Daughter's Slut Trainign 14: Mommy's Naughty Punishment

Daughter's Slut Trainign 14: Mommy's Naughty Punishment

Daughter's Slut Training
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter Fourteen: Mommy's Naughty Punishment
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Mrs. Umayyah

I used to be a good Muslim woman. A faithful wife. A loving mother. And then this young man, Clint, awakened the slut in me. I shuddered as I stared up at him as my mouth engulfed his dick fresh out of my asshole. It tasted so sour. I whimpered, sucking on his dirty shaft, cleaning him the way a whore would.

I didn't care about anything but satiating my desires. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked so hard, putting my all into serving Clint. Right now, he was my master. I was his slutty sex slave, doing whatever he wanted.

My asshole still burned from the force of his thrusts. He had fucked my bowels so hard. His cum dribbled out of my sphincter, staining my crack as it ran down to my thick bush adorning my pussy. I wiggled in delight, as much of a whore as the four girls being gangbanged out in the other room.

Clint had made me into a slut, and then I made my daughter into one. I channeled all those lusts I was feeling into her to try and deny them. But now I reveled in them. I bobbed my head, slobbering on his dick as he stared down at me, his dark eyes so strong, his fists clenching. He sucked in deep breaths.

“That's it, Jawdat,” purred Vicky, my coworker and Clint's aunt. And his real sex slave. The busty woman, her tits as big as mine, still glistened with his drying cum. She leaned in. “Clean his dick.”

“You are being such a good slave,” Lee, Vicky's nineteen-year-old daughter and Clint's pregnant sister-slave, said from behind me. “Mmm, yes, just clean that filthy ass off his dick.” She smacked my rump.

I moaned about her half-brother's dick, liking the feel.

“Ooh, Master, she's leaking cum out of her asshole.” Her hand squeezed my butt-cheeks. “Can I lick her clean? Please, please!”

“You've been good today,” Clint said. “Feast on her asshole.”

“I need to eat all the cum I can,” Lee said. “My daughter needs to know her mother is a slut. I expect her to be one herself when she's old enough.”

I shuddered and whimpered about Clint's cock as the girl pried apart my butt-cheeks. She bent down and nuzzled between them. She licked across my taint and gathered up Clint's cum before reaching my throbbing sphincter.

She swirled her tongue around my puckered hole. I shuddered, sucking so hard on Clint's dick. My tongue danced around his shaft in mimic of Lee's, cleaning off more of my sour musk. That dirty flavor faded with every moment.

I didn't want it to.

Lee's fingers dug into my butt-cheeks. Her tongue probed into my asshole. She swirled it around before scooping out her half-brother's incestuous cum. She dove her tongue over and over into my bowels, teasing me, driving me to worship her brother's, her Master's, dick.

“That's it,” Clint growled, “clean off every nasty bit of your ass, you married slut. What would your husband think seeing you doing this?”

Karim would hate me. I was supposed to be his pure wife, to never cheat on him. I was supposed to love and obey him. But did I love him? I thought I did, but I had no guilt over what I was doing. My lusts ruled me.

“He'd be so angry at you,” moaned Vicky. She nibbled on my ear. “Mmm, just a naughty whore-wife. That's what you are.”

I moaned so loudly about Clint's dick, shuddering as Lee probed her tongue as deep into my asshole as she could. Pleasure shuddered through me. A whore-wife. A slut-mother. A hussy-teacher. I was all those things.

And loved it.

My pussy dripped with juices. Lee's probing mixed with the hot thrill of cleaning Clint's cock had an orgasm building inside of me. Hot delight rippled out of my asshole, warming my cunt. I squirmed, my clit aching and throbbing. Juices dripped down my thighs.

“Make my Master cum, Jawdat,” Vicky moaned. “He wants you to guzzle down his cum.”

I wanted that, too. I bobbed my mouth, sucking and slobbering over his dick. The flavor of my sour musk had almost faded, but his salty precum coated my tongue. I swirled it around the tip of his cock, gathering more while making his muscular chest shudder.

He grabbed my hair, grunting and fucking his cock into my mouth. I gasped as his dick hit the back of my throat and kept going. I swallowed him. His shaft slid down my throat. I felt like such a whore as my lips pressed into his bush. His cock was so deep in me.

“Fuck!” Clint groaned, his face twisting.

His cock pulsed. I breathed in his salty musk, his pubic hair tickling my nose and lips while his cum pumped directly into my belly. The jizz warmed through my depths. I shuddered, my asshole clenching about Lee's probing tongue as Clint used me as a cum-bucket, a hole to pump his spunk into.

As nothing more than the whore I was.

My orgasm exploded through me. My pussy convulsed. Juices squirted down my thighs. I moaned about his dick as it kept firing cum into my stomach. He groaned and grunted as his pleasure surged through him.

“That's it,” Vicky moaned. “That's how you become a good slave. Just letting your Master use you, slut.”

I whimpered and trembled. Stars burst before my eyes. I wiggled my hips, Lee's tongue still squirming through my spasming bowels, sending new ripples of heat through my body while I drowned in my whorish lust.

I loved it. Being a slut. A whore.

I stared up at Clint as he grunted a final time, satisfaction crossing his face. I gave him pleasure, and he made me cum.


Leyla Umayyah

“That was so much fun!” Kimmy said as the shower sprayed across her body, washing off the cum that had dried in silvery streaks and dribbles across her petite body. She ducked her blonde hair beneath it, rubbing at the cum matting her curls together.

“Yeah,” Izzy nodded on the other side, scrubbing her big tits, a smile on the redhead's lips.

“God, I kept cumming and cumming,” Kendra said, her ebony body glistening as she wiggled her butt into the spray, her fingers sliding through her crack, washing the boys' spunk out of her asshole. “Thanks for showing us what it's like to be a slut, Leyla.”

“Yeah,” I said, my emotions boiling. I had enjoyed it. Until I caught my mother cheating on Daddy. She was a slut, just like me. But a married slut. I hadn't given myself to a man, promised to be only his, and then fucked others behind her back. I was mostly okay with her fucking my brothers, at least they were family. But Clint, Carter, Pete, and who knew how many other of her male students?

No wonder she knew how to train me as a slut! I should have realized it. But I was so caught up in my own emotions, at first scared about experiencing all these new delights, and then so thrilled to be able to enjoy them, reveling in my whorish behavior that I hadn't even thought about it.

Daddy had to know about Mom.

“Leyla?” Kimmy said, giving me a frown. She bit her lower lip, her braces flashing. “Is something...?”

“Yes, something is wrong!” I snapped, my hands scrubbing my dusky tits clean of all the boys' cum. I wanted to just be buzzing right now. I had been gangbanged. So many boys had fucked me. And my orgasms...

So many wonderful orgasms.

And my slut-mother had to ruin it!

“My mother is a cheating whore!” I growled.

“Oh, no,” Kimmy gasped. “But I thought she loved your father.”

“So did I.” My hands clenched.

“Well, I mean, I like your brother.” My blonde friend shivered. “A lot. And... he doesn't mind that I'm a slut.”

“Jalal is a gentle boy. He's not a man like my father. A man expects his wife to be faithful.” I clenched my fists.

“Why should your mother be faithful?” Izzy asked. “I mean, your dad fucks you. You're bringing Kimmy home so he can fuck her, too.”

I shuddered in delight. “I am. He's such a good supporter. He deserves some young pussy.”

Izzy shook her head. “So your dad can fuck you and Kimmy, but your mom has to be faithful? That doesn't seem fair.”

“Of course it's fair,” I said. “Because... because... He's a man. He has needs that slutty girls like me and you stir in him. We make him hard, so we have to help him out.”

“That is so fucked up,” Izzy said. “You have needs, too. We all do. That's why we just let ourselves get gangbanged. You make it sound like it's all right for men to be cheating pigs and wrong if us girls do it. Either it's all right, or it's all wrong.”

“Well...” I frowned then shook my head. “You just don't understand. She's his wife! She's cheating on him behind his back!”

“He's cheating on her with your pussy.”

“She sent me to his bed!” I gave Izzy a hard look. “She was there the first time he fucked me. She told him he could fuck Kimmy. But she never mentioned anything to Dad about fucking my brothers, and she...” My eyes widened. “Oh, my god, she was fucking someone else all last night. Maybe Clint? Or another of her students! That's why she's wearing the same clothes as yesterday. She didn't go home and fuck Daddy which meant...”

“What?” Kimmy asked me.

“It wasn't my daddy's cum I licked out of her pussy!” I let out a shriek of betrayed disgust. “Ooh, she's so horrible.”

“Naw, she's taking her pleasure where she wants,” Kendra said. “Mmm, she doesn't care about what anyone thinks about her. I like it.”

I glared at my friend. Izzy nodded her head. I whipped around to look at Kimmy, my black hair swaying wet behind her. “Do you think she's amazing for being a whore?”

“Well...” Kimmy bit her lip. “I mean, I had sex with Daddy last night, and he was cheating on my mom. That was wrong, but... I liked it. And... I don't want to stop.”

“It's because you're all American girls. You just don't understand. You're all whores anyways!”

“Yeah, being Muslim made you and your mother sooooo different from us,” Izzy said before slapping off her shower. “You really think you're better than us? You had your brothers fuck you before fifty or sixty guys. Then you went and fucked a good half of those. Yep, just a bastion of morality you are. Showing us slutty American girls how horrible we are.”

I flushed. “I'm not better than you. I didn't mean that. But my mother should be. She married him. She swore her oaths to be faithful and supportive. She should have talked to Daddy about it or something. She shouldn't have cheated on him!” I smacked my shower off, the warm water cutting off to a few drips. “And I'm going to tell him. I'm going to expose her! Daddy deserves to know.”

Kimmy bit her lip. “Maybe he does. She is doing it behind his back.” A worried look entered her eyes as she turned off the shower. “I'll be there for you, Leyla.”

I smiled at the support in Kimmy's eyes. Then I hugged her, pressing her small tits into my wet, round breasts. I think she would make a great sister. I really hoped things kept working out between her and my brother.

“I think I know where your mother was last night, Leyla.”

I swallowed, took a deep breath, and asked where.


Mrs. Umayyah

The guilt brushed my heart when I walked into the house with Kimmy, Leyla, and Jalal trailing behind me. My husband, Karim, walked into the entry hall from the living room, staring at me with dark eyes. I could still feel the warmth of Clint's cum in my stomach, my asshole still aching from his hard thrusts. My husband had no idea I was such a whore.

“How was the slumber party?” Karim asked.

“Amazing,” Leyla said as she passed me. “We had so much fun.” She threw herself at her father, her arms going around his neck. She kissed him, nuzzling into his thick, black beard.

He gripped her ass with his strong, manly hands. I shivered. He had Clint's strength, squeezing Leyla's rump like he owned her as he pulled her tight against him. She melted against his solid form, moaning like a little hussy. My pussy itched, remembering Clint mastering my body.

And my eldest son, Faizel, too, had dominated me. Even Jalal had shown himself capable of forcing my submission.

Would my husband ask about the slumber party? Probably not. At least I didn't have to worry about my daughter. She wouldn't tell my husband about last night. I'd already convinced her not to tell him at all about being a prostitute. I could count on her discretion. And tomorrow... Tomorrow the pair of us would have so much fun with Principal Carver. He paid so much money to fuck us both. I couldn't wait, my pussy getting so juicy.

“My bedroom's this way,” Jalal said, grabbing Kimmy's hands.

Anger surged through me. My baby boy needed to be protected from that beguiling, blonde tramp. Kimmy looked so innocent, with her petite frame and glasses, but she had such a wanton pussy. She'd just been gangbanged by half her college.

She was not worthy enough for Jalal to love. He needed his mother to show him the truth.

“Jalal,” I said. “I need to talk to you first. Alone.”

“Now?” he asked, his cock bulging his jeans.

My pussy clenched. “Yes, right now. You can play with the little whore later. In fact, your sister promised your father a naughty treat. Kimmy's here for him, not you.”

“Yes, Mrs. Umayyah,” Kimmy, my little whore, said. She remembered I was her madam, selling her pussy to whoever I wanted. She gave Jalal's hand a squeeze and broke away, heading to Leyla and my husband.

My son opened his mouth to object but then swallowed it as I stalked to him in my dress, my breasts bouncing in it. I had no underwear on underneath. Behind me, Kimmy joined my husband and daughter, nuzzling her “innocent” face into the incestuous kiss.

Karim groaned in delight with two barely legal sluts to enjoy.

I took my son's hand and led him like a puppy upstairs. I felt his eyes on my swaying ass. He ached for his mother so badly. He was such a gentle boy, my baby. I would give him everything he needed. If he needed a hot cunt or sucking mouth to enjoy, I would provide for him. He didn't need that hussy.

“What do you want to talk about, Mom?” he asked as I led him in this bedroom.

I pulled off my hijab, uncovering my black hair. I let it drop to the floor as my fingers went to the buttons of my dress. He stared at me with such hunger, rubbing his hands on his thighs. He was a slender boy, not broad-shouldered like his father or older brother. It made me just want to smother him in maternal love.

“Kimmy,” I said, exposing more and more of my large, dusky breasts with every button I undid.

He shifted.

“You've been paying a lot of attention to her.”

He shrugged.

“You had sex with her this morning.”

“And?” he asked. “I like her. She's cute.”

“She's a slut,” I said, baring my tits to my son. I wiggled my hips as I shrugged out of the sleeves. The dark, conservative dress fell down my waist. It held there for a moment, but my sways worked it over my curves. It fluttered down my thighs, baring my black bush to my son, and landed in a puddle on the floor. “She's a whore. You saw her getting fucked by all those boys. How much she loved it.”

“Yeah,” he groaned, his hand squeezing his cock. “She looked so... so beautiful. A goddess being worshiped. She had such joy in her eyes as she took their dicks.”

“Joy?” I said. “She was a whore! You can't give your heart to a whore.” I moved forward. Below, my husband let out a wild moan of passion.

I could only imagine the naughty things that little whore and my daughter were getting up to. Leyla and Kimmy would distract my husband for hours, giving me plenty of time to love my baby boy.

I put my hand over his covering his crotch, squeezing his fingers into his bulge. His other hand seized my breast, squeezing it with such a boldness. He may be shy, but he could take what he wanted when aroused.

Like he has my anal virginity.

“You deserve better,” I purred, my other hand sliding beneath his shirt, caressing his slender body. He had such a lean feel about him. I rose higher, making him shudder, his hand clenching hard on my tit. “You deserve a woman who is pure. Fuck Kimmy all you want, but don't love her. If you need a woman to love, your Mommy is here for you.”

He shook his head. “I like that she's a whore, Mom. She's like you.”

I flinched at that.

“She's so wanton and naughty. She enjoys it. She puts her heart into being a slut while looking just so innocent.” He squeezed his cock beneath my hand. “Mom, she's amazing to watch. Didn't you see her? Her blonde hair dancing about her face as she took all those dicks. They filled her. And when I slid into her cum-filled cunt, I enjoyed her whorish behavior... I came so hard in her, Mom. Like I do with you.”

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “You can't fall in love with a slut.”

“Why not? You're one. I love you, Mom.” His fingers found my nipple. He pinched and rolled it, sending shudders through me. “You're amazing, Mom. You convinced Leyla to be a whore. And that made Kimmy into one. And... And it was so hot watching her, Mom. Thank you.”

I pushed his hand away, unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his cock. I had to fix this. I had to solve this problem. I stroked my son, staring into his eyes, and said, “No, no, you have to—”

The bedroom door crashed open.

I whirled around, my hand squeezing down on my son's dick, and found my naked husband clutching Leyla's phone in his hand. His swarthy, muscular body bulged with fury. His black beard bristled like a thick bramble of thorns. And his eyes... His eyes burned with rage.

I flinched back.

“What is this, Jawdat!” he growled, his eyes falling on my hand gripping my son's cock like a lifeline.

“I'm just...” I swallowed. “Just helping our son. Like I helped Leyla. I...”

“I can see that!” He marched forward. “My wife is stroking my son's cock. What else have you done, woman?”

“I...” I swallowed, trembling before him. He towered over me and I saw it in his eyes. He knew I'd cheated on him. But how...?


She stood in the doorway with Kimmy, both sluts naked. A... satisfied smirk glinted on my daughter's lips. Did she want to replace me? Did she want her father all to herself? But I thought she loved being a slut.

“I've been watching some of the things you've done,” he growled, flipping Leyla's phone around so I could see her screen. He tapped it

A video played.

I saw myself writhing in whorish passion beneath Faizel, moaning out my rapture as our eldest son fucked me so hard on his bed. You could hear his balls smacking into me. I remembered that day. It was when Leyla came up to talk to me about Kimmy wanting to be a slut. I didn't realized she'd recorded it.

My daughter had been so shocked to find me fucking her brother. She thought...

She thought I was a good, Muslim woman before. That I was what she always wanted to be. She never thought I could cheat on my husband, and then she caught me with Faizel. But I had convinced her that I wasn't a slut. That I was just doing things to help out my sons, or to help her to be a slut. I knew I made her understand why I was doing such wanton things. I even had my story for tomorrow all figured out. How I would “reluctantly” agree to fuck Principal Carver with Leyla just to let her keep being a whore.

“I was just... comforting our son,” I said, trembling. I could convince my husband of that. I had to. “He needed... a woman. And Leyla was busy...”

“Clearly!” Leyla said. “Since I was so unavailable for Faizel to use when I caught you. I mean, I had nothing better to do but watch you two fuck!”

I flushed and looked at my husband. I could save this. I had to. “Karim, I was just—”

“Taking care of my son?” he demanded. Then swiped the phone a few times. “And what about this?”

He practically shoved the phone into my face. The video played and...

“Oh, no,” I groaned.

It was taken only an hour ago. There I was, on my hands and knees, as Clint fucked my ass. You could hear me begging him to plow me, calling him “Master.” My husband's face turned into a raging inferno. I quivered beneath the righteousness of his anger.

And then... after Clint had cum in my bowels, I turned around and cleaned my ass off his dick.

The phone shook with fury in Karim's grip. The plastic casing groaned as his fingers clenched around it.

“You! Were! His! Slave!”


“You let him fuck your ass! You sucked his cock clean! You never did that for me! For your husband! But you could be your student's whore? His slave!”

“It's just—”

He seized my hair. “You want to be a slave? Is that what my wife wants to be!”


He yanked me out of the room, pulling so hard. Pain flared at the roots of my hair. I bent over, my huge tits swaying before me as I stumble dafter him. He marched forward with all the power of a boulder crashing down a hill, nothing capable of stopping him.

Tears burned in my eyes. My marriage was all over. But it wasn't fair. I was just satiating my lusts like he did with our daughter. I was having fun, like him. What was really so wrong about that? I had needs, too. I needed to be fucked. I needed to cum.

And he didn't give me what I needed. He didn't treat me like a slut.

“My husband, what are—”

“Husband!” he roared as he hauled me down the stairs, his every step booming. “Husband! After you called that boy Master you dare call me husband!” His hand twisted, twining my hair around his fist, and yanked me closer to him. I gasped, almost falling down the stairs as I hurried after him. He reached the landing, hauled me to the living room, my son, daughter, and Kimmy following. “Are you that much of a cunt to call me husband after you whored yourself out to your student!”

“You fucked Carter all night, didn't you, Mother!” Leyla hissed as she hurried down the stairs behind me. “He told Kimmy all about it when she asked him. How he paid to fuck you all night long!”

“Just a whore!” my husband growled. “A filthy prostitute. You are my wife no longer!”

My eyes squeezed shut. Tears burned my eyes. My body shook. “P-please, Karim, I should have told you. I should—”

“Do you know what happens to slaves when they betray their rightful owners?” he growled.

“Slave?” I gasped.

“You want to be that boy's slave, but not mine?” he growled. “When I married you. When I took care of you! I paid for your schooling so you could be a whore at your college! And you won't be my slave.”

Something settled into place inside of me. Something that Clint had originally awakened in me that first time I peered through the peephole and saw him with his harem of sisters and his aunt. The way he mastered them. The way he dominated them and turned them into his sluts.

Into his slaves.

My pussy grew juicy even as I trembled in fear. My husband reached his recliner. He sank down naked, his cock thrusting thick and hard from his wiry pubic hair. He was as hung as Clint and my eldest son. Jalal was only a little smaller than them. I didn't resist Karim's strength as he hauled me over his lap, my tits pressing against the armrest, my legs dangling over the other side. I felt his dick twitching against my stomach, his precum smearing on my flesh.

“You want me to be your... slave?” I asked, trembling.

“Want?” he growled. “I purchased your whore body the day I married you. I have been too lax! Too trusting! No longer!” He grabbed my ass, squeezing my butt-cheek hard. “Say it!”

I shuddered and, with no hesitation, groaned, “You own my body, Master! I'm your slave-wife!”

“And you were so naughty. You sold your body to other men!” He squeezed my ass. “You sold what belonged to ME!”

His hand rose and up and then smacked down so hard on my butt-cheek. A cracking slap, thundering like a lightning bolt, echoed through the living room. Pain roared through me. Agony exploded across my rump. I gasped out, my pussy clenching at the strength of my punishment. My ass burned. Tears stung my eyes, rained down my face. I sucked in breaths against the agony.


His second blow fell on my other butt-cheek. I spasmed so hard across his lap. My head lifted up. I screamed out in pain as my husband, my Master, disciplined me. He was right. I was such a whore. A slut. I let all those other men, even my sons, use what belonged to him. I swore to be his faithful wife on our marriage day.

And I couldn't be that. I had proved myself unworthy of being his wife. But I could be his slave.

“You only fuck the men I allow!”


“Yes, Master!” I screamed as the pain twisted through my body, swirling about my lusts, making my pussy even juicier as the hurt spread into my cunt.


“Say it!” he snarled, the sound of his spanking echoing through the room.

“I'll only fuck men when you allow it, my Master!” I screamed out, squirming on him, my snatch growing so hot. As the pain increased, so did my orgasm build. “I promise to Allah and his Messenger!”


“I'm your whore, my Master!” I moaned. “This time... This time I won't break my oath to you!”


“Filthy!” he snarled.





“I am, my Master!” I moaned, tears falling down my face. “I'm disgusting! You should beat me!”

There was one difference between us: I gave him permission to fuck our daughter. I never gave him the same option to bless my affairs. I just acted on my lusts. I violated our marriage to satiate my own cunt behind his back. I was such a slut. A whore. I needed to be controlled. Just like Leyla did. Or I would fuck everyone. I would just spread my thighs and let any man enter me.

I craved to be a slut. Anyone's slut.

“I am a filthy, cheating whore, my Master!” My ass burned so much. “Punish me!”


I welcomed the pain. Every spanking hurt. I moaned and gasped and screamed. My voice grew raw as my ass burned hotter and hotter. My pussy clenched, my snatch growing so juicy. Every time my husband proved how strong he was made me shudder.

He could master me the way Clint did his Aunt Vicky and his half-sister Lee. My husband could control my lusts, channel them. He would direct me. He would tell me which men to fuck and how. I could let him make all the decisions.

Let him decide how I would make back the money I wasted with my online gambling.


“I'm your slut, my Master!” I groaned, his dick throbbing so hard against my belly.


Such agony blazed through me. The tears poured down my face. My husband and Master reinforced his control over me with every smack of his broad hand. He proved himself strong enough to own my body. To punish me for being a whore.


I could feel my daughter and son watching my discipline, witnessing their father controlling my slutty body. Kimmy knelt before Jalal, her mouth wrapped about his cock, bobbing her head. Would Jalal have the strength to master Kimmy, to make her his slut and control her whorish pussy? He wouldn't abandon her.

He needed to learn from his father. See how a man treated his slut.

His eyes burned as he watched. He absorbed what his father was doing. I moaned louder, shuddering, being that object lesson for my baby boy. He wanted a woman just like his mother, and he needed to see how one acted. I shuddered, loving the pleasure rippling across his face as his hips thrust forward, fucking his cock in and out of Kimmy's mouth.

The blonde slut moaned her wanton passion as she pleased my baby boy.

Then I noticed Leyla watching, fingering her shaved cunt. She rubbed her digits up and down her juicy snatch, getting off on watching my punishment. She was right to tell her father. I needed this. Maybe... Maybe I was so reckless, fucking so many guys, so my husband would find out what I was.

I needed to learn if he were truly strong. Truly a man.


Or maybe I just liked being a slave, and needed to drive him to claim me. He had. He seized me, took command of my passions.


He tamed my slut-cunt to his will. He reigned in my whorish behavior.


“My Master!” I howled. “I'll be yours! I'll do whatever you want! I'll fuck you right now. I can feel how much you need to use me.”

“You want me to use your filthy, cheating cunt?” he demanded. “Why would I when I have our daughter's hot, tight snatch to please me? I might never fuck you again. I might just lock you into a cage to keep you from letting you use that filthy snatch. I'll make you watch as your daughter enjoys my cock night and day.”

My eyes widened. I wanted to rebel, to shout, but... But... He sounded so strong. I had to submit to him. Even if he never let me cum again. My passions would just build and build in me, driving me wild until I became a filthy animal masturbating in a cage, rubbing my cunt against the bars, just so desperate for satisfaction.

“Yes, my Master!” I moaned. “You have to fuck our daughter's barely legal cunt. You have to feel that tight pussy about your dick! She's better than me.” I shuddered at saying those words. Leyla was better than me. She was honest with her father about fucking other guys. She didn't try to hide it.

And neither did Kimmy. She performed during the gangbang for my son. She let him watch her be a slut because it gave him pleasure.

I deserved my punishment.


“Kneel before me and watch,” he growled as he shoved me off his lap.

I landed on the floor, my bruised ass flaring with pain. I grunted, drinking in the agony, savoring being discarded. I deserved this humiliation. It made my slut-cunt even wetter.

“Watch our daughter take your place. On my cock. In our bed. I'll make her my wife and you... You'll just be our slave. Our whore.”

“And what about other guys, Daddy?” Leyla asked. “I... I like being fucked by lots of men. I love you, Daddy, I do. I would truly cherish being your woman. Your wife. But... I'm like Mother, I need to be used.”

My husband grinned at her. “You're my slut, too. You fuck whom I say you can, my little flower.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Leyla quivered and then darted to him.

She nimbly leaped over me to land on his lap, straddling him. She kissed him so hard, her ass wiggling right before my face, her pussy shaved and gleaming with her juices. My pussy was just as wet. I wanted to cum so badly.

I quivered as I listened to her kiss my husband. He was her husband now, too, her Daddy-husband. It was so wrong, so taboo. I shuddered. My hands clenched my thighs to resist shoving between my thighs and rub my cunt. My ass burned. I couldn't sit down. I had to kneel and watch my Master fuck our daughter.


Leyla Umayyah

Such joy shuddered through me. I was all Daddy's now. He would be my pimp now. Mom had tried to be that, but he would do such a better job whoring me out. For one, he wouldn't want to fuck my clients as much as I did.

Dad broke our kiss. I shuddered, leaning back, my round tits quivering. Already, I missed his beard scratching at my cheeks.

Then I squealed in delight as he lifted me up, his hands gripping my waist, and turned me around. He dropped me on his lap, his cock nudging at my ass. I faced my kneeling mother, her face stained with tears, her dark eyes smoldering with passion. Her breasts quivered, her nipples hard, and pussy juices stained her toned thighs, dribbling from her whore-cunt.

I could have become her. If I never had my slut training, I would have married a good, Muslim man, like my brother Jalal, and one day, I would have cheated on him like she did. My whorish lusts would have consumed me. I would have violated my vows over and over.

But now... Now Daddy knew what I was. He'd seen me fuck Jalal before, jerking his dick, loving the sight of my wanton behavior. Like with my little brother and Kimmy, Daddy claimed me knowing I was a slut.

Poor Mom. If she had known what she was at my age, maybe she wouldn't have needed to be spanked so hard today.

But then maybe I wouldn't even exist...

I gasped as Daddy lifted my hips with his strong hands, his dick sliding along my butt until it nudged at my pussy. Mom grabbed his shaft, holding it steady against my cunt's entrance. All my thoughts fled my mind as Daddy slammed me down his dick.

His incestuous shaft filled me.

“Kimmy!” groaned Jalal, flooding my friend's mouth with his cum as I watched.

“Please him, my little slut,” Mom moaned, staring at my cunt impaled on Daddy's cock with such hunger.

“I will, Mother,” I moaned.

“Yes!” Daddy grunted.

He lifted me up and down his dick. He worked my pussy on his dick, using me as his fucktoy. I loved it. I trembled, just a living sex toy for my daddy. I savored it, my black hair sliding about my back as he bounced me.

Pleasure spilled through my body. My pussy savored his dick sliding in and out of me. The silky friction sent pleasure washing through my body. My eyes fluttered. I let out such wanton whimpers. It felt so amazing being filled by Daddy's cock.

He pumped me up and down his dick faster and faster. My eyes rolled back as I swiveled my hips from side-to-side. Such utter rapture consumed me. It was amazing. I groaned and whimpered. My hips swiveled, stirring Daddy's dick through my cunt.

“My little flower!” he groaned as I squeezed my cunt down on his dick. He slammed me down his cock. “You're so hot and tight.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Use my cunt, Daddy. My tight, young pussy! Let me milk you!”

He slammed me faster and faster on his dick while Mom trembled before me. She stared with such hunger at my pussy. She licked her lips, quivering in delight. Her hands rubbed at her thighs, fingers digging into her flesh. She wanted to eat me.

She wanted to touch herself. But didn't. For Daddy.

“Can Mother lick my clit, Daddy?” I moaned. “Can your naughty slave give me more pleasure, Daddy?”

“Yes!” he growled. “You heard our daughter, slave! Please her!”

“Yes, my Master!” Mom moaned, such delight bursting in her eyes.

Her head leaned forward. Her black hair spilled over my thighs. And then her tongue flicked at my clit. She brushed it, the nub thrusting out of my folds, as Daddy worked my cunt faster and faster up and down his dick.

Pleasure shuddered through me. Mom's tongue sparked rapture through my cunt. It rained like glowing embers from a detonated firework, tightening my snatch on Daddy's dick. I whimpered, trembling as he pumped me up and down his dick, working me so hard.

Her tongue fluttered. It swirled. Her lips even sucked.

The pleasure surged through me. My pussy grew hotter. My orgasm swelled, my parents driving me wild. My slut-body drank in the delight of Daddy's cock and Mommy's tongue. My back arched, rubbing into Daddy's chest. His beard scratched at my neck and right shoulder.

“Daddy!” I squealed. “I'm going to cum on your dick!”

“Yes,” he growled, his strong hands tightening on my hips.

He slammed me so hard down his dick, impaling me on the full girth of his cock. I whimpered, my eyes fluttering as my snatch clenched down so hard on his dick. My body bucked. My legs spasmed out before me.

My pussy convulsed.

I came.

My moans sang through the room. Jalal and Kimmy, her lips stained with my brother's cum, watched as they held each other. They were both so cute. I stared at them as the pleasure rippled through my body. My mom sucked on my clit, adding more rapture to the delight flooding through me.

“Daddy! Mommy!” I howled, sharing in the delight of their new relationship.

Mom nipped my clit.

My pussy convulsed so hard around Daddy's cock, massaging it. I wanted his cum flooding my body. I wanted to hear him grunt in rapture. I squirmed against him, rubbing my back on his strong chest as he gripped my hips.

“Daddy! Cum in me!”

“Not yet, my little flower!” he growled. “Just let me enjoy your snatch writhing about my dick.”

“Writhing so hard!” I whimpered. “Oh, Mommy, keep sucking on my clit and... Yes!”

I squealed out so loud as another orgasm shot through me. My legs spasmed out alongside Mom. My pussy convulsed so hard on Daddy's dick. My snatch milked him, aching for his cum to spurt into my depths. To give me that incestuous treat I craved so badly.

Instead, Daddy hauled me completely off his cock. I gasped, my pussy suddenly so empty. I didn't have anything in me. I felt so empty. I whimpered in need until I felt his shaft moving. Mom, still sucking on my clit, stared up at me as she guided his dick to my asshole. She knew what her husband and master wanted from me.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass, Daddy!” I howled.

“My little flower!” he snarled and slammed my bowels down his dick.

My sphincter stretched and stretched with ease. I had enough boys fuck my asshole during the gangbang, keeping me loose enough to take his pussy-lubed dick. I groaned as my butt-cheeks smacked into his crotch.

Mom's mouth nuzzled into my pussy.

I squealed, my asshole clenching on Daddy's cock, as Mom feasted on my cunt. Daddy fucked my bowels up and down his dick. The velvety friction now sent heat wafting through my nethers, meeting the delight Mom churned in my cunt.

The slut devoured me with such hunger. Her eyes were glassy with delight as she tasted my cunt. She nuzzled through my folds, licking and fluttering her tongue, teasing me. I squirmed and moaned, another orgasm already building in me as Daddy plundered my asshole over and over.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled, my eyes rolling back into my head. Stars danced across my vision. “Eat my pussy, slut!”

“Eat her, Mom!” Jalal groaned, clutching Kimmy to him.

“Ooh, Mrs. Umayyah, lick your daughter's yummy cunt! I love Leyla's pussy.”

The front door opened and closed. The last member of our family walked into the living room. Faizel grinned at the sight. He pulled off his shirt, exposing his dusky chest. He had Daddy's muscular body, but lacked that sexy, manly beard.

“Damn, Dad, you're using Leyla hard. And Mom's helping out.”

“Your mother's my slave-whore now!” Dad growled.

“So you know what she's been up to,” Faizel grinned. “Good, I want her at my next gangbang!”

“Yes!” grunted Daddy.

He slammed my asshole down his cock. I took him to the hilt again. My bowels clenched about his dick. Velvety heat burned through my nethers, heating my pussy. More of my juices poured into Mom's mouth as Daddy grunted.

“My little flower!”

His cum pumped into my asshole. I groaned in delight, a third orgasm bursting through me. My pussy spasmed so hard. My juices squirted out of my cunt right into Mom's hungry mouth. I drenched her face while Daddy filled my bowels with his spunk.

It was so wonderful to share this joy with my parents. To be Daddy's new slut-wife and use my Mommy-slave with him. I groaned and gasped, my eyes rolling back into my head as the rapture surged through me.

Our family had changed. And I couldn't wait to explore it.


Mrs. Umayyah

My husband and Master groaned as Leyla rose off his dick. Her ass plopped off his dick with a wet popping sound. The little slut let out a wicked moan. Cum leaked out, a drop splattering right on my mouth as she climbed over me.

I licked that sour-infused jizz off my lips, reveling in the incestuous mix of their flavors. Then my eyes fell on my husband and Master's cock, an oily gleam coating it, a mix of her pussy juices and anal musk. I could smell her cream mixed with that bitter tang of ass.

My husband and Master stared down at me, nodding his head.

I licked his cock, tasting the mix of my daughter's flavors on it. I let out such a wanton moan, wiggling my hips. My ass burned. My pussy dripped. I grabbed my husband's thighs to keep from frigging myself. I whimpered in utter need as I stared up at him, begging as I cleaned his dick of tangy and sour juices.

“Faizel, you can use your slave-mother's cunt right now, if you want,” Karim growled. “You can use her all night, if you want. I'll be enjoying Leyla and Kimmy.”

“Can I watch that?” Jalal asked, so eager.

His father grinned as I kept licking his cock.

“Damn, Dad, you made Mom's ass glow.” Faizel grabbed my rear, squeezing my spanked butt-cheeks.

“He did!” I moaned as pain shot through me. “I was such a bad wife.”

“Yes, you were,” he groaned. His zipper rasped. Then he smacked my ass with his thick cock.

I shuddered at the hard feel as I kept licking his father's softening cock. I fluttered up to my Master's crown, swirling around it, then locked my lips about it. I sucked hard, drawing out a drop of cum as I cleaned off our daughter's ass from his mouth.

And stared up at my husband and Master the entire time.

He groaned, his dick twitching in my hand while Faizel whipped my ass with his cock. The meaty thwacks sent pain shivering through me, my pussy clenching, aching for my son to fill my whore-pussy. I would be his all night.


In the background, Leyla squealed, “Eat my ass, Kimmy!”

Jalal groaned.

“You are such a slut, Mom!” Faizel groaned. “She is dripping like a leaky faucet back here, Dad. Just a bitch in heat.”

“Fuck your mother's cunt, then,” my husband and Master groaned, his dick growing hard now in my sucking mouth. He shifted on the chair, looking as strong and handsome as the day I swore to be his faithful wife.

This time, I would be his faithful slave.

I moaned about his cock as Faizel rammed into my pussy. My whorish cunt clenched down so hard on it. Then pain knifed through me. His crotch smacked my burning asshole. Every time he buried into me, he would remind me of my punishment.

So I bucked back into him, welcoming the stinging hurt, reinforcing my punishment and reminding me to whom I belonged.

My husband and Master.

I sucked so hard on his cock. My tits rubbed against the chair as I bobbed my mouth. Karim's dick reached its full girth in a minute, pleasure crossing his beard face. He groaned as I sucked as hard as I could, bobbing my mouth, inspired by our son's hard thrusts.

“Jalal!” Kimmy moaned in the background. A second rhythmic slap of flesh-on-flesh echoed through the living room.

“Fuck your slut so hard while she eats my ass, little brother!” Leyla squealed.

I shuddered, my hips squirming around my son's large cock spearing into my cunt's depths. I savored our new family dynamic. I bobbed my mouth so fast, sucking on my husband and Master's cock the way I always should have. I should have been his whore from our wedding night. I should have used my body in every way to please him.

I would now. If he ever let me fuck him, I would give him all the pleasure I could.

Or I would be there to increase the pleasure he took in our daughter's cunt.

I sucked so hard on his dick, cleaning off more of our daughter's musk, that mix of tangy and sour depravity. My cunt squeezed down so hard on Faizel's thrusting dick. The friction burned through me, meeting the pain flaring over and over in my ass.

They mixed and swirled in me, feeding on each other. I squeezed my eyes shut and squealed my rapture about my husband and Master's cock. My pussy exploded. My orgasm raged through me. My cunt convulsed on Faizel's dick.

“Fuck, yes, Dad, the whore's cumming!” my son groaned.

“Good,” Karim growled, grabbing my hair and bobbing my head on his dick. “Please my son's cock, slave. Make him cum in that pussy. The pussy that brought him into this world.”

I moaned about his dick as my pussy writhed so hard about our son's thrusting shaft.

“Shit!” Faizel groaned, his thrust causing wave after wave of incestuous rapture to flood through my body. Stars danced across my vision.

My orgasm intensified.

My son rammed his dick so fast into my cunt. I screamed my pleasure around his father's dick. I sucked so hard at it as Faizel buried into me. My eldest son filled my convulsing snatch with his hard cock.

“You're such a slut, Mom!”

His cum fired into me.

“Take it, whore! Take it all!”

“Yes!” my husband and Master growled, driving my head down his dick.

His cock brushed the back of my throat. I swallowed him the same way I did Clint. I shuddered as his dick filled my throat. With a grunt, my husband pumped his jizz straight into my belly, using me as a cum-bucket.

Another orgasm convulsed through my body.

“Yes!” Faizel grunted as I milked his cock, massaging out every drop of cum in his balls. “Shit, Mom!”

I pleased my son and my Master. I trembled in ecstatic delight. I had a new place in the world. I had transcended being a slut and become a slave. It made my body quiver even more. As my orgasm peaked, I knew my husband and Master would see my pussy satiated by cock after cock.

He would see me used. Degraded.

Just what I needed. Like my daughter, I was a slut. I needed to be controlled, or I would just fuck anything I could.

My husband and Master grunted a final time, the last blast of cum spurted into my belly. He hauled my mouth off his dick, staring into my eyes. Drool dribbled down my chin as I sucked in a deep breath.

“Now tell me everything about whoring out yourself and our daughter,” he growled, eyes smoldering.

“Yes, my Master.” I held nothing back.

To be concluded...

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