A Story for Women

A Story for Women

Before we begin.. Let’s make a deal. If you love my story then add on SnapC. Keen to meet open minded people and I love sharing and receiving “photos”. Deal? User: Kazaragh

My fantasies and desires are endless, we all have cravings and fetishes. Pleasure is the most natural thing we humans can desire, and to desire is human. Let my writing implant itself into your mind, take your time to envision it and for years to come remember it.

I am writing with the desire to take you on a journey of the mind by attempting to take the lust within me and putting it in the form of this writing. I'm hoping to ignite sensations within you and excite you. If I've made you feel something, crave anything, feel alive then I've successfully done my job.

This story is a true one, as those are the best kind. I'll now introduce you to our little friend of the story, an ex "friend with benefits" who also used to go to Hellfire club with me in Sydney. Her nickname's Indie, she is a beautiful white girl who I'd describe her sexual side as soft and gentle.

She'd love to completely surrender control, be completely helpless. She heavily resembled Laia Manzanares from Tame Impala's music video The Less I Know The Better. Cute light brownish blondish hair with cute little button nose, light pink lips and skin a pale white. Her cheeks had an adorable natural pink hue which is worth mentioning.

Overall Indie was vibrant, quirky and very fun to be around. She really, really loved the sex to be wild, passionate and intense. During our endeavors she confessed all her wicked fantasies which would surprise most people. So you can imagine we're in for a fun story with how free spirited and open she is. Discovering and expressing yourself is healthy and important to do while we're young.

Indie's really something else and this story started with me wanting to treat and surprise her. My desire in life is to fulfill other's fantasy, it's a never-ending pursuit of bliss. Life is too short not to chase new experiences, it gets boring repeating the same thing.

There was Indie laying down facing the ceiling, my hand stroking her cheek. Moving closer to her we started sharing our lips. Tongues slipping between each other's mouths, that addictive kissing sensation there for us to indulge ourselves in.

Breaking away I was now having fun kissing her neck which made sweet moans start to part from her lips which was legitimately music to my ears. You would be surprised how much you can make a person do once you start kissing their neck. Sucking hard on one spot I wanted to leave a hickey to mark my territory which made her moaning so much louder. (Sorry Indie for the inevitable awkward conversation with your fellow colleagues)

She started undressing herself in a rush while I took the opportunity to indulge myself in kissing more of her body. Truly I was in my natural element. Revealing more and more of her beautiful body just made me ache with anticipation for what I knew was to come. I helped remove her shorts which revealed her lacy black lingerie panties which for the time being were kept on as lingerie should be appreciated way more than it currently is.

I decided to be more "devilish" on this particular night and do something a little more exciting. I'm very open to new things and try hard to enjoy life, because magic happens outside of the comfort zone. Fortune favors the bold and I'm prepared for an adventure.

Her roommate complained about "making too much noise" from the last undressing session so this time I was prepared. Opening my satchel bag and pulling out the first item for tonight she seemed surprised. "I've never been blind folded before" she mentioned in which I replied "First time for everything" while smiling. She rested back down onto the bed, I eased the blindfold over her eyes. When one of our senses are deprived our other senses are heightened. For such an occasion I'd say our sense of touch is more important than sight, wouldn't you?

Taking out the second item I leaned down to kiss her soft lips. Using my thumb against her bottom lip to slowly open her mouth to press between her lips a black ball gag. She made a muffled moan. Indie looked prettier with something in her mouth. Reaching behind her head to fasten the gag she was now almost ready. Almost.

Blindfolded and gagged, but this isn't an action movie is it? Well... With all the recorded snaps you could say it's a kind of "action" movie. Regardless, there is more action to come that is all I'm promising at this point. Are you keen to keep reading?

The last item for me to pull out of my bag was my favorite of the night. Easing her up to a sitting position I took a bunch of her hair and pulled it back to reveal her neck. With the ferocity of a vampire my lips met her pale neck and as hard as I could I sucked and kissed. She began to squirm and moan so wrapping my arm around her did the trick of holding her against me. I crossed her arms behind her back and bound them together with a leather strap. The final item of the night and finally she was ready.

Bringing her forward onto her front allowed me a moment to appreciate my handywork. Indie looked as if fun itself was manifested into existence. Seeing her there and having that much power over was truly intoxicating for me. From dusk till dawn we were going to have fun, that was my intention. Are you touching yourself at this point? I seriously want you to be.

Bringing my mouth close to her ear I whispered, "you're all mine" which made her whimper and shudder. Her ghost white body was shining from sweat but we had only just gotten started. She must have been dying to have something buried deep inside her.

My cravings were running wild, especially the thought of driving my tongue deep into dripping pussy and tasting her sweet nectar. However such things come later as I wasn't anywhere close to finished with teasing her. Preferably she would reach her breaking point long before anything pushes inside her. Being still blindfolded and gagged allowed for only guesses for which body part of hers would be touched next. It was indeed a surprise and mystery.

Give me a moment to think about what came next… Ahh, Yes… Kissing a nipple while taking the other between my index and thumb I began twisting and turning. My mouth and fingers worked in perfect synchronisation. Deeper her breast went and harder my fingers played which had her screaming and squirming beneath me. Indie's hips shot up into the air, she was arching up from these sensations.

So very few things in this world I love more than sucking nipples and playing with breasts. It's just so euphoric for me. Faster and harder my mouth worked on her nipple, further she arched and squirmed. Feeling her nipples become almost rock solid was so satisfying for me. It's definitely an aim to keep them solid. Seeing she was enjoying herself a little too much I stopped abruptly. You could hear confusion and dismay in her muffled moans which quickly became moans which sounded like whining for more, so demanding isn't she?

Leaving her to lay in an anticipating state of agony, I retrieved something from the kitchen. This was me trying something new for the very first time. Moving her onto her chest then gently pressing an ice cube against her bare flesh had the effect of making Indie scream. Of course extremely muffled but without a doubt the loudest of the night. Continuing to run the ice down her back was met with continuous sounds of whimpering and squirming, two seemingly recurring themes.

Indie's lingerie did a completely terrible job of actually covering the skin of her ass cheeks and this was all to my liking. Was this painful to her? Was she enjoying it? Did she want more? All important questions but second to the iced touch of it against her cheeks. While holding the ice against her cheeks I pressed my fingers into her lingerie stroking her slit through them.

Muffled moans with squirms, whimpers and shrieks. Letting the ice drop between her thighs was met with my other hand catching and running the ice back up against her panties. This was actually really fun for me. I'd like to try wax with someone in the future or anything else wicked and wild.

It is my job to ensure a woman is dripping wet before even THINKING of removing her undies. Teasing is half the fun of sex! You could say my style of teasing and sex is "not normal" but would you rather live a normal or extraordinary life?

After disposing of the ice it was all fun and games from here on end. While resting my hand on her ass my fingers went to work rubbing her panties, harder and harder the tension built. Up and down, left and right, it was my purpose to make her feel like absolutely exploding. Slowing down at certain points only to speed back up again had her head pushing back. Suddenly my fingers felt the touch of cold and moisture. Her juices were sleeping through and coating my finger tips. Such a wet spot was enough of an indication for me to know she is indeed ready for more.

Slowly sliding her black lingerie to the side revealed her stunning wet sex. Indie's pussy was such a vibrant pink color and beautiful to behold. So very delicious looking and ohh was I hungry. This was definitely becoming an unforgettable event for us and hopefully a completely unforgettable story. Are you taking the time to imagine every second of it? Is your imagination running wild?

Pressing my fingers to her clit massaging in a circular motion had her in a state of utter bliss. Her clit was hard and fun to play with. She was so ready at this point to have my cock pounding away but some patience goes a long way. Anything that is worth doing in life, is worth doing slowly.

Now there's this thing that I like doing, by ever so gently and slowly breaking through the slit and repeatedly teasing it by going in and out. Repeatedly teasing the entrance of her pussy by barely breaking the surface had her in denial ecstasy. The body language was BEGGING me to go deeper but teasing that same spot was enough for me at the moment. You could hear those wet noises which sounded similar to you opening your mouth while your tongue is against the roof of your mouth.

Enough was enough, turning her over it was time for what you are here to read. My mouth clamped around her nipple while my fingers pushed deep into her pussy. Deeper and deeper my fingers explored while her juices were leaking out. There wasn't a millimeter of her pussy that my fingers hadn't touched. She wiggled and thrashed like an animal. You could see a wet patch starting to develop beneath her.

Rubbing my thumb against her clit just the way she liked it had her jolting in every direction. So this is interesting, some girls I've found to love their clits played with hard and others tell me very gently is the way they want it. Can't say I wouldn't much prefer playing with a clit as hard as possible…

Lifting indie's thighs against her chest I lowered myself between them. Ever so slowly I pushed my tongue into her pussy and like a precious flower it opened around it. Just imagine how she was feeling, how you would be feeling.. All that lust burning inside her. Her sweet taste filled my mouth as the juices coated more and more of my tongue. With one huge deep lick running from the very bottom of her slit to the top over her clit her moans her from top to bottom.

Running my tongue from the bottom of her slit all the way up. Her sweet juices coated my tongue as the entire length of her pussy, all the way over her clit. Quickly clamping my lips around her clit turned her into a banshee. Sucking and licking her clit while pressing her legs into her chest is such a beautiful position.

I wanted her to cum then and there against my lips, multiple orgasms is something every girl should try and learn, you need to find the right chemistry. then clamping my lips against her clit made her furiously moan into the ball-gag like a banshee. Locking my lips around her clit had Indie thrusting forward deeper into my mouth.

I must admit clits are so fucking amazing, the only organ with a single purpose; pleasure. The ability to cause such intense sensations, clits are so cool! (And fun to play with). Before proceeding any further I removed her restraints and gag, you should have been there to see the kiss she gave me!

Bringing myself back down between I drove my tongue evermore eagerly deeper into her delicious pussy. Her sweet moans filled my ears, there's so much satisfaction in making someone moan that way. Having my tongue that deep inside had my jaw in pain, but pain is pleasure. She was so ridiculously wet, you could put a cup against her pussy and it would begin to fill.

Indie intertwined her fingers into my hair as I pushed myself deeper into her. My tongue was going everywhere and anywhere it could go. There was a flow between sucking her clit and eating her pussy. A harmonious marriage between taking those precious moments to appreciate her clit then diving back between her lips. If you haven't guessed by now I'd much prefer to give than to receive pleasure.

Sex and everything that comes with it isn't something you should hope to get, but is something you can give. Just hearing all the freaky things she was saying was enough pleasure for me. You should've heard it for yourself.

"On your knees baby" Indie quickly positioned herself and pressed her chest down onto the bed. Lifting her ass in the air and spreading her legs wide she offered herself to me. "Please daddy fuck me" she cried out. How could I refuse such a beautiful request like that? Undoing my belt and zipper my cock was now inches from her pussy.

Taking the tip and pressing it into her she let out such a loud moan and again shouted "Fuck Me!" I replied "When I'm ready". Slowly running my cock up and down the length of her slit teasing her made her begin begging. "Daddy put it in, I want your cum" but still I teased and edged her further.

Pushing my cock in deeper, teasing her entrance more had her now screaming for me to fuck her. I'm going to end the story here because I'm getting too turned on writing this. I hope to do more exciting things in the future worth writing about.

Actually, should I finish the story? What are your thoughts?

SnapC: Kazaragh

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