Little Amanda, part 3b

Little Amanda, part 3b

After the naked ski race Amanda returned to the school. She did not get sick and initially nobody mentioned her naked ski race – it meant, no one had read this article. But suddenly on the following week class teacher called Amanda to talk.
„Oh, Amanda, what you're done!? It may come as a big scandal,“ she said. Amanda, of course, realized what it is about. Teacher continued: „I want to tell you right away that you will not be punished or condemned. Nevertheless I would like to directly ask why you took part in this stupid and ridiculous ski competition or carnival, no matter what you call it?“
„There were 1652 participants. Were they all stupid?“ asked Amanda.
„Of course not! Surely you understand, that I asked about NAKED skiing!“

Amanda pretended misunderstanding. „It was allowed to come naked! I was a competitor like all others, I had a number tied on my arm. Of course, naked appearance in winter is special, but I tried not to think about the cold, and overall I succeeded. Organizers were happy, because sometimes a naked person has taken part in running races, but now naked skier gave more brilliance to the competition because of its exceptional nature,“ said Amanda.

„No, no! You didn’t understand! Of course I do care that you do not freeze, but in this case it was not important. The most essential is a question, why you even took herself naked in front of the people and embarrassed yourself?“
Amanda was now confused. „Why embarrassed? People were kind to me, everybody realized, how tough is to undergo 1,5hour ski race naked in more than -10 degrees. Because it was carnival, the naked outfit was one of the options. And nobody was angry,“ explained Amanda.
„But you itself? You really think, that the 13-year-old girl should not be ashamed, when she is naked in public?“ asked teacher.
„Yes, I think so,“ said Amanda.

„Oooooooooohhhhhhhh,“ sighed a teacher. „What can I do? You really have been good student, not excellent, but I even said to your mother, that Amanda’s attitude and concentration in lessons are example for others. I never imagined, that you will commit such a silly thing!“
„What is wrong with it, that I took part of the race naked, when it was allowed because of the carnival, and even approved by the organizers?“ asked Amanda.

„Listen to me carefully, I will now explain thoroughly,“ said teacher. „Our school’s chemistry teacher found this article, because her parents are living in this area, where local newspaper is printed. Parents showed this article to her and asked: „You are teacher, what you think about this young girl? Is she crazy?“ And then my colleague realized, that story was about our school student. She was horribly startled. She called to me and asked: Amanda xxxxxx, she is in your class, isn’t she? And then she told, what she found.

Immediately we decided, that if nobody else will not discover this story, we will stay silent. We don’t want a scandal. And I said, there is nothing about punishment – if your action was really legal, then we even can’t punish, but I am sure: your reputation will be destroyed, if some of the other students will be aware of this case. They will talk immediately to others and rumors spread. You will become a laughingstock, you will be taunted, no one take you seriously anymore. Not teachers, but children are cruel. Think for yourself how the boys are going to make fun of you: Amanda, take clothes off and show me your naked body! Like that.
We can’t allow such a thing that a student goes naked in public, regardless of the rules outside of school. This is not only a disgrace to you, but the whole school.“

Now teacher finished her educational words. Amanda stayed quiet. She was thinking, what to say. Finally she opened her mouth. „I understand your point of view, but wanted a little bit to explain. Please, do not get angry about it, what I talk now. I do not really understand, why whole world is so much hysterical about naked body. Nakedness should be declared a natural. Clothing changed human world in ​​worse direction. People flaunting with their outfit, it has become a symbol of wealth, many events are created clothing label. You know, this is ridicolous – you can’t enter to the party, you are not properly clothed! The only solution would be that if people are allowed to go everywhere naked,“ talked Amanda.

During the last sentence, the teacher began to laugh. „Amanda, do you really think, that if nakedness is allowed, then tomorrow many peoples will throw clothes away and will come to the street naked – of course if the weather allows? You look, if the law allows husband to beat her wife, either the next day everything would start banging?“ said teacher.

„That is not a correct comparison,“ said Amanda. „You caused harm and pain, if you are beating somebody. But naked people won’t cause any harm to others.“
„And if law allows, then you come to the school also naked?“ asked teacher.
„Yes, I am more than sure,“ replied Amanda.

Now teacher was completely shocked. She shaked her head and finally said: „I am also more than sure, that no one other will follow your action.“
„That is not my problem. If I am the only one at school naked, then so what? If principal says: yes, Amanda, naked appearance is accepted and we can’t resist your decision, then which prevents me to come naked?“ asked Amanda.

„Oh, I only can repeat, what I said previously: you will become a laughingstock, you will be taunted, no one take you seriously anymore. Although the law allows, then the other kids will make fun of you again,“ said teacher.
„Believe me, eventually all get used to it. After few weeks nobody pay even attention, that one student is naked,“ replied Amanda.

„OK, imagine that such a law was really adopted. If this become a reality, then you do not dare to come to school naked,“ said teacher.
„What should I be afraid? I do not dare bungee jump or downhill skiing or to keep snake in my hand. That, what I am afraid. To be naked is not hard for me, I don’t consider it as a shame. As one saying is quoted: when person has a dirty soul and bad heart, he can’t hide it by clothing. When I am naked in school, then nothing will change, I will be the same person as before,“ explained Amanda.

„Yeah, that’s I believe, but others attitude in you is not the same and this is a point!“ said teacher.
„Sorry, teacher, maybe I can reveal something, I hope you understand then my idea,“ said Amanda. „Can I speak?“
„Why not! I promise, if it is something bad, it stays between us.“

„OK,“ started Amanda „Two and a half years ago I was 11 and then I often walked naked at the beach, which was located 3 kilometres from my home. I went to the beach through forest, took clothes off and hide them under the bush. When I arrived to the beach, I was already naked and no chance to hide, all clothes far away. I started to walk down the beach, in hot days there were maybe 2000-3000 people. Only some little childs were naked and very occasionally some women topless. And much people stared at me. But never I felt some discomfort, I always smiled to people and was relaxed. Sometimes I ran into the water and sprayed, I was generally visible to everyone. And I did it many-many times , I even don’t counted, how much I spent my time naked at beach. And what happened? Basically nothing.

Our people are modest, they do not tell directly. What I remember, once one older pair was sunbathing and lady suddenly asked. „Girl, don’t you think, you are too big to go nude at beach?“ I replied briefly: „No, I don’t think,“ smiled to them and continued walking. Anyway, they were speechless after that. Perhaps they were waiting some excuses for me, but I was so strongly convinced, that I am doing nothing wrong and they let me alone. When I met this older pair again after some weeks, I said them „Hello!“ and they greeted and waved to me. Because there was a lot of the same people, then at the end of the summer, no one noticed that naked girl walks. All got used to it.

And finally: once I also did a naked shopping with my friend, he was dressed. Then I was already 13 and more developed as you understand. But again nothing happened. There was about 25-30 people in market by that 8-10 minutes, what we spend to the shopping. And we did all shopping very accurately, talking to each other, what products to take and do not rush. And again – you maybe don’t believe me – I had such a confident feeling, that all the people who were staring at me, they get the impression that girl just wanted to go naked and do not consider it something special. I even noticed, that some people felt embarrassed, they turned head aside and cashier’s hands trembled, when she gave us money back. That was the most shocking for me, that they felt discomfort, that naked girl was in the shop, not me! Some of them would have liked to say: I'm sorry to see you naked, but soon we go away. We were third in the line, but no one stood behind us – all people went to the other cashier!“ Amanda finished.

„OK, that was really interesting. You are proud of your courage, but as the shopping case proved, people are not used to such a behavior. And I can say, you have to feel some responsibility, that made people to avoid you. They didn’t think, this is a normal!“ said teacher.

„Yes, but idea of my story was, that also in beach people get used to my nakedness. If I'd continued to visit naked the same shop every day, no one would have deterred me anymore. People have become more friendly and naked shopping would be fully accepted. Everyone would understand, that's why I go naked in the shop - I simply feel better without clothes!“ explained Amanda.

„It is still exhibitionism!“ yelled teacher.
„Of course, under the rules of our society. I am dreaming, that these rules will be canceled some day,“ said Amanda.
„OK, you made your point. Now I only hope, that story of naked skiing will not be discovered and you can smoothly continue your school,“ said teacher.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

What Amanda didn’t say to her teacher, was a fact, that she walked on the beach not only for fun, but also she tried to find men for sex. Once she told me the story of how she met on the beach and later had sex with one well-known politician. Amanda didn’t recognize him, because at her age she was not interested in politics. Some months later she viewed casually TV news program, and recognized the man, with whom she had fierce sex in the forest near beach. But she never told me, who that politician was. That was her secret.

Amanda didn’t also say that sometimes he behaved much more frantically. Once after swimming she sat on the sand and started to build a sandcastle. Amanda had a striking position, she sat legs as wide as possible, like gymnasts sometimes doing exercises. When one man looked at her longer, then Amanda smiled and asked: „Do you like sandcastle building?“ She also noticed his big cock inside the pants.
„Yes, as a child I also played a lot of here in sandy beach,“ replied man.
„Wow, then you maybe want to join me?“ asked Amanda.

I really don’t know the feelings of this man, but I can imagine, he was pretty astonished, that naked girl invited him to play. There was no much people at beach in that day, because weather was quite cloudy. Amanda had arrived in morning, when the sun shone, but afternoon it went cloudy and cooler. Therefore only few people maybe noticed a girl and man building sandcastles together, and of course, couple could be regarded as a father and daughter, man was in his 40’s. Now if only someone would be ask why she is naked, it would be the "father" should have explained.

But again nothing happened and clever Amanda did everything to seduce a man, she even put her hand in his panties and touched the cock. Man considered this at the beginning as a random act and thought that she was some kind of weird girl who does not know how to behave properly. But sexual desire took him over and after third „random“ touch he asked from Amanda: „Do you know, what you are doing?“

Amanda replied joyfully: „Yes I know, I like it.“
„Ohhooo, but little girls should not play with cock,“ said man.
„I know, but I'm good at it, I can prove to you,“ said Amanda and all was clear.
Politicians wife has already left the beach, when weather turned cloudy and returned to their summerhouse. Man looked at the clock and realized, he has maybe half an hour left, then he also had to return for a lunch.

They found meadow inside forest, where was sandy area and that was perfect place for sex. Man took his clothes off, Amanda, as you know, was already naked. She was happy, because her plan succeeded and man had really big cock – bigger than had all her previous sex partners. While filling big dick in a small pussy created some problems, they were able to handle it, because Amanda was so skilled.

Man did also a good job, and Amanda’s pleasure getting increased. Girl moaned and yelled, man was completely surprised, how she can fuck like an adult women. Amanda received several orgasms in a row and then man was cumming. „Into the mouth! Into the mouth!“ taught Amanda and huge load of sperm entered there. „Aaaaaahhhhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhh!“ yelled Amanda, when part of the cum dropped from her mouth. She licked it with tongue and put sperm back into mouth. At the same time man moaned due to the release of the orgasm.
Amanda swallowed all and laughed then: „Wow, that was good! You shoot it into my mouth like a bullet!“

Man finally calmed down and asked: „I am really impressed. You are such a little girl, but already you knew about cum swallowing. How it is possible?“
„I am experienced enough and if you are afraid, that you now did illegal sex with underage girl, then don’t worry: I liked it very much and I don’t talk to anybody. You may find me again, if you want, only I am too poor and don’t have a cell phone. But if we arrange the time of our next meeting, I can come,“ said Amanda.

I really don’t know, was man maybe cautious because of his position, but he refused. „No, this will be enough, because I have lived with my wife for 19 years and cheated her only the second time. But I can assure you: the sex was great, you were quite a champion. I still can’t believe, you are such a young girl. You look like 9-10 years old, is it true?“ asked man.

Amanda was a little bit shorter than 11yo girls normally and yet flat-chested, maybe she really looked younger. And Amanda lied: „Yes, I am still 9, but after three weeks become 10,“ she said.
„Wow, I did it with 9-year old girl!? And how you can be so experienced?“
„My cousin taught me,“ said Amanda. „He is 15 now, but I have had many older partners also.“
„How much?“ asked surprised man.
„Oh, I have not counted, maybe 40,“ said Amanda. Number was approximately right, but she was 11, not 9. Amanda got a boost and started to exaggerate: „You know, there was a period, when I had sex every day. I came from school, studied a lessons, played with dolls and then had sex. So I am used to this kind of activity.“

Man shaked his head and soon left. That was last time Amanda saw him, he even didn’t appeared at the beach anymore. Until she recognized him from TV. But Amanda never came to the idea to connect him and ask some money. Amanda would never use sex for blackmail. When she walked 11-year old naked at beach trying to find some men, she was ready itself to pay them.

Every time she wanted more sex, maybe a fuck with politician was a only exception. After that she was satisfied about two days and then started again to masturbate and find new partners. And in autumn she returned to the school, sat at the schooldesk, playing sometimes with other girls and boys, being decent student for her teacher and nobody would not have been able to imagine, that this girl has already had sex on a regular basis for more than a year.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I understand, if most of the readers consider this story too pedophile. But I don't think, this politician was a pedophile. Amanda initiated a sex and man only took advantage of the opportunity. But he refused to continue.

Actually this whole story is like reversed. We have heard about pedophiles, who are pursuing children, trying to attract them by offering ice-cream or candies. Innocent girls become victims, many of them even don't properly understand, what man did to her. But here Amanda tried to find itself sex partners.

The most difficult times she had, in the fall after cousin made her sex addict. She was only 10 then and tried to approach some man directly, asking: „Sorry, Mister, I have one request: would you like to have sex with me?” Almost everybody ran away quickly. Town, where Amanda then lived with her family, was quite small and surely these men were afraid to be involved in sex with such young girl. Nobody believed that Amanda had a sincere interest in sex, they considered her question as a trap to catch pedophiles.

Poor Amanda was being ridden for weeks without sex. She tried to satisfy itself in other way, but this was not like sex with man. Often she cried quietly, because poor family has only three rooms in their apartment and all five daughters slept together in one bedroom. In some nights she couldn't sleep and went to the school tired and sleepy and this all suffering worsened her scores in school. If there were man, who agreed to have sex with her, he would have been as savior!

Amanda was from poor family, but she never thought about asking money for sex. It was unimaginable for her – why somebody have to pay for entertaining her? If Amanda rarely was allowed to go to the movies or the amusement park, she got money from her parents and paid for entertainment. She was ready to pay also to her sex partners, but it was not possible to ask more money from mother. Ridculous situation: 10yo girl is desperate to find whatever way for having sex!

The only option was to look for men in some major city, where she was stranger. On her first school holidays in the end of October Amanda decided to hitchhike to the city, 55 km far from her hometown. About 40-year-old man picked her up and suddenly Amanda realized, that why to find sex partners in the city, if it is possible to attract the same driver, who picked her.

Amanda invented a clever plan: because weather was already quite cold (about +5C) and water also, she surprised a driver, saying to him: “If we can make one stop at the lake, I'd go for a swim.” Man liked such a proposal: “Wow! Are you really an ice swimmer? It is interesting to see, how you can manage with cold water!”

And they turned to the lake, where predictably was no people. Amanda said: “Sorry, I have no swimsuit, I have to go naked.” Man did not come to anything yet to respond, when Amanda already threw off all clothes. “Oh, girl, is it the appropriate, that you swim naked in front of me?” asked startled man. “Do not be afraid, it does not bother me,” said Amanda and ran into cold water.

That was a real ordeal for her. She never had swum in cold water, but she had to show the guy that went on to swim for fun. Heroically she withstood 1,5 minutes and then stepped out of the water. “Oh, I am so wet, you have something to dry me?” asked Amanda. Man took the jacket off and dried Amanda with it. Confidently Amanda led his hand on her cunt and said: “This place is more of a necessity than just a dry.”

This time, all ended well: Amanda got her sex service. I will not describe more. When Amanda returned to hometown, she jumped for joy. Even the mother said to her in the evening: you're so happy today!

And why do we have to blame the man who rescued the girl out of trouble!?

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

„Do you really did not seem strange that you are attending school at age 11 and your friends do not know anything about sex, but you were so experienced?“ I asked Amanda, after she told a story about politician.
„Honestly, I knew, that I was exception. But what can I do, if I love sex so much?“ she replied. And we did again sex. I was tired like usually, but she obviously not. Because she was working so hard and passionately, she was able to help me reach an orgasm.

„After two months I will turn 14. Maybe after that I try to live as a normal girl. To find some boyfriend and reduce sex needs. But before the birthday, I would like to have one strong gangbang. Whether it is even possible that something can bring me to the point where I do not want sex anymore,“ she said.

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