Trac's abduction & rape 1

Trac's abduction & rape 1

Traci is hiking a forest trail just outside her home town. She is a beautiful black girl wearing a pair of short white shorts, black pull over blouse, black panties and bra.

As she walked the trail she was thinking about her new on line friend in Texas. She had let him know she wanted to learn more about BD/SM and confided in him that she had rape fantasies which made her very wet when she thought about them. He had promised to help her live out her fantasy if she would come visit him.

She was in such deep thought she did not hear the approaching foot steps behind her.
Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind swiftly holding her arms behind her with one arm and clamping the other over her mouth. Pushing against the bend of her knees with his own he forced her to the ground. She could not scream with his hand on her mouth. He forced her face down on her stomach with his weight on top of her. In a stern convincing whisper in her ear. He told her if she screamed when he removed his hand from her mouth he would gag her and punish her very hard. He ask if she understood and she nodded her head with tears running down her cheeks.

He removed his hand from her mouth and slapped her face as she gasp for air. He quickly hand cuffed her wrist behind her with a pair of steel cuffs. As she began to cry harder and attempted to scream he pushed a large red ball gag into her mouth behind her front teeth holding her mouth wide open and effectively preventing anything but a muffled noise from her.

He pulled her up by her hips forcing her butt up and head down. She struggled to get away and received several hard slaps to her butt cheeks for her effort. The pain on her ass from the spanking made her attempt to scream through the ball gag bringing more tears flooding onto the ground. She felt his hand moving across her ass to her pussy. She became very embarrassed as he approached her pussy knowing that he would discover her unwanted arousal from the rough treatment she had received from him. He smiled as he ran his fingers under her shorts leg touching her thin black panties covering her wet pussy.

She heard him laugh and say “ Thought you were enjoying yourself.” She screamed and tried to get away from his prying fingers on her pussy even though she felt the heat building in her pussy and stomach. He slapped her ass hard several times and grabbed her by the hair on her head pulling her to her feet. He said “I think it is time to get serious about having some fun with you. “ He pulled her by the hair to a spot standing her between two trees and tied her feet spread to opposite trees spreading her wide. After tying her ankles so she could not run he removed the hand cuffs and tied each of her wrist to the same trees he had tied her feet to placing her in a standing spread eagle. He had forced her off the trail to a spot where he had stashed a bag of ropes and toys.

She watched in terror as he went to the bag and pulled out an eight inch blade skinning knife. She could see that he wore a ski mask covering his face and head. All she could see was eyes and mouth. He was a well built man. She could not help thinking if he had a large cock. Looking at the front of his wrangler jeans she could she the outline of a sizable hard cock. Against her wishes her pussy got even wetter as she thought about that cock deep inside her pussy or even her ass. Her focus came back to the knife in his hand as he approached her. She screamed and struggle hard against her bonds trying to get away from the knife she knew he was going to cut her to torture her.

Placed the knife to her the left side of her waist just above her shorts waist band. She jerked away thinking he was going to cut her. She heard him say “ Be still you stupid black bitch or you will get cut. “ She froze and stared into his eyes. She felt the knife slide under her shorts waist band with the sharp edge out. She realized the knife was sharp as a razor as he easily slid it down the left leg of her shorts cutting them apart. He moved to her right side and did the same and the shorts fell to the ground between her feet.

He placed the knife under her chin at the neck line of her pull over blouse and cut the collar band. Placing the knife in his belt he used both hands to rip her blouse down the middle exposing her black bra holding her beautiful breast. He could see her nipples were hard and trying to poke through the bra. He smiled knowing that she was aroused even if it was not her will. He looked her in the eyes and placed his hand over her pussy feeling the very wet crouched and laughed at her. To humiliate her he ask “ Having fun are we?” She shook her head “No” and began crying with humiliation.

“ My little black bitch you will be begging me to fuck you by the time I finish with you.” He used the knife to finish cutting off her blouse and cut the bra between her tits and let it fall to the side. He was amazed at the size of her globes and the large brown nipples. His cock got so hard he thought it would get out of his pants before he was ready. He cut the shoulder straps and let the bra fall to the ground with her shorts and bra between her feet.

He used both hands to squeeze her tits hard making her scream into the ball gag. He loosened his grip on her tits. As she settled down from the pain in her tits breathing hard
he suddenly pinched her hard nipples between his thumbs and finger causing a searing pain in her nipples. She pulled hard against the ropes holding her arms up and out and screamed hard into the ball gag with tears flowing down her cheeks onto her tits. She begged “Please stop it hurts so bad.” At the same time she felt the juices dripping from her cunt. She felt like she was going to cum from the pain in her nipples. She fell limp in her rope bondage when he released her nipples. She hung there moaning and crying wondering why her body was reacting with arousal from the cruel treatment.

She had not noticed when he went to the bag and came back with a blindfold and it made her jerk as he placed the leather over her eyes and buckled it behind her head. This made her feel totally helpless. Tied spread eagle between two trees, gagged, blind folded, and wearing nothing but a pair of thin black panties to cover her nakedness. She could not see him but could hear him moving around behind her. She suddenly jerked forward as he slapped her ass with his open hand. He spanked her several times enjoying the way she squealed and jerk against her bonds. He stopped spanking her after making her try to beg for him to stop.

She could hear him as he moved in front of her. She jerked hard backward when his hand grabbed her pussy lips over her panties. She heard him laugh when he found her panties so wet from the spanking her juices were dripping on the ground. “ Did you cum from the spanking my little black bitch.” “ Looks like I grabbed the right girl.” I think you are just a little black slut.” His words humiliated her making her cry. “ Keep crying and screaming my little black slut. “ It just makes my cock harder to fuck your pussy and ass. “ “ Then I am going to make you suck my big cock down your throat until I get hard again. “ Then we can fuck some more.” “Will you like that?” Traci shook her head no and cried harder trying to beg him to let her go.

She suddenly went to her tip toes as he grabbed the panties pulling them up hard between her pussy lips giving her a very painful wedgie on her clit making the fire travel from her clit to her tits and back. Her knees went weak as she fought the fire of an orgasm racing through her stomach and pussy. The panties gave way to the pressure and he ripped them from her body dropping them between her feet.

Traci felt the unwanted arousal in her body as he pushed two fingers in her cunt curling them to hit her G-spot. He felt the pressure on his fingers as her cunt muscles squeezed his fingers. She was screaming as loud as she could into the ball gag. He smiled and started to fuck her G-spot with his fingers increasing the speed and pressure of his brutal finger fucking as her screams turned to moans of pleasure and she pushed against his hand helping him finger fuck her.

Traci was fighting the orgasm pushing for release in her body trying not to give him the satisfaction of making her cum. She was about to cum when he told her “ Don't you dare cum you stupid black slut until I tell you to or I will punish you hard.” She could not hold back any longer as his cruel words lit the fuse in her cunt making her scream and jerk for several minutes with one of the hardest orgasm she ever had.
“ I knew you could not hold it.” “They never can.” I like that because I enjoy punishing dirty little slut whores.”

As she hung in her bonds jerking and moaning from the explosive orgasm he went to his toy bag and came back with a thick flogger. She was near recovering from her orgasm when he swung the flogger striking her across both ass cheeks with a hard painful thud making her jump forward as far as her bond allowed. The scream she let out made him smile and his cock jump in his pants. He let her recover and told her.
“ We are going to play a game.” “ I will flog your body until you are wanting it to stop bad enough to beg me to fuck you hard.”

He started to flog her back working his way down to her ass and down her legs. She jerked and fought her ropes while screaming and begging him to stop. When he stepped around and started flogging her big beautiful tits and stomach she was thinking she could not take the abuse any longer but refused to beg him to fuck her. When he landed a hard blow to her wet pussy she jerked so hard against her ropes she thought they would cut her and screamed as loud as she could. When he flogged her pussy a second time she begged him through the sobbing tears to fuck her pussy hard. “You disappoint me my little black bitch.” I thought you could hold out longer.” Laughing with pleasure and his cock throbbing he dropped the flogger on the toy bag and stepped behind Traci.

He dropped his pants releasing his raging hard cock. Pulling her ass back making her push it out to him giving him better access to her cunt he pressed his cock head between her pussy lips. He smiled when she did not attempt to move away from his cock. He shoved his cock into her pussy with one hard thrust all the way to his balls. Traci screamed with the sudden assault on her cunt. He held her to him until he felt her pussy walls squeezing his cock. He started pounding her cunt hard and deep. Traci could not stop the fire of an orgasm building in her gut. She started to cry and beg him not to do this to her. He just smiled and continued to pound her pussy hard. He reached around and started to toy with her clit as he fucked her hard and deep. Traci felt the pleasure in her pussy and body and started to moan and push against the intruder in her pussy. Suddenly the orgasm of her life hit her hard sending her pussy juices gushing around his cock. He could feel his own orgasm building and pulled out to keep from cumming. Traci hung limp in her bonds sobbing and moaning from the pleasure she just experienced.

He did not want to cum until he had fucked all her holes. To let his cock settle down a little he retrieved a battery operated hitachi from his toy bag. Traci jerked and let out a moan of pleasure as he knelt in front of her and pushed the buzzing monster between her pussy lips and pushed up to her clit. Her pussy lips wrapped around the monster as it stimulated her clit to another hard orgasm making her scream and try to get away from the buzzing monster. He stayed with her buzzing her to two more orgasms. She was begging for him to stop making her orgasm telling him she could not take it any longer.

He smiled and pushed two fingers in her cunt under the hitachi. She could feel his fingers working on her G-spot as the buzzing monster worked on her clit. She exploded with another orgasms making her squirt her juices up his arm. She had never had anyone make her squirt before. The orgasm lasted so long she passed out.

When Traci came to she was tied with her arms parallel across her back, rope around her big tits tightly binding them making them stand out. She felt rope around her arms and body pinning them so she could not move them. Traci's head was down and her ass held in the air with a rope around her lower stomach across her hips and tied to a tree branch above her. Her ankles were still tied to the two trees holder her open and accessible giving free use of her cunt or ass hole. When she tried to move she felt the clothes pins he had put on her big brown nipples.

“ My little black bitch is finally awake.” She looked to the side to see him sitting on the ground looking at her. She felt so helpless and vulnerable. He had removed her blindfold and she got her first look at the huge cock. She felt an involuntary twitch in her pussy when she thought of how it felt when he was brutally fucking her earlier. He smiled and started to get up telling her he had mercy on her by lubing her ass to take his cock while she was out. Traci started to cry and beg him not to fuck her ass since she had never been butt fucked before. “ Oh! That's good I get a virgin ass for a change.”

He told her it should be real tight on his big cock and laughed a sadistic laugh. Traci was crying and begging as he knelt behind her and pressed the head of his cock against the little opening to her ass. Traci begged and tried to avoid the intrusion in her ass but he kept steady pressure until the head stretched her little hole and the head of his cock slipped in her ass. Traci screamed with pain and he smiled as his cock twitched inside her virgin hole. Traci tried to relax to lesson the pain and he slowly pressed his big cock deeper and deeper in her ass. When he got the whole cock in her ass and his balls was resting on her pussy he held still until he felt her ass adjust to the intruder and she stopped screaming and started to moan. He slowly fucked her ass until she started to meet his thrust with her own. She was moaning in rhythm with his thrust and she could feel the pleasure building in her body as another orgasm was building.

He was thrusting harder and faster as he reached around to work on her clit with his fingers. Traci screamed and slammed her ass on his cock driving him deeper in her ass while she squirted juices down her leg onto the ground. He could not hold his cum any longer he shot his cum deep in her bowels. Traci felt the hot cum on the walls of her colon and had another squirting orgasm. He lay own her back with his cock deep in her ass until he started to go limp and pulled out releasing his cum from her ass letting it run down her ass across her twitching pussy to the ground.

He stood and untied the rope hold her hips up. He moved around in front of her and grabbed her hair pulling her painfully to her knees with her legs still tied wide apart. He took the ball gag from her mouth. As she was working her jaws to get the feeling back he pulled the cloths pins off her nipples letting the blood rush back into her nipples causing hot pain. Traci screamed with the pain in her nipples and he shoved his semi hard cock in her mouth. He pulled her head down on his cock by her hair until his cock was deep in her throat, her knows against his pubic bone and her chin touching his balls.
He held her there gagging until tears ran from her eyes. When she struggled and her eyes were bulging and begging him for air he let her off his cock to get another breath of air.
He pulled her face to his cock but she refused to open her mouth. Reaching down her pinched her nipple and pulled up hard making her scream with pain. While her mouth was wide open with her scream he rammed his cock deep her mouth and face fucked her until he shot cum down her throat.

He pushed her face down on the ground and untied her feet while she sobbed and her body twitching. As he walked away he told her she could call the cops if she wanted to but he had the on line profile where she said she wanted to experience a fantasy rape and he had talked to her Texas friend about her.

“ I know you enjoyed what I did to you and when you want it again come for another hike dressed in short shorts and I will oblige you.” He thanked her for a great time and laughed as he walked away leaving her tied on the ground. She would have to walk back to her car tied up and naked.

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