What You Wish For

What You Wish For

I'm 25, recently out of law school, and working ridiculous hours as a junior associate in a mid-size firm specializing in insurance law. The pay's decent enough, but the work is tedious. If it wasn't for Kaitlyn, I'd have quit months ago, but she brightens my evenings and makes the weekly slog tolerable. We met in college, fell in love, and married when we graduated. Then law school for me and a Master's in Education for her. She's 23, and turns heads. I tease her about it but she never seems to notice. Kait's from Iowa, and has that Midwest farmer's daughter look, fine blonde hair the color of corn silk, flawless skin, a snub nose that gives her a slightly impish look, and huge blue eyes with startling refractions that seem to change color with the light. She's 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 110 pounds on a bad day, and is slim and muscular, a legacy of her high school and college days as a gymnast and dance team captain. She bitches that at 32b her boobs are too small (I love them) and hates her bubble butt. She doesn't really have a bubble butt; it's just that all of her training has left her ass incredibly well rounded and muscular. These days she runs for exercise, and I guarantee you that guys stare at her ass when she jogs past, though she laughs it off when I tease her about the stares. All I know is that I'm incredibly lucky to have met and married her.

Things have been a bit strained at home lately. Like I said, I've had to work long, often boring, hours, while Kait's job as a substitute middle school teacher gives her much more regular hours. I leave early and get home late and often bring work home. All-too-often by the time I get ready for bed, she's already asleep. Our lovemaking's suffered as a result.

Don't get me wrong -- I've never had complaints from Kait or the couple of girls I bedded before her. I'm hung a very respectable 8 inches and I know how to use it. Kait always climaxes. Once. Just once, and that's it. She's always satisfied but never shows interest in Round Two. Lately it's been feeling like part of our nighttime routine: wash your face, brush your teeth, make love, climax. Once. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it, but it's just so -- routine.

I've always liked porn videos, particularly those featuring attractive white women and well-endowed black men. I don't really know why, but something about the contrast and the taboo gets me hard as a rock. Quite by chance, I stumbled across a website catering to amateur videos featuring purportedly married white women fucking black men. That's where the trouble started.

What began as a mild interest became an abiding fetish, and pretty soon I had a bookmark directory full of websites that catered to, well, heavy hung black guys fucking white wives. I started downloading the videos that looked "real" and particularly the ones where the white husband watched or filmed. Like an idiot, I put the videos in a file marked "video downloads" -- a fiasco waiting to happen, which it inevitably did. I'd been working in my home office all morning and as luck would have it, I got a call from the office I took in living room. I was gone for 20 minutes.

When I walked back in, Kait was sitting in front of the monitor. I could see one of the videos playing. Sensing my presence, she turned in the chair looked me right in the eye and said "Clearly you haven't been spending all those hours just working."

I said nothing, hoping she hadn't had long enough to realize that nearly all of the videos were of the same theme, wives and hung black guys.

"That's quite a collection," she said. My heart sank. "I'd guess this is more than a passing fancy. It seems like you've got a real hang-up about white wives and black guys. Is that right?"

Again, I said nothing.

"Well, answer the question!"

I stammered a response. "No, well, yes. Well, maybe."

Kait frowned. "I counted over a hundred videos and every single one of them was about white wives fucking black guys. I'd say that amounts to more than a 'Maybe'."

I waited. I knew she didn't approve of porn.

She sighed. "I feel almost violated, Rick -- it's like I thought I knew you and now I'm not so sure. I don't know what to make of the situation, but I do know I need some time to sort all this out. I'm going to go and stay with Annie for a couple of days. Don't call me."

Annie was her best friend from college. She lived about 20 miles away. Kait went upstairs and packed. Fifteen minutes later I heard the door open and close and she was gone.

Work the next day was nearly impossible. I could only focus on Kaitlyn's departure. It was obvious that I was distracted and depressed, so much so that my summer intern, a first year law student named Ted, stuck his head in my office.

"What's wrong?" he asked, looking genuinely concerned.

"I can tell you after work, not now," I replied. "Meet me at my house at 7:00."

Ted arrived promptly at 7:00 p.m. with a bottle of single malt whiskey, and poured each of us quite a bit more than a "wee dram." I gulped it down and poured myself another, and another. Then, fortified by whiskey courage, I told him what had happened.

Ted listened intently. "I'm really sorry," he said. "It's hard enough to broach the subject, let alone have your wife find out that way."

"Broach the subject? What do you mean, 'broach the subject'?" I asked.

"You know -- cuckolding -- watching your wife doing a black guy," he said.

"How the hell would you know anything about that, Ted?" I asked.

Ted poured himself a drink and then made me swear I wouldn't repeat anything he was about to discuss. "I know because Lisa's been fucking a black guy since I started my internship," he said.

Lisa was Ted's fiancée. She was just 20 and a senior in college, a lively redhead who seemed as down to earth as anyone I'd met. She and Ted are a great couple.

"You, my friend, are completely full of shit, but I appreciate the effort you're making to get me out of the dumps," I laughed.

"I'm dead serious," he said. "It started a week after I began my internship and it's become a regular part of our life. Never thought I would say this, but sexually at least it's the best thing that's ever happened to us. In case you're wondering, Lisa's seeing Bob Purdy."

Bob Purdy was the office manager at our firm, not an attorney. He's maybe 50, pleasant, and not much to look at, the kind of guy who's just hanging around in the background. Non-de***********. Part of the office furniture. Boring.

"Oh come on! Are you seriously telling me that good old Bob Purdy is boning your gorgeous 20 year-old girlfriend?" I was having a hard time believing this.

Ted nodded. "I know what you mean, it sounds absurd, but let me tell you -- good old Bob Purdy's a fucking machine. He only fucks the young white wives of attorneys at the firm. Or fiancées. He may not be much to look at, but based on our experience, I'm convinced that one night with him will make a black cock addict out of just about any white woman. He sure worked on Lisa."

I must have had a skeptical look on my face, because Ted reacted defensively.

"Look, Bob's kind of scrawny but he's hung like a stallion, knows how to use it and kind of just takes over the bedroom. I thought Lisa and I were good together, but the result of her first night with Bob was enough to disabuse me of that notion," he said, emphatically.

I asked Ted how it happened, and he told me the story.

"Bob invited us to his place for a cookout, and I thought it would be impolite not to go, so we did. We had a good time -- he's funny and flirts a lot, and Lisa dug it. We drank a lot, did some weed that we brought with us, and then he turned us on to some coke -- his vice, he called it. We were really wasted, but Lisa kept doing more blow so she was really up and buzzed, while I was really mellow," he said.

"Bob started flirting pretty openly and when I didn't react badly, Lisa kind of started flirting back. He asked her if she wanted a tour of the house and she said sure. As they walked out of the room, I saw he had his hand on her ass, but it just didn't penetrate the fog I was in. Anyway, I zoned out but eventually figured out Lisa and Bob had been gone quite a while, so I went looking for them. I heard noises coming from upstairs and quietly went up to take a look."

Ted went on. "They were in his bedroom; Bob told me later that they had left the door open quite deliberately. Lisa was stark naked with her hips on the edge of the bed, and Bob was between her legs giving her the biggest cock I'd ever seen." Ted took another drink, and continued.

"It was mesmerizing. I had no idea how, but she was taking all of it and grunting like a bitch in heat, and when she saw me watching, she just smiled, looked right at me, and made the sign of the horns, you know, the cuckold horns, like the sign for the Texas Longhorns. I just stood there slack-jawed while Bob made her scream and moan. I'd never seen her so wild. And when she was pretty well delirious with it, he pushed it all the way in and came in her pussy. When he finally pulled out, he left her totally gaping open with cum just running out of her."

I sat there, stunned. "I don't know whether to believe you. What the hell did Lisa say?"

Ted smiled. "She was too fucked out and too fucked up to say much of anything. I helped her pull on some clothes and got her home and put her to bed. The next day we had a long, long talk -- the gist of which was that she loved me and wanted to get married but she also wanted more of Bob's dick, and I needed to support that."

I frowned. "That's a hell of big ask, wasn't it?" I said, rather judgmentally.

"Yeah, it was," Ted replied. "But the thing is, I love Lisa and the fact that she loves black dick doesn't really bother me any more. In fact, after watching her with Bob, I couldn't get it out of my head -- I wanted to see more of it. It's become a pretty regular event for us, maybe once a week, sometimes more often. These days, Lisa sometimes goes to Bob's place and makes me wait at home for her."

"So what are you telling me -- that I should persuade Kait to fuck Bob? She'd never agree to it," I protested.

Ted just laughed. "You need to get real on that point. Lisa and I have learned a hell of a lot in the last two months, and one of the big lessons is that this kind of stuff is going on all over the place. Bob said it used to be only older couples, like in their 40s and 50s, but now he says more and more married couples in their 20s and 30s are taking black dick in the marriage bed. I won't tell you who, but I know for a fact that three other wives at the firm -- all under 30 -- are in the lifestyle thanks to Bob."

Ted looked at me intently. "You've said that your love life with Kait is pretty vanilla. I can pretty well guarantee you that you'll see a side of her you would never even dream about. But there are some serious issues you need to think about, too."

"Such as what?" I asked.

Ted grew serious. "Well, first off no matter how good in the sack you think you are, you're just not in the same league. It's humbling to see your partner respond in ways you've never seen before and most likely will never achieve with her on your best day. And you can bet Kait won't be shy about telling you so, either."

"Second," he continued, "the dynamic of the relationship changes. You won't be the alpha male anymore -- your role is to support and facilitate, not to lead. If you work it out in advance, you can still have her pussy if she feels up to it once she's been blacked, but there's no guarantee. And the specifics of getting her pussy can be pretty liberally interpreted. Tell me, have you ever gone down on Kait after you've come in her?" he asked.

"Nope, sure haven't," I allowed.

"Well, you might want to try it some before she takes black dick, 'cause you're more than likely to be doing it a lot when she's been fucked by another guy, " Ted replied.

"Third," he continued, "and this is the most important point to keep in mind -- once you go down this road, there's no guarantee that you can turn back. I don't think Lisa would give up black dick if I begged her to, not that I'd suggest it at this point."

I sighed. "Okay, even if I'm interested I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell that Kait would consider it. Right now, she's so pissed she won't event talk to me," I sad, glumly.

Ted nodded. "If that's true, I can have Lisa talk to her about it. She can give her the benefit of our experience."

I was lost in thought. "You really like this?" I asked.

"Man, I'm hard as a rock 24/7. There is nothing, and I mean nothing hotter than seeing Lisa taking 10 thick inches of black dick. I never thought I'd say this, but I'd almost rather watch her get fucked by big black cock than fuck her myself," Ted concluded.

We chatted a while longer, and called it a night.

Ted wished me luck. "Check your e-mail in an hour, I'm going to send you something," he said as I closed the door behind him.

I zoned out on TV for a while, and then checked my mail. There was a note from Ted with an embedded link in it. "Check this out," the note read, "but if you ever show this to anyone but Kait I swear I'll make you pay."

When I clicked on the link it took me to a file download marked "Lisa.flv" which I downloaded and then hit the play button. What I saw as seeing was an attractive woman, sitting on the biggest blackest dick I had ever seen. She was bouncing up and down and moaning, facing away from her lover, toward the camera. The camera eventually panned up and focused on the woman's face. It was unmistakably Lisa. I nearly fell out of my chair, but the video ended. I think that was the moment I knew that I wanted Kait to go black, and damn the consequences. I fell asleep dreaming of the brief video file that Ted had sent, only instead of Lisa it was Kait riding black cock, looking right at me and telling me how good it was.

Kait came home the next day, but it was obvious from her aloofness that I'd clearly overstepped some internal limit and had shocked her, perhaps really hurt her. I wanted to beg for forgiveness, but I held my peace, waiting for her to open up.

It took a while, but she finally came into my office, sat down across from me, and said, "I don't quite know what to make of the videos, Rick. I mean, I thought I knew you but it sure seems like I don't. Do you really fantasize about that stuff?"

I knew I had to answer her. "Yes, I do, to be honest," and held my breath. She looked at me intensely.

"Is it just about white women with black guys?" she asked.

"No," I replied. "I'm not into commercial interracial stuff. I like watching amateur videos, one where white wives go black."

Kait looked right into my eyes. "Is this just an abstract interest, or do you imagine me with a black guy?" she asked.

I took a long moment to reply. There was no going back now that we were talking. "Yes, I definitely think about you with black guys, only it's more than just a fantasy. I think I want it to happen for real," I said. I was all in.

Kait looked at me for a long time without speaking. "Aren't you worried that this could just destroy what we have? I mean, what happens if I like making love to a black guy more than I like making love to you?" she asked.

"I pretty much assume you will," I replied. "In fact, that's part of the allure. It may sound crazy, but I hope Bob will take you places you've never been sexually with me, and show me a side of you I've never seen."

"Aren't you worried I'll leave?" she asked.

I nodded. "It's a risk, fair enough, but I think there's more of a chance of that happening with couples where one partner sneaks around and cheated, not with cuckold couples who are open with each other and made it part of their love life."

Then Kait surprised the hell out of me. "I poured my heart out to Annie, but instead of commiserating about what a bastard you are she told me not to be such a prude. It turns out that Annie has been cuckolding Sean with a black guy from work for about a year now," Kait explained. "She said it was by far the hottest thing she had ever done and that Sean loved it too. She actually said I was lucky you were so supportive."

Kait sighed. "I really love you Rick, and I'm really scared this will tear us apart. But if this is what you really want, I'm willing to try it, with a couple of conditions. First off, I am making absolutely no promises about doing this more than once. I don't expect that even if we both really like it the situation will become anything regular. Second, I call the shots. If I don't like it, we stop. You don't pressure me to do it again."

"And if you like it?" I asked.

"Then you better remember that you asked me to do it," Kait replied.

I kissed her, and told her I loved her more than anything. And then I told her I would speak to Bob Purdy in the morning.

I was nervous as hell when I got to work the next day. I tried to get some work done, but found the only thing I could think about was Kaitlyn riding Bob Purdy's big black dick. I finally knocked on Bob's door and asked if I could speak with him. He motioned to me to take a seat.

"What can I do for you today?" he asked.

I must have turned bright red because without saying a word, Bob stood up, walked to the door, and closed it.

"Now, what's on your mind?"

I hemmed and hawed and finally stammered out something about Ted and Lisa.

"Ted mentioned you might drop by," he said. "Do I gather that you and Kaitlyn are interested in joining the lifestyle?"

I nodded.

"Are you sure about it? I ask, because if one or the other of you is opposed it will cause a real problem, and I don't put up with drama," he added.

"I guess w're as sure as we can be, but we're really nervous about it," I replied.

"Perfectly normal," he said. "I'm free on Friday. Here's my address. I'll see you at seven."

When I got home that evening, I could hardly wait to tell Kaitlyn about my conversation with Bob. She listened, carefully, while drinking a glass of wine.

Finally, she replied. "Okay, but I just want to remind you that you asked for this. You better not get pissed off at me."

Friday rolled around quickly enough. Kait wasn't sure what to wear, so I suggested she dress a bit suggestively. She put on a thong, a short black skirt, and a semi opaque blouse. No bra. The ride to Bob's was quiet as we were both lost in thought.

When I pulled into Bob's driveway, Kaitlyn looked at me and said "I guess this is the last chance for you to call this off. I'm not going to"

Then she got out of the car and walked up to the front door, as if to emphasize her point that it wasn't going to be her calling a halt. By the time I caught up with her, Bob had already opened the door and ushered Kait into the house.

"Welcome to my humble abode," he said, smiling.

"Yeah, right, said the spider to the fly," I thought, but kept it to myself.

Bob was friendly, funny, and charming, and an outrageous flirt. He managed to put Kait at ease pretty easily, serving us a "special libation from a secret recipe," which turned out to be an easy to drink punch. In no time at all, Kait and I were laughing and chatting with Bob like he was an old family friend. After a couple of punches, I started to feel pretty relaxed and kind of spaced out. So evidently was Kait.

Bob smiled. "I put a little something in the punch to get you both relaxed. Nothing serious and perfectly safe."

Kait giggled. "Whatever it is, it's working just fine!" she said.

"So," Bob said, "what would you like to know? Any questions?"

Kait was swaying to some inner music that only she could hear, and her eyes were soft and unfocused.

"What do you get out of this? I mean aside from the obvious," I asked.

Bob smiled. "I like fucking pretty young white wives and giving them what they've most likely never had before. It's a major turn-on. And, to be honest, I really enjoy turning white wives and you white husbands out into the cuckold lifestyle. It's a power thing, knowing that you guys are watching your wives fucking a black guy like they've never fucked you."

I frowned. "Does this kind of thing happen a lot?"

Bob shrugged. "More than you think. In my case, I only fuck white wives or girlfriends in committed relationships like Lisa and Ted, and I get all the white pussy I want. I won't play with cheating wives, though. I believe both partners need to be upfront about what's happening."

"Have any of the couples regretted it or quit doing it?" I asked.

"I think some of the husbands may have regretted asking their wives to do it, yes. They got more than they bargained for, perhaps. But as far as I know, none of the couples I've been with have left the lifestyle," Bob said in reply.

Bob went to the kitchen and came back with a small sterling silver platter. On it, he'd arranged six small brownies.

"Ganja brownies," he explained. "I know Kaitlyn's a runner and I figured she wouldn't want to smoke, so I made these." He offered the tray to Kait, who popped one in her mouth, chewed it, and swallowed.

"Delicious," she said, and took another one and, before Bob could stop her, ate it in one bite. Bob grinned.

"You need to be careful, my dear, these are really potent," he admonished.

Kait laughed and said "Oh come on, they're just little brownies." She grabbed another off the tray and ate it, as if to prove a point, but Bob took the tray back to the kitchen.

"Party pooper," Kait complained.

"Give it about 15 minutes and see how you feel," Bob replied.

We drank some wine and chatted and I shortly began to notice that I was feeling pretty stoned. In fact, very stoned. I'd had one brownie, and Kait had scarfed down three. She obviously was feeling it too -- her eyelids were half closed, her eyes unfocused, and she was having a hard time standing up straight.

"I need to get something," Bob said, and left the room.

I put my arm around Kait, and she smiled and kissed me, sticking her tongue down my throat. Her nipples were hard and her breathing was ragged. Whatever else she was feeling, she was clearly horny and not at all shy about showing it.

Bob came back with a mirror and a small silver container, and tapped out a small mound of what I assumed was cocaine.

"Kait needs this or she's likely to pass out from the brownies. This'll wake her back up," he said as he chopped out two lines and gave my wife a silver straw to use.

I'd never in my life seen Kait use coke, but she snorted a line up each nostril.

"Wowee!" she said, "that's really good coke!"

I was already finding things about my wife I'd never dreamed of before. Bob laid out two lines for me, and I followed suit. The coke went straight to my brain, my nose went numb, and my cock instantly got rock hard. Bob did a couple of lines, and then laid out one more for Kait, who eagerly snorted it.

"That's all for now," Bob said. "We don't want to overdo this."

Kait was clearly feeling antsy and speedy from the three lines. "Show me the house," she said to Bob, and he ushered her out of the room. As they left, I saw he had his hand on her ass and was rubbing it. She leaned against him.

I started to follow, but Kait wagged a finger. "No, sweetie, you stay here for a few minutes."

I didn't wait all that long. I gave them about 20 minutes, which felt more like an hour, and then wandered around the first floor and, not finding them, went upstairs to what I assumed were the bedrooms. They were pretty easy to find. I heard whispers, soft sounds, and then a moan, followed by a distinct "Oh!" from Kait.

They were in Bob's bedroom, the door wide open. Bob was on his back, his 10 inch thick black cock standing straight up. Kait was completely naked, on her knees straddling him and facing the doorway, away from Bob. The head of his cock was already in her, her outer labia stretched taut by his size. I saw to my surprise that she had shaved her pussy completely bare; it glistened with her wetness. She was raised up as she struggled to take Bob's cock, gently moving up and down to lubricate him and let herself open up to his size.

"Fuck, that's really big," she said, as she rocked back and forth.

She moaned and I could see more of Bob's black cock slipping into her. Each time she raised up and slowly lowered herself, she relaxed a bit more, and another inch went in. From where I stood, it looked like she had managed about 6 inches, then 7. Bob had his hands around her waist supporting her, but then began pushing her down.

Kait moaned, then said "Ohh, fuuuuck it's going in!" and sat back as I could see Bob's cock sliding all the way in.

Kait rested, panting, and then slowly lifted herself up so about half of Bob's cock slid out. This time, when she pushed her hips down, he slid in smoothly. She ground her pussy down on Bob's cock and started panting and moaning, riding him faster and harder. In no time at all, it seemed, she reached orgasm.

"Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, it's so gooooood. Oh yeah, baby, I'm cumming!" she groaned.

Kait's whole body shook with the force of her climax, which went on and on, seeming to peak and slow down and then peak again. At last, she settled back with a sigh. I was mesmerized. Here was my beautiful wife fucking another man right in front of me. A black man, no less, with a huge cock, and she'd just had the most intense orgasm I had ever seen her reach.

Bob started lifting Kait up and down while thrusting forward with his cock, which now slid in and out much more easily. Instead of climbing off, as Kait always did after an orgasm with me, she closed her eyes and started rocking back and forth again.

"Oh, yeah, baby, fuck me with your huge black cock. It feels so good!" she moaned.

I could hear a slurping noise as Bob slid in and out of her wetness and she rode him. Kaitlyn moaned deeply, and then looked right at me. She smiled and lifted her right hand in the cuckold horn sign.

"That's right, baby, you've just been cuckolded by a black bull who's fucking me better than you ever have. I hope you're happy, 'cause I sure am," she leered.

Then she turned to Bob and asked him to fuck her in the missionary position so she could take his cum as deeply as possible. Bob willingly obliged, and a moment later, Kait was on her back with her legs wrapped around him as he stroked in and out of her. I'd never seen her so wet. Bob was now able to easily slide his cock in and out of her pussy in a regular rhythm. She moaned and grunted as he rode her. Suddenly her feet curled and I could see her butt starting to clench and I knew she was coming again.

"Ohhh, godddddd" was all she said, but I could see her entire body spasming as she rode the waves of her orgasm. Again, her climax seemed to last for minutes.

When she spiraled down, she lay limply under Bob, who slowly withdrew. I could see Kaitlyn's pussy gaping open obscenely when he pulled out. It stayed that way, too.

"Go and get the coke," Bob instructed.

I found it where he'd left it, and returned. He then instructed me to lay out 2 lines and bring them over. I held the mirror while Kait snorted the lines, which had the desired effect, waking her from her post-coital stupor.

"Come and fuck me some more, Bob, but this time I want you to pump me full of sperm," Kait demanded.

Bob obliged with vigor, pounding my wife's pussy without restraint. I could tell he was getting close. Kait was getting vlose again, too.

"Come on, baby, fill my womb with cum," she urged.

Bob was having none of it. Expertly, he pumped Kait right to the edge of an orgasm, but then stopped her just short and backed off, leaving her gasping in frustration. Then he would start in again and bring her to the point of climax without letting her go over. She was drenched in sweat, and voiced her frustration. "Beg for it," was all Bob said.

Kait -- my reserved Kait -- whispered "Please."

Bob didn't move. "Please what?"

"Do it," Kait panted.

"Do what?" Bob was almost taunting her now.

"Make me cum and fill my white married pussy up with your hot black cum," Kait pleaded.

"Not until you tell Rick," Bob replied.

"Oh, God, you bastard, tell him what?" Kait squirmed in frustration.

"That you love cucking him with black dick," Bob said. It was a demand, not a request.

Kait looked me right in the eye. "I'm sorry, sweetie. I love you, but I'm crazy about black dick. I've never ever been fucked this good, and I love making you watch me cuck you," she said. Then she looked at Bob and, pleadingly, begged, "Now fuck me and fill my cunt, you bastard!"

Bob finally drove himself all the way into her. Faster and faster he pumped as I could see Kait holding on for dear life. Her mouth was open as she gasped for air, and I could tell she was having a nearly continual orgasm. Finally, I could see his buttocks clench as he came.

"Fill me up," Kait wailed as she came with him.

Bob grunted and drove in as deep as he possibly could, finally relaxing in satiation. Finished with his climax, Bob slowly withdrew his still-tumescent cock, making sure I could see everything. I stared in astonishment as what seemed like an impossible amount of semen flowed out of my wife's gaping pussy.

Kait smiled with satisfaction. "That was the best fuck I have ever had in my entire life," she said. "Tonight was my first black dick, but it sure won't be the last."

Is there a moral here, some larger warning for couples? I honestly don't know. The experience was transformative, certainly. Kait's become a much more sexually assertive person, taking her pleasures from Bob and her other black lovers.

We're closer than we've ever been, and while getting cuckolded by my wife hasn't hurt our marriage, it's certainly changed the dynamic between us. We still fuck, and our lovemaking is more intense than ever. It's just that it happens only when her beautiful pussy is drooling with another guy's cum load.

As Ted predicted, I've learned to like going down on her sopping pussy after her lovers have climaxed. I've become pretty damn good about sucking out black sperm loads while Kait grinds herself to orgasm on my mouth.

Just a week ago, Kait told me her younger sister Jane is coming for a visit. Jane's 22 and newly engaged, and her fiancé is coming along.

Kait allowed as how Bob Purdy is looking forward to Jane's visit. "The idea of turning on two sisters to black dick and cuckolding is really appealing to him," Kait said. "I want you to have a heart to heart chat with Jane's fiancé. Tell him what he has to look forward to, if he's willing," she instructed.

Of course, like a good cuckold husband, I promised I would.

Only yesterday, the new legal intern in our office plunked himself down in a chair opposite my desk and poured out his heart to me. Seems his girlfriend has been flirting with his roommate. His black roommate. He was pissed at her but told me he couldn't get the image of his girlfriend fucking his roommate's big black cock out of his head. He asked me what I thought he should do about it.

I smiled. "Have you met Bob Purdy, our office manager? If not, I'll be glad to introduce you. I think Bob can help you with your dilemma," I said.

What goes around comes around, it seems. At least if you're hung and black, that is.

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The Financial Domination of Steven Miller

Chapter 1: Reparations For most white people, their knee-jerk, conditioned response at the mere mention of the word reparations is to scream, “My family never owned any slaves. I’m not paying any reparations! You Blacks need to just get over it, slavery was in the past, let it go for Christ’s sake.” For Werner Steven Miller, Steven to most, his perceptions were completely opposite. Steven had a deep-seated, compelling desire to pay for the sins of his hypothetical father; he longed to be the nasty pet of a sadistic Ebony Goddess who would subject him to her erotic demands. Given that...


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Buy one, get one free

Michael decided to take the night off from his escort work, as a night out on the town was just what he needed to recharge his batteries after a really hectic week. Pier 22, was an old warehouse refurbished into a recently opened nightclub which was situated on the banks of the Manchester ship canal. It was close to the town centre but far enough away not to cause any disturbance to any of the neighborhoods close by. Boasting a rooftop restaurant looking out over the Lancashire / Yorkshire moors, a casino with a cocktail lounge and one of the largest...


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House Girl X- Mongolia

By 9 am local time Rick Cheney and I was airborne, flying north from Negombo, Sri Lanka to Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. Our aircraft was heavier by two passengers, an alabaster English brunette with a damaged past and a fiery Irish lass with flaming red hair and a passion to match. After achieving altitude, my prototype aircraft had adapted its aerodynamics to its ultra-sleek configuration for speed. A direct route to our destination would only take a couple of hours in flight, but we could not risk detection flying northeast over the Bay of Bengal and then across the most populous...


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Horrors combined - Ch. 02 - The hunting

Horrors combined. If this is your first chapter to read, It would be better to read chapter 1 first, inorder to digest this tale, thanks for your concern.. http://www.sexstories.com/story/83926/ Chapter 2: the hunting. On the same night (Mado) was still not sure what the creature meant by saying ...YOU WILL HAVE POWERS OVER FEMALES, NO FEMALE WOULD EVER BE ABLE TO RESIST YOUR CHARM... What on earth does this mean? He needed to try before hitting the road with (Noga). He couldn't think of a better victim than the young maid they had at home, and by young it means that...


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Sarah meets a madman

Sarah meets a madman When they let me go, they said that I was no longer a danger to myself or others. Five victims in five different states later may have convinced them to revise their opinion. The pictures of me that they show on TV were taken years ago when they first caught me. They do show a drawing of what some artist thinks that I may look like if I were to grow a beard. It is amazing how little it looks like me. I rather like my beard. By the time that you reach my age they say...


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Detention 15 Conclusion Part 1

There was a knock at the door...my mother. I didn’t realize that she had come home. I’d been so caught up in my thoughts of Chris and Luke, that everything around me faded and disappeared. But the sound of her voice brought me back to reality. I wished she had just left me alone, so I could be peacefully miserable with my thoughts. “Brandon, are you in here?” I thought about being quiet, hoping that she would think I was gone and wouldn’t bother me. But even still, she would’ve opened the door and come into my room anyway. There was...


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Adopted brother new life part 1

Hi my name is Shawn Roberts I am a 19 year old, (turning 20July 2nd), 5’10, African American, with short, black hair black eyes(Dark brown but seem pitch black). I’m going tell you an interesting story on how my sex life changed during high school. Hey Shawn! I heard a voice call my name from a distance while I was a track practice. I looked towards the distance and saw my 3 closest girl best friends. They all are ridiculously gorgeous (lucky me). I finished my lap and cut through the football field to see what was up. The girl that...


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My husband doesn't know_(0)

Hi everyone, well this is my first story I am writing about my sexuall experiences and I hope you enjoy,. My name is Kristy, I am 29yo , live on the North Coast of NSW, Very Petite only about 5ft 2, I have extremely large breast's for my size, a nice petite Pussy and Ass to match, this story is about a sexuall encounter I had with a guy whom I became friends with while I was working for a large Retail company. He was our delivery driver and a lot older, in his early 50's but looked a lot younger...


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