My cum-slut wife part 2

My cum-slut wife part 2

When I found out my wife’s sister, Leesa and her boyfriend Jackson were coming for dinner, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.
I’d come to learn that being married to my cum-slut wife, Mandy meant all you could ever do is expect the unexpected!
Leesa is a couple of years older than Mandy, and you can see the family resemblance. But whilst my wife Mandy has the figure of a model, Leesa is a little heavier, and has much bigger breasts. Her boyfriend Jackson was a nice guy.. But he was a big lad. More than a little overweight, and I’d often heard Mandy and Leesa discussing Jackson’s lack of interest in sex, and the problems of screwing a heavy-set guy. The fact that Leesa said the guy only had a little dick didn’t help matters!
They were a good couple, but poor Leesa was climbing the walls with sexual frustration! She could rarely coax a fuck out of Jackson, and when she did get him in the mood, his little cock and big physique made the event disappointing.
An hour before they were due to arrive, Mandy sent me to the shops for wine. When I came back, she was waiting for me. She was sitting on the lounge, watching a porno movie. Her little skirt was hiked up around her waist, her legs spread wide and her favourite vibrator was buried up to the hilt inside her juicy pussy.
“Come and lick me!” she said urgently. I left the bottles of wine on the TV cabinet and obediently knelt before my wife’s open legs.“Hurry!” she insisted. The vibrator slid from her cunt with a gush of thick creamy cum, and she wrapped her hand around the back of my head to pull my mouth into her.
I hesitated. “Mandy, they’ll be here in half an hour! Can’t we..”
“Now, Pete!” Mandy insisted. I knew better than to argue. Mandy was horny 24/7. It was one of the things I loved about her. It was also one of the things that had kept me from looking at another women..
I slid my tongue between the folds of my wife’s cunt and began lapping up her juices. This set Mandy off.
One of the things I love most is dirty talk. Mandy was an expert!
“That’s it, baby!” she growled, arching her back and pulling my face harder against her. “Shove that fucking tongue inside your mummy’s wet cunt! Fuck me with your face! Yeah, my big boy..” she was close to another orgasm. Her breathing was coming in short throaty pants. “Fuck mummmmmmyyyy!”
Mandy’s cunt gushed another flood of warm milky cum and I stayed between her gaping legs until I had licked and swallowed every drop of her cream. By the time I was done, Mandy had calmed herself. I looked up to see my wife sucking the last traces of her juice of the end of the vibrator, and she was smiling.
“Did that make my boy’s cock hard?” Mandy purred. “Does my big boy like licking his nasty mummy’s pussy?”
“Yes,” I said simply.
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, mummy,” I admitted, joining her in this fantasy. “I love licking your pussy.”
“Call me mummy!”
I stood up and my wife grabbed at the bulge in my jeans. Without a word she began unbuckling and unzipping my pants.
Mandy is a cum-addict. I have no doubt that all the while she was diddling herself and I was licking her pussy, she had been fantasising about swallowing my cum. She regularly milks my cock three times a day. Sometimes, when she is particularly horny, she insists on a fourth shot. Sometimes, when things are hectic, or her teenage daughter Rebecca is around the house, twice a day has to be enough to keep her going.
Now she was stroking my cock with short, rapid movements, bringing me to full hardness. Then she reached between the lounge cushions and produced a condom.
“Pull your cock for mummy,” she encouraged. “I love watching you stroke that big piece of meat.”
I did as she said. Mandy sat back for a moment, watching me pull myself, as she unwrapped the condom.
Then she leaned forward, licked the head of my cock and rolled the condom on with practiced ease.
I stood still. Mandy put her hands on my butt cheeks and pulled me into her open mouth.
I really was hard. And I was aroused. I hadn’t been milked since that morning. My cock was used to plenty of attention, and I was ready to give her my cum.
Mandy sucked me with the efficiency of a machine. She used her tongue to tease my shaft and balls, and she took me deep down the back of her throat until her nose was nestled against my groin. It was just like being deep inside her pussy, but she had all the control.
When I was close to cumming I put one hand on Mandy’s shoulder and the other around the back of her head. I grabbed a fistful of her long black hair, and Mandy knew the signs well enough to relax. She kept her mouth open, bust stopped bobbing up and down on my shaft. Instead she made her mouth a wide open ‘O’ and let me fuck her face.
This felt great! Holding my wife still, I could ram my cock in and out of her willing mouth, setting a pace that brought me quickly to the edge. Mandy used the flat of her tongue for friction against my shaft…
“Mummyyyy! I’m conna cuuumm!“ I growled. And then I was blowing a huge load of cum into the condom.
Mandy let me continue fucking her face for a few moments. My legs were trembling. Her eyes stayed fixed on mine. When she knew that I was coming down from my orgasm, she let my cock slide from between her lips, and quickly eased the cum-filled condom off me.
“That was great,” Mandy sighed, sitting back on the lounge. I didn’t argue! Then my wife tilted her head back and let the cum drain from the rubber into her mouth.
I watched as her tongue flicked out to catch my jizz, and when there was no more, she turned the rubber inside out and licked up the remaining cum, making small satisfied whimpers and groans.


Dinner was great, but we all drank a little too much. Leesa looked nice. She was wearing jeans and a damn tight pink top that made her tits look enormous. Mandy had changed her short skirt for an even shorter one, and I’d noticed Jackson glancing at my wife’s legs and ass with admiration on more than one occasion.
In the lounge room I opened yet another bottle of wine. Jackson and Leesa took the lounge opposite, and Mandy hit ‘play’ on the video. A blowjob porno came on the screen. Mandy muted the volume and then put a Meatloaf CD on, keeping the sound down to background noise.
There was a long silence in the room. Jackson’s eyes were diverted by the TV. A blonde actress was getting gang-banged by half a dozen guys, taking one load of cum after another in her mouth and across her face.
Suddenly the air was full of sexual tension.
I should have know, it would be my wife who started thing off.
“So, Jackson,” Mandy began, sipping at her wine and rubbing the inside of my thigh, “tell me why you don’t like fucking my sister.”
Stunned silence.
“Jackson looked at Leesa, and then at me. I shrugged. Then he looked at Mandy. “I…”
“Doesn’t she make your cock hard?” Mandy continued. “I mean I know she’s got fabulous big tits, and I guess she’s got a nice tight pussy. Why aren’t you fucking her every day?”
Leesa blushed bright red, but I wasn’t sure whether she was embarrassed, flustered, or indignant.
Jackson sat like a rabbit, stunned by headlights.
“Take your top off, Leesa,” Mandy said. “Let Jackson have a good look at those magnificent tits.”
Leesa didn’t hesitate! I literally choked on my wine. Mandy’s sister simply peeled off her top and reached around to unfasten her bra! Then she stood up, proudly cupping her hands under her weighty breasts.
My wife Mandy has small perky breasts that are firm and very, very suckable. Most nights I drift off to sleep with one of “mummy’s” tits in my mouth. Leesa’s were much larger. Her nipples were huge, and she was very aroused.
“Very nice,” Mandy cooed. She absently began rubbing the head of my stiffening cock through my jeans as she kept her focus on Jackson and her sister.
“Who wouldn’t want to slide their cock between those fucking tits, Jackson? Why don’t you want to fuck my sister’s tits and fill her pussy with cock and cum?”
Jackson muttered something, squirming with raw embarrassment but I didn’t hear a word of it.
“If those tits and a tight cunt don’t get you rock hard, Jackson, what the fuck does? What turns you on, man? What’s gotta happen for you to get a hard-on and fuck my sister?”
“I like to watch!” Jackson suddenly blurted. “Alright! That’s it. Are you happy now! I like to watch people fuck. I like to watch women getting fucked by other guys,” he confessed in a voice that was somewhere between a groan and a lusty growl. “That’s what gets me hard! That’s what makes me horny! I think about YOU, getting fucked and sucking cocks with your legs spread wide and Pete’s cock deep in your nasty little cunt!”
Leesa took her hands off her own tits and turned. ‘Slap!’ she hit Jackson across the side of his head. I guess she was angry.
Mandy sat back and sighed knowingly, like she had all the answers to all the world’s problems.
“Told you, sis,” she said. “I’ve told you a dozen times. “He’s a watcher. A voyeur.”
Leesa said nothing. Instead she drained a full glass of red wine in a single mouthful. Poor Jackson sat there rubbing the side of his head. Fucked if I knew what happened next. I figured this night was going to end in about ten minutes.
Then Mandy got off our lounge and stood in front of Jackson. She had her hands on her hips.
“Time to fix this problem,” she announced. “My sister needs a good fuck, and you’re going to give it to her.”
Jackson looked up into Mandy’s stone-like expression. Leesa was crawling across the lounge room floor looking for another bottle of wine.
Without a word my wife took Jackson’s meaty hand and put it under her skirt. I sat back on the lounge and watched in fascination.
Still holding Jackson’s hand, she guided his fingers until they were rubbing up and down the silky material of her panties. She had her legs spread, and I was sitting directly behind where she stood. I could see the cheeks of her arse where her skirt was being bunched up.
“Can you feel how wet I am, Jackson?” Mandy asked her sister’s boyfriend. “Can you feel the lips of my cunt through the material of my soaking panties?”
Jackson nodded. He was in a trance.
“Leesa,” Mandy kept Jackson’s hand on her cunt and turned to see where her sister was, “ come over here.”
Leesa got to her feet a little unsteadily.
“Get those jeans off.”
Leesa did as Mandy said. She peeled off her pants and stood beside her younger sister wearing a bright red G-string.
“Now, get on your knees, and get Jackson’s cock out of his pants.”
Leesa knelt down, and suddenly Jackson was trying to back away.
“Don’t even think about it, Jackson!” Mandy said in a stern whisper. “I know you’ve only got a small cock. I don’t care what size it is. I just want it out of your pants, and hard!”
Without further protest, Leesa got his pants down. I couldn’t see much. Between the two women, and Jackson’s heavy stomach, my view was blocked, but when Leesa had said he only had a small cock, she wasn’t joking!
“Now,” Mandy announced, “Leesa, get his cock in your mouth and start sucking him.” Leesa opened her mouth and swallowed Jackson’s little dong in a single gulp. She began to work him over, her head going up and down like a little jackhammer. All the while Mandy kept Jackson’s hand rubbing over her cunt. Somehow she had worked her panties off to one side. I could hear the little wet sucking noises of my wife’s wet cunt as Jackson’s fingers were worked into her.
“He’s hard,” Leesa took her mouth off Jackson’s cock and announced. She was a little out of breath.
My wife reached down and groped for Jackson’s little dick. When she found it, she took it in her hand and massaged it for a minute. While she did this, she continued giving Jackson and Leesa instructions.
“Bend over the other lounge, next to Pete,” Mandy told Leesa. Get your panties off, and get on your hands and knees. Spread your legs wide. Leesa did as she was told. I reached out and rubbed her tits as they hung there. Leesa moaned.
The room smelled of fresh pussy. It was like a scent that hung in the air.
Practically pulling Jackson to his feet by his cock, Mandy led Jackson over to the other lounge and positioned him behind her sister. With one hand she was still rubbing his cock. With the other she reached out and slid two fingers into her sister’s gaping pussy.
“Fuck, Leesa!” Mandy chuckled. “You’re so wet!”
Leesa groaned. Between Mandy fingering her gash and me rubbing and now sucking on her tits, she was close to cumming.
“Now, do you want to watch how I treat my man, Jackson?” Mandy asked.
Jackson nodded dumbly.
“Well, here’s the deal. You put your cock into Leesa’s juicy cunt and fuck her hard, and I’ll let you watch me and Pete. I’ll put on a little show for you - but you have to keep fucking Leesa.”
Again Jackson nodded. I didn’t know if, in Leesa’s current wet and sloppy condition, she’d even feel Jackson’s little cock pumping into her!
Mandy dragged me off the lounge and made me stand beside Leesa’s kneeling body. She turned me to one side slightly to make sure Jackson could see all the action, and then she had my jeans off and my hard cock deep down her throat in what seemed like an instant!
I let out a groan… and then I heard Leesa groaning. I looked down to see her body swaying slightly backwards and forwards in time with Jackson. The big guy was pumping away at her pussy like a rabbit.
Mandy took my cock in her warm hand and began to stroke me. Our eyes met and she smiled.
Not a minute later, Jackson was wailing like a madman.
“I’m going to cum! Leesa! Mandy! Fuuuuuuck!”
Already! Jesus, I thought, this guy is going to shoot his load before Leesa’s even warmed up!
And he did.
The girls weren’t happy. Leesa rolled onto her back and groaned in frustration. She tried to jam some fingers into her pussy. Mandy let my hard cock slip from out of her mouth in disappointment. This hadn’t been part of her plan.
Jackson was a quivering wreck. He collapsed on the floor, and I was sure I felt the house shift on its foundations. He was gasping and puffing.
Ignoring Jackson, Mandy went to her sister. She eased Leesa’s legs further apart, and leaned forward to lick her cum-filled pussy.
Leesa shuddered with delight.
Mandy worked her mouth and tongue into her sister’s pussy, lapping up Jackson’s cum until Leesa whimpered through a little orgasm.
“Pete…?” Mandy asked. “Can you finish her off, please?”
Mandy knew I had no interest in fucking her sister; I’d told her often enough over the years. Leesa just didn’t do anything for me. Of the two sisters, I had picked the sexiest, horniest and prettiest one to marry!
I made a face, but Mandy’s mind was made up. This wasn’t sex, and it wasn’t lust, or some illicit affair. This was a mercy fuck. Mandy wanted me to do this for her sister.
I shrugged and crossed to the lounge. I knelt over Leesa and slid my finger into her pussy. She opened her mouth and moaned, and as she did I eased my cock into her mouth.
Fuck it! I thought, as I looked down at Leesa’s big tits swaying as she tried to gobble down my cock. Her hips were squirming as she tried to work my finger deeper inside her. Fuck it. Why not.
Over the past week, Mandy had been especially cum-thirsty, and a little inconsiderate. She had been sucking me off several times a day, and forgetting that I needed to get inside her cunt once in a while. Being sucked off was fantastic, but I was missing her tight pussy and the feel of her body under me.
I took my cock from Leesa’s mouth and rubbed it on her tits. She cupped her breasts together, making a tight cleft for me. Then I swung her legs off the lounge and put her on her hands and knees on the floor.
Leesa put her head down, but I grabbed a handful of hair, and knelt behind her. Without warning, I shoved my cock deep into her cunt. Leesa went wild. She bucked and swore and wiggled and groaned as if she was possessed. I fucked her hard and roughly. I figured she needed a good workout, and this was going to be her only opportunity. With out bodies locked together, I held her waist tightly with one hand, and used the other to reach around and rub her clit and then her tits.
“Oh, God! This is incredible!”
Shit! It was Jackson’s voice. I’d forgotten about him! I opened my eyes and saw Jackson sitting on the lounge. My wife Mandy was sitting beside him. They were watching me fuck Leesa. Mandy had Jackson’s cock in her hand again, and was massaging him back to hardness.
I went back to concentrating on Leesa.
“Tell me when your going to cum, baby,” Mandy instructed from the lounge. I nodded. Then Leesa started moaning.
“I’m going to cum, Pete!” Leesa squealed. “Oh, don’t stop! Keep riding me! Fuck my little cunt. Fuck me hard. God, your big cock feels so good. You’re stretching my cunt and I love it. Keep going! Keep gooooiinnng!!”
Leesa went rigid as she orgasmed. Her whole body froze for a moment. Then her cunt was clenching and releasing my cock with a vice-like grip. I managed to hold off until she had finished cumming, and then I pulled my cock out for Mandy.
My wife rolled onto her back and scooted under me. She lifted her legs into the air, spreading them wide. As he fingers slipped into her pussy she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in anticipation. She wasn’t disappointed. I gushed a thick load of cream into her mouth and across her face.
Mandy swallowed, and then told me to scoop the rest of the cum off her face and feed it to her.
Leesa was still on her knees. I think she was sobbing! I took that as a good sign. Mandy took her time licking the last drops of cum from my around the head of my cock. Then suddenly Jackson was up off the lounge again.
He had another erection!
Mandy and I made it to the lounge as Jackson plonked himself down behind Leesa and began to fuck her again. She made the right noises, although I sensed she wasn’t really getting much out of Jackson’s efforts. But she did her best to encourage him.
He lasted a little longer this time, puffing and grunting until he emptied his load over Leesa’s arched back.
Mandy gave him a small round of applause, and then kissed her sister.

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