Measuring My Cum Part 9

Measuring My Cum Part 9

"You've got a fabulous ass mom," I said, as mom's fine open ass cheeks with her asshole and wide open cunt with lips hanging down, still hovered above me.

"Thank you dear," she replied, as she milked the final drops of my cum into the semen beaker.

Then, as if to tease me further, she pushed her butt down on my face and wriggled her pussy and ass cheeks over my nose and mouth, as if she was trying to wipe her ass over me, and then lifted her butt up again.

"Wow, mom, you sure know how to tease me with it," I said, in response to that.

"Well, now I know how much you like it, I might as well put it to good use."

Finally, she lifted her leg up over me and turned and sat on the floor, looking at me, whilst I still lay on the rug. Her large hanging tits, looked incredibly sexy as she sat there, kneeling on the floor.

Mom held up the semen beaker again for me to look at. There was only a small amount of cum in it this time.

"Well, I think you might have reached your limit for today," she said. "And I'm a little tired too. I think it's time for bed."

The wine had got to me a bit now, and I nodded in agreement.

"I think tomorrow, as it's Sunday, we'll review how much cum you have produced so far this week. And we have an appointment with Dr Taylor on Monday. Make sure you get a good night's sleep and your strength back for our sessions tomorrow." Then she kissed me goodnight on my cheek.

With that mom got up and started walking out of the room. She still looked incredibly hot wearing just her black stockings and nothing else! I wondered if I should ask her to wear just those and nothing else for me again tomorrow. That would do!

After mom left, I got up a few moments later, and went up to my room. In no time at all, I fell asleep.


I felt something nudging my arm and awoke sleepily. Mom was sitting on the bed in her dressing gown, smiling as she woke me.

"Morning, Jacob," she said brightly.

"Morning, mom," I replied, yawning.

Then I felt a bit of a draught, and something touch the lower part of my stomach. Mom had removed the duvet and was sliding one hand over my stomach down towards my cock in my pyjamas.

"Let's have an early session," she said keenly. "I've brought the semen beaker."

I couldn't quite believe she wanted to help me cum so early, but my sleepiness soon disappeared hearing her talk like that.

Mom pulled down my pyjamas, exposing me fully from below, and threw them in the far corner of the bed.

Then, without further ado, she bent down her face towards my still limp cock and started sucking on it. Fuck! I couldn't believe how keen she seemed this morning, almost like she wanted sex!

The sensation of mom's wonderful wet mouth, tongue and lips on my dick had an almost immediate effect and I became hard as she sucked me.

"Ohhh....That's nice mom," I couldn't help saying out loud.

Then, seeing me get hard so quickly, mom stopped sucking on me, stood up, untied her dressing gown and let it fall to the floor. She was completely nude underneath, and her voluptuous, sexy figure came into full view. She stood there for a moment with one hand on her hip, striking a sexy pose, with one leg slightly angled, and her full, hanging, sexy boobs facing me in all their glory. Her thick, protruding nipples were erect, indicating she was aroused herself.

"Well, as you are hard already, let me give you something to keep you going," she said teasingly. "Your cock tastes so good this morning, that I want it to last as long as possible before you cum," she added, much to my surprise at her forwardness.

Mom stood next to the bed about two feet from me near the head end, and turned around to show me the wonderful round globes of her ass, and then sexily wriggled her butt cheeks for me from side to side as she stood on the spot, making the flesh there wobble and jiggle. Fuck! That looked so good! Then, as if knowing what effect this would have on me, she parted her legs a little and bent forward so that I could see her pussy and asshole. And then, even more incredibly, she placed her hands on her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart wider, so I got an even better view. Fuck!

Jesus, she was really going for it this morning, getting me really worked up!

Mom held this pose for a while, adding to my arousal by wriggling her ass from side to side occasionally, and then saying, "Like what you see? Does my ass look good like this?".

The sight of mom posing like that for me was enough to make me say, "Fuck, yea mom, I just gotta taste your asshole and pussy now, you look so damn hot. Please can I?"

Hearing this mom stood up properly again and said, "Yes you may, but only if you let me suck on that juicy cock of yours again. I hope you realise young man that I am now starting to get turned on too by all our activities."

This was the first time I had heard mom admit she was getting turned on too, by what we had been doing to help me cum. I nodded, but did not say anything, so as to not make it seem like a big issue.

I got off the bed and stood up. Mom knelt down in front of me and took my erect cock into her mouth again, making slurping noises as she sucked on it, and playing with my balls with one hand. She seemed to me, to be getting as much out of all this now, as I was!

I didn't feel like cumming yet, which was good, but the sight of mom's tits wobbling and jiggling from side to side as I looked down at her whilst she sucked me, was really turning me on.

Finally, after satisfying herself on my prick and balls for a few moments mom said, "Ok, special treat time. I'm going to get on the bed on my hands and knees, with my ass in the air, and I'll let you play with it. You may lick my pussy and asshole, but no penetrating me, remember!"

Mom stood up and then clambered onto the bed on all fours, facing the window, so she was sideways on the bed with her ass pointed back towards me, sticking up in the air. Fuck me, what an amazing sight! Never could I have imagined a few weeks ago that my 'prim and proper' mom would be posing like this for me on my own bed. It was almost all my dreams so far, come true!

The shape of mom's large wide open buttocks, and the crack between her ass cheeks with her asshole and open cunt and lips hanging down, looked so inviting, that immediately I knelt down on the carpet, so that my face was level with her open butt, and I just started licking and salivating along her entire ass crack. I ran my tongue greedily along the insides of her buttocks, moving from asshole to cunt and vice versa, whilst I grabbed and squeezed a full handful of each butt cheek, one in each hand, as I did so. I was in butt heaven!

Then, satisfied for a moment at tasting her ass crack up and down, I decided to concentrate on her pussy for a while. Mom was wet, and I lapped at her cunt and pussy lips, opening it up with two fingers by stretching them wide apart and tasting the pinky, moist flesh on the inside there. She tasted wonderful!

"Oh yes," she cried as I did this. This was the first time she had openly responded to my licking her pussy. "Yes, Jacob, lick mommy's pussy. Taste all my dirty cunt juice."

Fuck! Her words really spurred me on, and my dick responded by jerking up more.

Then, I moved my tongue up to her asshole and gently darted my tongue into it a little way, as I spread her ass cheeks wider apart for better access. Seeing her brown puckered hole open up and stretch further as I did so, I darted my tongue a little deeper into her ass this time, almost like I was fucking it with my tongue.

Mom groaned in pleasure as I did so, pushing her butt back into my face, apparently very sensitive to my tongue fucking her asshole.

"Ohhhh....Ohhhhh...yes.. baby......lick my asshole. That feels sooooo....gooood."

I continued, responding to her pleasure by pushing apart her butt cheeks further so I got even better access, and tried to go as deep as I could into her asshole with my tongue.

"Ahhhh..." mom groaned again in pleasure.

Then, after a moment, I moved back to her cunt and licked and lapped at it some more. Fuck, this was good!

I was dying to plunge my dick into mom's open wet cunt, now, but I knew she would not agree. But I could also sense she was really in a lustful state, the way she had been wriggling her ass back into my face as I licked on her pussy and asshole.

As a second best measure I said, "Can I slap my dick against your butt and along you ass crack? I promise I won't penetrate you."

"Ok," she said, much to my surprise.

My dick jerked up in response to this.

I slapped my hard on against mom's buttocks for a few moments, wiping my precum on them as my piss slit slid over the flesh on each, in turn. Then, the sight of her ass crack being so tempting, I rubbed my cock head against her asshole, almost tickling it.

Fuck that was so good, I almost felt like cumming but held myself back. Mom had not objected to my rubbing her asshole with my dickhead, so feeling braver, I moved it with my hand slowly along and gently tickled mom's pussy lips with it, which were hanging down. God, her open pussy was so tempting, and just centimetres away from my cock head. I just wanted to shove it straight in!

Then, to my surprise, mom, who must have been so turned on my what I was doing, said, "Ok, Jacob, I can't stand this anymore. Stick it in my cunt, but don't cum inside me. We need to catch your cum in the beaker still!"

Fuck! I couldn't believe it! This was music to my ears! Without further hesitation, I pointed my straining dick directly at her gaping pussy hole, and shoved it in.

"Ahhhhhhhhh...," I cried out in ecstasy, feeling mom's pussy walls grip hard onto me.

I pulled back instinctively, and then shoved in again.

"Ohhh...yess," I said.

Mom was also now groaning in pleasure as I did this. I carried on pumping her, now a little faster, as I grabbed her hips for support. The feel of mom's pussy around my dick as I penetrated her, in and out, was wonderful! Imagining fucking was one thing, but actually doing it was a hundred times more pleasurable!

I was in the throes of ecstasy now and didn't care about anything, let alone making sure my cum went into the semen beaker.

I think mom was also in an extremely heightened sexual state as she was moaning and groaning with pleasure, pushing her pussy back into me as I shoved my cock in at each thrust.

"Fuck me, yes...," she said out loudly.

I was now moaning loudly too, and I just couldn't stop myself cumming quickly, it being the first time, no matter what happened next. I felt the cum rise in my balls, and I exploded inside her, feeling my spunk spurt thickly and deeply inside mom.

"Ahhhhhhh........." I shouted as I came.

Mom responded with a huge moan of pleasure too, as I carried on spurting inside her.

Finally after what seemed like ages, I stopped cumming and felt my cock go limp and I collapsed on the bed next to mom, who was now laying on her front with her eyes closed.

I had finally fucked mom and cum inside her too!

It felt like ages before either of us spoke.

Mom broke the silence by saying in a quiet tone and without looking at me, "What have we just done?"

I didn't say anything for a few moments. Then I replied in a quiet tone too, "I couldn't stop myself, and neither could you I think."

There was silence for a while again.

"You're right," she said after a few minutes. "Never mind, it's happened now. I guess it was bound to happen at some point. We'll have to just get on with it. And we've missed getting a sample." Mom paused for a moment, as if thinking.

Then she said, "Maybe we can work out an average sample based on all the results from the past week. But, you must promise me Jacob, that you will never tell anyone about what we've just done. Not ever."

"I won't mom," I replied sincerely. "Never."

"Good, I feel a bit better about it then." She paused again. "And maybe if we do it again to help you to cum, it won't matter so much now, as we've done it once," she added, much to my surprise.

Fuck! That sounded unbelievable! Mom was ok for us to fuck again!

"But you must try to pull out next time," she said, "So I can get a sample."

"Ok, mom" I replied, "I'll try, but it might be hard, as it's so new to me," I said, truthfully.

Mom didn't reply.

After a moment, I felt like going to the toilet.

I got up off the bed and said, "Just need to take a pee."

I walked naked into my en-suite bathroom. Normally I would close the door, but somehow, I felt so relaxed after what we had just done that I left it open. In any case, you could not see the toilet part inside directly from the bed.

I stood over the toilet and started to piss into it. It felt good and relieving.

As I finished and gave my dick a few nudges to get the last drops out, I suddenly felt like someone was looking at me. I looked over at the door. Mom was standing there. She must have just seen the end part of my peeing into the toilet. For a moment the thought excited me. I didn't know why.

She looked at me and said, "Hope you didn't mind my watching."

"No, mom," I replied, truthfully, although slightly unnerved.

"Good," she said. "Shall we shower together? Maybe we can get another sample whilst we do that."

I felt a twinge in my dick as mom suggested that. I was already feeling a little aroused at the thought, even though I had cum not long ago.

"Sounds great to me, mom," I said.

"Ok," she replied. "Get in the shower and turn the water on. I just need to take a pee myself. You can draw the curtain closed after you get in the bath."

The moment mom said she wanted to use the toilet as well, I got excited for some reason. I felt like I wanted to watch her, like she had me.

"Can I watch you mom?" I asked.

Mom looked at me for a moment as if thinking, and said, "I don't see why not."

I got in the bath and left the shower curtain open so I could watch her use the toilet. Already, I felt my dick becoming alive at the thought.

Mom, still completely nude, went over to the toilet, put the seat down, and sat on it. I had never seen her before like this.

After a moment I started to hear the distinctive sound of a stream of pee hitting the water in the bowl at the bottom of the toilet. This went on for a minute or so, until mom stopped her pissing. Then, she took some toilet paper and dabbed at her pussy, stood up, threw the paper into the bowl and flushed the toilet.

I had found the whole experience of watching her do this, a bit of a turn on, strangely!

As mom washed her hands in the washbasin, I had a semi hard on after what I had just witnessed. Mom looked over at me and saw it.

"Did that happen whilst you looked at me on the toilet?" she said.

"Yes," I replied. "Seeing you take a pee was quite arousing, for some reason," I added.

"That's not uncommon," mom said. Then, pausing a moment longer, she finally said, "Come over here, I'd like to try something before we shower."

Mom went back to the toilet and sat down again on it. She beckoned me to her.

I got out of the bath and went over to her and stood in front of her as she sat on the toilet. My dick was still semi hard, and seeing her sitting on the toilet seat like that was contributing to its state.

Then she started sucking my dick again, as she sat there. My prick responded almost immediately to this, hardening up again. I grabbed mom's head and fucked her mouth as she sat on the toilet.

"Fuck, yea mom," I said. "This is so good."

She paused sucking my dick and licked my balls for a moment. Then she stroked my hard on with her hand.

"Ok, that's enough. I just wanted to see if you would get hard quickly this way. Next time I want to go to the toilet for a pee, come in with me. I'd like to suck you whilst I do it. That should be a good way of helping you to cum, from your reaction just now."

Fuck, the thought of that was so thrilling and arousing that my dick jerked up again toward her face.

Mom got up and said, "Get in the bath again. I'm just going to get the semen beaker from the bedroom."

I did as instructed and waited for mom to return. My dick had become slightly limp again as I waited

She came back into the bathroom a moment later, holding the semen beaker. Then she clambered into the bath, her tits flapping sexily as she did so, and put the beaker on one of the glass shelves over the far end of the bath.

Then she said to me, "Turn the water on and let's soap up together."

I turned the shower on and the spray went over me. I adjusted my position slightly so that mom could get under the showerhead too. Her boobs touched my chest as we did this. My dick was starting to respond again.

Mom grabbed the shower gel and started lathering me up from the front, over my chest, stomach, and then running her hands over my dick, which became semi hard as she did this. She cupped my balls and soaped them, and then knelt down so her face was level with my dick and started to lather up my legs. Then, she stood up again, and said, "Turn around."

I turned to face the tiled walls at the shower end of the bath, and felt mom lather up my back and shoulders. Then she moved onto my ass and cupped each butt cheek as she rubbed the shower gel into it. "I'm going to do your ass crack now," she said.

I braced myself, and felt her run her fingers and hands along my butt crack, over my asshole and towards my balls. It tickled a bit as she did so and I instinctively jerked forward a little, still not used to someone else's hand running over my sensitive parts like that.

Finally mom stopped soaping me, and said, "Now do me."

I turned around and faced her. She raised her arms, as if offering her body to me. I started under her armpits, and then did her arms, which she then let fall back down to her sides. Then, I started lathering up the area just below her neck and then moved onto the large globes of her tits, squeezing and cupping each one almost greedily, as I did so, enjoying the feel of them with each movement of my hands.

My dick was getting harder, at this point.

Then, I knelt down in front of her and soaped up her stomach and then her pubic area, letting my fingers slide between her legs, over her pussy mound, towards her asshole from the front. God, that felt good!

Then, I did her legs, in swirling motions, making sure the back of her thighs and calves were also well lathered up.

Mom then turned around whilst I was still kneeling down, so that the glorious curved arches of her buttocks faced me directly. I squeezed some more shower gel onto my hands, and then started kneading and squeezing her fleshy, thick, white butt cheeks. God, I was loving this.

I stood up, still caressing mom's butt, and then let my hand slide along her butt crack, over her asshole, towards her pussy. Mom pushed herself back towards me as I did so, almost like she was enjoying the sensation of my fingers and hand running along her ass crack.

Then, I moved my hands up to her back and shoulders and lathered the soap in there, well.

My dick was now slightly more than semi hard, but not quite a full pole yet.

Mom turned around and said, "I have an idea."

"What?" I said.

"As we are now both soaped up, let's hug and rub our bodies together so that the soap gets rubbed in even more as we rub ourselves against each other.

Fuck, the idea sounded hot!

Mom made the first move my moving a bit closer to me and then putting her arms around my back like she was embracing me in a hug.

I did the same to her, and for a moment as we hugged, it just felt like a loving embrace rather than anything sexual. But then, as I felt my hard on rub up against her stomach, above her pubes, the sexual feelings returned.

Mom started sexily rubbing her boobs and other parts of her body against me and running her hands along my back and down over my butt.

I decided to do the same to her as we rubbed up against each other, but I ended up concentrating more on squeezing her wonderful large ass cheeks as we embraced.

My dick started to get even harder at what we were doing.

Mom noticed this and said, "I see you're really hard now, and your cock is starting to get in the way. If you promise not to cum inside me, I'll let you put it in me again."

I made the promise, not believing my luck that mom would agree to this so soon!

Then she grabbed my slippery soaped up dick and said, "Turn the shower on and let's me rinse off some of this soap first."

I switched the water on and we both rinsed under the spray together, mom, paying special attention to my dick.

Then, after we had rinsed pretty much all the soap off our bodies, I turned the water off, and faced mom again.

She knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. The feeling of her sucking me was wonderful and she soon had me very hard.

Then, she turned around and moved a step towards the far end of the bath, and bent forward so she was supporting herself with her hands against the end tiled wall, as she presented her ass to me.

"You can fuck me like this," she said firmly. "And I want you to talk crudely to me whilst you do it. But remember, don't cum inside me. You must tell me when you are about to cum, so I can get the semen beaker into position."

"Ok, mom " I said. "But first I'd like to lick you down below."

I knelt down behind her, parted her buttocks with my hands and started lapping at her pussy. She tasted wonderful, and smelled clean and fresh after the wash. I squeezed her butt cheeks as I licked her. Then, I moved onto her asshole momentarily, giving that a good tonguing.

By now my hard on was raging.

I stood up again and still holding her butt cheeks open a little way with my free hand, I braced myself to do what I had longed to so much, and for so long -- ram into her pussy, hard, from behind, whilst we were in the bath together.

Mom's pussy looked so inviting, I positioned myself as correctly as I could, in my inexperience of doing such things, and then pointing my cock head between her open cunt lips, I pushed in.

"Ahhhh," mom gasped, as I did so.

"Oh, yes," I cried out.

I pushed all the way in, and then back a little, as we adjusted ourselves for our respective movements

Then, I shoved in again, and then out again, a little faster this time.

"Fuck, yes," said mom, to my surprise.

I increased the pace and depth of my thrusts until I was slapping up against mom's meaty ass cheeks each time I went forward and fully in.

"Fuck, mom that's so good," I said.

I moved my hands up from holding her hips, so that I could squeeze her boobs as I fucked her.

Man this felt amazing!

I moved my hands down to her hips again and carried on slapping hard into mom.

"Yes, Jacob, tell me how much you like fucking me," she said teasingly.

"Fuck yea mom, I love fucking you like this. Your cunt is so fucking hot, I just want to fuck you all the time now," I said, all my inhibitions vanishing for a moment as we fucked.

We were now moaning and groaning like wild animals.

Soon, as we were both so lost in the throes of our mutual enjoyment, all of a sudden I felt the cum rise in my balls.

I remembered what mom said about not cumming inside her, but this felt so good, I just didn't want to stop. But something in my mind told me I should warn her, so I said, "Mom, I'm going to cum."

Mom was groaning deeply in time to my thrusts as I fucked her, and she just managed to blurt out. "No, fuck that. Cum inside me, cum inside mommy. I want to feel your spunk inside me again."

That was it. Her words of encouragement only spurred me on further, and after just a few more thrusts, I came deep, thick and heavily inside her, making a noise almost like a donkey braying as I did so!

Mom screamed out as I spunked deep inside her, indicating she had orgasmed too.

I held onto her hips as her pussy walls milked my prick of cum. I could feel them pulsating against my dick and it felt wonderful. This was all still very new to me, but it had all felt so instinctive, which it obviously was!

After a while, as my dick became limp, and finally fell out from inside her, I still held mom around the waist supporting her whilst she leaned on the wall still facing away from me, her eyes closed, and her face resting on her hands.

"Jacob, that felt so good," she said finally. "I don't feel I care about measuring your cum anymore, but I know we have to," she added.

After a moment, she turned around, and without looking at me, put her arms around me, as we stood naked in the bath together, and held me close to her, hugging me tightly.

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