Dani and I

Dani and I

Dani was a 15 year old French stunner! She had long blonde hair down to her ass, perfect breasts, flat stomach and long legs. Trouble was … she was my cousin.

She lived with her mum in France and I only saw her during her school holidays. This summer she had come over with her little sister and because her dad was at work during the day, I had to look after them. They learned my usual routine when my parents were away; play guitar, get some food, play PC games, play guitar, get some food! That late evening though, when her dad came to collect them, Dani did something that took me by supprise.

“Dad, Craig said I could stop over with him tonight. Can I stay pleeeeeeese!” She bust out. “If that’s alright with you Craig?” He asked “I don’t want her cramping your style!!”. “Oh, its no problem!” I stammered still taken back by her suggestion. “Well then I’ll see you in the morning.” Said Dani’s dad. She kissed him on the cheek and we went inside. I pulled the spare bed out from under mine and she clambered under the sheets! I turned out the lights and could hear her fumbling around, quietly trying to get undressed. As I stripped down to my boxers I could tell she was watching me! We both lay in our beds talking for a while before I fell asleep…

…I was woken in the middle of the night when I felt my covers being slowly pulled off. I slightly opened my eyes to see Dani standing over me in her underwear pulling back the sheets. She thought I was asleep and was unaware of her stroking my stomach with her hand. She looked at me occasionally to check I was asleep, but I kept my eyes closed so she wouldn’t tell. She lowered her face to mine, her hair enclosing us. I could feel her breath on my skin. She was so quiet. Dani kissed me softly on the lips, then again for longer. She then paused for a while, I dared not look to see what she was doing. To my surprise and pleasure I then felt her smooth wet tongue push past my lips and into my mouth. The sweet teen licked the roof of my mouth and tasted my tongue. She made muted sucking noises as her tongue danced inside my. Next I felt her long hair sweep over my chest and her soft tongue taste my body. This was so arousing my cock made a huge bulge in my shorts! She saw this and I soon felt her fingers sliding under the elastic to ease them down to my knees. She did this so gently, I would never have felt it… had I been asleep! She stood and looked at my throbbing member for a while, this was probably the first erect dick she had ever seen! Then she put her whole hand around my shaft and began to pump it very slowly, so not to awaken me! She saw the pre-cum accumulating at the head and bent down to lick it off. Again I felt her hair draped over my body and her warm breath on my knob. She paused while she tasted the salty fluid then sank down and took my entire cock into her mouth. Man was she good! She sucked my dick and massaged my balls so gently, I was in ecstasy! I thought I’d toy with her for a while so I softly moaned and stirred around for a bit. But this didn’t stop her. I came so fast, hot sticky jism shooting into her throat. She gulped down every last bit, not a drop was spilt! She sat up and licked the last bit from her lips. She stared at me in the dark. I watched her through squinted eyes, and she bent down and kissed me. Dani kissed me so passionately I swear that kiss could have made me cum again! She then licked the sweat from my forehead, her wet tongue sliding across my skin. She liked the sweat from my neck, my chest and my stomach. She even ran her sweet tongue along the bottom of my feet and between my toes. She finally lifted my arms above my head, so gently, so she could lick clean under my arms. My cock was, again, painfully hard! She climbed back into her bead and snuggled down into the sheets.

When I was sure she was asleep I climbed out of my bed stepped carefully over her and darted into the bathroom to jerk off! What had happened that night was flashing through my mind the whole time! On the way back to my bed I stopped and looked at her sleeping. She lay sprawled out across the bed, the covers only half covering her. Her beautiful flat stomach and cute belly button just visible in the poor light. I squatted down next to her and brushed the long blonde hair from across her face and thought to myself…

…“Now it’s my turn!!!”

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