The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 6

The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 6

Dealing with sexual frustration

I was 13 and I hated myself but I didn’t hate my life. I had a girl that loved me, the respected of my gang, the fear of my enemies, and more money than I had ever seen. It had been more than six months since I had known real hunger, I had a group of friends that would go to the wall for me, I could have sex with a dozen different girls if I wanted, and I no longer lived in fear of my violent impulses I could indulge some and could now repress the others. All this great new life cost me was a little bit of blood, a little bit of sweet, a bit more pain and my immortal soul.

I sat on Lacy’s corner watching the business, it had been a good afternoon given the cold and I would have to send someone running soon if it kept up. Lacy stood next to me, we didn’t talk, we didn’t need to, he passed down a cigarette and I took a drag before passing it back. Most of it was truly boring work but it was making me money. I watched one of the lads trip a smack head and I laughed like there was nothing funnier. I would have to talk to him alone at some point, the more trouble you give them the fewer would buy from us, it was not like there was a shortage of dealers on the estate.

I watch Faye, my girl, walk across the road to me. I was proud of the looks of lust she got and the looks of envy I got off the rest of the crew. She was still short and her breast where still lagging behind her hips but her arse was now a force to be reckoned with and I thought she was perfect. She dropped down next to me and we kissed. She slipped her tong into my mouth and I moved to meet it. A low wolf whistle came from one of the lads and she broke off, embarrass.

“Alreet ar’Faye, what was that in aid of?” I asked.

“Oh just to get you in the mood” she said coyly “When are you coming home?”

I looked up at Lacy, it was early to clock off but Lacy had been taking off more and more often these days. He gave me the nod and I rose with Faye. I cashed out and headed home Faye under my arm.

We got to the flat and she went to make so food. My dad had pull another girl from his work, the last one had got him a black eye and a pay rise, I really don’t know how he did it but he wouldn’t be home tonight. We sat and ate, Faye was a bloody good cook and I was learning, but Faye was constantly flirting. It was not an unpleasant experiences but she had to be planning something. There was a knock on the door and Faye did a very bad job pretending to be surprised.

She came back in with Amy, they were holding hands.

“Ok what in hell is going on?”

“Well when Amy here agreed to date Taz we decided that any sexual desires would be acted out through you.” I nodded, at the time it seemed to be sensible “Well after last week’s ‘event’ we talked about it and decided she needed some release. So we are here to have some fun... are you in?” I know few people that would turn that down.

First we sat and talked, Amy had lost her virginity two weeks before she rolled, the guy was rough and quick but she had heard about Eddy’s thing for virgins. I made a mental note to hunt the guy down and break something he would miss, a leg maybe. Then she had rolled, it had been a real bad night for her, she had felt like killing herself when they were done, but I had helped her up. She hadn’t reached orgasm in ever of these events. She had tried masturbation but had never gotten into it. Then last week she had been so turned on she came in her pants, now she wanted to try more. Faye sent half her time talking about how sweat a lover I was, I was worried about the damage this could do to my reputation but that is not a conversation to have before you get sex, and she wanted to try me.

“So are you going to kiss her now or what” Faye teased. I leaned in and kissed Amy, like you would kiss a child, soft and gentle. I started to let it heat up turning my head slightly and moving my lips, Amy panicked pulling back and pushing me off, I let her go not wanted to rush her. Faye laughed and jumped on me, kissing me deeply forcing her tong down my throat.

“Now that is how you kiss” Faye said coming up for air “you try.” I spent the next 10 minutes with Amy kissing me then Faye showing her how to do it. Each time Amy kissed me it was more daring, more passionate as her confidence built and she became more comfortable. Pretty soon there were few differences in the level of commitment of the kisses but Faye had far better technique. I pointed this out and that started Faye kissing Amy to show her what to do. One of the hottest, most intense memories of that night is watching my girlfriend make out with another girl. She got much better at it once she practised a few times with Faye.

The atmosphere was now intense, both girls where getting hot and my cock was so hard it was getting painful to keep it in my pants. Faye had noticed that and was now rubbing up against me whenever she kissed me. If it wasn’t for the times when I was kissing Amy I would have came in my pants by the time Faye decided to take this to the next level.

She slipped her top over her head and made me do the same. It was the first time Amy had seen me topless, and she spent few minutes just running her hands over my battered skin.

“Come on, don’t be the odd one out.” Faye said grabbing the bottom of Amy’s top. There was a breath struggle as the shorter girl tried to pull it over the others head but Faye came away with the top holding it like a trophy. Amy hands flew up to try and cover her chest.

“Now that really won’t do. You really can’t be shy, we need to see you.” Faye said, moving Amy’s hands. Amy was still painfully skinny and looked uncomfortable in her own skin but puberty had reached her breast. They were still lumps on her chest but they had increased in size to fill out her bra quite well. I whistled as Faye made her spin she was bright red by now, the blush slowly spreading down her body.

Now Faye set to work on our pants. Starting with her own, she made sure to hook her panties enough to give us both a flash of her red pubic hair. There was now a damp spot on them between her legs. She came over to me and got me to stand, my pants came down and I stepped out of them. My erection was clearly visible though my boxes. Amy couldn’t take her eyes off it, there was a faint smile on her lips until she noticed what she was doing and tried to look away but she kept glancing back at it.

“You like that don’t you?” teased Faye. I didn’t think it was possible but Amy’s checks went redder as she gave a little nod. She started to take of her own pants before Faye could go near her, the rest of her body looked a little awkward but her legs had grace, long, toned with soft skin. I knew girls that would kill for legs like that, hell I knew lads that would kill to have a girl with legs like that. As she gave us a twirl we got a shock shy, geeky Amy was wearing a thong.

“Where did you get that?” I asked, trying not to let the shock from my voice.

“Well... um... Faye said I should wear sexy underwear, I found then in my mum’s washing. Don’t you like them?” She mumbled, there was real fear in her eyes that I didn’t find her attractive, she had no self-esteem. Truth be told they were a little too big for her and barely hung off her hips but I wasn’t going to say that.

“They look real sexy, your arse looks great” I said “but I do think they would look even better in a ball on the floor.” She smiled at that.

“Well I think your boxers look terrible Rave, you should take them off right now.” She joked back.

“Ok” I said with a shrug and pulled them down. If she was having trouble not looking at my cock before now it was impossible for her to stop, eyes wide with shock.

Faye smiling like a Cheshire cat leaned in and giving my cock a couple of stokes “You know I think this is my favourite part of you, Amy do you want to touch it?”

Amy reached out carefully as if it might bite. Her finger tips gently brushing my head, I ground and shuddered involuntarily, she pull back sharply. Faye took her hand in her own and placed it back on my cock, guiding it up and down my shaft. She kept it up, letting Amy get used to the feel, increasing the tempo then she let go. Amy kept it up by herself for a few minutes but soon she backed off.

“Well it clearly isn’t fair that Rave is the only one naked” said Faye reaching up and undoing Amy’s bra. It slipped half down before Amy had any chances of stopping it, Amy moved to cover herself but Faye grab the front of her bra pulling it away. Amy tried to snatch it back but over balanced and Faye pushed her back onto the couch. Both girls started laughing, Amy’s nipples were rock hard. Faye undid her own bra and let it fall to the floor. Now she kissed Amy letting their nipples rub together making Amy moan into her month.

I wasn’t about to spoil this show as Faye lower her head and took Amy’s nipple into her month causing the girl to squeal. Amy held eye contact with me as her hands roamed the soft skin of Faye’s neck and back. Faye broke contact and stood. She slipped her panties down and told me to carry Amy to the bed room. I picked her up, her long frame fitted well into my arms, and followed Faye swaying hips into my room.

The room would have been too small to fit the three of us comfortably if we weren’t about to have sex. Almost any movement put me into contact with naked fresh.

“God if you are half as worked up as I am you are going to cum as soon as you get in her” purred Faye “we can’t be having that now can we”

She pushed me down onto the bed and mounted me, she wasn’t joking about being worked up, she was soaking wet. She positioned my cock and it slipped into her in one go. She started bouncing up and down with some force, quick and hard, her small tits jiggling with the impact of our pelvises. She had been right, I didn’t last long, and I came deep into her my body tensing. She was to close herself to stop, she kept fucking my softening cock, her finger going to the clit to bring herself off. Her own climax happened soon after, her back arching, her face pointing to the ceiling as she screamed my name. She finally let my cock slip from her now satisfied cunt. I was young and I could feel my arousal beginning to build again as my cock began to get hard again.

“Wow” said Amy, her hand was almost unconsciously rubbing herself through the thin material of her thong.

“Come over here and help me suck him hard again so you get a turn” Faye said

“But... but it was just in your thingy” Amy replied

“So what it doesn’t taste bad, and you really should call it a cunt, but if you don’t want to” said Faye before taking my cock into her mouth. She had really come along at oral sex, she bobbed her head up and down sucking gently, her tong massaging the underside of my head. Soon I was hard and groaning. I kept my eyes on Amy, the look of intense fascination on her face, studying what Faye was doing, and all the time slowly rubbing herself her juices soaking the thong.

I had to pull Faye off before she made me cum again. I stood and watched Amy’s eye getting dragged back to my cock. I took her hand away from her crotch and placed her fingers to my lips, I liked the dampness from her hand. She whimpered at the sensation. I let go of her hand and drew her in kissing her deeply I lifted her feet off the floor and turned her. When I let her go I pushed her back on the bed. I pulled her thong off and threw it to Faye, to my surprise she sniffed them and then used her tong to pull the damp crotch into her mouth sucking loudly, my cock gave a twice and Amy gave a gasp at the sight.

I climbed on top of Amy and kissed her again, I slid one hand down her body to make sure if she was ready, she felt ready. I asked to make sure she wanted to go through with this, the small scared nod was all I needed. I penetrated her slowly and shallowly at first, it took me a score of thrust going a bit deeper each time until I had my full length within her warm wetness. The orgasm surprised me, as soon as I was hilt deep in her she cried out, her body shuddered underneath me, her cunt closing around my cock.

Faye rushed over and cradled Amy’s head as the pleasure subsided. Faye kissed her and asked if she wanted to go on, she moan yes weakly and I started moving again, pulling almost all the way out and then trusting back in. As I picked up pace she began to respond to me again, tilting her body and trusting up to meet my downward strokes. Faye played with her hair and as she started to lose herself to the sex she moved her hands down on to Amy’s breast, pinching and pulling her nipples.

If I hadn’t spent myself once already tonight that sight would have sent me over. I was holding off now, trying not to cum just to prolong the experiences of being in bed with these two lovely girls. Then Faye lent down and kissed the nipple not currently getting attention.

“Oh god, I am going to cum again” cried Amy. With that I stopped holding back, I moved faster bringing my orgasm forth. I am not sure if it was the twitching of my cock that set her off or the contracting of her cunt that set me off but we hit our peeks within second of each other. Both calling the others name as our body went though the involuntary set of movement that come with a big climax. I collapsed on top of her heaving chest, my own breathing slowly returning to normal, Faye’s slow stroking of our hair the only other movement.

I rolled of kissing her lightly on the temple and lay next to her just being near her. Then she shrieked

“What the Hell do you think you are doing Faye?” She shouted.

Faye looked like a kid with her hand in the cookie jar “I just wanted to know how it tastes” she said coming up from Amy dripping cunt.

“I let you fuck my boyfriend I think I should at least get to lick you clean” She said with far more confidences “it is not like I am making you do me, not this time anyway”

Amy looked at me for support but found none, I wanted to see them go. So I shrugged. Faye went back down on the reluctant girl.

Amy began to moan things like ‘no’ and ‘please stop’ but made no real attempt to push Faye away. At first Faye seemed to be interested in getting as much of my cum as possible out of the other girls opening sucking hard and using both her fingers and tong to scoop out as much as she could. Amy was trying not to enjoy it and was doing good job until Faye ran out of cum and started to really play with the girl.

Faye attacked her cunt with long lick and quick sucks when she reached the top. Amy went wild, unable to hide her pleasure any longer, deep long moans coming from her mouth. Her body squirmed under my girlfriend tong, eyes closed tight, hands clawing at the sheets. I reached down and took hold of her hand.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. I smiled and whispered “This is so hot” she lit up at that. Her other hand moved down and took hold of Faye’s hair forcing her to stay put on her clit. Faye began to alternate between twirling her tong and nibbling Amy’s clit. Amy stopped moaning for her to stop and started to beg her to speed up. She came for the final time with a single drawn out whimper, her body going still. Faye stood up making a show of wiping her mouth.

“You taste so good, we have to do this again now, I don’t think I can give up eating you out” She said as Amy just lay there, spent “Rave I am going to run her a bath, you stay there and hold her”

I did as I was told, just lay there with this sexy geek curled into my body. I could smell the spent lust in the room and I hoped that Faye would really let us do this again. Faye shouted at us that the bath was ready. Amy’s legs were still shaky so I carried her. Putting her down in the bath was hard but I watch Faye clean her off slowly scrubbing her body.

When she was done Amy stood let Faye dried her off. Amy couldn’t spend the night, her parents expected her home, and I wouldn’t let her walk the estate at night alone. Even with the gangs keeping some form of peace it really wasn’t a safe place for a girl to walk alone at night. I had a shower with cold water, all the hot had gone into the bath, while the girls went to talk about tonight.

I walked into the living room to get my cloths, Amy was dressed, Faye was not. I didn’t talk as I got dressed, they chatted about how they could keep doing this and keep Amy’s fake relationship with Taz going. Faye reckoned we would all going to have to spend at least one night at Taz’s. I was good with that, he was my friend.

I walked Amy home, I held her hand to make her feel better, I knew people would see and all my or Taz would say about it was that he liked to share with his friends. No one came near us, no one was that dumb. They lived in a flat above the shop, it was quite a big place. I walked her to the door and waited for her to open it, her mother was standing in view, I smiled to myself. I grabbed her and pulled her into me, kissing her hard, I pulled up her top to show the small of her back. I slid my hand down and grabbed hold of the waist band of the thong pulling it into clear view of her mother.

I broke off the kiss and made eye contact with Amy’s mother over her shoulder and winked at her. Eye wide with shock a blush started on her checks.

“I really do like your underwear” I said so that it could be taken in by both of them.

I walked home, back to Faye, a girl that loved me and liked to share. Aye I had a good life and that made me hate myself just a little bit more.

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