A Great Day

A Great Day

This story does contain both Straight and Gay situations. If you do not like it leave, if you dont mind, Enjoy its hot

It was a cold winter morning when I woke up. I woke up with a raging hard on and couldn't function without doing something about it. I went into my draw and pulled out lube. I squirted some into my hand and on my cock and started pounding away. I was moaning and grunting I could feel I was gonna cum soon. I rubbed my chest and abs. I soon felt my body tense up and a strong feeling and I shot all over myself. My cum shot all the way to my chin and on my face.
I had to shower and get ready for work. I got up off my bed and still hard. It was gonna be a long day. I took a cold shower and to be safe put on briefs to contain my cock.
My name is Adam by the way, Im 29, very athletic and defined. My cock is 8 inches. I live alone in a nice house, im bi. I will pretty much fuck anything thats good looking.
I arrived to work and got through half the day without getting horny. One of my co workers, John, wanted to go out to lunch. I told him I lived near by we could go to my place. He agreed. I believe Johns gay, although he talked about girlfriends so im not sure. We got back to my place and he asked where the bathroom was. I told him it was in my room since the other bathroom is getting work done. He walked into my room and into the bathroom.
I started to freak out when I remembered I left lube on my bed. I quickly went to my room and putit away but started to get horny thinking about jerking off again. I started rubbing my crotch when John walked out. What are you doing he said. He looked excited about it. I said sorry, just thinking.
He started to laugh when he said I think you got a friend coming to play. He noticed the outline of my cock against my pants. He said do you want me to leave you alone and I could go inside. He started rubbing his as well. I said join me.
We started to get undressed when I noticed how great in shape he was. I didnt waste anytime getting nude and laying on the bed. He looked funny when he got to his underwear. He wore the same as I did and I could tell he was throbbing. I got up and took them off. There I said lets go. He had great body and nice legs. And for a guy a great ass. We laid down and I got the lube again. We lubed up and started wacking it. The sound of the lube on our cocks made me crazy and even more horny. I took his cock in my hand and he started moaning. He did the same to me. He moved a finger to his ass and thats when I knew. I rubbed his thigh and said could you take this. He smirked and said I sure can. I lubed some more and he got up and sat down on my cock. He lowered him self slowly. It drove me crazy it was so tight. He finally got it in and let out a yell. He started riding me hard. I helped by doing some work and pounding his tight hole. We were fucking for a while when I started to grunt and tense up. He knew I was close and rode faster. I yelled out and blew my load in his ass. He turned around and shoved his cock in my face and face fucked me. He was close. His face turned red and he started picking up his breathing. He pulled out and blew all over my face.
We went to the shower and showered together. Quickly got back to work and agreed to fuck in the bathroom and when we needed a good fucking at my place.
It was the end of the day when I was horny again. I had to get home. I called up a friend, Jess. She was always willing to fuck me. She came over quickly and I answered the door in nothing but a robe. I dropped it when I opened the door. And she came in. She surprised me by opening her jacket and she was nude. We embraced and kissed hard. We couldnt wait to get to the bed so we went to the couch. I sat down and she started sucking my cock. I moaned and she started going faster. I told her its my turn. She got on the couch and I started eating out her tight wet pussy. I fingered her and licked deep. She couldnt stop moaning and groaning. She screamed out fuck me!. I had to. My cock was throbbing hard. I got her on all fours and shoved my cock in her pussy. She screamed. I pounded her while she told me stop. But I couldnt it was so tight and she was enjoying it as much as I was. She stopped screaming and started moaning. I could feel her tense up and she started saying yes fuck me uh harder. I said hold on babe im gonna cum. We both started moaning and came at the same time. I blew my load all inside her. We laid down on the floor and held eachother. My cock was still in her when we fell asleep.
The next morning we woke up and showered. We talked about what a great night we had. Her pussy was sore from my fucking. Looking at her naked wet body I started to get horny and hard bu quickly got out and had to get to work. It was Friday and casual day. My boss didnt care if you came in shorts or whatever. So I put on whatever I had. No suit, tie. I got to work and noticed John was already there. He was in shorts and a t shirt. His legs looked great and I noticed when he saw me he got up. He said follow me. He led me to the bathroom and we got in a stall. He kissed me and took off his shirt. And finally we both got nude. He bent me over but it was a tight fit in the stall. He spit on his cock and in my ass. We had to be quiet as other guys were in here. He rammed his cock in my hairy ass and soon he began fucking. I wanted to scream and moan but I couldn't. The only sound that was made in the stall was his balls against my ass. One guy said ahh sounds like someones enjoying themselves. And he laughed. I started pounding my own cock hoping to cum quickly. John was very close and soon let out a soft moan and blew his hot load in my ass. He got dressed, said see you soon and grabbed my cock. He got out the same time as the other guy. I stayed put to not cause a scene. He said how was it. John said great. The guy said I bet. It sounded like it. I had my own little fun also. I couldnt help my laugh to my self quietly. I was still hard and jerked off comfortably now that they were gone. It was nice and I started to groan when someone else came in and went into the next stall. I freaked out because my underwear and socks were basically in the next stall.
He picked them up and handed them over the stall and said just keep it down, I can hear you from when I entered the room. I was embarrassed but still horny and needed to blow my load. I kept jackin off and my balls slapped against my fist. I was really close now and than before I knew it I let out a grunt and cum exploded out of my cock all over my chest. I had nothing to wipe it up with so I used my underwear and got dressed. I threw them out and got back to my desk. The rest of the day was calm and John and I looked at each other. I wanted to have a threesome with him and Jess. I would try to make it work.

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