Buy one, get one free

Buy one, get one free

Michael decided to take the night off from his escort work, as a night out on the town was just what he needed to recharge his batteries after a really hectic week.
Pier 22, was an old warehouse refurbished into a recently opened nightclub which was situated on the banks of the Manchester ship canal. It was close to the town centre but far enough away not to cause any disturbance to any of the neighborhoods close by. Boasting a rooftop restaurant looking out over the Lancashire / Yorkshire moors, a casino with a cocktail lounge and one of the largest dancehalls in the UK, Pier 22 offers customers a wide choice of venues, which also included a sports hall and gymnasium.
Michael arrived around 8 ;30 PM. It was quite early and their were not many punters at the tables or in the cocktail lounge. He sat at the bar drinking his Budweiser just taking in the atmosphere and sereneness of the place, when a girl caught his eye over by the roulette table. She deliberately dropped a handful of chips onto the floor, stooped to pick them up, allowing him to see down her ample cleavage. She was wearing a long glittery cocktail gown, split at the side right up to her thighs, that would be more fitting to a scene from Dynasty. She threw him a sexy smile, placed the chips onto the table and continued with her game.
Michael watched as she teasingly rubbed a chip seductively along her tongue before making her bet. She looked up and smiled his way and gave an excited wiggle as her number came up. Michael thought he’d try his luck too, either he would win a few pounds or maybe get a rather attractive consolation prize if he lost. He bought a handful of chips from the counter, sauntered over to the roulette table like someone out of a James Bond movie and slinked along beside her. He placed two chips on the red and watched excitedly as the little white ball circled the wheel.
“Thirteen, black,” said the croupier.
Michael shook his head disappointedly. The girl had bet on black and on an odd number too, raking in a pile of winning chip.
She threw Michael a smile. “The law of averages predicts it will fall into red sometimes, just keep trying.”
Michael doubled his bet and put four chips on red again, but the out come didn’t change.
“Black again,” the croupier announced.
Michael’s face contorted in frustration “Oh, well, shit or bust,” he said, placing what chips her had left on red again. He closed his eyes as the white ball spun around the edge of the roulette bowl, before the tinkling sound of the ball dropped into the middle.
“Black, twenty three!”
The girl scooped another pile of winning chips into her hands. “Maybe you’ll be lucky in love,” said the girl, “let me buy you a drink, it’s the least I can do.” She scooped the chips into the hem of her dress before walking towards the bar. “My name is Tammy, by the way.”
“Hello, Tammy by the way. I’m Michael!”
She laughed. “No, my name is Tammy Anderson, not, by the way.”
Michael smirked. “I know, I was just making conversation.”
She nudged him playfully.
“So, Tammy, do you come here often?”
Tammy laughed. “My, God, your not very good with chat up lines!”
Michael frowned. “I wasn’t chatting you up, it was just a simple question.”
“Really! I thought you were just a bit out of practice.” A look of disappointment spread over her face.
Michael smirked and almost burst out laughing.
“Are you pulling my leg?” Tammy asked, seeing the amusing look on his face.
“I maybe,” he said, looking down at her shapely thighs. “Wouldn’t mind pulling one of those.”
Her face flushed a little. “You’re a smooth operator, I can tell. You’re not the usual type of guy that comes in here.”
“So, you do come here often!”
“Damn, I hate that chat up line!”
“But it isn’t a chat up line, it just a simple question.” Tammy looked confused. “If you want me to say a chat up line, just ask me.”
“Ok, give me one!”
Michael had a real cheeky grin on his face. Tammy didn’t realize her last statement had two meaning.
“Is it hot in here, or is that just you?” Michael moved in close to her like a lecherous lounge lizard.
“Wow, you really are good, you almost had me fooled.”
“But I meant every word!”
“Are you pulling my leg again?”
Michael’s hand slid up the slit of her open thigh dress. “Why don’t we go back to your place and find out?”
Her heart fluttered. “But I know nothing about you. What you do, where you’re from, nothing?”
“Well, I’m in the same boat! You could be a decoy for the club, luring unsuspecting customers to the tables with you’re wanton charms, just like you did to me.”
“I don’t work here, I’m a model!” She unwittingly struck a pose as if on a photo shoot. “What work do you do?”
Michael paused. He was afraid to tell her he was a male escort, and he was definitely not going to tell her he was an odd job man incase she thought him as lowlife.
“I’m an actor,” he said, lying through his teeth. “Television, movies, you name it, I’ve done it!”
Tammy showed great surprise. “Been in anything I may have seen?”
“Probably not , played a corpse in a murder mystery movie once, but they never showed my face.” This is working, he thought, she really looks impressed.
“So you’re not famous then?”
“Hardly, or I would be dining out on Hollywood Boulevard, not the Manchester ship canal.”
Tammy hooked his arm. “Ok, let’s grab a cab!”

All throughout the cab ride home, Tammy babbled on about the famous photographers she had work with and the top magazines her photos had appeared in. Michael was getting a little bored. For fuck sake, give your mouth a rest, he thought, you could probably talk a glass eye to sleep. Eventually, Michael had heard enough. He leaned over and kissed Tammy forcefully on her lips just to shut her up.
Tammy swooned at his passionate kiss, and instinctively grabbed a hold of his hand and slid it between her legs. “Fuck me, now,” she whispered, “I’ve always wanted to do it in the back of a cab.”
Suddenly, the cab swerved violently as the driver’s eyes diverted back to the road.
“Better wait while we get to your place, we’ll probably end up dead before you get your tits out,” said Michael, holding on for dear life.

Her apartment was in darkness as they entered the hallway. Tammy turned on the light and called out to her room mate. There was no reply. “Tabitha, must be staying at her boyfriend’s for the night, we have the place to ourselves.” She tossed her coat on the couch and poured them both a drink. “So, you’re an actor! Fancy a bit of role play?”
“Role play,” Michael repeated. “What do you have in mind?”
Tammy giggled and blushed. “Please don’t laugh, but I have always had this fantasy of being molested by an intruder while I’m asleep.”
Michael did laugh. “Please don’t tell me you want me to wear a Balaclava, carry a swag bag, then climb through a window. We’re three floors up!”
Tammy put down her drink, ran down the hallway giggling excitedly and disappeared into a bedroom. After a few minutes, she called out, ‘I’m ready.’
Michael thought he may as well play the part realistically and crept quietly down the hallway and into the bedroom. The quilt on the bed rose up and down rapidly, indicating Tammy’s excited breath as he tiptoed slowly over to the bed and kneeled down. As he slid his hand under the covers, Tammy began to giggle. “Shush, you’re suppose to be sleeping,” Michael whispered. “Let’s do this right, if we’re going to do it.”
Tammy’s face grimaced to stop her from laughing as his hand slowly slid up towards her pussy. Suddenly, she sat bolt upright and screamed. Michael jumped back with fear wondering what the hell had happened.
“What the fuck are you doing? I almost shit my pants.”
Tammy laughed. “Well, you said let’s do it right. So I pretended I just woke up.”
“Crazy bitch, if you do that again I’m out of here, ok..”
Tammy nodded in agreement and laid back down.. Michael straddled her waist, pulled back the quilt and was just about to force her tits from her bra, when he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head, then everything went black.

He woke sometime later blinking his blurry eyes. “Oh, God, I’m seeing double or I’ve gone crossed.” Two identical faces were peering down at him. Michael tried to rise from the bed, but was restricted by two pair of nylon tights tied around his wrists and ankles. “What happened, why am I tied to the bed?” He tugged his arm trying to get free but only made things worse as the nylon stretched and tightened.
“Sorry, my sister Tabitha thought you were a real intruder and hit you.”
“Sorry,” Tabitha said, still holding the baseball bat.
“We weren’t sure what to do, we were going to awaken you with arousal,” Tammy said, stripping off the rest of her clothes.
Tabitha didn’t waste anytime when she crossed her arms and lifted the hem of her nightdress up and over her head. Her huge breasts swayed like coconuts up a palm tree on a windy day as she tossed the nightdress aside, then laid between Michael’s legs and pulled out his cock. Tammy straddled over him and thrust her hairy pussy into his face, gyrated her hips like an Hawaiian dancer as Michael’s tongue lapped at her pink slit.
“Lick me, Michael, make me come all over your face.” She push her pelvic bone hard over his face and nose, making him gasp for air as his tongue lashed over her tender swelling, sending her into an orgasmic orbit. “Yes, Michael, lick me, baby, lick that fucking clit.”
Tabitha sucked on his cock while two fingers probed her tight little ass. “Oh, Michael, I want this baby in side me!” She turned quickly, straddled his waist and lowered herself onto his stiff cock. Back to back, the twins rode his face and cock like there was no tomorrow. Tammy came first, howling like a horny she wolf as she squirted cum onto his face while rhythmically massaged it in with her pubic hair. Tabitha cupped his balls as she tried to force every millimeter of Michael’s cock inside her. “Baby, that feels so good, I love a big fat cock inside me.” She masturbated her clitoris wildly as a body shaking cum wracked through her.
Michael grimaced. “I’m coming, I’m coming too!”
Tammy and Tabby slid between his legs, their cheeks pressed firmly together as their eager tongues touched the throbbing tip of his cock. Michael’s balls exploded, shooting gushes of cum indiscriminately in to their faces. Semen dripped from their hair, eyebrows and nose as they squeezed the throbbing end of his cock until the very last dregs was gone.
Michael collapsed with exhaustion, taking in large gulps of air catching his breath.
“You can untie me now, it’s late and I have work in the morning.”
Tammy and Tabby laughed. “Oh, no, you don’t get away that easy. That was just round one. With us, when you buy one, you get one free!” they said in unison.

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