The War_(1)

The War_(1)

During the war back in the day, I joined the army. I was closeted and surrounded by big sexy straight strong and brave men. The first in command in our squadron was so sexy. His name was Rob. A very masculine and muscular man with strong country roots. When we weren’t fighting, he’d be almost naked and confident.

He was married and had the most beautiful wife ever. I envied her. There were never really any women in the war. Only big dirty sweaty smelly men.

Rob had naked pictures of his wife. Other men used to jack off to them when Rob wasn’t there beating his meat. I saw one of the letter’s his wife sent him, with more nudes and I got really jealous when she called him Daddy. Luckily, a big storm came in a day after and we were told mail could be backed up for weeks.

During those couple weeks, it seemed that Rob didn’t care about his wife’s nudes at all anymore. When he wasn’t fighting the war, he finally got his mail and I saw him pull out a few Playboy Magazine’s, completely disregarding the multiple letters from his wife. Rob, being in his drawls as usual, stuck his hands deep down his dirty week old underwear and let out a quite yet sexy deep moan. I knew he was missing getting some action. I mean so was I, and same with every other guy in the Army.

Flipping through pages and jerking it slowly. I watched in agony with a deep desire to come and do anything with him. I secretly fell in love with him over the long period of being in the war. We only spoke to each other once and I wanted his cock since the day I saw him. I was suffering in silence still watching him moan and beat off. I suddenly saw him abruptly close the magazine and quickly pull his hands out of his drawls and scream

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN FUCKING CREEPING UP ON ME???? WHAT THE HELL, MAN!! Come over here and explain yourself you little fucking faggot.”

I did what he told me to do and went closer to him, went down on my knees and said “Sarg, I know whats going on. We all haven’t gotten any action, buddy… Well, I can help you.. you know, get off.” I continued.

Sargent Rob was baffled at first looking like he was about to explode.

“FUCK YOU FAGGOT!!! I AINT NO GAY!!!!” Rob screamed at me.

“Come on, No one will know, just let me suck you off.” I said as I put my hand on his bare naked thigh.

Rob looked angry still, he looked around, and then looked down at his bulging raging boner and back up to me.

“Just close your eyes and pretend I’m a girl.” I assured him.

He seemed a little less angry and little more convinced.

“I’m gonna pretend you’re a sexy blonde pin-up.” Rob said looking me straight in my eyes and he tugged on his cock.

His massive 9 inch thick heavy meat poked out of this dirty underwear front pocket, Rob looked around and said “Make it worth my time, faggot.” as he quickly pulled his monstrous cock out of the pocket of this underwear. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down towards his giant manhood. I opened my mouth and sucked him off. Quickly being able to deep throat it, I started choking heavily when I got half way down. I was usually good at deep throating but Rob’s cock was too long and thick for that. I felt my throat get tighter and lump in fear. I looked up into Rob’s eyes. They were closed, biting hid lips. But what a wonderful view of Rob. His hands being his head, legs spread wide. His dark hairy pits. He is a god. what a lucky man I was to service him.

I could start to here, Rob moan under his breathe. “MMm… Lisa. MMM.. baby.”

I realized that his Wife’s name was Lisa. I felt like I had to blow him harder. I felt obligated to.

Rob started to moan louder. Grunting and groaning. Suddenly I felt his hands go on top of my head pushing my head down and deeper in his dick. I could feel it crush my throat. I felt low of breathe but something was very satisfying about that. I knew I was serving him well. I wish that moment could forever. I needed it and so did he. I coughed and chocked on his cock violently, my lungs began to fill with his precum.

I finally got up for air, with a loud gasp of air, Rob quickly grabbing my head again and forced himself inside my mouth. His spit covered dick looked bigger, swollen almost. Everything about rob was beautiful.

“Come on, baby, suck it. You’re doing so well, Lisa. fffuuuu…” Rob said as he banged his cock into my mouth.

“MMM… You can take it baby!! Come on you can take it. YOU CAN TAKE IT!!! YOU CAN TAKE IT- TAKE IT- TAKE IT BABY” he screamed and moaned.

My throat got tighter from the unknown. It was amazing. Rob started banging my mouth again, this time faster. He forced my face up and down his shaft and screamed “OOHHH YEAAAHH!! YOU WANT THIS CUM?? HUH?? YOU WANT MY CUM BABY GIRL???? YOU WANT IT???”

I was so excited my throat started clenching up, which made Rob scream louder.


He pulled his dick out of throat almost too quickly causing me to choke and cough even louder than last time.


His spit drenched cock was throbbing. I marveled at his perfection. But the few seconds of serenity ended quickly when Rob slapped me and forced his huge cock back down my throat. Rob was sweating, he smelt so bad, yet so good almost hypnotizing. His body was wet all over, if it wasn’t wet from my spit it was sweat. I’ve been chocking on Rob for 45 minutes but seemed like hours. Rob moaned and moaned. It only encouraged me to swallow him whole.


Rob’s cock seemed to grow even bigger while being deep down my windpipe. My throat clenched for the 3rd time, this time on purpose because I know how Rob likes it now.

“AHHHH!! FUCK!! FUUUUUU…. !! FUCK!!!” Rob moaned.

“Lisa, lisa, lisa.. LISA!! LISA LISA!!! AAGGGHHH!!!” he screamed gradually increasing in volume as he shot deep down my windpipe. The heat of his sweet load had me in such a trance. I was addicted already to Rob, I wanted to feel his loads of hot fresh cum river down my throat even more. Because his 5 cum shots down my throat was not enough.

I swallowed his cum with his cock still down my throat, which only made Rob cum more. Rob’s panting and deep breathing after climaxing, made me feel like I’m worth something. I only want to be there for Rob.

Rob angrily pulled his cock out of my throat once again.

“You disgust me, faggot.” Rob said as he pushed me off of him.

He spat and punched me in the jaw and kicked me to the floor. I still loved him. He said If i told anyone he’d kill me. I knew he was serious.

I sucked him off plenty of more times before he was lucky enough to get out of war. I was still in the war when he got out. I only sucked him off, he never fucked my ass because he said that’s for fags. I felt empty knowing his cock will never be down my throat again. I knew he was fucking his wife real good back home.

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