Indoctrination Chapter 2_(1)

Indoctrination Chapter 2_(1)

This is part two of Indoctrination. Comments are appreciated.

By the time he got back to his dorm, Ryan’s stomach was in such a knot that he wondered if he would even be able to swim. The escalation of exchanges between him and Alex had left his head spinning and his thoughts were unable to keep up with the physical manifestations that kept striking him after every interaction. Right now for example, it was hard to think about what Alex might have meant when his body couldn’t decide if it wanted to vomit, fuck, or simply collapse. He kept trying to reason with himself as he slid out of his jeans and t shirt. Maybe Alex really was just trying to be funny. Under normal circumstances, Ryan would have been able to see the humor in the situation. Joel and Adam would flirt shamelessly with every breathing thing when they were drinking. Joel in particular had a tendency to walk around naked when he had visitors to his room, simply to laugh at the discomfort of his guests who had not yet experienced that performance. Or maybe, Ryan was just picking up on something that simply wasn’t there. After all, Alex had never said or done anything particularly explicit. When it came down to it, the boy had just smiled at an upper level cadet, not recommended but not inconceivable; and insinuated that he would enjoy taking swim lessons. He decided that one of those two explanations was the case and a little bit of the anxiety went away. Sure it would be disappointing if he never got to see that smile looking up at him in ecstasy, but he had plenty of fantasies he would never live out. It wasn’t so bad to have another piece of eye candy in the officer program.

Satisfied and only a little pouty, Ryan slid out of his boxers and pulled on his PT shorts. The instructors described them as “dick length blacks” for their dark color, and the fact that they were so short, that if one were to wear them commando, the tip of your dick would be showing. The description wasn’t entirely accurate. There was webbing sewn into them like a swimsuit that would prevent one’s penis from actually showing below them hem line. In fact, when used for the swimming, Ryan never wore underwear with his shorts. He pulled just tucked his cock, now only halfway hard after his conclusion that there was nothing sexual going on with Alex, into the webbing, and tucked the tail of the grey T shirt into the shorts on top it. He checked the mirror, and satisfied that his uniform was a proper example for the new cadets, opened his email to read the schedule and swim test requirements. Nothing too complicated; treading water for ten minutes, swimming three laps without stopping, stripping off an ammo vest while underwater. For those cadets that failed there was a mandatory one hour lesson after the test, and a retest later that week. Last year only one cadet had failed and that was only because they couldn’t work the straps on the vest. Ryan expected none of these freshmen would have any trouble with it. That would mean he would have the entire pool to himself for that last hour, as the department had reserved it for the whole three hour block. A good swim was exactly what he needed to vent his frustration and get his head right for the school year that would begin the week after indoctrination ended.

When Ryan got to the pool on the other side of town, there were already two new cadets standing at the door. The redhead girl he met earlier, and a dark haired muscular boy who wore a perpetually focused frown on his face. The new cadets had twenty minutes until they were supposed to be there. The redhead must have been trying to make up for her misplaced patch and the boy was probably just trying to impress the older cadets. “Waste of time”, Ryan thought, “ I’m just the swim instructor.” Ryan greeted them much more amiably this time. After the first day, much of the formality that persisted at other programs melted away at this school. The unit was small, and by the end of the first semester all of the cadets were friendly with each other and the instructors. Ryan apologized to the redhead girl for scaring her the first day and chatted with the boy about which freshman dorms were the best. It wasn’t long until the others arrived. Alex showed up last, though still five minutes early. As he walked up he greeted Ryan like he was just one of the guys. Ryan managed to keep the butterflies in his stomach to a manageable level by reciting his conclusions that Alex was just being friendly. He even managed to suppress what would have been a catastrophic erection in the short PT shorts. “Alright, let’s go in and get our stuff put up, then I will brief you at the pool

He directed the two girls to the girls locker rooms on the other side of the pool to put their change of clothes in the lockers there, then told the boys to follow him. The men’s locker room was small, just a handful of rental lockers and some cubbies for visitors. Ryan put his change of clothes into the top right corner and told the others to put their stuff on the same row. They then walked through the back doors and to the indoor pool where the test was to take place. There was nobody else there. The officer’s program had rented the entire pool and the lifeguard had long since left as there would be nobody else there until the pool closed. The two girls came out of their locker room next and stood next to the three boys and Ryan. He put them at attention in a single line and waited for a minute. He ordered all of them to take off their shirts, leaving the girls wearing a one piece swimsuit and shorts, and the guys bear chested.

One of the best parts of being an upperclassman was getting to “inspect” the new cadets. While he was presumably eyeing their uniforms for deficiencies he could take them in at his leisure. The red headed girl was first, though her bright green eyes were the prettiest part of her and Ryan had already seen those. The short blonde girl was after her. She was very short and pretty fit and Ryan had seen that when she was in full uniform. What that uniform hid however, were her perfect c cup breasts. The tight swim suit she wore now did nothing to hide them, and on such a small girl they stood out in perfect twin hills below her short cut blonde hair. “She will get a few upperclassmen in trouble” he thought. Whether it would be upper class boys or an upper class girl she gets caught with was the real question. Next came two dark haired boys; the early boy with his perpetual frown and another slightly taller but with a similarly intense look. These were the stereotypes. Both were lean but muscular and looked straight ahead with unblinking brown eyes. In time they would relax to the standard familiarity common to this school, but for now they were military from head to toe.

Then came Alex. As Ryan moved to Alex’s spot on the line, the boy met his gaze but kept his look professional for once. Ryan finally got to see more than just the head and hands the formal uniform showed, and he was not disappointed. The boy’s leg and arm hair was so fine and blonde it would be easy to mistake him for shaven. Though he had a runners build, he was not hard, and his smooth chest and torso matched his arms and legs in the fine blonde hairs. Two small round nipples dotted his chest and between his barely visible pecs ran a small valley. Ryan followed that valley with his eyes down to Alex’s belly, where beginnings of a six pack were etched in the otherwise soft pale skin. Below that his waistline pointed ever so slightly towards his crotch, and Ryan imagined he could see the outline off the boy’s soft penis in the tight shorts. All of this was assessed in a second, and as soon as he snapped back to his senses, Ryan declared their uniforms acceptable and ordered them to climb in the pool.

The first part of the test was to tread water for ten minutes. It was hardly a challenge, and Ryan did it with the cadets to make sure none of them were having any trouble. After that, it was time for the laps. Three back and forth, no time requirement, just to finish it in one go. They divided into two groups so they could spread out the lanes. Alex and the girls went first, all swimming leisurely and all finishing having hardly broken a sweat. Ryan went with the two dark haired boys just for fun. As he expected, they were eager to prove how fast they were. They pushed each other the entire first lap as Ryan lingered close behind them. Then, when they made the second turn Ryan exploded ahead of both of them and by the time they were done was nearly a pool length ahead of them. It was probably kind of a dickish thing to do, showing up new cadets, but they were the ones who started the race and this was the one thing Ryan was really good at. When everyone had caught their breath, Ryan lined them back up and explained the final test.

It consisted of a wearing a simple ammo belt, light enough to swim in, and jumping into the water. They then had to remain submerged until they undid the two buckles and took the belt off. If they took it off before they surfaced for air, they passed. Ryan strapped on the belt, exhaled half of his air so he could more easily stay submerged, and jumped into the pool. He then let out the other half of his air so he could stay on the bottom. The actual test takers would likely have the belt off before they even finished descending from their jump, but Ryan wanted to stay down as long as possible for the demonstration. After removing the belt and resurfacing, he got control of his breath and pass the belt off to the first dark haired boy. Both the dark haired boys and the redhead girl got the belt off with no trouble before they resurfaced. The blonde girl, however, didn’t quite get it off in time. Ryan assured her this part of the test was kind of pointless as it only really tested one’s ability to strip. He told her she could try again next week and that she only had to come to one remedial lesson to be held immediately after the others finished the test.

That left only Alex. The blonde boy strapped on the belt and jumped in the pool. Unlike the others, who just flung off the belt as they were sinking, Alex repeated Ryans performance by letting out his air and staying on the bottom of the pool, almost as long as Ryan had himself. Even so, when resurfaced, the ammo belt was still firmly around his waist. Breathing heavily, Alex said “I just couldn’t get the buckle to open.” The blonde girl made a show of being happy that she would have “swim buddy”, and Ryan secretly agreed with her. When Alex pulled himself out of the pool Ryan lined all of them back up. He dismissed the red haired girl and the two other boys back to their locker rooms to change and go back to campus. Alex and the blonde girl, who revealed her name was Kat in the course of making a joke about cats in water, stayed behind to receive their remedial swim lesson. Ryan was briefly disappointed he wouldn’t get to check out the dark haired boys in the showers. Despite their solemn dignity, their bodies were perfect. Still, he would trade an hour with a clothed Alex for a quick glimpse of the other boys’ cocks. And as icing on his cake he would get to look down on Kat as she climbed out of the pool again.

“Okay, since you guys both only failed at flipping open the buckle we are going to make this quick.” “Do two laps to warm up then we will try the ammo belt a couple more times. As soon as you get it, ya’ll can go.”

Alex and Kat did their warm up laps and Ryan followed along behind. When that was done they tried the ammo belt again, and after a quick rehearsal opening the buckle on land, they got it off on the first try. Ryan had them both repeat the performance with the same result, then called them out of the pool. “Well that took all of ten minutes, we just wasted 50 minutes of the officer programs rented time. Good job cadets,” Ryan joked.

“Well, the place will be ours for another 50 minutes and the hot tub is still running. I’d hate to waste the department’s money.” Kat replied. Alex agreed with her, and Ryan couldn’t really argue. Last year they almost always called off swim practice ten minutes early to soak for a bit. “Okay, everybody in then. But if anybody asks we did laps the whole time.”

Kat lead the way, and Ryan slid into the in ground hot tub opposite her while Alex went to check his phone. Ryan couldn’t help but notice the girls nipples were showing through her bathing suit, hard and pointed after the quick change in temperature. If Kat noticed that he noticed, she didn’t say anything. Just then, Alex walked over, and despite the fact there were still two sides of the hot tub unoccupied, sat down right next to Ryan. Ryan froze for a second, but regained his confidence when he reminded himself that the boy was probably just too shy to sit next to Kat. That or he wanted the best view of her tits, something Ryan could not fault him for.

The next ten minutes were pleasant enough. The water was warm, not hot, more like a bath than an actual Jacuzzi, but the jets were on full blast, and the bubbles so thick that you couldn’t see an inch below the surface. The new cadets chatted with each other about high school and classes they had together, and with Ryan about what training would be like. Ryan was in the middle of explaining the ins and outs of field training when he felt something on his leg right above the knee. The knot in his stomach that had dulled earlier came back in full force. His heart started beating faster and he could feel his cock growing, straining against the webbing in his shorts. Only with the greatest exertion of willpower did he manage to keep talking to Kat as Alex pretended to be listening. When he finished, Alex looked at him. The smile was back. Only this time there was no question about what it meant. “I’m touching you, you are thrilled about it, and I am enjoying the fact that you can’t show any emotion in front of the girl.” It was all there written in his beautiful seductive grin. Out loud Alex said, “I have a question. What’s the dating scene like? I hear there are almost twice as many girls as guys here.”

“Work’s for me,” Kat interjected, answering Ryan’s earlier question. Both guys laughed as Ryan pointed out which other lesbians in the program were single. In the middle of his description of a senior girl Kat might be interested in, he felt the hand resting on his knee move up a few inches and to the inside of his thigh, resting just under his shorts. Again, Ryan miraculously fought back a gasp. Alex was looking at Kat, waiting for her response as if nothing had happened. Ryan’s head was spinning faster than he could handle. In a matter of seconds all of the theories he had come up with about Alex just being friendly or funny were shattered. This cute innocent looking freshman boy was fucking with his head, and even though he knew he was being toyed with, Ryan kept wishing Alex would take the game farther. Alex did not disappoint.

As Kat continued to talk, Ryan felt Alex’s hand creeping farther and father up his shorts. All the while, the blonde boy looked at the girl, seemingly listening to everything she had to say. Ryan tried to maintain the same façade but every inch Alex’s hand went up his thigh he found it harder and harder to keep his cool. After five more minutes of conversation, Alex moved his hand suddenly and grabbed Ryan’s cock through the netting in his shorts. Ryan couldn’t help it and gasped out loud, biting his lip to keep from moaning. He managed to play it off as “just a shiver.” Kat laughed and Alex smiled knowingly. Alex then started talking about his high school. Ryan turned to him, happy to have an excuse to glare at the boy who was so shamelessly playing with his head. Alex kept a perfectly calm face, as he told a story about some of his friends back home. Then, without breaking the tempo of his story, Alex deftly pulled up the netting in Ryan’s shorts and slipped his hand underneath it. The skin to skin contact in the warm water almost made Ryan cum. He turned quickly as if to look at the clock and clenched his fists while at the same time biting his lip so hard he was sure he was going to make himself bleed. The hand under the water moved slowly up and down his shaft, exploring it. Alex turned to Ryan and smiled wider and wider, as if every inch more he discovered made him happier and happier. The girl didn’t notice anything.

The conversation continued, though it was becoming obvious that Kat was the only one talking. The other two participants only answered in short responses. Alex was focusing on rubbing the tip of Ryans dick, moving the foreskin over and away from the head, all without moving his arm at all above the shoulder. Ryan knew he was going to cum soon, and was focused on how he would do so without moaning or shaking. Then, Kat got out. “I gotta go to the bathroom, be right back.”

As she turned to walk away, Alex stopped rubbing Ryan and took his hand out of his shorts. Still looking as if nothing had happened, the boy leaned back and placed both of his hands on the edge of the hot tub. Ryan couldn’t help it. As Kat disappeared into the girls locker room, he shot Alex the most pitiful longing look he could muster. He had never been so desperate for someone to touch him. If nothing else, he wanted, he needed Alex to acknowledge what was happening. As he gave Alex that look he knew what had happened. Ryan was older, taller, and higher ranking, but in that moment, he would do whatever the younger boy said. He completely belonged to cute little Alex. Apparently that was what Alex wanted, because he smiled again. Not the seductive smile from before, but an understanding smile, almost affectionate. He reached his hands back under the water and under Ryan’s pants again, this time taking Ryan’s cock out of the top so he could easily reach all seven inches. He then began to rub up and down with a quick regular rhythm. Ryan couldn’t help it. He leaned as close as he dared to Alex and whispered “if you don’t stop that I’m going to cum.” Alex nodded, then picked up Ryan’s right hand and moved it to his own pants. Alex nodded again and Ryan slipped his hand under Alex’s shorts.

Three things happened at once. Kat opened the door to the girls locker room on the other side of the pool, Ryan felt Alex’s cock for the first time, and Alex picked up the pace. Ryan knew he would have to finish soon or Kat would be able to see them. When he felt Alex, however, he knew that wasn’t going to be an issue. The boy’s cock was still partially soft , but Ryan still couldn’t find the end of it. As he traced his fingers from the base to the tip, he realized it was over nine inches even partially soft. By the time he reached the tip he couldn’t handle it any more. Alex was perfect. Not only did he plan out the entire scenario from the first, but even now he was controlling everything. He knew that Ryan knew how big he was. Alex knew that letting Ryan feel his massive cock would get him close, and Alex knew that Ryan would finish within seconds of Kat coming around the corner. Alex was not wrong. A visual flashed in Ryan’s head of that nine inch cock hanging from the boy’s body, his confident in the fact that he had everything Ryan wanted. As that image took shape, Alex sped up just a little bit, and the orgasm hit Ryan so hard he had to jerk his hands out of Alex’s pants to keep from clenching the boy’s massive member too hard in his ecstasy. Spasm after spasm hit him as he fought to keep from moaning out loud. He got the last tremble under control just as Kat came around the corner. As if nothing had happened, Alex stood up, looked at the clock and said “well, guess it’s about time to go.” “I’ll just change in my dorm. See you guys tomorrow.”

Kat and Ryan followed Alex out of the pool and into the parking lot. As Kat turned to her car, Alex hung back with Ryan for a brief second and whispered in his ear. “You owe me.”

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