The sexual adventures of Lacey and Ricky - Chapter 6

The sexual adventures of Lacey and Ricky - Chapter 6

Please begin by reading chapters 1 to 5.

Chapter 6: Ricky helps his mother

The time passed slowly for Ricky while Lacey was gone to California. He was very lonely and now knew that Lacey was so much more than his best friend. He also found himself to be sexually frustrated. Sure, he knew how to beat off and did so almost daily. But it was not the same without Lacey. He discovered that he really loved Lacey, deeply, as more than a childhood friend.

Another reason for his loneliness was the fact that he was an only child. He had often wished for a brother or sister to play with. Since he had come to know Lacey and found out how warm and friendly she was, he wished for a sister just like her. His dad, Jim, had been killed in an accident at work when he was just six. Now he could barely remember what he looked like. Mom used to have pictures of him around the house, but a couple years ago she put them away, explaining that it hurt too much and it was time to move on.

Mom had tried dating again, but it made Rickey uncomfortable when other men came around. He never met one that he could imagine as "Dad". Mom didn't seem to find any that suited her taste, either. She said she just compared them to Jim when they were together and they could not measure up. She never dated one for more than a few times before they gave up. What he didn't know was that these men would try to get into her pants, and she just wasn't ready for that. Her sex life with Jim had been so good.

Ricky knew that his mom was lonely, too. Sometimes he would come in the house and could tell that she had been crying. She would try to conceal her feelings, but he could not stand seeing her cry. Some nights she would soak in a hot bath tub for more than an hour. He could hear her splashing around in the bathroom, but when she came out she always looked sad. He suspected from the sounds that she was masterbating. He dearly loved his mother and felt protective of her. He would do anything for her.

To help Ricky while she was gone, Lacey had given him one of her brother's girly magazines. He had wanted the one with the centerfold that Lacey had modeled, but that issue had somehow disappeared. The one she had supplied him with had lots of pictures of men and women fucking. That was something that he and Lacey had never done together. Ricky was sure that some day they would do just that. He wondered if he would really know what to do?

The porn was a great help in keeping Ricky's imagination going and promoting his fantasies. He imagined fucking magical beings like fairies. He, of course, fantasized about fucking Lacey. He imagined what it would be like to fuck his third period Civics teacher, the pretty Ms Gilbert. She always wore very short skirts and high heels. He once glimpsed her panties when she sat in front of him to help another student. He had admitted to having a crush on Ms Gilbert to Lacey. She admitted that she enjoyed watching her too and had even shared that she wished she could see her naked. There was something about being with an older, mature woman; a woman with experience. He even fantasized about making love to his mom.

He imagined her having just stopped crying and him trying to comfort her. He would suggest they go to her bedroom. There she would undress him and he would fuck her. Maybe if she could play with his penis, it would help her by taking away some of the loneliness for his dad. Thinking about that made him feel really horny, but it also made him feel a little guilty. Somehow he knew that was forbidden. This was one fantasy that he had not shared with Lacey.

Since school was out, he took long walks around the farm. Sometimes he would wander around the fields near his home. He would go down by the creek and fish, or just lay in the grass under the trees, or go up into the tree house where he and Lacey had so much fun together. Each day he would go over to the farm where Lacey lived and feed their dog, Rex, and the chickens, goats and miniature horses which they kept there. It was good to have something to do and he was genuinely glad to be able to do something for Lacey while she was gone. He wondered if she was as lonely as he was, or had she found some fun in California at her uncle Steve's place? When she left she seemed to be dreading it. While feeding the animals, he noticed one of the animals had a huge hard-on. The miniature horse was about his height, but his dick must have been 18 inches long! He would have to tell Lacey about this when she got home!

Ricky walked the short distance back to his house. It was a little early for lunch yet, and he was not sure what he would do when he got back home. Maybe he would offer to help his mom with some of the yard work, since today was Saturday and she was off work. He walked in the kitchen door and was surprised that his mother was not there. It seemed that when she was home, that she spent most of her time in the kitchen. He stopped and listened for her and thought he heard her chuckle somewhere further back in the house. He would try to find her, moving quietly so he could hear her again.

He heard some rustling coming from his open bedroom door. He stepped in to find her sitting on the edge of his bed, looking through the porn magazine that Lacey had given him! His first instinct was to run out of the house, but he was frozen in fear. He knew his mother would be furious and ask him questions about where he had got the magazine. He imagined her crying in disappointment that he had such trash, and he hated to make her cry. When she realized he was standing there she looked up at him. He was amazed at the expression he saw on her face. It was not anger at all, but a hint of amusement with a little sadness. The flood of adrenaline that had hit him began to subside.

She closed the magazine and patted the bed next to her and said "come here, RIcky." He came and sat next to his mom and glanced over at the magazine laying on her lap just to make sure she had been looking at what he thought she was. He lowered his head and looked down at his tennis shoes. "It's OK, Ricky. You are well into adolescence now and this kind of thing is not unusual, although it took me by surprise," she admitted. "I have not talked to you about these things, and I know you are thinking about girls in ways that are different than when you were mommy's little boy. Heck, I haven't even had the talk with you about the birds and the bees." She continued.

"I know about all that stuff already". I said indignantly. "Oh, I can see that" mom smiled comfortably, looking down at the magazine. "I have been negligent in not teaching you about these things myself. To me you have always been my innocent little boy, but when I look at you now, I see a fine young man. I want you to learn about these things in a healthy way." She added. "it is a little awkward for me since your dad would have normally filled that role for you."

I felt bad for my mom that she was feeling guilty. "I have been exploring my sexuality on my own and with a friend in a healthy way", I added "Mom raised her eyebrows and said, "You and Lacey! I should have guessed that! I hope you two are using protection." She said in alarm. "We haven't done that, mom. Lacey is still a virgin. We have just been talking and exploring." I said hoping to calm her fears and hoping that we would not get into the details of what we had been doing.

"I will get some materials from the library and try to teach you the right way and answer all of your questions." She finally stated. But for now, let's get lunch. And please put this away in another hiding spot. I would rather not run into this again." I smiled at my mom and took the magazine from her. How lucky I am to have a mom as cool as this! I loved her all the more.

After lunch I took the book I was supposed to be reading for school during the summer and went down by the creek. I sat on the grass and passed a few hours in the shade and reading, making notes for the report that would have to be written. The book was actually pretty good. The young man in the story was brave and did a number of things to help his widowed mom, some at great risk. He also had a romance with a girl that he had to keep secret because she was from a poorer family. His mother found out about their romance and, to the heroine's surprise, his mother did not discourage him. Unfortunately, it did not get very steamy. But he was free to imagine additions to the story line.

After a while, Ricky got up and decided to go over to Lacey's house again to check on the animals. He secretly hoped to be able to see the horse's huge cock again. He arrived to find everything in order, but no boners. He noticed a female pig in a pen. From the gate he looked at her pussy, noting the difference between that of the pig and what a woman's pussy looked like. In science we had learned that a pig's anatomy is close to that of a human, so it was worth checking it out. In the next stall was a couple of goats. Looking in at them I noted that one was male and the other female. I knew that Lacey's father milked a goat, and I noted her udder.

The female goat had a full udder with two tits. I wondered who was milking her. I climbed over the gate and got into the pen with the goats. They were friendly and the female nudged me gently. I knelt down at the flank of the goat and felt her udder. It was heavy, but it did remind him a little of the feel of Lacey's breast. The tits were much different from the nipples of a woman. They were like handles. I grabbed one with my fingers to see what it felt like. It was warm and pleasant feeling. The goat seemed to like my fondling. I had once watched my grandpa milk a cow. He explained the technique to me, but I had been afraid to try it. Now I encircled the tit at its base with my thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed. Then I wrapped my remaining fingers around the tit and squeezed. I was rewarded with a steady stream of milk that lasted about three seconds. The goat stood at attention and allowed me to continue. I grabbed the other tit with my other hand and tried the same thing with it. A perfect little stream shot out. This was exciting. I actually began to feel my dick stiffen.

I alternated squeezing first the left tit, then the right tit as I had seen my grandpa do when milking a cow. It sent jets of hot milk into the straw on the stall floor. My grandpa had playfully tried to aim a tit at me when milking the cow. Now I tried aiming a tit at my mouth. It was awkward and I ended up soaking my hands with milk. I desperately wanted to drink some of this warm milk. Getting down under the goat, I brought one of the tits to my mouth and began to suck. Instantly my mouth was flooded with delicious warm milk.

The goat was getting tired of these games and began to walk away from me. I got up and wiped warm goat milk off my mouth with the back of my hand. My right hand was soaked with milk from my milk play. I looked at the goat that I had been milking and noticed her vagina. It looked much like that of the female pig. I walked over and touched her labia. She seemed to like it and lifted her tail high. tried to insert a milk soaked finger into the little pussy. Pushing gently, my finger went into her warm cunt all the way. It felt warm and velvety. The goat stood still at attention. Her tail rose and twitched but otherwise she did not move. Her ears stood up almost as though she were listening for something. I moved my finger in and out rhythmically and she stamped one of her rear feet, but otherwise stood still. My dick was at full attention and I had to make some adjustments to my crotch with my left hand. Then I put my left hand down my pants and began to jerk my dick in time with the thrusts into the goat cunt of my right hand.

Looking down, I noticed that the goat's cunt was at the same level as my dick. Why not? I withdrew my finger and wished I had a condom. What the heck, that was not going to stop me now! I began to fumble with my pants, opened the fly when behind me the billy goat grunted. I looked around and he seemed to be agitated and put his horns against my legs. He began to push on my leg and at the same time twisted his head about. I tried to move away from him, but he had become entangled in my jeans, tripped me up and I fell flat on my back. I quickly scrambled to my feet, afraid that the billy goat would get on top of me, but he was just standing there. Both goats were facing me now, and I imagined that they were laughing at me! Anyway, the mood was broken and I decided that I had enough for the time being.

It was getting on towards evening and I knew mother would be expecting me for supper soon. I washed up a little with a hose outside the barn and set off for home. Opening the kitchen door I was met with a a wonderful aroma. I think we will be having homemade lasagna tonight. My mom is a wonderful cook. She smiled at me as I came in the door and I briefly flushed as I thought of her finding my magazine. A thought entered my mind and I wondered if she had been in my room again, looking for my new hiding place.

The evening was a little cool and mom wore a light black sweater that accentuated her boobs. Through the holes in the open weave you could make out her black bra. She turned to take the lasagna out of the oven and as she bent over to remove the steaming pan, I got a view of her tight shapely ass in her yoga pants. Mom was no slouch, did yoga and she was a runner. She took care of herself.

We sat down across from each other at dinner. As I bit into the buttery garlic toast, mom said "I went by the library today and brought back a nice book that we should look at tonight after dinner." Mom was not one to procrastinate. I felt a little uncomfortable and said "you really didn't have to do that. I think I have things pretty well figured out." if only she knew! "Nonsense" she replied "it is time we got some of these things out in the open. And porn magazines are not accurate representations of real human sexuality." In my dirty mind, I imagined mom explaining boobs to me, opening her bra to show me the real thing. Mom broke my revelry, "besides, I went through the gauntlet to get this for you. You should have seen the look I got from old Ms Cratchet when she checked the book out for me. That prude!" We both had a laugh thinking about that old hatchet!

Who knows. Maybe I could learn something. Mom seemed at ease with the topic, and that made it easier. There was naturally a little guilt since she found my hidden magazine. That and all my secret extracurricular activities, which she knew nothing about.

For some reason a memory came back into my mind. I had come into the house one afternoon and slouched down on the floor beside the couch to watch some TV. I had been cutting a neighbor's lawn and was sweaty and did not want to mess up the couch. You could hear the shower running and I knew I would have to wait my turn. As soon as I settled down on the floor, the phone rang. I jumped up to get it, but when I saw the caller ID I realized that it was my mom's friend, so I went back to the floor beside the couch and let it ring.

As I sat down I heard the water stop and I heard my mother muttering. The bathroom door flung open and she came prancing out, dripping wet and as nude as the day she was born! I was concealed by the couch and she didn't see me. She ran with one arm around her boobs as they bounced in her grasp. She spoke with her friend on the phone for about two minutes with her back to me. She held the phone in one hand, and had the other on her hip,which accentuated her soft firm runner's ass. I held perfectly still and couldn't breathe. My hungry eyes took it all in. She was turned just enough that I could see a bit of the side of her plump left breast. It heaved just a little from her sprint to the phone.

She told her friend she would call her back as she nervously looked out the window across the room from where I was at. Her body was highlighted by the light and I sat on the floor in a dark area in the den. I was excited and scared at the same time. She soon hung up, turned back toward the bathroom, watching the window as she paraded right in front of me. She had no idea that I was there. Her boobs swayed seductively as she walked and I got a birds eye view of her beautiful shaved pussy with a little V shaped landing strip for just a moment. That image is burned into my brain! When she had closed the door to the bathroom, I got up and slipped outside.

I had caught glimpses of my mother before, but nothing like that. It could not have been better if she had paraded on purpose to try and seduce me! I made my way down to the creek and up in my tree house where Lacey and I had often gone to fool around. I took my pants off and took my dick in hand with thoughts of what I would like to do with my naked mother.

Mom's question brought me back to the present. "What was that, mom?" "you were really spaced out there for a minute. Can you please help me with the dishes, honey?" "oh, sure, mom." I said. I mostly enjoyed doing kitchen work with mom. She was interesting to talk with and had a great sense of humor. Mom rose first from the table, facing me. Looking at the front of her yoga pants, I could swear I saw her camel toe. She seemed to sense my gaze and she adjusted her sweater. We began to clear the table. I was collecting dishes from the table and turned toward the sink. Mom had been behind me, reaching over me. When I turned, I solidly bumped into her boob. "Oops, sorry!" I said and blushed. "that's OK," she said with a smile. "What did you do today?"

We stood elbow to elbow talking and laughing as we worked at the sink. When the dishes were done and put away, she said, "I will take care of the leftovers if you want to do something else." I went into the den and plopped down on the couch. I looked at the floor beside the couch and my mind briefly flashed back to that afternoon a few months ago when I watched my mom from that very spot. At school a couple days later, I shared the experience with Lacey. I was afraid she might be grossed out, me looking at my own naked mother, but she thought it was hot. She even shared with me about walking in on her brother masterbating.

Soon my revelry was interrupted when my mom came into the den and sat down next to me. She sat with her hip against mine, and then I saw and remembered the library book. I cringed a little, wondering how this was going to go. She smiled, recognizing my discomfort. "What's the matter?" she grinned. "Can I just get my magazine and we can try to work from that?" I joked. "Ha, ha!" she replied, "that would not be a good idea, and I think you know it." Mom looked over at me with a touch of sadness. She probably wondered what kind of a horny bastard she had raised, or maybe she was just a little sad to realize how her boy was so grown up. "It's high time we had this talk." mom stated.

My expectation was that she would read this book to me, but that was not to be. "first I want you to know that you can ask any question. I will answer your questions honestly if I know the answer. If I don't know, I will try to find out," she began. "Let's begin with the basics", she opened the book to a specific page. "This is a boy's penis." She pointed to a drawing on the page. I grinned, "mine doesn't look like that anymore." "No, I am aware of that" she replied with a smirk. When has she seen my penis, I thought to myself. "How do you know" I asked. "I haven't seen it directly, but I can look at your pants and tell", she replied. I looked down at my pants and noticed a growing hard on.

She turned several more pages to a picture of a vagina. An illustration near the bottom of the page showed the internal structures. Mom explained the purpose and features of each part. I had not realized there was so much going on in there. Most of it had to do with reproduction. She explained how the penis goes into the vagina to deposit semen, which makes a woman pregnant and results in a baby. Then she pointed out the clitorous and the underlying root of it. "The exposed tip here is very sensitive and the source of the majority of the stimulation that a woman gets when having sex. The remainder of the structure also provides stimulation, but since it is deeper in the perineum, it is stimulated indirectly and requires other techniques than direct contact," She said.

"So the whole purpose of all this stuff is to make babies?" I asked. "Not exactly" mom said thoughtfully. She paused for a moment trying to figure out how to say it. "When two people are very much in love with each other, the sex act is done to pleasure each other. Babies don't always result from this kind of activity. But it requires special precautions to prevent pregnancy." she responded. I asked "How do you prevent pregnancy?" "I'm glad you asked" and mom got into the details of birth control.

"Wow, that's really complicated," I said thoughtfully. Mom nodded "that's why sex is reserved for people who are mature enough to handle the responsibility." "Lacey and I have not done it yet, " I confessed. "Does it hurt?" l asked. Mom looked puzzled "what do you mean?" "When you have sex. Does sex hurt?" Mom gave a little chuckle, "oh no. Quite the opposite. It is usually very pleasurable." Then she added thoughtfully "except for the first time for the girl. That can be a little painful for some girls the first time." Yeah, tell me about it! I thought to myself.

"Well I have a question," I said. "What is it really like to fu I mean have sex?" Mom was taken aback. I wasn't sure she would answer, but she had urged me to ask questions, and I really did want to know. Mom looked right past me with a thousand yard stare. Her lips were parted and it looked like she had stopped breathing.

She finally pulled herself together and it looked like she was going to give me the answer that I craved. "Sex with someone you love more than anything, someone who you would be willing to die for, is just amazing. I don't have words to explain what it is really like. You give yourself completely and become like one person instead of two." She hesitated for a moment and then continued. "Anything else I just call recreational sex. It is good in the moment, and I guess serves a purpose."

"Does that make any sense, Ricky?" I thought about my feelings for Lacey. I loved her and missed her so much since she was gone the past couple of weeks. I wonder when she's coming back home?

"It sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to it!" I said with enthusiasm. Mom chuckled, reached over, and mussed my hair. "you have plenty of time for sex. You need to grow up a little more first." she teased. "I think that is enough for now. There are other things about the birds and the bees that you need to learn, but we can work on that later."

"Can I ask one more question?" I added. "Sure, what you got." Mom waited as if for a punch in the gut. "Do you miss sex? With daddy I mean?" Mommy's eyes brimmed with tears, "god, yes! Now off to bed with you! No more questions."

I lay in bed for a long time, but couldn't sleep. I learned a lot from what we had talked about. But it had never occurred to me how lonely mother was. She had friends, but she still missed dad. Did she have sex anymore? Probably just some of that 'recreational sex' that was second rate. My heart just ached for her and I wished I could help her.

I finally just got out of bed to go to the bathroom and get a drink. I could hear sounds coming from mom's bedroom as I passed. Returning to my room, I paused outside mom's room. I could hear that she was softly weeping. I hesitated for a moment, wondering what I should do. I couldn't stand it that she was hurting and alone.

I pushed the door open and the hinges creaked a little. "Ricky, is that you?" she called. I used to come to my mom's room a lot when I was younger, but that had been a while. "hi, mom, I can't sleep." That's a line she had heard a lot in the past. She moved over a little and patted the bed beside her. She tugged her night shirt down as she slid over.

To her surprise, I lifted the sheet and climbed in right next to her. She instinctively rolled over on her side away from me. As I lifted the sheet to get in, the aroma of wet pussy permeated the air under the sheets. Had I caught her masterbating? I wondered wryly.

I snuggled in beside her, laying in the spot still warm from her body. I sort of spooned her, being careful not to press my advancing erection into her. "Are you afraid?" she asked. "You haven't done this in a while." she remarked.

"I was thinking about our talk tonight and realized how lonely you must be." I confessed. "You really miss daddy, don't you"

Fresh tears flowed and mom sobbed quietly. I never could stand to see my mom cry. I snuggled up a little closer behind her. I placed an arm over hers, brushed her cheek and gently massaged her shoulder. I sensed that she appreciated my concern and she relaxed and nestled into me. "Mom, I hope you know that I love you more than anything! I would do anything for you." She seemed to stiffen just a little when I said that. Was she thinking about our talk earlier in the evening? "I know you would, honey. You are a great comfort to me and I don't know what I would do without you" she said. Mom had stopped crying and her sniffling was tapering off. We relaxed and enjoyed the closeness.

She repositioned a little and I slipped my arm down over her breast and settled across her stomach. My arm nestled lightly beneath her breast. I lay there in my boxers and now my growing erection is nestled snugly against mom's ass and she is just in a thin nightshirt. I could feel our bare thighs together. Since she had her legs drawn up a little in front of her, it was easy to imagine her wet pussy peeking out from the rear between her thighs, though I couldn't see it. My boner was only inches away!

As electric as this was, and with my arm cradling her breast, I felt an overpowering compulsion to inch my fingers down her stomach towards her nether region. Then I noticed that mom's breath was coming pretty rapidly. Before I could make a move, she said "Ricky, maybe you should go back to your own bed."

"Nonsense. I just got here and you still need me." She still needed me and I needed her. I felt my boner flinch a couple of times, involuntarily. I know she had to feel that. She actually nestled into me more, twisting her upper body, and pushing my hand back toward me and away from her breast. Bummer! I considered snaking it back down and playing with her nipple. My hand still lay on the side of her chest so I slid it down to her taught buns and started kneading her ass. While I had my hand down there, I slid my shorts down to my thighs. Mom's shirt slipped up a few inches due to the twist in her upper torso. My engorged dick fit nicely along her bare crack, and she let out a sound somewhere between a sigh and a moan. Her breathing increased and in the pale moonlight leaking into the room, I could see her breast rise and fall rapidly. I reached up and kissed her on her upper jaw, just below her ear lobe. I moved her ear lobe around with my nose.

She turned her head toward me with a troubled expression. "Ricky " "shhhhh," I interrupted. I kissed her gently, full on the mouth. I wanted to get a little tongue action in, the way Lacey taught me, but I wasn't sure Mom was ready for that. Then she said, "I don't want us to do anything that we will regret tomorrow." I paused to reflect on what she said. Then, "Mom. I love you so very much. I have to believe we are placed in this situation at this time for a reason. I am sure I will always treasure this time. But if you have any doubts, I will go to my bed and we can forget this ever happened." I replied sincerely.

Then my mother turned over to face me, put her arms around my neck and said "you have to swear to me never to say anything about this to anyone, ever!" "Never" I gasped and she pulled me in for a real kiss. Our bodies pressed together hard, crushing both breasts into my chest. She did use a little tongue with me, now. We rolled around on the bed and mom laughed and kissed my neck and chest. I managed to wriggle out of my boxers and then turned to pull her night shirt over her head. The moonlight spilling into the room illuminated her body and I paused to admire it. Her boobs were full and her nipples were at attention. She grinned and playfully wrapped her arms around them like she was trying to hide them. That just made her more adorable. "Are you about ready to fuck me yet?" she teased. "I want us to be one body, just like you described" I said seriously.

She threw her arms around me and nearly crushed me. We kissed again and again with abandon, rolling around on the bed, and laughed like kids. She was very energetic. I loved her like never before and wanted this to last forever. Our hips pressed together and my raging hard on was pressed against her wet pussy. She was grinding against me when she was on top, and when I was on top I ground my hips into her.

I paused and raised my head up and just looked at her. She was smiling like she was having the time of her life! And her body, it was just stunning. I look down between my legs, and there is my throbbing cock poised above a gorgeous pussy with the little landing strip, just as I remembered it. Her labia was engorged and glistening with her juices. "Are you sure this is what you want? No regrets?" mom asked, smiling mischievously. "I confess that I have never wanted anything more in all the world," I replied earnestly. "But this is my first time and I don't know if I am any good at this!" "I know that," she said. "Now would you please just come on and fuck me already?"

Most happy to oblige, I lowered myself while she grabbed my dick to guide it home. This was the first time she had ever held my erect penis, at least in my memory. As the head of my dick parted her lips, I briefly worried that I would hurt her. I remembered what was almost my first time fucking Lacey. We had to stop because of the pain. Then mom thrust her hips up into mine and pulled me down with her hand that was on my ass, and I was in heaven! I lay down on her and kissed her deeply. Then I kissed her breasts and nipples. I took one of her hard nipples in my mouth and sucked gently at first then harder. She moaned hungrily and I noticed that she had some of the bed sheet, clenched in her fist. I could feel her pussy constrict on my dick, then relax.

It was time to get moving. I began to thrust, balls deep, then almost all of the way out, then back in again. Mom opened her legs wide and pulled her knees back, trying to get all of my length. She had her hands on my ass pulling me in deep. In and out, in and out. Every time I backed out, I could feel her kegel muscles clamping down like she was afraid of losing me.

Mother put her head back, she arched her back and she began to scream, "ohhhh yes, oh yes, oh yesss! Her face was red and she was shuddering. I could stand it no longer. My dick began to have a seizure, spasming as if it had a mind of its own. I pumped hot spunk as deep into her love hole as my little six inch cock could go, not wasting a drop. When it finally stopped, I felt spent! I rolled over on my back next to my mother and we just lay there and panted. "Wow, " I commented when I got my breath, "that was something. I love you so much." This was my first time actually fucking and it could not have been better!

Mom said "I needed that." We joined hands laying side by side and quietly contemplated the happenings of the night. "Other people would not understand, but there is no way that what we have is wrong" mom said.

She hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom. While she was up, I fell into a deep, contented sleep.

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I am a happily married man but I do have a kinky side my wife know about some of it, but not all, I have a lot to share but it may not all be in chronological order. This is the first experience I shared with my best friend Wayne, Wayne and I have know each other for a while in fact we both were fucking the same woman before we were married, though not at the same time. in fact Wayne married my cousin Cindy and they have a little girl, Lil deb (Debbie), she is a very cute and...


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Huge Mexican Tits

Fbailey story number 392 Huge Mexican Tits Camille was without a doubt the biggest girl in my class. At fifteen she was a head taller than most of the boys and her tits were probably bigger than any ten girls put together. I had admired Camille since the start of school when she transferred in. She spoke good English and even better Spanish. She was a big girl but she was also pretty. She had a big belly, a big butt, and even bigger boobs. She reminded me of a younger and prettier version of my own mother. One day I...


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House Girl X- Mongolia

By 9 am local time Rick Cheney and I was airborne, flying north from Negombo, Sri Lanka to Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. Our aircraft was heavier by two passengers, an alabaster English brunette with a damaged past and a fiery Irish lass with flaming red hair and a passion to match. After achieving altitude, my prototype aircraft had adapted its aerodynamics to its ultra-sleek configuration for speed. A direct route to our destination would only take a couple of hours in flight, but we could not risk detection flying northeast over the Bay of Bengal and then across the most populous...


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Little Amanda, part 3b

After the naked ski race Amanda returned to the school. She did not get sick and initially nobody mentioned her naked ski race – it meant, no one had read this article. But suddenly on the following week class teacher called Amanda to talk. „Oh, Amanda, what you're done!? It may come as a big scandal,“ she said. Amanda, of course, realized what it is about. Teacher continued: „I want to tell you right away that you will not be punished or condemned. Nevertheless I would like to directly ask why you took part in this stupid and ridiculous ski competition...


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Best Friends Prego Wife Pt 2

“This is for you,” she said, holding the blue vibrator. She held it to her lips and slid it most of the way in, never taking her eyes off of mine. “But not yet.” Nicki laid the vibrator down on the sink and lowered her piss dripping pussy down on my face. I wrapped my hands around her big beautiful ass and pulled her down onto me as I started eating her. Somehow she tasted even better now that she had before. My tongue found just the right spot and she had an orgasm. My face was soaked with piss and...


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Twelve Days a Slave 2 of 13

Vicki, a young woman who works for a large department store, figures out a way to bypass the electronic return tags on expensive dresses sold by the store where she works . This allows her to buy dresses on a Friday, wear them to events over the weekend, and return them on Monday. When a very expensive dress she is wearing is ruined at a party, everything unravels. She will be charged for the dress and can in no way afford to pay for it. A young man she recently met gives her a program that will allow her to remove...


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