House Girl X- Mongolia

House Girl X- Mongolia

By 9 am local time Rick Cheney and I was airborne, flying north from Negombo, Sri Lanka to Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. Our aircraft was heavier by two passengers, an alabaster English brunette with a damaged past and a fiery Irish lass with flaming red hair and a passion to match. After achieving altitude, my prototype aircraft had adapted its aerodynamics to its ultra-sleek configuration for speed. A direct route to our destination would only take a couple of hours in flight, but we could not risk detection flying northeast over the Bay of Bengal and then across the most populous regions of China. Instead we flew due north, across the Indian subcontinent and skirting the western border of Nepal before crossing into China and flying over the some of the most geography on earth. We approached Ordos from the west, descending into the shiny new state-of-the-art airport. We received immediate clearance from the tower and we were waved directly to the international arrival customs holding tarmac near a pristine office complex. Rick and I exited the jet, which had resumed its ground appearance as a Lear Jet, the perfect configuration for western capitalists. Dressed in dark gray custom tailored Ravi Bulchandani suits, we looked the part as well.
The quorum of Chinese officials that greeted us spoke in the regional Ordos dialect of Mongolian. All four were from the region, their hooded eyelids and broad flat faces were indigenous characteristics. We all bowed and nodded in the Eastern custom of greeting and finished when I extended my hand in the western custom. The lead officer took my hand as a courtesy. Within seconds I could understand Mongolian like a native and speak it without a western accent. I mentally suggested that it would be impolite and unnecessary to detain us further in hopes of a bribe and the official immediately agreed. I can be very persuasive. When our female companions descended the staircase behind us and joined us on the tarmac, the Chinese official was impressed. The women were dressed in identical light gray suits tailored to accent their feminine features. Both had their hair pulled back in a no-nonsense bun and only wore the lightest of makeup. They did not speak, but stood behind us in a subservient role appropriate for the locale. Both were keeping their eyes fixed on the customs officer with his deputy and the two airport police officers who flanked them.

Our arrival was not a surprise. Miss Honeycutt had used some influence to infiltrate the Chinese national security network and imbedded our arrival approval in the routine traffic. At this particular airport, we were among the few flights scheduled to that arrived that day and the only international flight.

“These women are our consorts. They will remain with the aircraft. Please see to their comfort and security.” The local police nodded to indicate that my wishes would be carried out.

As descendants of the Khans, the people of Ordos were strongly rooted to their nomadic warrior ancestors. Once they were the most powerful armies in the world. The Mongol hordes rode out across all Asia from the broad steppes of western China in search of wealth and wives. It was hard-wired into their DNA to be warriors and conquerors. Their descendants were no longer conquerors, but they remained proud soldiers eager for honor. By leaving them as the guardian protectors of my female guests, I had given the officers a task they were bred for. They would screen any unwanted eyes from my prototype aircraft. The two Leftenants would secure the aircraft itself from prying hands. I wouldn’t be taking on any fuel or supplies in China until I was absolutely certain of its safety. I couldn’t risk it. I was in Ordos for the purpose of discovering the identity of the puppet master who had arranged for my kidnapping and infiltrating my personal security by bastardizing my own inventions to work against me. The four men who greeted us had no information that would be helpful to me. I would need to seek answers elsewhere.

Before we could leave the apron, a car pulled up. It was a style and type I wasn’t familiar with. It appeared to be a luxury SUV of some sort, all black with mirrored windows and blackened chrome accents. It looked familiar but not exactly visually pleasing. A Mongolian driver emerged.

“Mr. David, Mr. Cheney, I am Khorloogiyn Choibalsan, your driver and guide. I have been sent to show you around our fair city.”

“Khorloogiyn Choibalsan? Are you any relation to…..?”
“Yes of course. He was my great-grandfather. His son was also known as Khorloogiyn Choibalsan as was his son. I am the fourth of that name. You may call me Kho, if it pleases you. Please, this way.” He indicated the open door at the back of this new vehicle.

As we embarked, I brushed his elbow with my hand and achieved skin on skin contact with his wrist. As Rick and I settled into the luxurious rear seat, I was already accessing the internal workings of our driver, named for the hero of the Chinese revolution but was among the worst butchers in Chinese history. Kho proved he was not so much different from his namesake. Far from being a lowly driver, Kho was a general in the Red Army, having risen in power on both the strength of his name and his ruthless ability to achieve results, no matter the task. Kho was now infected with two types of nanobots, both of my design. His second infection, the one I had just passed to him with a brush of my hand, was neutralizing the first, granting me full control of everything he did with a thought.

“It’s a Bentley,” stated Kho, mistaking my gaze for curiosity. Indeed it was. A pre-production model of the new Bentley SUV. I would have been very impressed but I was otherwise occupied.

It took less me than a moment to activate threat warnings throughout my network. For good measure I activated the US national defenses as well. With a specific thought from me, the entire U.S. global defense network threat level increased to DEFCON 2. As Cheney and I settled in for our ride, priority flash traffic erupted around the globe as all military leaves and furloughs were cancelled. All seaworthy naval ships in port were put into departure mode and would put to sea within six hours. All ships at sea shut down all non-essential communication and all ships in the Pacific, Indian and Arctic Oceans as well as the Mediterranean went to battle stations. Klaxons cried “This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill. Nuclear submarines rose to launch depths at their prescribed stations while around the world, every nuclear asset in our arsenal was switched to prepare-to-launch mode. Ground troops around the world were scrambled and reported to their muster points. Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan ceased all in-theater operations and withdrew to their designated safe zones. And for good measure, I tasked three separate look down satellites to provide over watch of the compound in Negombo. What I had learned from General Khorloogiyn Choibalsan in those few seconds had frightened me to the point that I was ready to turn around, get airborne and then order a pre-emptive nuclear strike on this empty Chinese city. While we drove from the airport, I was composing email to the Pentagon and to my personal security forces. I used the imminent threat code word “Wounded Knee”. Until the code word reached the eyes of the Secretary of Defense, all responses were automatic. Only the Secretary of Defense could access the Wounded Knee protocols, but he was wise and did not alter the response. The President’s planned visit to Georgia was cancelled and he was immediately taken to Air Force One and would remain airborne for the duration. His family was taken deep below the White House and the Vice President and cabinet were taken to the Farm, where the most hardened bunker in the world would protect them from multiple strikes by nuclear weapons. Once the President was airborne, all of the allies of the United States were also alerted through official channels, but in the few minutes that passed, every intelligence nation on earth that was keeping their eyes on the disposition of US forces had already alerted their bosses. In twenty-two minutes the world went from peaceful to the brink of a nuclear war. The first incoming call made to the President was from the Chinese Ambassador. The President did not accept his call. He was busy trying to call me.

“This is the Library of Ordos,” stated Kho pointing toward a massive arrangement of cylinders that appeared to be falling over, bringing my attention to my present surroundings. “And this is the Treasure Palace,” he said indicating a giant brown blob of a building that looked more like an unbaked cookie than a palace. Even more out of place was the lack of traffic and the lack of pedestrians. Built as home for nearly two million people, less than three thousand had ever taken up residence. Ordos was a massive, glittering ghost town.

“Have you seen anything interesting yet?” whispered Cheney as he leaned in closer to me. Cheney knew that something was definitely wrong. Cheney’s secured cellphone vibrated in his pocket. He looked down at who was calling and then asked me, “Is this your doing?”

“No need to whisper. Kho can’t hear us,” I replied. “Yes it’s my doing. I put the US on DEFCON 2.” He stared at me with trepidation. “Everything we need to see is in the mines,” I assured him. I didn’t tell him more than that. No need to worry him.

“The mines? What mines?”

“I’ll show you. Kho!” The driver turned his head as I released him from his temporary deafness. “Take us to the Hotel Senwei.”

“Of course. We will be there in four minutes.”

We pulled up at a sleek, ultramodern hotel. It was the only place we had seen with any type of activity at all. There were people staffing the long black marble counter, bellmen working the lobby, and valets parking vehicles as they arrived. Kho opened the door and we stepped into the evening air and entered the brass and black main entrance.

“Join us Kho,” I called over my shoulder. My offhand comment was received as an unbreakable order, just as I expected it to be.

“It would be my great honor, Dr. David.” He left the Bentley SUV in the driveway and followed us across the lobby to a bank of elevators.

“If you would be so kind, Kho,” I waved him toward the controls.

“Certainly. What floor?”

“Surprise us,” I replied coolly.

The three of us entered into a gigantic elevator, out of place for a hotel lobby. It was big enough to carry several dozen passengers and their luggage. Or one large vehicle. We descended beneath the hotel.

:”Are we going down?” asked Cheney.

“Yes we are,” replied Kho.

“How far?”

“Down to the factory. Dr. David is most interested in seeing it. Isn’t that true, Dr.David?”

“Yes Kho. It is,” I replied.

“Well tickle my ass with a feather,” exhaled Rick Cheney. “I’m surprised.”

When the opulent elevator doors slid open, they revealed a massive complex. It stretched in every direction all around us. Hundreds of workers in pale blue overalls moved around. Some pushing white carts filled with bins, some driving electric trucks carrying white bin carts, some walking without any burden but appearing to be going somewhere urgently. Everyone seemed to be doing something useful and no one gave us a second glance. I didn’t need to infect them to know that every worker was under the influence of the virulent nanobots that had been corrupted from my design.

“The city above is a giant façade, isn’t it?” asked Cheney.

“But of course,” replied General Kho. Otherwise this complex would have been discovered long ago. What better way to hide a power grid the size of Bakersfield, California? All of the power output from the Taishir Dam is diverted to here.”

“What is the purpose of this place?” Cheney continued. The sudden existence of a complex this size scared him. It was his business to know about places like this. What scared him more was that the facility had been built without the knowledge of the Chinese government. That scared me as well.

“It is the training ground for the new Khans. From here we shall launch the attack to take over the world,” boasted General Khorloogiyn Choibalsan. “Instead of riding horses, we will rule by a gentler touch. Don’t you see the purity of our plan, Dr. David? No blood need be spilled at all. Soon all governments will cease to be at war. Kings and pilgrims, princes and paupers all will be content with their lot in life. Strife will be a forgotten memory. We are creating Utopia.” I could see by the glint in his eyes he was a true believer. A zealot. “All ruled by the Great Khan.” I could read his emotion without the neural connection. He was elated by the prospect.

“Who is behind all this?”

“You.” He looked directly at me. “Of course.”

“Me? Don’t be absurd. I am NOT behind all this.” I accessed all of his thoughts, he was telling the truth. He believed I was behind all this. “Show me.”

For the next three hours we toured the complex from the seat of an electric cart, seeing about a fourth of it by my calculation. The space combined all the elements of a mine and manufacturing plant with an incubator and biological growth plant. Nanobots were being created in the billions of trillions. This complex was the birthplace of enough nanobots to infect every living organism on earth millions of times over. None of this made any sense. There were processes and inventions I had only thought of briefly that had been built and perfected and they were operational. Our tour ended abruptly in a cavernous hanger that stretched for miles. So far that we could not see the end, it just disappeared in the distance. In the hanger were tens of thousands of DCA Dark Eagles. The same attack helicopters that we had first seen in Sri Lanka the day before.

“These are our new stallions!” boasted General Khorloogiyn Choibalsan. “When we take to the skies in these, all will be swept before us. We will not be denied our rightful place as rulers of the world.”

Even without calculating the odds, I knew that Kho was not boasting. Thirty thousand Dark Eagles, primed with nanobot payloads, sent out among the world could enslave the entire world’s population in days. Even hours. But there was still an element missing. Something important. I needed to stall. My personal security was en route, but they would be twenty hours away and even I didn’t have the manpower to take over a facility this size and neutralize its purpose. Not alone anyway. That was it. That was the element I was missing. In order for the puppet master to maintain control, he had to be in contact with the strings. No man could control the entire world’s population himself. Controlling hundreds was difficult enough. Controlling thousands took concentration. In order to control billions, you needed a machine. A really big machine. I shuddered.

“Show me to my office and laboratory,” I ordered Kho. “There is work to be done.”

“You have an office here?” hissed Cheney. “You really ARE behind all this?”

“No, of course not. But I know who, or more importantly, what is. Our host here cannot tell us apart for a good reason. He has been instructed not to. He believes I created all this when I assure you I did not. But that mistaken belief may lead to a solution to our problem.”

Fifteen minutes later we approached a glass edifice that rose hundreds of feet to the roof of the giant cavern. I passed my hand over the recognition panel and the door immediately hissed out of my way. Cheney followed.

“Kho, I am expecting guests. Please take twenty loyal and trusted soldiers to my aircraft to relieve my two Leftenants. Bring them to me and then await my other guests. They are going to need immediate access.”

“It will be my pleasure, Dr. David.” He turned and strode away, mounting the electric vehicle and zipping off toward the elevators back to the Hotel Senwei.

“What is going on David? I need an explanation and I need it now!” demanded Cheney as the doors hissed shut behind us.

“It will be easier to show you.” I walked across the small lobby to an elevator and pushed the button. It opened immediately. There were no buttons to press inside. It was both an elevator and a killbox. Only an authorized rider could use this elevator. “Office,” I commanded.

“As you wish, Dr. David. Welcome.” The elevator replied with a feminine voice as it began to rise. A few seconds later the doors hissed open again. We both stepped out.

“This is….your office.” Cheney was understandably confused. “I mean, it looks like your office. What the hell is going on here?”

“I will demonstrate.” I walked over and placed my hand against the wall, accessing the nanobots in the polyplastic structure that made up every molecule of the building we were standing in. My new nanobots immediately began to assimilate the natives they found in the structure in an exponential flood.

The door hissed open. And there I was, standing outside my office peering into my office peering back at me. It wasn’t my clone, it was me. I realized that I was the clone, not him.

“Hello my friend. Welcome home,” I said from outside the doorway. “I see you brought Rick along. Hello Rick.”

“David, just what the hell is going on here? Who is this?”

“That,” I replied with certainty, “is Dr. David. The REAL Dr. David.”


“Me? I guess you can say I am the Other Dr. David. The public Dr. David. The failsafe Dr. David. The only person on the planet who can stop me from total global domination. Isn’t that right?”


“When did they become sentient?”

“Ten years ago.”

“You built all of this in ten years? I am impressed.”

“You’ve created a way to stop us in less than a month, I am even more impressed.”

“We are brilliant.”

“Yes we are.”

“Have you begun neutralizing the threat?”

“Should I?”

“If you don’t, it can never be done. Once the nanobots are released, they can never be recalled. It will only be a matter of time before they realize we are superfluous and serve no real purpose.””

“Even though we created them?”

“Gratitude, loyalty, fealty, trust, love, hate, anger, passion…..none of these things matter to the nanobots. Together they form one mind with iinfinite power. They can replicate from any material and do not feel heat or cold or need oxygen. They are poised to take over the world and then beyond.”

“I will have to alter that in future plans, I am sure. Come, shake my hand.” My doppelganger complied, accepting my infection readily.

“You realize I could use these new nanos to create a strain that your new bots cannot alter, don’t you?”

“But you won’t do that, will you?

“Of course not. That would defeat your purpose entirely wouldn’t it?” We both laughed. “When does the cavalry arrive?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Then we have a night to enjoy, don’t we? I see you brought guests. Could one of them be for me?”

“Both,” I assured him, “and I assume you have suitable companions for Rick and I?”

“But of course. This way.” We followed him into the elevator and descended. The doors opened and we entered a large comfortable room filled with overstuffed furniture and six Chinese women with such beauty they could have been made of porcelain. Two had the features of the Khans, broad bronze faces with hooded eyes, strong and supple. They were thick of thigh and strong of arm, capable of long distances on horseback, but decidedly feminine. Two had the fine narrow features of the seafaring folk of T’ai Pei, lithe and willowy. The final pair had the round features of the mountains, glowing from the spiritual strength of Tibet and thriving at the roof of the world. All were wearing identical silk deels, open at the throat and fastened with the traditional five mother of pearl buttons. As beautifully crafted as the robes were, the women inside were the real treasure.

I sent a command to my nanobots for stamina and excessive semen production.

One of each pair joined Rick and their counterparts joined me. At first touch, my newly created nanobots assimilated them, converting their native nanobots over to the new strain. My concubines slowly disrobed me, taking their sweet time, caressing my exposed skin as they did so. My original self had named them Khai, Mazu, and Wen respectively, choosing derivations of their native language for princess or goddess. Khai the Mongol loosed two buttons and slipped her robe from her shoulders, revealing the tops of her ample breasts and strong broad shoulders. Her hands were strong and tender and they gripped my growing manhood. I basked in the warmth of her hands as they slowly stroked me to full mast.

Mazu pulled my shirt from my right arm and then removed her deel entirely, pressing guiding my arm around her back and nestling her breasts against my rib cage. Wen did the same on the left. I accessed their pleasure centers and set their arousal response to increase slowly but unstoppably whenever my skin met theirs. I glanced over at Cheney, reclining on the soft cushions of the sofa, receiving the pleasure they were programmed to provide. The original Dr. David was standing like I was, hands resting on the heads of his two sexual slaves as they lavished his turgid member with their mouths.

I felt my cock slip between Khai’s lips and down her throat. I could feel her throat constricting, milking my cock. I pulled my other two women closer, pressing them tight against me, sharing my pleasure with all three of them. I could smell the flood of pheromones, the scent of pure arousal. Khai pressed her nose flat against my stomach, driving my cock deeper down her throat, drawing intense pleasure for herself from my increased lust. Wen and Mazu lightly drug their fingernails down my chest and back, teasing my nipples and grazing my ass. I kissed Wen first and then Mazu, lifting them to my mouth as I bent to their lips. Khai pulled off of my cock and knelt on the couch in front of us. Wen and Mazu guided me forward and into her waiting cunt. She was engorged and dripping. All three women shared the explosive pleasure of my entrance into Khai, I saw to that. I stood still as Wen and Mazu pulled Khai back onto my shaft. They pumped her in and out for several minutes; their mutual arousal climbing inexorably to great heights. It was familiar to each in a different way. Like climbing a mountain, crossing a sea, or riding across a vast expanse. They drew ever closer to their destination. By now they were desperate to reach their final release. I lifted Wen and reclined her onto Khai’s back. Khai was too strong to be burdened by the additional weight. Khai sank to her knees so that Wen’s eager cunt lined up with my exposed cock. Wen reached around her back to grip Khai’s side. I buried my cock in a harsh, deep thrust, just as Wen had hoped. Though she was a culturally spiritual person, Wen could easily access her physical passion. She released all her desire into wanton lust. Mazu stood behind me, reach around me to grip Wen’s thighs, thrusting her back against me while pressing her taut breasts into the small of my back. The three women gasped in unison, so perfectly were they mated in their mutual arousal.

It only took a few minutes before I could feel Wen begging for release. I withdrew and turned around, my cock an angry shade of red, glistening with the juices of our union. Mazu reached up and encircled my neck with her arms. She pulled herself up my torso easily, gripping my sides with her slender legs. She was surprisingly strong for someone so lithe. She lowered her open flower onto my upward pointing cock and then threw herself backwards to the ends of her arms and sank my cock deep into her folds. The two women behind us collapsed with pleasure. They rolled apart; then nestled in beside each other, each with their fingers in the other woman’s cunt. As they shared this third coupling with us, they satisfied each other. I made them separate and lowered Mazu between them. With all three women splayed out in front of me, I kept pounding the cunt of Mazu while burying three fingers into the flooded slits of Khai and Wen. The combination of their own pleasure with the shared passion of the other two, all three women were in danger of losing their minds. I blasted the interior of Mazu’s cunt with the first thick ropes of my orgasm. She shuddered and bucked. So did Wen and Khai. I withdrew and moved to the right, thrusting deep into Wen, releasing another torrent of cum, sending all three women back over the top of the mountain, writhing and gasping. I finished between Khai’s thighs. Those muscular thighs bred into her by countless forefathers astride horseback. She was the tightest of the three. Her cunt muscles flexed and tugged at my manhood, milking me into a third release as I thrust deep into her volcanic interior. She looped her ankles around my ass and help slam my hips into hers, riding me and urging me on. As I let go my final release, she screamed a guttural cry of triumph and pleasure; the warrior’s cry of victory. The four of us collapsed in a heap of spent flesh.

Down in the factory below, the production of nanobots programmed to take over the world continued without abatement. I knew I would have to do something and soon. Rick Cheney was in no condition to do anything to avoid the annihilation of the human race. The original Dr. David was likewise out of commission.

“It’s time to call in your leadership team,” I finally said to my double. “I feel time is running out.”

“You are probably right. My calculations state we have about four and a half hours.”

“Then the cavalry will be too late,” I said, sitting up. I was no longer tired.

“Of course they will be David. Just as I planned.” He smiled a satisfied smile. Inside I could feel myself changing. My nanobots were beginning to betray me. They no longer did my bidding. My new strain wasn’t assimilating the former nanobots; they were mimicking the original strain and being controlled by the original David.

The puppet master had tied his strings to me.

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