I just found this site the other day and so far I love it.
I would like to tell you about my first time with man on man sex but first I want to tell you about me and how I got to the point of having sex with a man.
I am a 53 year old man that has been divorced for 30 years. I live in a town that has a state college and I own a trucking company. but it all happened when I was 30 years old. I was in L. A. getting my truck unloaded and as they unloading it I was having lunch from the lunch wagon, after eating I was throughing away my trash and found a video tape in the trash can. I took it out and read the title it simpley said "THE SWIMMING POOL" rated XXX so I took it with me.
About a month later I was home alone one night and desided to watch it, knowing that I was going to get horney and jackoff so I took a shower and put only a bath robe on. I went to my recliner chair and turned on the movie. It started with a nude man sitting in a lawn chair, the camera scaned from his face down to his big cock [ all guys in these movies have big cocks ] he started stroking his cock and so did I. As he was jacking his cock the credits was rolling but the only thing I saw was that big cock. After a while another guy came out of the pool and walked over to him he had a half hard cock the guy in the chair took his cock in his hand and started stroking it. After some time he took his cock in his mouth and started sucking it, my first thought was to turn it off but I kept watching, my brain may have said turn it off but my hard cock said no you dont, my cock won out so I watched. Soon the guy standing up straddled the other guy facing him and sat down on his cock, as his cock slid into his ass I thought I was going to lose it so I slowed down so as not to cum too fast. soon he started jaching off and shot a load all over the guys chest it was all I could to hold back, soon he lifted off the guy and started jacking him off when he shot his load so did I, the first couple shots hit me in the face, that has never happened before and has not happened again.
For the next few months I jackedoff a lot to that movie and some that I bought. I started thinking that I might like to try what I was watching I even went to a gay bar a few times but always chickened out.
One Friday I had just got into town and was on my way home from parking my truck and deciced to have a beer. There is a bar about half way betweern my place and the college, I stoped and went in, there was about 6 or 8 people mostly college students. I went to the end of the bar and sat down and ordered a beer, drank it and ordered another, I had to go take a piss so I went to the bathroom, while I was taking a piss a young man came in wearing a pair of shorts. He stood next to me and pulled down his shorts and pulled out this big cock, I stared for a few seconds, thinking " I bet that thing gets big when it is hard." I zipped up and went back to my beer.
Soon the young man returned and sat down next to a young lady. after a few minutes the bartender brought me a beer and said that the young couple had bought it, I raised my glass as to thank them, he raised his as to say you are welcome, after drinking the beer I ask the bartender to buy them a beer, he soon returned and said the lady declined because she had to go, she finished her drink and left.
It wasent lonf until he walked over to me and said "Mind if I join you" I said "Not at all" We introduced our selfs and had some small talk I found out his name was Dave, he was 21 years old, and in the last year of college, we talked for a while and he ask " Like what you saw in the bathroom?" I ask "What do you mean?" he said " I saw you checking me out when I took a piss." Now vary embaressed I said " I am sorry but have a big cock and I couldnot help myself." Dave said "Dont be sorry I checked you out and liked what I saw." soon had his hand on my leg and I removed it saying " I dont think I am ready for that yet." then Dave ask " You ever been with a man." I said " No but I have thought about it a lot."
Dave started talking about sex with men and how much fun it is, I said " I am sure it is, I have watched a few videos and it looks like fun." When he started talking about blowjobs I could feel my cock reacting to the conversation. Soon his hand was back on my leg and this time I did not remove it, soon his hand was on my cock, dam it felt good to have another man rub my cock. Soon I had my habd on his cock, I was right it was big, I could tell it was a lot bigger than mine. Now where we were setting no one could see what we were doing below our chests. soon Dave said " Wait a second." and he reached down into his shorts and said " Ok I think you will like that better." I reached down and he had taken his cock out through one of the legs of his shorts and there was that big cock out for me to play with, It was quite a bit larger than mine, longer and a lot bigger around. We played with each other for a while and Dave said " Want to go some place and finish this." " Sure do but we cant go to my place I rent a room to my brother and that would not be cool." I said, Dave said "That is allright my roomemate is home for a week for Thanksgiving we can go to our place." I said " Do you mind if I use your shower when we get there because I have been on the road a couple days and need one." Dave said "No problem."
So we stopped what we were doing so our cocks would settle down and we could leave. We left and I followed Dave to his place.
When we went inside Dave said " Have a seat and I will get us a beer." I sat on the couch and Dave returned with 2 beers "Want to watch some porn." he said I said "Sure." He turned on the tv and two guys was sucking each other. both of us got hard, we were rubbing each others cocks when I ask " May I take a shower now." Dave said " Come on I will show you the bathroom and get you a towle." He led me down a hall into the bathroom I undressed and got into the shower. My cock was still hard, most of the time when I get into the shower with a hardon I jackoff, I took my cock in my hand and stroked it a few times and then said tio my self. " No not this time, this time that is Daves job." I was showering when Dave came into the bathroom and opened the curtin, he was standing there nude and looked down at my hard cock and said " May I join you." I looked at his half hard cock and said "YOU bet you can." he got in and we started washing each other down.
More to cum, stay tuned

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