Death name 3

Death name 3

Death Name 3
If you don't read in sequence you may be lost

The cell phone alarm woke me at 10 pm. I hated night shift but I had to be Rick for a few more days or till I could come up with a better plan. Shower and shaved and was dressed before Lisa even knew I was up. She was doing paper work and watching the tv. Desperate house wifes damn I hated that show.
Please be careful tonight. I think you sould have taken another night off. She said. Watching me load my belt. She got up and walked over to me placing her hand on my belt buckle.
I can sit down or walk with out thing about today. She said looking up in my face.
Laughing . I told her you may have to use to it .
OK saying with a big smile and walking away. Stopping to pull the jean back out of her ass.
Bye. I'll see you tomorrow night. Maybe I'll wake up early and play so more. I told her as I walked out the door.
Rick had a crown vick with all the stickers and light. A rookie car. He did patrol and traffic so not that hard of a night. First I called in on duty. Dispatch said she need me to come in first. Driving in Sargent Hayes called my phone telling me to do paper work on the other night and to meet with detective Shelley in the morning before leaving. After four hours of paper work I was staving. So I when to the Shell truck stop for something to eat. I love going out there back when I was on night shift. Watching people getting on an off the interstate. I had some good tickets and bust out there. But I was hoping to come up with mew ideas my my found gift. I had always had fantasy about things out there. Lot lizards, drug pusher,and women travelling alone.,
Two chill dogs and dr pepper later I was set be hind Bob's bozeman garage waiting and watching the shell. Almost 6am on a Monday that's when the funny thing happen. Are true to my words a small toyota truck came for old Drifton Highway. There was nothing out there but and old train depot. A lot of teens would drink and smoke pot out there. Damn they were out late. They stopped to get gas up two boys and Brandy Lewis got an walked as one of boy fill up the truck. Coming out one of the boys pointed at me to the other one. Oh yea there up to no good and Brandy right in the middle of it. Brandy was my next door neighbor daughter in my past life. Her Dad found her smoking pot in her room one day and called me. And ask me to talk to her before she got arrested for drugs. They pulled out and drove under the interstate heading to town. Right as pulled out the truck turn down Bay road so now I knew they were up to no good. Bay road was a dead end with only a few mobile homes on it. So I followed. Down at the end. The truck was parked only Brandy sitting in middle. I knew the boys were running off. The train track were only a few feet threw the woods and they could follow them to town. But I guess Brandy was scared of the wood more than the law. Brandy didn't know Rick and now I was in Rick's body I could use this to my advantage. She was only 19 and may 5 foot tall if she weighed a 90lb it was because she gust eat. Most people thought she was 13 or 15. Her mom was as small as here. Step out the car I pop my snap as I stood up. I was real sure were the boys were. Cautiously I approached the truck. Still runny. As I got to the driver door I could heir her crying. The doors were still opened. So I reached in and turned the truck off taking the keys
Ma'am step out the truck and walk to the back. I told her
Now I'm glad I didn't call it in. Once at the back I told her to stand on the side a ask her.
What was going on?
She broke down telling me all. They were at the depot all night drink and smoking. And they were on the way home when they saw me and Tommy and David ran for the tracks and left her there. Tommy was her boyfriend she thought he loved her but now.
Is there anything thing in the truck? I asked
There a gun under the sit, some pot and Xs pill in the console,and beer in the cooler in the back. She told me
Let me see your I D. I asked
She handed me her driver license. Please don't arrest me I working on my nurse license and this arrest would ruin my chance of get a job. And ruin her life. I do any thing suck you off or anything else you ask. Please. Please
I took her license to my car and call a 10-100. Which my way of telling dispatch I'm on break for a few minutes I moved my black ban over my badge number and removing my name plane off my shirt
Getting back out the car I told her. I give you one chance here.
I will ruin your future or your ass.
I have always wanted to say that to some of the sexy women I arrested over years. She looked to the ground. Tears in her eye saying ok
I walk back to her tell her to place her hands on the truck she started cry again.I walked up behind her
Please. I don't want to go to jail.
I searched her real good.
Raise you hand over your head. I instructed her
I took her hand and cuffed them with here elbow straight up in the air. Turning her around a pulling a plastic strap out my belt. We use them for cuff also when need. I when around her neck and threw the cuffs so her arm were up. Lifting her shirt there was a Hello kitty bra. The claps was in the front. Opening it up two little small tites came in veiw. They were stand straight out looking like a tennis ball cut in half. Take one in my mouth and smelling the pot on here shirt. Snapping the button on here jeans.
You are very beautiful. I told her.
She had stop crying a said. Thanks. With a little smile coming to her face an trying to look away as though she wasn't injoy a little. Rick was a great looking guy and women loved looking at him. Working my hand down her panty no hair? And small pussy a little wet? From me or everything going on? Dropping the tailgate on the truck and moving her around the truck. I stop all I'm doing and unzip my pants a pull my dick out. Once it was out she looked up into my eyes. Like a kid asking for candy. She nelt down on her knees as I held her arms. Not let her fall. She took it in her mouth and was suck hard. Not moving her head or anything.
Have you ever suck a dick before I asked.
Stopping. Only twice. Once with Tommy and Once for his boss Bob Bozeman. She answer and back too it.
Well don't suck so hard. A little, not a lot. And move it all the way to the back of your mouth and alomost out. Back and forth. I told her. As she was trying and gag a little.
Good. Now men like for you to take it all so you have to learn how to deep throat it. I said with a little laugh
She try to a few more time but all she could do was gag. So I pushed the back of head against the side of my car a forced in down her throat then jump back because I knew she was going to puke. Graping her arms so not to let her fall over. Into in. She spit a little then took it back into her mouth trying again. Your getting better. I told her. Pulling her up on her feet and turning her to the tailgate
Thanks. She said smile again
I pulled her pants down to her knees and she bent over pushing her ass in the air. Now she as real wet so I knew it was me. Grapping my dick a sliding up and down here pussy a little. It was like she was purring like a cat. Once I open her lip she was trying to push it in. So I gave it to her fast. It was so fast I knotted the breath out her. She gust lay their for a moment. I was injoying in to. Damn I thought Lisa was tight. She wasn't shit. Or maybe I haven't had any other pussy than Nikkie for so long. She started moving for me so I help her. Meet ever stroke for stroke.
I thought you wanted my ass? She asked.
I'm getting to that. I told her.
Thinking maybe she a little slut. And this maybe a trick. She had suck Bob's dick she may be tied in with him. I took my thumb and push into her asshole. Her pussy clapped down on my dick
Oh yea! She said enjoying this
So I time my stroke and drove it right in here asshole hard. All the way in one move. She was humming away. So I grab the handle on the cooler. Pulling to me. I reach in a grab a beer. Natural light in the bottle. Damn it hate cheap beer. I can fill my nut coming. Twist the top I drink some as I push real hard as I nutted. Then let it rest there in her ass. She moved a little.
So you don't know how to suck a dick but you like it in the ass? I asked
She told me about how Tommy was working for Bob Bozeman I removed the cuffs. She keep talking about Tommy and if he wanted in on some of the thing Bob was into. He would have to give him something on good faith. Like fucking me. And he had a monster dick. His dick was to big for her mouth and it when to deep in her pussy. So if she took a Xs pill it feel good for him to fuck her ass. This pissed me off. I slid my thumb over the top of the bottle shanking the shit out in . I pulled my dick out and before she could move in shove the neck of the bottle in her asshole a let the beer fill her bowls.
Oh my god! she screamed as I turn her off the tailgate and holding her hips.
Bend all the way over and grab your toes. I told her.
I want to empty this beerAfter the beer as empty I let go of her. She tried to stand up but a bottle in the ass had her walk funny. She moved to the side of the truck. Squatting with her back to the truck so she wouldn't fall a drive the bottle up her ass. She pulled it out like she was pissing.
I told her. She was to go home a bath hug her daddy a do ever thing he told her to and get her nurse license and if I ever see you around the wrong crowd again that I do move than fuck her.
Now back in the car .I did two speeding tickets. And waited for 9 o chock. I couldn't help but think of what she had said about Bob Bozeman. He was 25 and 6ft 4in a big man. He weighed about 370. No much fat. He played football in highschool till he broke his knee in a game. Rich ha! His dad was a senator and he never worked a day in his life. Detective Shelley has been after him for years. He never did any wrong he let his flunks do the dirty work so his hands were always clean.
Once I got to the station I meet with Detective Shelley. He was trying to close my case. I help him a little. He told me the man I hit was Jason Hall a child molester and wanted in 3 states. And it was all a bad accident. And I would be buried with honors tomorrow. He also told me they had found Texas. And he was acting weird.
So when I left him I when to a hold cell they had Texas in. Funny they didn't take him to the dog pound. Bill was watching his cell
I wouldn't go in there he has tried to bit everyone. Bill told me.
We talked a while then I bet him a hundred dollars I could tame him. Bill opened the door I step in and Bill held the door close. Texas started growling and showing his teeth. I had thought about this along time
I know what your are. And I know how you got there. I know death name? I said
Texas ear shot up. He stopped growling a walked to me slowly.
If you don't stop playing around there going to but you down. I said sit on the bunk in the cell. Texas walked over letting me pet him .I told him they were going to keep him here for a day or two and if the veterinarian said it was ok they would let him live. He gust growled again. Ok how about dying then. He stop growling and waved his tail. You want to die? He waved his tail again. How about come a living with a day or so and help me answer some questions then I. let them kill you. He looked me in the eyes a jump up licking my face. Ok let me talk to Sheriff. As walked out Bill lock the door.
Damn I'll owe you a bill. Bill said.
Then straight to Webb office and he said that would be fine he wasn't going to let him work any more any way. He could go home with me tomorrow. If the vet said he checked out.
I came back to Rick's house a shower and bed for sleep one more night then I'll be off for two.
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