Ange gets munted with friends

Ange gets munted with friends

I had just met all these people and really didnt know what we were doing back at this random house on our way home from the club , all I knew is my bro Tom had to stop here to get on so here we are... After about forty minutes of me and Tom sitting around a table of randoms sipping drinks and talking the guy who lived here Rob who was obviously supplying Tom some gear came in and said he had to go for a drive to get it the shit so we would have to wait, after quick discussions Tom decided to go for a drive with old mate and I would stay and wait here with the randoms I just met. Well it turns out the randoms were a young couple named maddy and jay that looked not even twenty yet and an older woman  named ange that looked about thirty five. Maddy was a sexy little stoner lookin bitch , short with straight dark hair and nice round firm tits with a good figure and nice arse,  jay was her boyfriend a skinny little young cunt that obviously chopped in too much on the gear which helped keep his girl around. You could see his girl had a lot of flirt in her without being too full on and she was down for whatever. Good girl. Then here was ange , she lived here with the supplier dude, she was bout 5"7 tall and skinny with long legs and skinny arse, tiny little waist and small little titties , she had long blonde hair and a cute face, she just looked like trouble. 

Now I got left here with these randoms not knowing fuck all but it didn't take long for my natural instincts of a man to kick in and start to sus out what's happenin, now I had been drinking all night and had a few pincers so I was in a great mood, fucks me what anyone else had been doin but as far as I could see they were just smoking the glassy. Ange shouted me a few more drinks so I pulled out my bag of pills and offered them all one each, Maddy was first to grab one and quickly swallow it followed by Jay and then Ange said "fuck it, they'll be ages anyway who cares" and swallowed one as well. Within half an hour everyone was feelin good and starting to loosen up a bit "how long will ya man and Tom be" I asked ange she rang her man and apparently they were gettin fucked around so they would be a while still , I didn't give a fuck I was happy sittin here talking shit for the time being. "come on " ange said as she got up "come in the lounge and listen to some tunes" I quickly followed as she led us towards the back of the house and into a big open lounge room, I sat on the couch and started flicking through CDs selecting a few for her to play, she got some tunes on and poured some more drinks before we sat back letting the pills take over our minds for a bit... 

Maddy and Jay walked in the lounge room where I was sitting on the couch head tipped back just lost in the tunes , Ange was on the seat next to me flicking through more CDs with a drink in her hand obviously mounted Fromm the pills, "We're going for a cruise down the shops to get some smokes n shit babe" Maddy told Ange "see ya soon" she replied as they walked out towards the front. I heard the door shut and looked around " where did they go ?" I asked ange " they probably gone to fuck in the park before the lingers wear off but they reckon the goin to the shops" she laughed " oh true.. Nice " I replied "so who's here? " I asked her " just us " she said as she changed cd. " want another roundie ? I asked "yeah fuck yeah theyre mad" she said as she grabbed another and washed it down before falling backwards onto the couch next to me with drink in hand and the sound of dance music playing in the back ground.

As the pingers kicked in we got closer and closer together on the couch the music making us feel so good , everything felt awesome and it wasnt long until her legs were draped all over me and both our heads resting on the back of the couch talking shit, my hands all over her legs pulling her closer , her tiny frame was so easy to manipulate as she wrapped herself into me "when's ya man gonna be back" I asked quietly just as our mouths got almost ready enough to kiss each other "fucks me but knowing that cunt he"ll be hours" she replied "fuck it " I said as I pulled her lips to mine we kissed passionately the way you can only understand if you"ve ever kissed for the first time when off guts on pills it's all so intense and feels so right, we just sat there kissing and touching each others bodies, her hands making it to the top of my jeans as I reached the top of hers, unbuttoning her jeans and tugging at them forcing her to stop and jump to her feet only to wiggle out of her tight jeans as she lifted her top over her head, standing in front of me in just a tiny g string and bra , her skinny little frame so small and fragile I reached out and pulled her into me, we kissed again as she pulled my jeans off, my cock hard as she reach down and grabbed hold of it, I sat up almost straight in the couch to give her room to position herself in front of me , she dropped to her knees between my legs and didn't hesitate to wrap her lips around my throbbing cock before shoving as much as she could into her mouth. 

This chick really knew what she was doing and started to give me one of the best blow jobs of my life , she jammed more and more in her tiny mouth until she had it all right down every thrust, eyes watering and gagging more and more she didn't stop, my hand ontop of her head forcing her to take it all and with every forceful thrust she seemed to get more excited. Rough and hard she wanted it so I grabbed a fist full of her hair and started ramming her head down onto my cock, stretching her mouth and choking her every time, she was loving it and her eyes tried to look up towards me for gratitude every chance she got until finally she pulled away and knelt back in front of me "you like that?" she asked "fuck yeah babe" I replied " fuck my pussy now" she demanded as she ripped whatever clothes she had left off , I picked her up and laid her backwards onto the couch grabbing her tiny legs and stretching them apart as she tickled her clit with her index finger.

Her cunt was dripping wet when I pushed my cock into her and she moaned like a whore as it went right up inside her, slowly at first and then faster " fuck me hard" she yelled " fuck me harder" she screamed as I smashed my cock into her"oh yeah baby, fuck that pussy" she demanded as I grabbed her legs as tight as I could leveraging everything I could into smashing this sexy older bitch after a few minutes of pounding her she stopped me " fuck me doggy baby" she told me as she rolled onto her hands and knees on the seat of the couch her head pushing down towards an armrest, I spread her arse cheeks open and eased my cock into her cunt from behind " now fuck me hard" she told me as her head buried into the couch, her hands reaching back and stretching her arse cheeks apart this slut really knew how to fuck and she loved it hard... I pounded her cunt from behind until I couldn't fuck anymore and collapsed back onto the couch next to her, without missing a beat she flipped over and grabbed my cock , burying her head into my lap as it disappeared down her throat , pulling back up and letting it flop into her hand" now skull fuck me " she ordered and I stood in front of her knelt down like a little submissive bitch in front of me, I grabbed her hair in my fist and she shoved my cock into her mouth while I slowly started jamming it all down her throat, harder and faster I skull fucked this whore until she was gagging and gap crying tears all over her face my cock filling her mouth over and over again until I felt I was about cum, I pulled my cock out and held her face at the end of my knobbed "yeah baby cover my face" she begged holding her head firm with one hand and wanking my cock with the other I unloaded the biggest wad all over her pretty face covering her in cum like a cheap whore , moaning and groaning until it all covered her and I my legs went weak, I let her go and fell back onto the couch. She dropped to the floor rubbing my cum all over her face , naked and satisfied she laid there for a minute , I was drained I just sat back on the couch until she climbed up next to me and cuddle her naked frame into mine.  

"Fuck babe that was quality" I told her " thanks babe" she smiled as she got up and grabbed her clothes to go clean herself up, as I fixed myself up and composed my shit I heard the door open, Maddy and Jay came walking back in and joined me in the lounge " where's Ange ?" Maddy asked "bathroom" I think was all I could come up with ... Ange came back out and joined us and we all sat there listening to tunes and drinking for 2 more hours before the others got back with the shit.... By now it was almost day break so we blazed up and kicked on most the day , I still go to see Rob and Ange to get on sometimes and no cunt is none the wiser about our mad pinger fuck... As for Maddy and Jay that's a whole new story .... Stay tuned ... 

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