The Bar_(0)

The Bar_(0)

I walked into the bar about am hour before closing time. I had stepped up to the bar to get a drink when the bar maid was called down to the other end of the bar as she started to mix my Jack and Coke. I watched her tight little ass sway away from me under her long blond hair and thought that her being called away before I got my drink wasn’t a bad thing her tight black dress clung to her ass so well I could see her thong. As the bar maid came back I saw that she had huge tits, 40JJ which she put on the bar as she set my drink in front of me, I started to pay her when she said the lady at the end of the bar paid for it . I looked at the large amount of cleavage that her plunging neck line showed off and gave her a $10 bill and asked what the ladies name was.
Mrs. Morrison came the reply from behind me as I turned to see a very hot, high classed woman in her mid 30’s, dressed in a full length mink coat and with a diamond on her finger that told me someone with very deep pockets owned this one. She held out her hand to show me perfect nails as I took it and shook hands with this goddess. Standing 5’3” she had long dark hair, almost black, with dark skin and big brown cat’s eyes. High cheek bones, a slender nose and full lips with a firm but petit chin. Even under the coat I could tell that she had a large set of tits, slim waist, and an ass that had to be very fine. She had on black stockings covering very shapely calf’s and black spike heels. After looking her up and down she asked me if I liked what I saw.
I looked her in her beautiful brown eyes and said yes very much. She smiled showing perfect white teeth and said good, I think we will get along just fine. She moved to a table in the far corner of the bar where it was nice and dark and took a seat as I set down beside her. She crossed her legs and the mink fell away from her legs showing the top of her stockings and the garter belt that held them up. The bar maid showed up and placed a bottle of Dom beside her in an ice bucket and a glass beside her. Mrs. Morrison then called the bar maid over and said Heather I need you to do something for me then whispered in her ear as she stuck a $50 down her top. Taking time to rub that great set of tits while she did, Heather said thank you Mrs. M as she reached out and rubbed Mrs. Morrison’s thigh with her left hand. The 2 looked at each other and smiled in a way that told me they know each other very well.
Mrs. Morrison looked at me with an expression of well what are you waiting on until I reached over and filled her glass. She then tool a drink and used the tip of her tongue to lick a drop off of her upper lip in a way that almost made me hard right then. She said that I may call her Eve as she reached down and undid the top button of her mink coat. I told her my name as I looked at the cleavage that she was just starting to show. I heard Heather tell the 3 men setting at the bar that they were closing early and that it was time to go as my hostess undid the bottom button on her mink to show me most of her thighs. I could see no sign of a dress or anything else, just the mink, her garter belt and stockings. Then Heather came over and told her that everyone was gone, Eve uncrossed her legs and recrossed them. As she did this I saw a bald pussy that looked like it was man made it was so perfect, there were no lips what so ever. Her pussy was smooth as silk and as soon as I saw it I thought that she surly dripped honey and I wanted to eat her very badly right then.
I set there staring down at her now crossed legs as she reached out and with her fingers raised my head up so I was looking at her face. She said lets not beat around the bush; I came here to find a man to fuck me. I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t leave a mark where it can be seen. My husband is very rich but he can’t give me what I need, he told me to go out and find a man to fuck me. She reached up and undid all the buttons of her mink stood up and let it fall to the floor. I had never seen a body as nice as hers; she was a 38DD- 24-34, a perfect all over tan, with large brown nipples. Her tits were a perfect cup shape, a flat tummy, and a perfect ass and legs. She walked to me and kissed me deeply as she rubbed her hands over my body, rubbing my cock she broke the kiss and got on her knees as she opened my fly and pulled out my semi hard cock. She looked up at me, smiled and took my cock all the way down her throat. Sucking me with such force that it was on the verge of hurting she pulled my cock half way out of her mouth and started to rock her head from side to side. My cock was rock hard in seconds as she then sucked on my balls and pushed my paints down to my knees.
Heather came up behind her and lay down on her back and slid under Eve as I grabbed an handful of her silky hair and started to fuck her face as hard as I could. Eve took me in and even sucked harder as I watched Heather pull her dress up and pull her thong to the side. She started to eat Eve’s pussy and finger her own pussy at the same time. Eve moaned and started to buck as I tried to poke a hole in the back of her throat. She turned her ring around and used it to scratch my cock as I face fucked her as hard as I could. The smell of sex was heavy in the air as Eve pulled my cock out of her mouth and screamed as her first orgasim of the night hit like a freight train. She reached down and grabbed Heather by the hair and rubbed her pussy all over her face as she came very hard.
I reached down and pulled her up by her hair and reached down and picked up Heather the same way. I then stripped Heather and put her on a table flat on her back. I pushed Eve over to the table and pushed her face into Heather’s pussy before I took my cloths off and got on my knees behind Eve. I ran my tongue over her slit as I tasted what had to be the finest tasting pussy ever. As soon as I started to lick her pussy Eve started to moan and push back into me, I licked her slit the length of her pussy and then sucked on her clit. I ran my tongue back up until I got to her tight pink asshole. I ran my tongue around her asshole before I licked it and then pushed my tongue up into her ass. I then ran my tongue in and out of her ass, this drove her up a wall, and she was moaning and shoving herself back into me. After this I pulled my tongue out of her ass and licked my way back to her now slick cunt, I did the same thing to her pussy, tongue fucking her as I rubbed her clit with my fingers.
Heather was cumming now, grabbing Eve by her hair and grinding her pussy into her mouth. Eve was moaning and starting to cum as Heather started to moan and breath in very short breaths as she came on Eve’s face. Eve screamed as she came, her love juice running down both of her thighs and soaking into her silk stockings as she did so. I stood up and grabbed her by her hips as I lined the head of my rock hard cock up with her wet slit. With one hard push I shoved my cock into her pussy, it only went in part way even as wet as she was. I pulled out and rammed into her again as hard as I could she took me a little deeper in as I pulled back out until only the head of my cock was in her. I rammed forward again and buried my cock all the way into her. As I hit bottom Eve started to work her cunt muscles and fuck me without moving.
As I pulled out she hung on to me, gripping me with her pussy, then she would let go as I plunged back into her. The harder I fucked her the more she would please Heather under her. Soon she had Heather cumming again as Eve reached up and started to play with her huge tits with one hand as she used her mouth and her other hand on her pussy. Eve was getting tighter even as she was getting wetter; I was fucking her tight pussy like a jack hammer as I felt her pussy juice run down her legs. She screamed out and gripped my cock so firm that I couldn’t pull out as she came for the 3rd time that night. When her orgasim subsided I went back to fucking her as hard as I could, feeling my cum start to rise I wanted to cum in this rich bitch so bad I could taste it. I was fucking her so hard that she had to stop eating Heather and just laid her head on her pussy. She soon called out that she was going to cum again as I tried to hold my own orgasim back waiting on her to cum with me, as soon as she started to scream I filled her pussy with my hot cum . I pulled out of her to see her cum mixed with my own running out of her and run down those deeply tanned legs of hers.
After I came in her Eve stood up and told Heather to suck my cock clean and hard, Heather got on her knees and inhaled my cock in a heart beat. Eve started to kiss me and rub her tits on me as her hot blond friend took the length of my cock into her mouth. I reached down and fingered Eve’s pussy and then reached around her to shove my cum drenched fingers up her tight ass. Eve took both my fingers up her ass and leaned into me as I started to finger her ass faster and faster. She looked up at me and said that she hoped I would fuck her ass. It had been a long time since anyone had given her a mean old ass fucking. I pulled my now hard cock out of Heather’s mouth and pushed Eve down over a chair as I rubbed my cock on her pussy to get it good and wet.
I then lined it up to her ass and started to fuck her tight little pink asshole. At first only the head of my cock would go in her ass but Heather came over and rubbed her clit as she spit on and licked my cock and Eve’s ass soon I was able to get my whole cock in Eve’s hot back door and started to slide in and out of her at a slow pace. Heather was under us eating Eve and sucking on my balls, and then she would lick my shaft as I pulled it out of Eve’s ass. Then she would get where she could lick Eve’s ass from above and lick the top of my cock. After fucking Eve’s ass for a few minutes I pulled out and shoved my cock into Heathers mouth and let her suck me. After doing this I gave Eve’s ass a work out as Heather went back to licking and sucking on anything she could. Having just shot my wad into Eve’s pussy a few minutes before I was not going to cum anytime soon.
I decided that I wanted to feel more then just the mouth of that hot little Heather, so I pulled out of Eve and grabbed Heather and laid her on her back on a table as I pushed my cock into her hot shaved pussy. Eve jumped on the table and lowered her pussy down to Heather’s willing mouth. While not as tight as Eve this was still some very fine pussy, Heather was very wet, so much so that there was a puddle of her pussy juice on the table in no time. I reached down and grabbed her legs to put them over my shoulders as I fucked her for all I was worth. Heather was starting to have a big orgasim as I pulled out of her pussy and rammed my cock up her ass in one hard swift move. This made her cum even harder as Eve moaned and ground her pussy into Heather’s face. I could tell that Heather had taken a cock into her ass a lot as I slid all the way in to the hilt with my first stroke.
I fucked Heather up her ass as she came and then kept going until I felt like I was about to cum in her reamed ass. Reaching up I pulled Eve over to me and off of Heather’s face, pulling my cock out of Heather I made Eve take my cock in her mouth. She sucked me so hard I thought that she was going to suck the skin off as I rubbed Heather’s pussy and looked down to see her ass gapped wide from the ass fucking I had given her. I pushed Eve down on top of Heather and started to fuck her pussy, I then pulled out of her and fucked Heather up the ass for while before fucking Eve’s tight pussy again. I then pulled out and fucked her ass before pulling out and fucking Heather in her wet pussy. Every time I got close to cumming I would pull out of whatever hole I was in and wait until it passed before I would fuck anther hole. Heather and Eve were face to face while I was fucking the two of them, they played with each others tits and kissed the whole time.
I fucked them like this for close to 45 minutes, they had several orgasims while I was doing this and I had fucked Eve’s ass so much that it was as gapped as Heather’s when I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shot my cum on them. I started to cum in Eve’s gapped ass and then hit her pussy, Heather’s pussy and then in Heather gapped ass. The two of them then got on their knees and sucked and licked my well used and sore cock clean. I looked down to see two very hot women in front of me sucking my cock and wanted them again but I was wiped out from the hard fucking I already gave them. When they were done Eve stood up, kissed me, kissed Heather and walked over to her coat, picked it up put it on and walked out. I looked at Heather and she asked me if I wanted to go home with her. I said sure and spent the rest of the weekend fucking that slut with huge tits.

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