Gokkun Bazooka

Gokkun Bazooka

Barbara gargled the six loads of warm bitter salty nut juice and swallowed. Mr. Johnny number seven stepped up and unloaded a squirt that hit the roof of Barbara’s mouth with an audible plop.

The guys name wasn’t really Mr. Johnny number seven, of course. Barbara didn’t know his name. He was an overweight guy with reddish brown hair, maybe 35 or 40 years old and he had a 3 inch penis. Barbara had never met him, and never would. He was the kind of guy she wouldn’t look at twice. All Barbara really cared about was that he had a current HIV test and STD panel. Mr. Johnny number seven had paid AIM Healthcare $120 for the tests. He was getting $50 back for shooting a load in Barbara’s mouth on film.

Mr. Johnny number seven pulled furiously at his pud, grunted and shot a decent load on Barbara’s tongue. Barbara looked at the camera and tilted her head back letting the cum run down her tongue and settle in the back of her mouth. She looked right at Johnny number seven as she pushed his spent little pecker in her mouth and gave it a spaghetti suck. Mr. Johnny number seven moaned as he pulled his stiff little piss whistle out of Barbara’s mouth and walked way. Mr. Mr. Johnny number eight scurried up on her other side and shot a huge load that skipped off her tongue like a well thrown rock on a lake. It hit the roof of Barbara’s mouth and she choked slightly, but didn’t move. Mr. Johnny number eight moaned as he squirted out three more huge warm jets of spew before the force of the stream subsided and Mr. Johnny number nine stepped up on her other side. He waited while Barbara sucked Mr. Johnny number eight’s cock into her mouth and cleaned off the residual semen. Mr. Johnny number ten stood right behind Mr. Johnny number eight and took his place when Barbara was done cleaning him off.

Barbara’s mouth was wide open as Mr. Johnny number nine shot a load against the inside of her left cheek. Some of it missed and had splashed on her lips and the left corner of her mouth. Mr. Johnny number ten was a black man with a huge penis. He let loose a strong stream of sploog that splashed into the cum in Barbara’s mouth with a loud “POOT” sound that made a few guys snicker. Mr. Johnny number nine continued to drain his prostate into Barbara’s gaping yapper.

Mr. Johnny number eleven had already stepped up behind Mr. Johnny number nine as Barbara cleaned off his prick. Then she cleaned off Mr. Johnny number ten. Barbara gargled as she waited for more. The last four pops had been generous, but she felt she could take a few more. It was still early, and she wanted to pace herself so she could swallow as much spermatozoon as possible before having to vomit. She hoped she could get to fifty. She felt that if she could make it to fifty, she would shoot for a hundred. She knew that while swallowing a hundred shots of semen in a gokkun film was common in Japan, no American girl had ever gone so far. She wanted to do it all in one scene.

Mr. Johnny number eleven dribbled a disappointing load onto Barbara’s tongue. It stuck to her tongue as Mr. Johnny number twelve strolled up nonchalantly and sprayed a creamy load on Barbara’s tongue that ran right over Mr. Johnny number eleven’s semen as it flowed down Barbara s tongue to collect at the back of her mouth. Barbara grabbed Mr. Johnny number twelve’s cock and squeezed it over her wide open gullet as she gargled. She managed to squeeze an extra dollop of man sauce out before he walked away.

Barbara gargled and looked at Mr. Johnny number twelve as he approached. He was a large bearded man with dark scraggly graying hair, a big red alcoholic’s nose and a couple of prison tattoos running up and down the arm that was yanking on his short stubby rock hard prick with. He must have been 50. He grabbed the back of her head with his free hand and directed Barbara’s open mouth to his to his short cum cannon. He managed to get the head in her open mouth just as he shot 3 audible streams of sperm that splashed into the accumulated cum in her mouth. Mr. Johnny number thirteen walked up on the opposite side as Barbara clamped her lips around Mr. Johnny number twelve’s still squirting penis and looked into the camera. Her eyes were watery and she had a glassy dazed look.

Releasing Mr. Johnny number twelve from her lip lock, Barbara turned to face Mr. Johnny number thirteen. She took a moderate load from him before taking two more good sized loads in quick succession. Barbara gargled the nine loads of cum in her mouth. The massive amount of sploog in Barbara’s mouth actually made it harder for a guy to hit the part of her throat that would trigger the gag response. Barbara saw this as a definite plus and gargled again. Some of the sperm had bubbled up into a frothy scum that bubbled up over the edge of her lips and threatened to spill over until Mr. Johnny number fifteen shot a load through it breaking up the cum bubbles with his sperm nozzle. Barbara’s mouth was too full of cum to clean any more cocks off so Mr. Johnny number fifteen walked away

Mr. Johnny number sixteen and Mr. Johnny number seventeen stepped up on opposite sides of her and pumped their loads into Barbara’s sperm filled mouth. Mr. Johnny number eighteen walked up to Barbara holding his long black dick. He laid the head of his dick on the edge of her lower lip and squeezed. His long shaft visibly pulsated just before Mr. Johnny number eighteen shot an incredible stream of his afro spunk directly into the roof of Barbara’s mouth. Mr. Johnny number eighteen released his grip somewhat then squeezed hard again sent another shot of spew against the roof of Barbara’s mouth. This continued for three more incredible blasts as Mr. Johnny number eighteen’s penis was transformed into a gokkun bazooka. Barbara felt it was time to swallow as Mr. Johnny number eighteen sauntered off, but Mr. Johnny number nineteen and Mr. Johnny number twenty both trotted up and shot loads into her mouth in rapid succession.

Barbara had fourteen loads of cum in her mouth as she gargled for the camera. She stopped gargling and got a nauseous look on her face as she gulped loud and hard. Her face scrunched up a little.

“MMMMMMMMM that was yummerz!” Said Barbara wiping the residual jizz off her face and into her mouth. She let out a loud sperm burp. The whole room laughed.
“Who’s next?”

Barbara gulped down Mr. Johnny number twenty-one up to Mr. Johnny number fifty-four fresh squeezed; directly from the tap letting as many as eight guy spritz in her mouth before swallowing without incident. She was not able to match the fourteen loads she had gathered earlier, and that was understandable. In any event, she started feeling queasy after Mr. Johnny number fifty-five shot a couple of jets of jizz that hit the back of her throat with a wet splat and triggered her gag response. She jerked her head away and the rest of Mr. Johnny number fifty-four’s load spattered on Barbara’s cheek and neck. She recovered enough to not lose the load and she let it settle in the back of her throat. Mr. Johnny number fifty-six strolled up, set the head of his penis on Barbara’s lower lip and shot a huge load straight into her mouth. Mr. Johnny number fifty-seven scooted up on the other side of her and started shooting his load into Barbara’s mouth after Mr. Johnny number fifty-six pulled away. She started choking and coughing. She spit up most of the cum, but opened her mouth letting Mr. Johnny number fifty-seven pump the rest of his load into her mouth. When he was done, Barbara covered her mouth with her hand, closed her watery eyes and swallowed hard then opened her mouth for more.

Mr. Johnny number fifty-eight walked up and stroked his shaft and pointed it at her open mouth. She started gagging on the first shot, but somehow managed to maintain until Mr. Johnny number fifty-eight unloaded his nut sack batter into her mouth. She gulped hard

“Ok, can I have a bowl?” asked a dazed Barbara. She had a tear rolling down one of her cheeks as she let out a long slow jizz burp. It was obvious she was struggling to settle the churning mass of semen in her stomach. Some of the guys laughed and ALL of them wondered if she was going to puke.

Barbara took a short break, wiped down, puked, and sipped a little “Bismol” to settle her stomach as the guys continued to jack off. She was handed a small mixing bowl to collect cum in. She collected forty two loads of man sauce in the bowl over the next forty five minutes. That brought Barbara to an even hundred loads of cum. She felt much better and managed to suck clean each of the forty two contributors to her cum cocktail.

Barbara felt ready to drink cum again as she lifted the bowl to her lips and slowly sipped semen. She lowered the bowl and looked into the camera as she opened her mouth to show it was full of milky jizz. She gulped it down and moaned…

“Oh that’s tasty!” she said as she smacked her lips together and raised the bowl to her lips and sipped a bit more. Her eyes got big and she smiled as a large cum clump neared her lips. She stopped sipping when the clump touched her upper lip. The grimace she gave was precious.

Barbara was very still for a moment as she regained her composure and opened her mouth to show her tongue darting about in a mouth full of jizm. She swallowed hard and looked at the remaining clump of man seed in the bowl surrounded by an eggy sperm sauce

“This is the main course. Down the hatch!” she said as she slurped the clump down and swallowed hard. She used her finger in the bowl to gather all the sperm slime left in the bowl and push it to the edge then over the edge and into her mouth. “Oh, now that was YUMMIE!” she giggled and burped.


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