Parking deck surprise

Parking deck surprise

My wife and I had finally gotten the news we had been waiting on for a while. We were finally cleared to get pregnant after some medical issues that we had. We already had one child and he was at the house with a babysitter.

This was so excited because we had been using condoms for over 2 years and now, we were never going to have to use them again. The appointment went very well and was over way faster than we had thought. We had the babysitter for another few hours, so we were not going to waist that opportunity.

“So, what do you want to do now?” I said to her as we walked through the parking deck to the truck.

“I don’t know. Maybe go out to eat?” She said as more of a question.

“Yeah, might as well.”

She pulled out her phone and started to search for somewhere. After a few steps she said, “Hmm.”

“What is it?”

“I just got the reminder on my phone that I start ovulating today.” She said as she pointed the phone at me.

“Well that is pretty good timing.” I said with a chipper voice.

“Yeah except we have the baby at the house, and he doesn’t help anything when it comes to this.” She said rolling her eyes.

“Yeah.” I said sounding much sadder this time.

I stepped ahead of her and grabbed the passenger door open for her. There was a van right there, so she had to squeeze in around me. She was in between me and the truck and I turned her around to face me. I pulled her in close to me and kissed her firm and long on the lips. She kissed me back wrapping her arms around me.

After our lips parted, she looked up at me and said, “What was that for?”

“Why not here?” I said bringing the chipper tone back to my voice.

“Here, for what?” She said legitimately confused.

“Let’s have sex right here.”

“Really?” She said sounding very surprised.

“Let’s do it babe.” I insisted.

She just wrapped her arms back around me and started kissing me. I was already growing just thinking about this. I ran my hands down her back and slid my fingers in between her ass and her jeans. I was able to push them down over her ass as well as her underwear. I had backed the truck in, and we were against a wall. There was the van right behind me, and the door was open to my right, so we were blocked off from anyone seeing anything. There wasn’t anyone in the garage that we saw anyway.

She spun around flopped her chest down onto the passenger seat and reached both her hands back and spread herself wide. I gripped the base of my cock, now fully erect, and lined myself up with her little spread pussy lips. As soon as I was in line, I thrusted my body forward slowly and deliberately until I was buried inside her.

“MMMMM” she let out as I held myself there for a second.

I laid a hand on either side of her waist and start a good rhythm going. We were making a little noise here and there as we fucked, but with the sound of the city all around us no one would have been able to hear anything.




“Yes!” she said in a yell like whisper as she started to push back into me.

She suddenly let go of her ass cheeks as they slapped back against me and her hands just started gripping for everything around her. I grabbed her by her triceps and pinned her down and started fucking her hard. We had been together long enough that we had each other memorized and this is what she likes as soon as she starts to cum. I held her down firmly as I fucked the shit out of her against the truck seat.

“Oh My God Yes!” she screamed as she was still trying to move underneath my grip. “Let Me Cum! Please!!!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

I pulled myself from her and started flicking the head of my cock up and down fast on her clit and she started spraying cum all down our legs and onto the ground. I watched her shake now that I was no longer holding her down as wave after wave came over her.

I let her have a few seconds so that she could enjoy it and then I shoved myself back into her. She was spent but she still took a bit of a breath as I buried myself into her soaked pussy. I pulled both her arms back behind her and wrapped my arm around them both. I then leaned in and put my palm firmly against her throat pulling her head back.

“Yes.” She said as I pulled her head back firmly.

I was holding all my body weight on her as I was thrusting my hips forward hard enough the truck was rocking. I started to use the truck to help me get deeper.

“Fuck Yeah.” I groaned into her ear.

“Get it baby.” She breathed back at me.

I could feel I was starting to build up. It was not going to be long now. One thrust after the next I could feel that wonderful tingling start to build and then all at once I exploded into her.

“Oooooooh Yeah!” I let out as I was pulling back on her neck and shoving my hips violently hard into her, pinning her in between me and the truck. I just held her there as I emptied all of myself. My cock was bouncing inside her tight now sopping wet pussy. I released my death grip on her entire body as I took a long very deep breath.

I bent down and grabbed her panties and pulled them up followed by her jeans. She did a little shimmy to help get them on, and then she was all dressed again. I held out my hand for her to get into the truck and she grabbed it and climbed up into the passenger seat. She looked back at me as I closed the door to the truck and walked around to the driver side.

As I hoped in, I said, “Well we are the fucking best.” With a smirk on my face.

She said, “And the best at fucking.” While giving me an equally mischievous smirk.

“So, what do you want to do now?” I said.

“I don’t know. Maybe go out to eat?” She said as more of a question.

“Yeah, might as well.”

And she once again pulled out her phone and began to search as I turned on the truck. When the truck came on the running lights illuminate automatically and they shined right across the parking deck to a newer town car that sat facing us. To my huge surprise there was an elderly couple sitting there looking right at us with two of the biggest smiles I had ever seen.

I smiled huge in embarrassment and said, “Hey honey.” She did not look up from the phone, so I said, “Hey babe, look at this.”

She looked at me and said, “Look at what.” As she saw that I was looking straight forward she also looked in that direction. As soon as her eyes met theirs, they both waves real big and then clasped their hands together as if they were receiving an award on our behalf.

We both laughed and waved back, and I put it into drive and we pulled off.

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