slackened and she began caressing it.

Much to the amusement of Allison, and the others. "Mmmm, that's good, you're getting used to the size now, aren't you?" Leon asked.

She nodded as she examined it, running her fingers down the ugly blue veins, making his cock stiffen even more, until it felt like steel.

Her mouth was dry and her stomach was spinning with excitement as she tried to guess, in her mind, how big it actually was.

As she played with Leon's cock, Dave started to unbutton her blouse.

"No, no, please don't" she protested. But he carried on anyway, squeezing her large fleshy breast at the same time.

As he finally opened her blouse, Leon's hand was now stroking her stocking clad leg, moving further and further up her skirt, as she openly played with his cock and balls.

Two of Allison's friends had stood up, and were hovering close by, not wishing to miss anything.

Amy tried to keep her legs tight shut, but Leon's hand had pushed her skirt up over her stocking tops and was stroking the tops of her legs which he could see was making her very aroused, because she was squirming in her seat.

"Come on Amy, you will feel better once you get that off" Allison said as she helped Dave pull her blouse off and threw it on the floor.

Her eyes were closed as the young man stoked her ample tits through her bra making her nipples stiffen through the material.

Leon had now pushed her skirt right up past her waist exposing her black suspender belt and tight silky black thong.

Dave's big black hands were now mauling and groping her tits through her bra. Leon had already unclipped her skirt and was now trying to pull her knickers down too.

As Dave finally unclipped her white bra, she looked around the room to see that the other women were undressing each other and some were openly masturbating at the show that she was giving them. Within a second he had whipped her bra off, exposing her large milky white tits for the world to see.

Dave's hand continued to grope her tits, his big black hands squeezing and groping her soft white skin, as his tongue now found her mouth and started kissing her.

Amy was now very aroused and was shocked to find herself responding to Dave kisses as she deep tongued his mouth as he felt her tender tits.

She could feel her thong now being pulled down her legs, and her hairless fanny being exposed. As she continued to kiss Dave feverishly, Leon was now opening her legs and kissing and licking her soaking wet cunt.

Amy willingly opened her legs to allow the young stud better access to her most intimate part.

Leon licked around her bald fanny lips in a circular motion as Amy had her first orgasm, before he had even found her clit.

When he started tonguing her clit his middle finger penetrated her fanny, only to be joined soon after by his second and then a third finger, making her wriggle with delight.

While Dave was still kissing her, her hand had found his big cock again and was wanking him as fast as she could.

"That's it babe make me cum" Dave hissed.

"No way" she gasped, "I'm not going to waste a drop.”

As she unlocked lips from her lover, she looked around the room to see an assortment of women licking pussies and fucking each other with dildoes of all shapes and sizes.

Without letting go of the long shaft, Amy dropped her head to Dave's waist and started licking and kissing his balls.

Then she opened her mouth as wide as it would go, to engulf his fat knob with her mouth. His young cock was so big and fat Amy could only get 3 or 4 inches in, but her blowjob was near perfection.

Dave lay back on the sofa playing with her tits as Amy's head sucked his big cock, and Leon continued to lick and finger her soaking pussy, as a big fat woman lay between his legs, sucking his cock.

As Amy sucked, Dave started to groan. She realised that he was close to climaxing so she increased the speed of her wanking and sucking.

"What a fucking cocksucker!" Dave shouted as he held Amy's head over his cock. He shouldn't have worried however as she did not intend to waste a drop of his precious fluid.

As he exploded in her mouth, she greedily swallowed as much as possible before licking the rest off his shiny black cock.

Leon's licking became more frantic as the fat woman sucked him to orgasm, making him spill his seed all over her face and big fat tits, as Amy screamed, "YYYEEESSS!" As her biggest orgasm yet flooded her body, making Dave's spunk dribble out of her mouth.

Dave sat back on the sofa recovering as Leon got up and said to a tall thin woman in a green Basque and black stockings, "I need a fuck, do you want some?"

Without answering, she dropped onto all fours on the thick Persian rug, pointing her willing cunt at him. He immediately rammed her with his huge cock.

Dave got up from the sofa and began fondling two older women's fanny's, at the same time, "Who wants to go first?" he asked them.

Amy lay on the sofa, recovering from her exertions, but she couldn't help but play with herself as she watched the acts of debauchery going on in front of her eyes.

After an hour or so, she was horny beyond belief and had an insatiable urge to fuck one of these young men.

She was drinking her fourth glass of wine as Leon walked past her, drinking a beer, his cock swinging from side to side.

"Hey!" he realised, "We haven't fucked you, have we?"

Amy smiled and shook her head.

"Okay, let's do something about that!"

Leon lay on the floor and told her to get on top of him as he held his aching 10" dick in his hand.

Amy had never taken anything remotely as big before, her husband's cock was only 5 or 6 inches long, but she was so turned on and wet she was going to give it her best bet.

Dressed only in her stockings and suspenders, she straddled Leon so she was facing him, and slowly lowered herself onto his huge cock. She spread her legs wide, taking it further and further inside her sopping white cunt.

Amy had about 7" of meat inside her when she started bouncing up and down on it. As she fucked him his cock penetrated deeper until his cock nudged the depths of her womb.

"Oh yeessss! Oh Yeesss! That's good, that's good!" she repeated like a Mantra as she fucked and fucked his big black cock, her tits wobbling like two blancmanges, while he held her by the waist.

Amy was now in heaven, as she had never felt this full or stretched in her life. Leon's cock was touching pleasure-zones that had never been touched before.

She was lying on top of him, grinding her clit into his groin when she felt her anus being coated with a cool liquid. Shocked she stopped fucking the boy and looked over her shoulder to see Allison, smearing her fingers with k y jelly. She knew what was about to happen and blew her a kiss; relishing the thought that she wanted to be filled up like never before.

Allison knelt behind her as Amy began fucking her black lover, again. As she rubbed the jelly over her tight hole, Allison pressed her own breasts against Amy's soft arse cheeks. Gently she parted the tight folds of Amy's arse then, with a long skinny finger covered in jelly, and probed the virgin brown hole, making Amy gasp and pick up speed.

"Ugh! Ugh!" she grunted as Allison worked her long fingers deep into her tiny arsehole, while Leon began thrusting into her with his monster cock.

"Dave, come here!" Allison called to the other black youth, "finish her off!" as she withdrew her fingers making Amy bury her face into Leon's chest.

Allison smeared KY all over his shaft until it was hard again. With a huge grin on his face, and surrounded by semi-naked women, he pushed against her stretched anal hole. The moment his knob entered her she had a very intense orgasm. He pushed further deeper and deeper, the pain was immense for her but it was a pleasurable pain, like she had never felt before.

The men thrust their cocks into her in unison, both out at the same time and then back in together as hard and as deep inside Amy's cunt and arsehole as possible.

Amy was now gasping for breath with her eyes closed.

She was shaking with pleasure as she could feel their dicks touch each other through the thin membrane, separating her two holes.

She then became aware of someone standing in front of her. It was Alison. The others were all standing close by watching this newcomer getting her brains fucked out!

Alison was still wearing a silky pair of pink French knickers. She pulled them to one side exposing her own bald fanny.

"OK you may as well give me an orgasm as you are hogging both of the men at the moment" Alison told her.

Amy did not need to be asked a second time. She had never ever had any kind of lesbian feelings before, but it seemed the most natural thing in the world as she stuck her tongue two inches inside Alison red hot fanny. She placed her arms around Allison and began lapping her love juice like a little puppy.

To give her a chance, Leon and Dave slowed their double humping while she licked and sucked on her friend's juicy bald cunt.

Allison held her head in place, and began trembling as Amy's soft tongue 'hit the spot', "Oh, oh, oh, “Allison panted, "faster, faster.” Amy complied, licking the nubbin the way she liked done with her own,

"You little. . . you little. . . oh, oh, oh. . . you little CUNT!" Allison screamed as her orgasm made her tremble and shake.

Amy was now red in the face gasping for breath herself, and close to passing out from ecstasy and pure exhaustion. Taking Allison's screaming as their cue, both men began pounding her cunt and arse with all their might.

"Aaaaaaagggghhhh!" she screamed as she felt her once tight arse fill up with his hot sticky spunk, which immediately made her orgasm yet again. In seconds Leon was emptying his load into her fanny. As she lay sandwiched she realised how glad she was that she was still on the pill.

When the two men withdrew from her, her arsehole and fanny remained wide and stretched.

Allison kept hold of her head, and made Amy continue pleasuring her with her tongue.

"You dirty little cunt, " she told her, as Amy's tongue flashed over her wet pussy, "I only want to watch!" she mimicked, as she ground her cunt across Amy's face, "You didn't just watch when they were shoving their cocks up your arse, did you?" She continued, Amy's tonguing getting faster, as she got more turned on, "Look at you. You've got their spunk in every one of your fucking holes, you dirty little cunt!" Amy was really enjoying licking the soft folds of Allison's womanhood; "You'll be back for more black cock. . . Won't you? You dirty little cocksucker!" Allison screamed as Amy sucked her engorged clitoris making her cum with the most intense orgasm of the day.

The other women had descended on Leon and Dave; two sitting on their faces as the others scrambled to suck their long cocks.

Amy was totally exhausted and now had a problem standing, as Allison flopped onto the couch.

Allison was right; this afternoon had changed her life.

It was gone 5 O'clock before the party broke up and Leon and Dave collected their money and left in a taxi.

Amy arrived home long before Alan, giving her time for a long warm soak n the bath. It was hard for him not to notice that she was walking around the house like she had just got off a horse.

But, as they say, that's another story!

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Sarah meets a madman

Sarah meets a madman When they let me go, they said that I was no longer a danger to myself or others. Five victims in five different states later may have convinced them to revise their opinion. The pictures of me that they show on TV were taken years ago when they first caught me. They do show a drawing of what some artist thinks that I may look like if I were to grow a beard. It is amazing how little it looks like me. I rather like my beard. By the time that you reach my age they say...


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