My Bitch Cousin n Her Freind

My Bitch Cousin n Her Freind

It started off to be a day like no other get up in the morning and do my regular cleansing and nourishment well like everybody does. Only thing this was not quite like any other morning I had two beautiful babes here with my mom was like most other she treats me like I am three when really I am 17 she insisted that I had my cousin Sadia stay with me. Now my cousin was 112 Pounds, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts, Perfect tight ass, and the succulent lips the ones if you kissed them you would probably stay and suck on them all night, Also she had a navel ring, Tongue Stud and she was tanned. She was one year older than me. I was 158 pounds, I had 6 pack tanned, And Brown Hair and Blue eyes (This blue eye thing ran in my family!) and well we were left to fend for our self's for the weekend while Mom and Dad went to Florida for a vacation. They worked hard and they deserved it.

Mom and Dad left us about 5000 to use foe the weekend, which was plenty. Well Sadia had a friend and her name was Sarah and Mom said Sadia was allowed to have a friend over but I was not. Which really sucked. Well I was given know attention from my cousin counterpart so where we only talked at bare minimum. So while they were out talking. I stayed in my room to jurk off to some old Porno movies which was not half bad I guess I would rather be in that movies Banging that slutty nurse then here in my room pretending to be. My cock now was ranging and I really needed some Pussy so I knew that Sarah was out there! She was not half as hot as my cousin. She would do you know how it goes there is always a really hot girl. Then there were all of her lackeys well Sarah was one of lackeys they was on the cheerleading team together when they were in high school plus they were friends forever sense she lives next door. Yeup I was going out to hit on one of my cousins friends how lame. I should have a Girlfriend I know but Natalie dumped me a coulple of weekends ago I was not what she wanted so she said but she did not mind my sex abilities.

I had a 7 inch cock that I had to set free. So I went out and Sadia was sitting by her self on the single couch and Sarah was on the Loveseat so I went over next her and snuggled right up next to her. I played a few lines and she automatically was putty to me. I brought her into my room where we started to makeing out while Sadia stayed in the den watching Television. Then I started to strip her off and I had the Bra unclipped and it fell to the floor and I threw her on to my bed and I squeezed her tits and sucked on them for a minute a then I hauled out my Cock and let her give me a nice Blow Job to ease the pain while my 7 inch cock gave off a load of pre Cum into the back of her mouth I knew I was ready then to go all the way but I did not want to she was not what I wanted after telling her this.

Well you can see what happened she left crying and Yes Sadia came in like a minute later to see what happened I lied of course. So Sadia would not talk to me for a long while but the day before Mom and Dad came home is when my wish cam threw. That day started off with my having the same breakfast as usual three Smore's Pop Tarts which are really good But out of the four days this is the only day she had to work and that was untill 3:00 P.M. so the day was still young so I tried figuring out what I was going today I fugured snoop around Sadia to see if I could see anything I liked. Well I opened the door and her sweet sent hit my nose I loved it it smelt like Strawberry's so I went in and it looked as though Sadia had left in a hurry because she is usually a clean freak. So I walked in a little further and I saw a nice pair of Black Panties. I picked them up and they still had all the fresh pussy smells. So I took them to my room and sniffed them it was the sweetest juices I ever smelt. I grew a boner just smelling them.

So I started to jurk off in them and kept thinking what it would be like to get titty fucked by Sadia. So when three came she was in the house only three minutes when she came and acquired about her missing panties. There on the floor I told her and she picked them up and put her hand in a load of my cum. I thought she was going to blow a gasket but instead she just dropped the panties and licked off her cum soaked hand. I could not believe it my cousin just swolled my cum my cock grew in a shot. She looked at me and she said I was waiting for this for a long time and she started striping down I kept thinking how wrong it was but how right it would feel. So I thought fuck it. If she's game so am I.

She was finally done and she stood fully nude in front of me and I stood up she came over and started making out I cold not believe it and she was working for a long time and slowly I was fully nude so I picked he up by the ass and she raped her long succulent legs around me and I stuck my rageing dick in. I could feel the mussels of her pussy working my dick she was not a Virgin I soon found out. All this time I was sucking her Perfect tits. When my dick was getting ready to shoot a very large load. I threw her on to the bed and I started pumping her I asked her where she wanted it she said keep it in. She wanted me to produce her babies I said ok fine. So I shot my first load and soon as it left the dick I felt the pussy tigten. And well to make a long story short we fucked like two wild dogs foe several hours. After finishing we cleaned each other tongues had a smoke and talked how we could never tell anyone and how every time my parents would go we could do it again. That night I looked at my watch before we fell a sleep it was 11:00 P.M. and we fell to sleep in each others arms and put everything back to normal the next day. But I knew that was not a night I would soon remember.

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