TKD love

TKD love

During this time, I was a 13 year old boy, and had a major craving for sex. I was tall and a little on the "big-boned" size, but not over weight. I was 5'7'' and weighted 170 pounds. During this time I had many girl friends; a few of which were long term, but most were girls from school that were known to be sluts. I had a nice, seven inch cock. While I was 13, I had been in many fights, and almost always came out unhurt while leaving the other guy beaten. I really liked martial arts, and decided to try my hand at Tae-Kwon-Do. Talk about a perfect thing for me to do! It allowed me to channel my anger more effectively. During my time doing Tae-Kwon-Do, I had gone through my belts, and had just became black belt when this girl, Miriam, started Tae-Kwon-Do too. I did not think anything of her until I was asked to help teach her the basics. Well, she had jet black hair, and still looked extremely young. During this time, she was a little on the smaller side, only 4'11'' and I had to get on my knees to help her. Shortly after starting to help her, I learned she was only 10 years old, and very shy. After that, we ended up being paired up alot more so we wound up getting to be great friends.

. . . 4 YEARS LATER . . .

It was Miriams black belt testing, it was her time to shine. We have been working together through this she did everything perfect, and was about to receive her black belt. Just as she walked up, I noticed her parents were not there, and asked who she was going to do the bowing ceromony with. She said, "with you of course!"
As it was about to begin, she came over and talked with me. She took the first bow, the second, and then finally the final bow. As she bowed, I realized she had grown into being a fabulous young woman - growing into a 32C cup size, had grown to at least 5'6'' with an hour glass shape, and that jet black hair and looked as though she was Italian. Her physical features gave almost an instant rock hard erection. It had felt like that bow took three hours. Through my head were the thoughts of how I missed all of this. After the bow was done, she looked up at me with a tear in her eye. I wiped it away and gave her a hug and she felt it; I know she did. She moved and said, "Oh. We better go get in the picture," with a studder.
I had realized her parents still were not there. I asked her who would be driving her home she said her mom sometimes works late on Friday, and her dad had passed away 10 years ago. She said she was going to walk home, but I would not allow it. She lived five miles away and across many major intersections. I told her I would drive her home. I was almost 17 and had my license. My masters of course approved and they thought it would not be a good idea for a 14 year old girl to walk home alone.
Once we were in my car, Miriam asked me why I offered her a ride. I answered, "Miriam, you are 14, and it's night time. You live five miles away, so why would I allow you to walk home?"
Miriam replied, "well I have done it before. Besides, I'm sure you want to go out and have fun. It's a Friday night."
She had me there. I did have a date with another girl from my school, she was known to be a bit of a slut. This little girl needed the help, besides, I had two hours to go home shower and pick her up.
I told her, "I have all the time in the world to help someone and sweet as you."
She blushed when I said that, and got very quiet. I was thinking to myself, "damn it! Why did I say that?"
But after that short silence, she said, "Do you ever think of me as more than a friend?"
I thought to myself, "well not until tonight," but I could not say that. I asked her, "why do you wonder?"
She replied, "well back in Tae-Kwon-Do, I noticed you looking at me differently." then I remebered my erection and realized my buddy was coming back.
I noticed the light ahead was yellow, and slowed down. She looked at me expecting an answer. I had no clue what to tell her; I just wanted to scream yes, but I decided that would not work too well.
"Well, every guy has fellings for girls. It's just natural. Why are you so curious of this?"
She went almost stiff when I asked. She knew what I was doing, "just wondering" she replied.
With a smile, I said, "curiosity killed the cat."
She looked at me and pushed me, "shut up. I got no straight answer from you, so I'm not giving you one."
Just then, she realized I had a hard on. I tried to somewhat hide it. With no luck, I decided she felt it and she will probably understand.
She cleared her throat, and said, "is it going to rain? Because you have an umbrela..."
I was just lost in thought with what she said, and I realized it was just making it harder.
"I'm sorry, I just lost my girl friend last week."
It was a lie, but better than saying, "I have a date tonight" or "you are the first girl to talk to me about romantic stuff."
She looked me in the eyes, "well, if it matters at all, I do have feelings for you."
At this point, my cock was hard enough to chisel marble.
I looked at her, "you know, you are a great girl, but it will never happen. You know how our master is towards relationshps of two students."
"Well, he will never have to know," she said before I could even say another word.
At this point, we have arrived at her house, but her mother was not there; which was not usual for her. I offered to help her, and she accepted. However, on the walk inside, she got a phone call from the hospital. Her mom had been in a car accident and was just waking up. She asked me for a ride up to the hospital, and of course I said yes. Her mother was one of the best parents, and one of the most kindhearted people I knew. The whole ride was quiet, except for one little conversation.
Miriam asked me, "why do I turn you on?" I had thought she had completly forgot, but through all of this, she still managed to remembered my umbrella.
"Well, I guess just since we are friends, seeing you so happy and all that just turned me on."
Miriam said, "oh," and simply left it at that.
As we arrived at the hospital, she asked me to join her. I accepted, and realized it was nearing 8:00; my date was at 9:00. I droped her off at the front, and went to go find a spot to park. When I was parked, I called the girl I was supposed to meet tonight and told her I could not make it.
As I was wallking up to the the front, I noticed Miriam sitting and crying. When I walked up, I confirmed what I saw, her eyes were red. As we walked in, she grabed my hand and started to cling to me. This was not the first occurance of something like this. Durring Tae-Kwon-Do class, she grabed my hand a few times to get up, and she did not let go right away. She said she wanted to make sure she was stable before she let go.
As we got to her room, she stopped me and kissed me. It was a little hard for he. She was 5'6" and I was 5'11". I did have to crouch down a bit to let her, but I knew it would comfort her. As we walked in, we realized her mom had suffered a pretty brutal crash. She rolled her car in a ditch, and broke her arm, collar bone, and had fractured her skull. Miriam walked out she went to the bathroom crying. During this time, her mom asked me if would help watch Miriam and make sure she is ok. Being a little bit of a push over, I agreed. It was summer time, and Miriam was not a very outgoing girl, so she spent a lot of time at home with her mother. Becca was her mothers name. She ended up falling back asleep quickly. As Miriam came back, she grabed my arm and did not let go. Five minutes later, the nurse asked us to go; we could not stay because Becca suffered severe head trauma, and was going to be getting imaged every hour. They did not want anyone in the hospital room during this time.
Once we made it down to the lobby, Miriam started to cry again. We walked out into the night and sat on a bench. She curled up next to me and started to sob. I held her, and reassured her that she would be fine, and that the doctors will be taking great care of her mother. After that, she slowed down crying and kissed me again. I told her again that our relationship would not work, but she just kept kissing me harder and harder. I finally told her we better start heading home, and she agreed. On the way home, we talked a bit and she asked me more personal question. One question was why my ex and I broke up. To my suprise, a crazy question came out.
Miriam asked, "are you a virgin?"
At that, I more or less jumped.
I replied, "well, no, but it's not like I go out to have sex with every girl I see. Like my ex and I never had sex."
Miriam looked at me and asked, "well, how many girls have you had sex with?"
"Three, but none of them were long term relationships." How about you? Are you a virgin?" I asked, but she did not answer. At this time, we had pulled into the driveway.
Miriam said, "come on lets go inside. I need to use the bathroom."
I decided I could stay for a while. It was only 9:15, and my dad knew I was going out tonight. I had been in her house a few times when her mother needed help with some things. When Miriam came back down, she had changed into some cute short shorts and a tank top that left very little to the imagination.
"So, who is the guy with your mom all the time?"
Miriam said, "My uncle. He's been helping a lot around since my mom ripped her tenden."
With that in mind, I asked, "oh I see. Where is he now?"
When I presented the question, she looked sort of happy.
"He left for New York last week."
At this point, she was sitting next to me cuddled up. She had put in a movie.
"What movie are we watching?" I asked.
She replied, "Crazy Stupid Love."
At this point, I realized that she was expecting me to stay a while, and I could not blame her for wanting me to stay; she has gone though hell today. After a while, she said, "so what were your real plans for tonight? I heard you talking to someone saying you could not make it."
She had me. It was as good as a time as ever.
"Well, I had a date with a girl from my school."
"Oh. What is she like?" she asked, turning around while giving me a look down. She had a 32C cup size, and I felt my self getting hard again. She must have felt it because she smiled and said, "oh she's a slut, isn't she?"
I blushed and said, "well, not really a slut, more or less a girl that I saw as nice, and asked out."
She looked up again, giving me another great look at her nice chest.
"By nice, you mean hot, and by ask out you mean hoping to get laid. Right?"
Damn... she had me there.
"Ok... yes. You got me."
"Well, I'm sorry for screwing you over."
We both started to laugh, and for the first time I felt a need to kiss her. So I leaned in, and remained there for about 30 minutes. We were french kissing and my phone rang. Miriam answered it, and it was Jane; the girl I was supposed to be with right now. Miriam started screaming and I took the phone. By time I got it, Jane had already hung up.
Miriam decided that it was time for her go take a bath. Durring this time I called my dad and told him that I was going to be spending the night at a friends. After I hung up, I reallized I better freshen up. I always keep an extra set of clothes in my car, so I quickly went outside to fetch them. When I came back, in Miriam was still taking her bath, so I decided to take a shower in the other bathroom. When I got out, Miriam had finished with her bath, and was in the living room. I got dressed as fast as I could, and joined her. We sat for a while and she decided she was tired and headed to bed. I layed on the couch for awhile until I finally fell asleep. I am guessing it was sometime around was around 10:45.
Two hours later, I felt someone shaking my shoulder, trying to wake me up. Turned out it was Miriam. She could not fall asleep, so we went up to her room.I told her I would help her fall asleep, but Miriam had different ideas. As soon as we got up there, she said, "I never answered your question."
I asked, "what question?"
She said, "well, I'm a virgin."
When she said that, it got the attention of my cock. It sprung up, and was ready-to-go.
"That got someones attention!" she exclaimed.
She grabed me, and I quickly realized she was completly nude. I sat up, but did not prevale. If anything, I made it easier for her to take my pants off. Once they were off, she grabed my hands, and put them on her pefect tits, while she reached down and grabed my cock. Once she had a tight grip on it, she slowly started to stroke it.
I decided it was best to just let her do it, and I slowly ran my hands over the length of her body. I stopped when I got to her little slit, she was very moist. When I started to rub her slit, she slowly slid her body up and sat her cunt RIGHT on my face. I instantly started eating her out. This was the first time I had ever tasted pussy, and thought to myself that it would definatly not be the last. She had shaved when she was taking her bath, that is what took her so long. I grabed at my pants, trying to find my condom, but she stopped me and she said, "we dont need it. I've been on the pill for two years.
"Why so young?"
"Does it matter?" she replied. She had me hooked.
She slowly went down and licked my cock from the head all the way to my balls. As she slowed, I stood up and layed her on her back, and got into position and I slowly went in. I had only went in about an inch and came back out, then I want in again. This time, just touching her maidhein, I said, "the next time I go in, I'm gonna break it. It will hurt a bit." I told her lightly.
"Please, just do it! It feels so good!" she exclaimed.
With that, I mounted, and pushed in quickly and broke it. When I did, she moved and I could tell it hurt. I continued on, and after a few minutes, we changed into doggy style. Almost imedeantly, I started to feel the orgasm come on.
I told her, "I'm gonna cum!"
She looked me in the eyes, pulled me in, and kissed me. It felt like no other. I came instantly, and I could tell she loved the feeling of my hot cum in her tight little pussy. She started to moan. When she started moaning, my semi-hard cock got rock hard again. A girl had never done this to me before. I was hard again seconds after cumming.
She looked at me in astonishment and said,
"How did you get hard so quick? My uncle could never do this."
"I don't know, I guess you're special."
I put her back onto the bed and started pounding that little hole so hard, that my balls started to hurt. She started to moan harder, then I felt it. She started constricting my cock like a Boa, and then I felt her juices squirt down my rod. I started to cum, and she moaned louder and louder, until she just went almost limp. She was in such an estacy, that she went limp and continued to fuck. I pulled my dick out, and she put me on my back; once again getting me hard. She started humping me with all her force. As she was humping me, I squezzed her beautiful tits. Not long after starting, I was cumming. I burst like a firework in her tiny little cunt. After that, she kissed me, and with my cock still in her, we fell asleep.
When I woke up, I was greeted by my cock still in Miriam. I had always wanted to fuck a sleeping girl. I slowly reached around, grabbed one of her beautiful tits, and lightly squeezed. As I did, I felt my cock get hard. I then remembered that I was half off the bed. I proceeded to stand up, and slowly inserted my rod into Miriam's tight little hole. I could feel my cum still in there from last night. It felt nothing short from amazing. As I continued on, I was on the verge of cumming, and Miriam was just waking up. She was quietly moaning, and I watched as her hands came to her tits. I finally could not take it any longer; I had to cum in this young beauty again. As I did, I heard a voice coming from the front door - I'm home!
“Oh shit! My sisters back!”

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