A suprising night

A suprising night

My friends and I have always enjoyed experimenting new ways of entertaining each other but have, until recently run out of steam. Myself and Dave have worked in the same company for the last four years whilst our respective girlfriends, Susan and Jenny own a small fashion boutique. Usually after hitting a wine bar or club, we would go back to my apartment for a night cap or two.

After last Saturday's trip to a local Spanish wine bar, we were all quite merry and decided to buy some more wine and go back to my place for some drinks. We all settled down on two sofas and the girls made some snacks. Myself and Dave have always enjoyed the old daring game which usually ended up with me in awkward predicaments. I decided that tonight, I would out do him.

I dared him to play some music and suggest that we dance with our girlfriends but to swop partners before the end of the first tack. He agreed and chose a smooch album just before the girls got back. We each drank a little more wine and coached the girls to dance which everyone enjoyed. Just on cue Dave tapped Susan on the shoulder and asked for a change. Surprisingly, the girls swopped with only a little laughter. Two tracks later, I could feel my erection rubbing up against Jenny's leg. In return she was pushing her pussy into me as hard as she could. I was the horniest I have ever felt but snapped to my senses after reminding myself that this was extremely dangerous with my best friend and girlfriend just meters away. But my senses soon changed as I looked over and saw Dave rubbing his hands all over Susan's ass. She in turn was rubbing her hands in passion through his hair.

The album finished and we all sat down and took some more wine. Dave told the girls about my dare which amused them both. Susan said it was not totally fair as I had not been dared yet. They thought it would be more fun the girls decided my fate. They whispered and tittered for a while then Jenny came out with it.

I had to swop clothes with Susan and dance another three tracks with Jenny. The only part that really worried me was that my erection would be on full show as I changed my clothes but there was no going back. Susan stripped down to her underwear and I did the same. I could see Dave's eyes bulging as he admired Susan's body clad in very sexy sheer white panties and a see-through bra. I even noticed a small damp patch on her panties letting me know she was enjoying herself. The dance started and the laughter must of been heard for miles away. Jenny got bold and started kissing my neck. I looked over to check on Dave and Susan who were sat crossed legged on the floor seemingly enjoying the show. Dave finally beckoned Susan over to him and ran a finger over her damp patch then sucked his finger clean. By now I had my hand inside of Jenny's blouse and feeling her rock hard nipples. Once again the tempo was punctuated by the end of the album. Dave and Susan by this time were well into each other and there was no sign of jealousy anywhere. He had Jenny's white soaked panties pulled to one side whilst he gently rubbed her clit. Susan had her head back on the sofa and was making quiet murmuring noises. Jenny looked at both of them and then at me before undoing my shirt buttons and sucking on my nipples. I removed her top and bra and feasted myself on her. I could see her put out her arm and touch Dave's bulge in his trousers which he quickly removed with Susan's help. As soon as his dick was free, Susan bent over and started to suck it. Jenny seemed transfixed watching her friend performing on Dave.

Jenny abandoned me and joined Susan. They pulled Dave’s legs up and Susan resumed her sucking whilst Jenny licked his balls slowly then pulled them upwards exposing his ass. She licked all the way around his hole then poked her tongue up in as far as she could. Her tongue was then replaced with one of her fingers as she slowly fucked his ass. She finally withdrew her finger and sucked it. Dave was having trouble holding on to his cum and was now holding onto Susan’s hair as she deep throated him. Jenny moved around and pulled her panties into her pussy and stooped over Dave’s face. I could only hear the slurping noises as he licked her out. I was as hard as I have ever been and need some action. I bent down behind Jenny and folded her forward over Dave’s body as he continued eating her out. I could see her tiny little ass hole and stooped down to taste it. Dave and I were in such close proximity that our tongues often collided. Jenny was bubbling and had a very strong orgasm with the biggest squirt I have ever known which Dave and I willingly shared. My face soaked I pulled up and pushed my dick into Jenny’s ass while Dave continued eating her pussy. I could feel his tongue licking up and down my balls as I slid in and out of his girlfriend’s ass. Jenny had another massive orgasm which sent me over the top and I unloaded a bucket full of cum into her ass. I stayed inside her for a while and slowly pulled out. My cock scrapped over Dave’s face and he started licking me clean. I finally moved aside and Jenny moved her cum filled ass slightly forward and let Dave eat all the cum out of her ass. He licked and sucked for every last drop and even fingered the last few drops out of her.

Susan was still sucking on Dave’s dick and now had three fingers up his ass. Jenny moved over and sat on his dick sliding her wet pussy over him easily whilst Susan continued the assault on his ass. Susan pulled my limp dick over to her and started sucking it back hard again. Jenny was now screaming with an orgasm and rocked her body on top of Dave and finally collapsed on the carpet. I pulled Susan around and got into a 69. Without prompting Dave came around and started fucking her pussy from behind. He ploughed her as hard as he could then pulled out a decided to go for her ass. At first it didn’t look like it was going in so Susan altered her position slightly leaving her ass hole over my tongue. I probed my tongue in as far as I could get but gave up after a few minutes and let Dave try to enter her again. Before sliding into her ass he paused and let me coat his dick in saliva first. This done he pushed and popped inside her. Susan instantly jolted but not in pain. She had the most intense orgasm I have ever seen which continued for the whole assault on her ass. Some minutes later he could hold no more and blasted his cum deep inside her ass. He stayed in her for ages before his limp dick fell out over my face. With it came a clump of cum that dribbled down into my mouth. Dave moved aside and just as Susan was about to stoop her ass over my face, Jenny leapt over and pulled Susan on top of her and ate her ass out. Her face was covered with cum and when she had feasted enough, the two girls kissed passionately and licked each other’s faces clean.

I was done and thought that everyone else was. But after a short break, the girls were aroused again and decided more dares would be fun. Dave was told to bend me over the sofa and lick my balls and ass making sure my hole was well lubricated. The girls came over and each put a finger in my ass and started to fuck me. Meanwhile Dave dropped under me and started sucking me off. He was then ordered up by the girls who then guided in dick into my ass. Fuck, I have never felt pain like it but it soon got better even with his full 9’’ inside me. He fucked my slowly as the girls sucked my nipples and dick. I was in heaven. Dave soon sped up and informed us all that he was about to cum. He held my hips and banged his load in me. I could feel his cum in my ass. I was truly fucked. Jenny pulled his cock out of my ass and sucked it clean. Susan got behind me and held my cheeks apart and sucked all the cum from my hole. Not being sure she had it all, she laid on the floor and had me squat over her face as she sucked and fingered all the remaining cum out of me.

I didn’t get to fuck Dave’s ass that night but settled on sucking him off whilst the girls fingered our asses. A surprising night indeed.

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