Master Wants, Master Gets

Master Wants, Master Gets

I was stood in my living room, wearing the clothes he sent me, Knee High Black Socks, Black Thong, Black Bra and a See through short dress thrown over, he loved to see what would soon be his. My Master would be back in les than ten minutes. After the last hour of text messaging, he had told me that tonight I would be “in for it”

I answered the door and he walked in and turned to face me as I shut the door, when I turned around his hand went straight to my hair, grabbing a big chunk of it he pulled my neck backwards and thrust his tongue into my mouth, to remind me I was his to do with as he pleased. From my mouth he went to my ear.
“Get your sluttish self into that room now and wait for me on your knees”
With that’s he let go of my hair and walked to the bedroom.
10 minutes later he waked into the living room and caught me staring out the window, I had needed to stretch my legs and thought he wouldn’t be out for a while. He stood there all 6 foot of his gorgeous body, with his leather trousers on, just looking at him made me wet.
“Why are you not of your knees slave?”
Immediately I dropped to my knees and dropped my head downwards, but he already had his plans for me… he was counting on my disobedience.
He walked straight over to me and dragged me over his lap by my hair, and began reigning down slaps on my up turned ass. He was driving me crazy and he knew it. He suddenly stopped and I just lay there waiting for his next move, he slid his hand inside my thong and played with my clit, holding me at my waist to keep me still… I longed for him to thrust his fingers in me; I needed to cum so badly. He sensed this and my breathing quickened and I thrust backwards a lot.
“What do you want slave”
“I need to cum master, please”
He unfastened my bra and tore my thong of.

He loved the begging tone in my voice and laid me on the living room floor and began orally assaulting my breasts. I arched my back to his mouth, I groaned with impatient and pleasure. I attempted to sit up to grab him, and he caught hold of my hair again
“Slave you have your orders before you get your rewards. Take my trousers of and suck my cock now.”
I was in a desperate state and I needed to cum so I would be obedient, I striped him from his trousers and his cock sprang free from the skintight material, I looked up at him, god he was gorgeous and this was driving me insane. From the smile on his face I could see he was loving every minute of my torture.

I set to licking him, all over his huge cock. Then thrust him deep inside my mouth, down my throat. Hearing him groan and want more made me wetter still.
“Don’t touch yourself or cum” he whispered into my ear. He was being harsh tonight.
I continued with my orders as I felt his orgasm build. He exploded into my mouth and I milked him completely cleaning his cock completely. When I was finished I look up again at him in his face and he smiled that evil grin again, what was next I wondered?

He pulled me to standing using my hair
“Now you will be punished for those dirty messages you were sending me in work, getting me all horny when I couldn’t use my slave to satisfy my self.”
He had that smile on his face again, I knew he wasn’t truly mad, he just wanted an excuse to get me bent over the living room sofa, and I had given him one.
He through me down over the sofa and attached my hands to the back. He went quiet for a bit and I couldn’t even turn around to see him. I herd the all to familiar sound of his belt pulling free from his trousers. I tensed in anticipation. He suddenly brought the belt down over my already reddened ass, I yelped and attempted to jump forward as the next stroke hit my ass. I felt my pussy almost swelling now over his torture.

I nearly came from the belting, but I remembered what he said, and decided not to anger him, when he was about to give me what I wanted. I felt his hand at my cunt again, and then his tongue. I moaned out loud. When he done this it drove me wild, I wanted him inside me know I needed to cum and he bit down on my pussy and then my clit. I arched up of the sofa allowing him to grasp my breasts and pinch my nipples. I felt his hand then working my cunt, I tried to push back but my restraints were holding me still. He brought me to the point were I was about to explode... and took his hand away. I groaned out loud in frustration and I heard him laugh gentle
“All in time my slave, all in time”
“Please sir I need to cum, I want you inside me master please”
I got no answer but the feel of something cold over my ass hole distracted me completely. It took me a while to register what he was doing

I finally clicked when his finger slid into my ass, caused me to moan again and attempt to thrust backwards. He removed his finger than I felt the head of his cock at me ass, I breathed in waiting for him to plunge inside me. He waited letting the moment hang, knowing he was driving me insane, then he thrust hard and deep inside me. Getting a scream out of me, a mixture of shock and pleasure. He put his hands on my hip and began to thrust in and out of my ass. As my organsmed built he gave me permission to cum and he moved his hand around to my clit and pinched hard. With that I though my head back as cum flowed down the inside of my legs and onto the floor. After a few minute I collapsed back onto the sofa.
“So Slave, would you like me to fuck your cunt now”
“Please sir, I need to cum again please”
He knew I would cum way more than once tonight, there was never a night when I just came once. But he played on me anyway.
“Greedy aren’t we slave”
The feeling of his belt on my ass returned as he brought it down another 5 times.

“Please Sir now, I need it”
“Ok slave, I believe you have suffered enough, for now”
He knelt behind me and thrust his cock deep inside me. He lay down on my back so he was right next to my ear, his hole body crushing me. He moved his right hand to grasp the back of my neck, and the other he held on my hip. He bit down on the back of my shoulders, hard. I moaned loud and he whispered into my ear
“You may cum when ever you need to slave”
With that he thrust his cock hard and deep inside my cunt, I pulled against my restraints, and I could almost feel him smiling at my struggle. He knew I was loving this.

I came again and again as he quickened and slowed his thrusts, pushing me to the edge and sometimes continuing to make me cum, others slowing down to keep me on edge.

I herd his breathing deepen and I knew he was close, he thrust harder and harder into my cunt and shouted out as his orgasm boiled over and he shot his cum inside me. The sensation of his hot cum filling me drove me wild and I cam again and again until he was finished.

He unfastened my restraints and told my to stand before him. On shaky legs I forced my self to stand before him. He ran his hand over my body then pulled me into his tight embrace
“I love you,” he said in a quiet soft voice
“I love you to” I whispered back, in a weakened voice.

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