Family Therapy_(0)

Family Therapy_(0)

Jane walks into the emergency room and there sitting in the corner is her son with a cast on both hands. "What happened?" James asks her son Mark.
"I'm fine but I broke both my wrists" and lifts up his hands to show her. "I was running some wire and slipped off the step ladder and tried to break my fall but I just broke my wrists instead." Mark explained to his mother.
"As long as you are not hurt too badly I guess it was a blessing then." She tells him.
"I have to wear these things for six to eight weeks but having July and August off won't be so bad either." He says.
For the next two weeks Mark and Ashley, his older sister, hang out at the pool. She had just graduated from Southern and was going on-line looking for jobs but also enjoying the summer off too. At 5'3 and barely 106 pounds she was petite yet very attractive. She always thought she was cute but something happened at college that was making her doubt herself. Hanging out with Mark was helping restore her confidence. They had always been close and she trusted him dearly.
"Mom, I am having a problem with pain in my lower abs area, I think I better go see DR. Graham." He tells Jane.
"I'll call tomorrow morning and make an appointment." Jane says. She wonders if he may have hurt himself more than they thought originally.
Sitting in the examining room waiting for Dr. Susan Graham to come in Mark can feel the discomfort throbbing. Dr. Graham examines him and asks some questions which make Mark uncomfortable such as how often did he masturbate before the accident. After a while she looks at him and explains that since his wrists are broke and he cannot masturbate, his testicles are filling with fluid that normally would be removed when he ejaculated but since it has been two weeks already gone by, his body is responding to not being able to ejaculate. She assures him that he should be fine but his testicles will swell at times.
"Hi Jane" Susan says to her old friend. "Have time for a drink after work. I want to talk to you about Mark. He's OK but I would like to talk in person plus I need a drink." Susan says.
"Blue Balls and swelling of the testicles" Jane says after listening to Susan explain what is going on with Mark. "Can he hurt himself at all?" Jane asks.
"The only concern is that he is so young and it could cause damage to his testicles and possibly affect his being able to father a child if his sperm count is too low." Susan explains.

"What has to be done then?" Jane asks.
"He needs to ejaculate about two or three times a day in the beginning at least. At his age the recovery time is so rapid that he could easily ejaculate five times a day." Susan says.
"But how can he..." as she realized Mark cannot masturbate Jane stopped in mid-sentence. “What about a nurse?" Jane asked.
"I don't think you are going to find a nurse who will be willing to jerk off a twenty year old four or five time a day and if you did find one it is going to cost a small fortune." Susan said.
"Are you saying I should do it?" Jane asked.
"Well, either you or Ashley. I know it sounds strange but it is not incest but just masturbation. No one ever has to know and I would never tell anyone." Susan said.
"I can't believe you are telling me to jerk my son off three or four times a day." Jane said getting upset.
"I don't know what to tell you. If he had a girlfriend this would not even be an issue but he doesn't and I am worried about down the road in case he has problems that can be avoided." Susan does her best and calms Jane of her fears of taboo behaviour.
As she sits and listens to Jane talk about her fears of having to masturbate Mark or have Ash do it, Susan thinks of what is going on in her own home between Sandy and Tommy, her son and daughter who are the same ages as Ash and Mark. Just the other night she caught Sandy coming out of Tommy's room around mid-night. Sandy said she had to ask Tommy something but it didn't explain her being naked and Susan suspected for some time now they have been having sex together.
"Ash and Mark are close like Sandy and Tommy and neither one are dating anyone right now so in a way they can help each other with their frustrations." Susan said.
Jane's jaw almost dropped when her best friend suggested that it was almost normal for a brother and sister to have sex together. She didn't say anything but now she wondered to herself that maybe that is why Sandy and Tommy are always together.
Susan can see the reaction in her friend and says "Well, I'd rather have them be safe than with all the STD'S and HIV out there."
"Guess I never thought of it that way," Jane responds.
"Ash, we have to talk." Jane and Ashley talk for about twenty minutes. Ashley seems not that shocked by the whole problem which kind of surprises Jane.
"Well, I guess we can look at it like therapy. If his back or leg were affected we would not have a problem with it so I guess I could try and help." Ashley says.
Jane is so relieved how at ease Ashley is taking the idea of masturbating her brother for the next six weeks. Deep down Jane is starting to get excited a fights the feelings that are coming to the surface. It's been five years since Dave died and she has not been with anyone since. She can feel her old lusts coming alive again but is fighting them now.
Jane and Ashley sit on the couch opposite Mark and Jane starts telling him how DR.Graham had talked to her and what has to be done. Mark listens and finally stands up and says "Let me get this straight, you guys are going to take turns on me. I don't think so. Do you know what would happen if this ever got out and I mean for all of us." Mark gets up and tells them that he appreciated their concerns but he would deal with it.
For the next three days Mark feels the pains worsen and although he did not like the idea his mother and sister presented he started to come around via the pain pushing him along.
Mark asks if he could talk to them together about what they said the other night. For the next half hour Jane and Ashley talk to him very much how Susan Graham explained it to Jane. Ashley said at one point, "I don't know if I can do it but I think we should try. Do you want to be sitting opposite your wife one day and hear that you are sterile because of what may happen right now?"
All three listen and all are becoming excited just discussing it. Mark thinks that he might even be able to con Ash out of wearing anything. But he really got excited thinking of Jane stroking him to orgasm. Mark always thought his mother was hot. Even though she dressed conservatively she still at forty two had a cute little figure like Ashley. Jane could feel her vagina ache; it has been so long she thinks to herself.
"Maybe it would be easier if I tried first rather than Mom." Ashley says.
Mark hears the soft knock at his door and knows Ashley is there. She walks in and has a t-shirt on while Mark is wearing sweat pants. Both of them are feeling awkward about the whole thing and nervous too. "Maybe if you clicked on some pictures on your computer that might help." Ashley says softly. She is surprised that she can feel herself getting wet and does not quite know what to make of it. Mark clicks on different images and Ashley notices that all the pictures are of girls with small boobs-like her. "Can I ask you something? How come most guys like girls with big boobs?" She asks.
"I don't think most guys do, I don't. Look at what happens to women as they get older if they have big boobs. They sat down to their belly button. Look at Mom; she looks like she is in her early thirties while all her friends except DR.Graham are all big busted. I think it ages them too. You're built like Mom and look how guys chase you. Big boobs are a myth put out by the bra companies to promote business."
For the next half hour Mark and Ashley talk not like siblings but as friends. Ashley's feelings of being inadequate begin to flow away as she realized that just because she is a B cup does not make her lesser of a woman. Bobby really messed her head up she thinks to herself when they broke up in December. She feels like a weight has been lifted off her chest. "No breast enlargement now" She says to herself.
"Ash, we don't have to do this." Mark says.
"Let's see what happens." Ashley responds.
Mark just felt so awkward that he could barely get erect and finally said to his sister. "Ash, it isn’t goanna happen. I keep looking at you and thinking of you as my sister. We tried anyway."
The next morning Ashley asked Mark if they could try again and had the same results. Mark felt so awkward lying naked on his bed with Ashley silently rubbing him up and down his shaft. He looked at her legs from what he could see from her t-shirt and it just wasn't enough. "Ash, we tried. It would be like if was trying to do it to you. Unless you get turned on, it just feels contrived." He said.
Later that night Ashley was sitting reading a magazine when Jane sat down next to her and started asking how things were going with Mark. Ashley explained what had happened the past two days and Jane said two words that opened her eyes, ROLE PLAY. Ash then realized what why it was not working and knew she could make Mark ejaculate if he did not think it was her doing it.
Jane could tell that Ashley just seemed happier and they talked and Ashley explained how dejected she has felt the past six months about her small boobs and self-image. Jane realized how talking with Mark had changed her daughter's view of herself. "Maybe this is therapy." Jane said. "I hope we can somehow figure out a way to help Mark though." She added.
Ashley tossed and turned for an hour; looking at her clock she saw it was 11:30. She could feel herself aching between her legs as she thought of what to do about Mark. Getting up she walked quietly towards Mark's door, she was so lost in thought she forgot to put on her night shirt and opened Mark's door and went in. The light from the TV shone and Mark saw Ash approach him in bed. "She's naked" He said to himself.
She sat down next to him and said "I was talking to Mom and she said something interesting. She said Role-play and I figured I know how we can do this. You and I have to pretend we are not brother and sister but use our imaginations and substitute ourselves into situations that will work. We fantasize and do it that way. You're not Mark my brother and I'm not Ashley your sister. Let's do it."
Ashley slowly pulled the sheet back and Mark's cock was getting erect. She got on the bed and straddled his calves and gently rubbed her hands up and down his thighs while just stroking his cock once to tease him. Mark wasn't sure about this role-playing but having Ashley naked sitting on his legs was working for him.
Ashley moved up and sat on his thighs as she wrapped one hand around his shaft and stroked him slowly. "I can't believe how big you are." She said. She massaged his thighs and moved her hands up to his chest returning to stroke him. Mark could feel his cock throbbing for relief. "Let's see how much cum you have in you." She said. Mark could not believe how she was talking and acting. He decided to get into now with her.
"Why don't you move up and lower that little pussy down on me and I will fill that little box of yours." He said.
Ashley never thought they would be talking to each other like this but she could feel her vagina aching. "How about if I just let myself rub my pussy and watch all that cum shoot out your cock this time." She moved up and lowered her lips onto his shaft and started to move up and down grinding his cock against her pussy. "I want to see you cum, will you cum for me?" She asked.
Mark could not believe how good it felt. Ashley had just a faint trace of blonde hair below and Mark watched as she moved her hips to make him cum. "Ash, I'm Cumming." He started to shoot as Ashley moved her hips back and grabbed his cock with her hands and stroked him as he shot five or six times. "Oh, that feels good. I don't have that terrible ache right now. You are so hot and those cute little boobs drive me crazy too."
Ashley got up and grabbed some tissues and wiped Mark's chest. "I think this is going to be fun." She said. Ashley kissed Mark on the cheek and said good night. Lying in her own bed she fingered herself to her own climax. She thought how she wanted to let Mark all the way in but not yet she thought.
The next morning Jane was sitting having a cup of coffee before leaving for work. "Hi Ash, you're up early."
"I slept good last night. I figured how to deal with Mark thanks to you suggesting Role Playing and it worked. He feels a lot better I'm sure. You wouldn't believe how much he ejaculated." Ashley said.
Jane was unsure what to say or even ask but she figured it best not to ask the details. "Well, just be careful."
Ashley quickly added "It's OK, I'm still on the pill. Think I'll go take a shower. See ya tonight." And she got up and went in the bathroom.
Jane sat there stunned. When she said be careful she meant as to making a mess of the sheets and did not expect Ashley to mention the pill. "Role playing," She said to herself. I opened the door so I should have expected this.
Mark got up and looked outside and saw Ash sitting by the pool. He watched TV late after she left and was surprised he slept till 10:00. Grabbing a quick drink of OJ he stepped outside.
"Good morning" She said. Mark looked at her a little differently this time. She is so cute sitting on the lawn chair. They both felt like they have connected on a different level. Not just the sex but emotionally more than either thought they ever would. Liking each other like best friends was how Mark was looking at it.
"So how did you sleep?" She asked.
"Great, first time since I fell off that stupid ladder. I think you may have helped though." He said.
Sitting by the pool and just talking the hours flew by till Ashley realized it was 1:00. They hadn't spent this muck talking in such a long time. School and now Mark an apprentice electrician just seemed to rob them of their time together. But funny how a twist of fate can change things.
"Think I'll go take a shower" Mark said.
"Sandy called and we are going to meet for lunch, I'll be back around six and I can help you with your medical condition." Ashley said laughing.
"Hi Mom, Ash went out with Sandy and I am going to the Mall for some new shorts." Mark told his mother on the phone.
"Well, have a good time and I am going to meet DR. Graham for dinner after work so I will be home later on." Jane said.
About seven Ashley came home and she found Mark sitting out by the pool. "Hey, what you up to?" She asked.
"Just enjoying the sun going down. How was your day with Sandy?" He asked.
"We had fun; she's easy to be around with like you." Ashley said.
Ashley got up and walked in the house and put her bathing suit on and came out and jumped in the pool. Mark watched her and felt his cock getting hard. He knew she was cute but now looking at her he saw another side. A side that made him excited. Ashley only stayed in for a few minutes and then got out and dried herself. "Let's go give you some relief, I talked to Mom and she said she will be home later tonight so let's enjoy the house."
"I talked to her too and she is with DR. Graham, two Milfs out together." Mark said.
"I'm telling Mom you called her a Milf. Ashley said.
"She's hot like you." Mark replied.
Ashley went in the house and looked around the living room and decided the deep plush rug would be a nice place to give Mark a nice back rub. "Hey, why don't you lay down on your back and I will give you a nice back rub." She said. Mark stripped off his clothes and his cock was rigid with excitement.
Mark lay down and watched as Ashley walked across the room. She took off her bikini and let it fall on the floor near Mark's face. She then sat on his legs facing backwards. Slowly she inched her way up while massaging his calves and legs. Mark could feel her naked body on him as she came up. Ashley moved her butt so it was right above Mark's head and rubbed his back for several minutes. He could smell her pussy and his cock was throbbing. Ashley finally moved past his head and told him to roll over.
As Mark rolled over his eyes caught Ashley lowering her pussy onto his face as she rubbed his stomach. Mark's tongue licked every bit of her he could reach; he had to swallow twice because she was so wet. Slowly she moved forward and found her head above his cock. She lowered her hips more to make him suck her. "Make me cum and then I will suck you too." She said.
Mark found her clit and swallowed and licked her. Ashley spread her ass wide open and Mark tried to open her more but his casts stopped him. He could tell she was close as he licked her clit. Ashley could feel it coming and pressed her head against his stomach as she felt the first wave come over her. "Make me cum Mark." She moaned.
Ashley lay still for a minute recovering from her orgasm. Mark just looked up at her tight little ass thinking he had six more weeks of seeing her little pussy every day.
Susan answered her cell phone and heard that she had a medical emergency and had to go to the hospital where one of her patients had been taken. Jane watched as she left and finished her glass of wine. "Guess I'll be home early tonight" She thought and became aware that it was like having two kids at home that might be doing something naughty that she might walk in on. That thought for some reason excited her.
Ashley got up and got two bottles of Mike's lemonade. They sat on the couch and drank them slowly as they talked. Ashley had not felt that good in a long time. Mark had brought her right to the edge a few times and then he had backed off, tease and denial is what Ashley thought to herself.
"Ok, your turn. Lay down and I'll blow you like you've never been blown before. Mark could not believe how sexy Ashley was in being assertive and confident. Mark lay on the floor and Ashley stroked his cock a few times and lowered her lips onto his head and began to move up and down. She wrapped her tongue around his cock and licked him like an ice cream cone.
Jane pulled in the driveway and noticed the lights were low in the living room, much like a candle she thought. She opened the kitchen and could hear soft moaning coming from the living room. She walked in quietly and could not believe what she was looking at; Ashley was giving Mark a blowjob right on the floor in front of her.
"Ash, I'm goanna cum" Mark said. Ashley stroked her mouth faster up and down and then Mark started to cum in her mouth. Jane watched as Ashley put her mouth on Mark's head and sucked the white cream into her mouth while stroking him with her hand.
"I can't believe how much you cum, I had to swallow three times and it still kept Cumming. I love the taste of it too." She said.
Jane walked back in the kitchen and made a sound so they would know she was home. "Is that you Mom?" Ashley asked.
"Yea, Susan had to go to the hospital for an emergency so I came back early. Ash hurriedly put on her bathing suit as Mark quickly dressed too. They both wondered if she caught them but both felt like teenagers who got caught doing something they were not supposed to do. Jane could hear them dressing and thought it funny. As much as she was startled by seeing Ashley sucking Mark, she was also turned on which surprised her.
Ashley and Mark both walked in the kitchen and Jane was getting a bowl of vanilla ice cream for herself. The two glasses of wine she had at the restaurant been having there affects now too. "I'd offer you a bowl Ash but I think Mark already gave you some vanilla cream already.
Neither Ashley nor Mark knew what to say but feeling bold Ashley said "I bet you would like the taste too." Mark could not believe how bold Ashley was but Jane must have seen her blowing him.
"Well, maybe I'll have to try it one day." Jane said. All three of them were excited just having the teasing little conversation they were having now.
The next morning Jane is sipping her coffee when Ash sits down. "Mom, are you mad with me about last night. I kind of figured you saw what happened."
"Just puzzled if that's what I can call it. I'm not mad but this whole situation is just so strange yet exciting too." She says.
"I tried just masturbating him but it just seemed so contrived and he couldn't react to it either. But since I stopped looking at him as my brother and as a fantasy, it just seems so much easier to deal with." Ash says.
"Guess I am doing the same thing. You are going out with Sandy tonight right so I guess it is my turn tonight to have a fantasy. Does it seem to be working as to relieving his pain?" She asks.
"Oh yea, you would not believe how much semen comes out when he cums and that has to be part of relieving the stress." Ash answers.
"I have a cute little school girl outfit that I am going to tease him with tonight." Jane tells her.
"That is so naughty, can you show me the outfit later and maybe I can buy one too. Two naughty school girls to tease him wild." Ash said.
Neither woman had thought until now that it might be fun to have a threesome but not yet both thought to themselves.
"Hi Sandy, so you girls are going out tonight. Sounds like fun, let me get her for you."
Jane walked to the window and looks out but Ash is not at the pool. Going up stairs she looks in her room and still no Ashley. Jane notices Mark's room is half open and walks in and stops dead in her tracks at the sight of Ashley straddling Mark with his cock pumping in and out of her. Jane is at first in shock but then knew this was going to happen. Ashley's little ass seems too small for the size of the cock going in and out of her little hole.
"There you are, Sandy is on the phone about tonight." Jane says.
Ashley is so startled at being caught but recovers quickly enough to take the phone as she sits up and slowly keeps moving up and down Mark's cock. Jane watches in awe and can see that Mark has a black cloth around his eyes as a blindfold.
"Hi San, what's going on. Oh, I was just hanging out with Mark that's all. His wrists are better though." Jane watches and listens as Ashley carries on a conversation with Mark fucking her. Jane can feel herself soaking just watching Mark's cock spread Ash's pussy apart. Finally Ashley finishes her conversation with Sandy and hands the phone back to Jane. The two of them start fucking again hard and fast as Jane stands and watches.
"I'm going to cum Ash." Mark asks.
Ashley lifts herself off him and takes both of her hands and strokes Mark until he starts to shoot his cum into her hands. Ash strokes Mark's cock until it stops shooting. Jane looks at Ashley's hands and see's just how much semen he let out as Ash had told her before. Walking out of the room quietly, Jane takes a deep breath and cannot believe what she just witnessed.
Ashley takes the blind fold off Mark and tells him Jane watched the whole thing just right beside them. "Mom watched me cum, wow." Mark said.

This story is inspired from a story called Measuring My cum which is published in xnxx and lot other sites. Forgive me for my English. Wait for the forthcoming parts....

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