A girl learns her lesson

A girl learns her lesson

Trudging back toward the stables, Katy wondered if this job was really worth all the effort. She had had a long walk and now it was starting to rain. She was going to get soaked in the last mile. She tugged at the dog’s leash and started to jog back to the farm and shelter. She had been working at the riding school for six weeks now and the summer holidays were almost over. This was the start of her last week. The job wasn’t terribly well paid, but then Mrs. Johnson, the owner of the riding school allowed Katy to stable her own horse there for free and she was able to ride everyday after her jobs were completed. When she had taken the job she had assumed it would consist mainly of looking after the horses. It had turned out, however, to be a kind of odd job girl, doing all the things that nobody else much wanted to do. Today’s task had been to take Mrs. Johnson’s Retriever out for a long walk. It wasn’t her idea of fun, but she was nearly home and looking forward to getting warm and dry.
By the time she reached the barn at the end of the farm lane the rain was coming down in sheets. Katy decided to shelter in the barn for a while, at least until it eased up. It would be warm inside and she would have a chance to dry off a little. The girl entered the old building, dragging the large dog behind her. It was quite deserted and she sat down amongst the warm, dry hay after hooking the dog’s leash over a post. Looking around for something to dry herself on, she found an old blanket draped over a rail. It was old and rather threadbare but seemed clean enough. She rubbed her short blonde hair dry and then turned to the dog. If they were going to be here for a while then she had better dry him off too. Katy began to rub vigorously over the golden yellow fur. The animal seemed to enjoy this and became excited, barking and licking at her face. Once she had completed her task, Katy settled back amongst the straw to wait for the summer storm to pass.
As she lay there she noticed that the dog was even more excited than she had first thought, very excited indeed. There, between its hind legs, was a shiny pink projection. Katy knew enough to guess that this must be the dog’s penis. She stared in fascination. Not having a dog of her own, this was new to her and oddly exciting. As she lay there staring at the dog, it began to strain against the leash. It pulled the leather tight as it tried to reach Katy. Twisting around, it slipped its collar and ran towards the girl. Before she could move, the dog had bounded up to her and planted its paws on her chest, licking her face wetly. Katy tried to rise and push him off and as she did so her hand brushed up against the shiny red organ. It felt hot and wet to the touch. The contact stirred the Retriever even more and he began to rub himself against her hand. Pulling her hand quickly away, Katy succeeded at last in rising to a kneeling position and pushing him off. She patted and stroked the dog’s head and managed to calm him down once more. From her new vantage point the girl stared in rapt attention at the thing beneath the big dog’s belly.
She had heard stories of other penises, boy’s penises, from some of the tarty girls at school. The tales they told, of cocks and pricks as they crudely called them, had both horrified and fascinated Katy. She had always been a shy girl, more at home with her horse than with people her own age.. Her parents were very protective of their girl and kept a careful eye on the sort of friends Katy made. Boys especially were frowned on and so Katy had never had a boyfriend.
This job was her very first taste of freedom. It was one of the main attractions and one that more than made up for the rather tedious work she found herself required to do. The other girl’s stories, of rubbing boys things and in one case of sucking one in your mouth were, at the same time, repulsive and exciting. Katy watched the dog’s thing, it’s prick, jerking under its belly as if it had a life of it’s own.
On a sudden impulse she reached out and stroked the red organ where it emerged from the hairy sheath. It was hot and somewhat sticky. As she continued to rub, it grew longer. An increasing length of thick red meat slid forward and hung down beneath the soft golden fur. Katy wrapped her fingers around it and began to slid her hand up and down along the length as she had heard the other girls describe doing to their boyfriends. The dog obviously found this extremely arousing; the cock jerked and twitched in her hand. Wetness oozed from the slit at the end making her hand slippery. Katy pulled away and raised the gooey hand to her face. She sniffed and found the smell to be strong but not unpleasant. It made her feel hot and itchy between her legs just like those nights when she couldn’t sleep and rubbed her self there. Katy stuck out her tongue and licked the sticky fluid from her palm. The gooey liquid tasted like nothing she had ever experienced before, musky and salty but nice. She reached out a hand to stroke the smooth fur of his head. Her other hand, still wet with the juice from his prick, rubbed absent-mindedly over the front of her pants. She had a warm feeling and felt moisture within her panties.
The dog was whining and clearly desired her to return to her previous task. Instead, Katy rolled him over onto his back and, grasping his now fully erect cock again, brought her face close up for a good look. It was now a bright red, shading to pink where it emerged from the furry covering. The texture was not as smooth as she had first thought, being covered in bumps and thick veins. The big organ was still leaking fluid from the slit at the end as she squeezed it and, remembering the taste on her hand, she put out her tongue and lapped at the goo running back down the shaft. The great heat of it on her tongue was a pleasant surprise and with only a moments hesitation she put her open mouth over the end and then closed her lips. Kneeling on all fours over the prostrate animal she began to move her head up and down, the prick sliding slickly between her lips and over her tongue. Katy reached back to rub again at the increasing itch between her legs, completely engrossed in this new experience. Such was her concentration on her new game that she failed to hear the creak as the barn door swung open behind her.
“You dirty little bitch! What do you think you’re doing?” The horrified girl jerked her mouth from the wet cock and turned to see Mrs. Johnson standing in the doorway leading her horse. She had clearly been out riding and must have had the same idea as Katy about finding some shelter.
“I-I’m sorry,” Katy stammered. “I don’t know what happened. I-I’ve never ever done anything like this before.” “You my girl, are a dirty little dog slut.” Mrs. Johnson stood and stared at her. The woman’s voice sounded outraged but Katy thought she saw a smile flicker briefly across the haughty face. “Dog suckers really do deserve to be punished.” She hitched the horse to a rail and walked over to where Katy still crouched over the dog.
“First of all though, I think you had better finish him off. The poor creature must be in agony.” “What do you mean?” “Bring him off girl.” “Bring him where?” “My god, you really haven’t done this before have you? Well just carry on where you left off. Do it now. Suck his doggy prick and just see what happens,” grinned the woman.
“What are you going to do?” queried the stunned girl.
“Well firstly I’m going to dry my self off and then I’m going to sit here and watch you suck my dog off whilst I think of a suitable punishment for a horny little dog-fucker. Now get on with it.” Katy’s excitement had long since evaporated, but she saw that the animal was still erect and waiting. She rolled him onto his back once more and returned, apprehensively now, to her oral stimulation. She sucked more slowly now and less deeply. Out of the corner of her eye she watched as her boss pulled a towel from her saddlebag and dried her long black hair. After a couple of minutes she suddenly felt the slippery cock swell in her hand and moments latter her mouth was filled with spurting jets of hot fluid. She gagged momentarily and then pulled her mouth away to spit out the liquid.
“Don’t you dare my girl! Swallow it down now or you’ll be sorry.” Katy reluctantly did as she was told, wrinkling her face in distaste as she gulped down the mouthful. The cock, still gripped in her small hand, continued to spurt jets of cum. It splashed over Katy’s shirt, soaking the fabric.
“What happened? Please Mrs. Johnson what was all that stuff? Why did I have to swallow it?” Katy asked tearfully.
“He came girl! He shot his load. He spunked in your mouth.” she looked down at the kneeling, sobbing girl. “Oh come along it wasn’t that bad. You really haven’t done that before have you? You really didn’t know what would happen. You’ve not wanked a boy off then?” The term was one that Katy had heard the rough girls use in the school. It was what they called it when they rubbed boy’s hard things.
“No, never! I haven’t done anything like that. It’s not nice.” “Mmmm. A real virgin Well your punishment is decided then darling. You will stay here with me while I teach you a very special lesson. Just think what people would say if they heard what you were doing in here with my poor doggy.” “Please don’t tell!” Katy burst into tears. “Oh don’t. I’m so sorry. I won’t do it ever again.” “I won’t tell anyone. If… you do as I tell you. You will be a good girl now and do exactly as I say. If not then I shall have to fire you immediately and that will mean no more free stabling. And of course everyone will hear what a dirty dog slut Katy is.” “I’ll be good! I’ll do what ever you want. All the nasty horrid jobs.” “Oh no dear. I don’t want you to work. I just want you to learn. And you can start by taking your clothes off.” “What? Here? In front of you?” “Of course in front of me. I want to see what I’m getting. Do it at once girl.” Katy began to undress, her face crimson with embarrassment. As she did so Mrs. Johnson took out her mobile phone and dialed.
“Stephen. It’s me. I got caught in the thunder storm so I’m sheltering in the old barn down the farm lane. Come pick me up would you and bring the horse box. Oh yes, Katy’s here with me. Hmmm? Yes I bet you would.. Well we’ll see. Just get here will you. Right see you soon.” With that she broke the connection.
Katy had removed her jacket and her boots.
“Don’t stop there girl. I haven’t got all day. Take off that messy spunky shirt and let me see your tits.” Katy blushed still deeper and hung her head in shame. Her fingers fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. As she slipped it off, the girl tried to cover herself with her hands.
“Hands away! Down by your side and let me see. Very nice. No bra, but then you don’t need one do you? Such tiny little titties but such lovely big hard nipples. It must be the cold eh? Well get those pants off and I’ll see about warming you up a little.” The frightened girl unfastened her tight trousers, sliding them down and off. She stood before her boss wearing only white panties and socks. The older woman had unfastened her own shirt and her hand was inside. Katy could see the hand moving beneath the fabric, stroking and squeezing.
“Carry on then. Let’s see if you are as blonde down below as you are on top. Get those pretty panties off.” “You want to see me… down there?” “Down there!” laughed Mrs. Johnson. “Yes Down there, your front bottom. What do you usually call it?” “I don’t call it anything. It’s rude to talk about things like that.” “Well here is the first lesson girl. It’s your cunt; your slit; your twat; your pussy. What is it?” “It- it’s my p-pussy Mrs. Johnson.” “That’s right. Now show it to me. panties off!” Hesitantly Katy did as she was told. She stood before the older woman in only her socks now and once again she tried to hide herself behind her hands.
“I told you before girl! Hands by your sides. Very nice. You really are lovely aren’t you. What a sweet blonde cunt.” “Please Mrs. Johnson. Can I put my clothes back on now. I really have learnt my lesson.” “Christ no. You haven’t even started to learn yet. And stop calling me Mrs.. Johnson. I’m not your fucking school teacher. My name is Diana. But you darling can call me Mistress.” “M-m-mistress?” “That’s right. Now I saw you rubbing your cunt while you sucked that big dog cock. Do you frig yourself often?” “Frig myself?” “Play with your pussy. Finger your cunt.” “I touch it sometimes when I go to bed. It helps me to relax if I have that itchy feeling between my legs and I can’t sleep.” “Have you got that itchy feeling now? I have; I’m as hot as hell.” She finished unbuttoning her shirt and pulled it open to reveal a shiny red satin bra that strained to contain her large breasts. “Come here now. I want to see just how itchy you are.” Katy moved to stand beside the reclining woman, her head bowed in shame. Diana reached out and grasped the girl’s hand. Drawing it to her breast she held it there.
“Now as tasty as your tiny titties are darling, then these are real tits. Aren’t they beautiful?” She kept her hand on top of the girl’s, squeezing and forcing her to knead the big firm breasts. Her other hand slid up Katy’s leg until it cupped her sparsely haired blonde cunt. Katy gasped.
“Don’t! Please, that’s not right.” “Not right! That’s pretty rich coming from a little slut who just swallowed my dog’s spunk.” she ran her palm over the soft hair of Katy’s pubes. “Very nice. I haven’t had a tender pussy like this to play with in ages. Did the dog make you wet I wonder?” With that she pressed a finger between the girl’s cunt lips and sought out her moisture. Withdrawing it again she paused to admire the way it glistened in the soft light of the old barn before slipping it into her mouth.
“Mmmmm. Nice and sticky. And as sweet as only a virgin can be. Now get down there and take my boots off. Quick now or I might just have to warm that soft arse for you.” She picked up her riding crop and flexed it in her strong long fingered hands. Katy crouched at her tormentor’s feet and tugged the black boots off. Her naked bottom jutted upward and Diana rubbed the leather of her crop sensuously over the pale flesh.
“Nooo. Don’t Mrs. Johns…Mistress.” The squirming girl completed her task and remained prostrate at the woman’s feet.
“That’s better. Now unfasten my pants and remove them.” As Katy bent forward to carry out her instructions, Diana’s hand slid beneath the girl to fondle the tiny breasts. The nipples became erect at her touch and she pinched one hard between her finger and thumb.
“Oww!Ohhhhh.” Katy’s cry of pain tailed off into a moan as the woman continued to pinch the hardening bud.
“Do you like that darling? Is it good you little slut?” “I don’t know. It hurts but it feels funny too. Why are you doing this?” “Because I like it girl. And you will too.” She gave the stiff nipple a last vicious twist as the girl pulled her trousers free. Diana reclined now in only a matching bra and panties. Katy remained crouched and cowed at her feet.
“Well now girl. This is where your lessons and my fun really begin.” As Katy watched, the woman pulled the damp crotch of her red panties aside to reveal her cunt. The girl was surprised to see a grown woman with no hair between her legs. “You like my shaved pussy, do you? It gives such a lovely clear view. Take a good look now.” She spread the plump lips wide with her fingers, offering Katy a glimpse into her crimson cunt. It glistened with her juices.
“Come closer. Take a good look at my beautiful slit. Here, get between my legs.” Katy shuffled, naked, between the woman’s thighs. Riding had made then hard and muscular. As she got close the woman put her hands on the back of Katy’s head and pushed the surprised face hard into her crotch. The girl struggled but remained firmly held.
“There’s a good girl. Now it’s time for the next lesson. Come on girl! Put your tongue out and lick Diana’s twat. Hurry now. I don’t have any patience with bad girls.” She leant forward over Katy’s wriggling body and applied a couple of vicious open handed slaps to the girl’s jutting bum. Katy’s arse reddened with the imprints of Diana’s strong hands. She cried out but the sound was largely muffled by the wet cunt pressing hard against her mouth.
“Any more disobedience and I’ll take the crop to you. Ahh yes. That’s better. Now lick my slit. Doesn’t that taste better than the dog cock you had earlier? That’s the way, push you tongue in my hole. OHHH! That’s nice. Do you rub that hard little knob at the top when you frig yourself? That’s your clit. Now I want you to suck on mine. That’s right, suck it between your lips. OHHH fuck, you are a natural you little bitch.” Diana squirmed beneath the girl’s warm wet tongue. Her pleasure was partly from the sensations that Katy was producing in her now dripping sex and, equally, in making her bend to her will.
“That is a very tasty little arse you have darling. It looks so nice, glowing pink like that.” She reached over again and began to spank the tight little bum once more.
“Do you like that, Katy? Do you like having your arse warmed?” Katy remained firmly held in place as she was forced to suck on the hot cunt for several minutes, her mouth driven forward as her body recoiled from Diana’s rhythmic spanking.
“AHHH FUCK! With my guidance you could become an expert suck slut in no time. Oh Christ, stop for a moment.” She released the girl’s head and Katy raised her face from between the warm wet thighs. There were tears in her eyes from the spanking she had received and she gasped for breath. Diana pushed her up into a kneeling position. Raising her crop she drew it across the girl’s small breasts. “Did you enjoy that? I know I did. Well Katy? Answer me. Say you liked licking my cunt.” She took a swipe at the tender tits with her crop. “Say it!” “OW! I liked it. I liked licking your… your cunt Mistress Diana.” “And did you like having your bum seen to? Tell me!” “It hurts. It really burns.” “But it makes your pussy hot too. Doesn’t it? Well?” “It feels funny. It’s got really wet and runny.” “You learn fast Katy. Oh dear me, look at your slutty little face. All covered in cream.” Grasping the face of the kneeling girl, Diana leaned forward and licked her own juices from Katy’s face. Moving to the soft lips she thrust her tongue deep between them and into the mouth beyond. Katy was shocked and tried to pull away from the unexpected penetration, but Diana persisted until Katy began to respond in kind.
“You see? I told you.” Diana finally broke the kiss. “I said I would teach you a lesson. You are starting to like it. Now down on the floor.. On your back you horny little bitch.” She pointed to where the blanket lay discarded on the ground. Katy meekly laid herself down. Diana removed the last of her clothes taking off her panties and releasing large hard breasts from the matching bra. She moved toward Katy, standing a moment with her feet on either side of the girl’s head and rubbing her fingers over the lips of her shaven cunt. She looked down at Katy as she did this, grinning broadly.
“It’s pretty, isn’t it girl? Now carry on where you left off. I’m going to taste your sweet cunny.” With that she knelt down, lowering her crotch over Katy’s face. Leaning forward across the body beneath her she parted the legs and brought her mouth down on the fresh blonde slit. Katy moaned as the woman’s tongue pushed between the pale curls and began to run rapidly back and forth along the tender lips. She had never felt anything like it and the pleasure pushed her own inhibitions to the back of her mind. She redoubled her own efforts with her new mistress’s pussy. Bolder now she took her cue from Diana and used her fingers to spread the woman’s wet lips wide, allowing deeper access. Katy’s tongue found the depths of her mistress’s hole and she quickly followed it with one slim finger.. Diana grunted and raised her head for a moment.
“Fuck! That’s good You’re a fast learner. Quickly now, more fingers, all of them. OHHH yes! Now make a fist!” Katy pushed hard. The whole of her small delicate hand slide slowly inside Diana’s cunt, it’s entry eased by the copious flow of lubrication that was now pouring out. Diana moaned deeply and her breathing became short and ragged. She returned her attention to Katy’s slit and thrust her tongue deep, stopping only when she met with the girl’s hymen. It was Katy’s turn to cry out as she was penetrated by the long wriggling tongue. She felt a spasm begin deep inside her and moments later, with Diana’s fingers dancing over her erect clit, Katy reached her first real climax. Her moans filled the air in the once silent barn and she pulled her sticky hand from the woman’s cunt. As Katy opened her mouth to scream her pleasure, Diana pressed her cunt hard against it. She too began to come loudly as she ground her gaping sex over the girl’s face. Reaching her peak she screamed out and ejaculated a thick stream of cream into Katy’s open mouth.
“AHH! AHH YES! Fucking hell girl, there’s nothing like the taste of a juicy cunt. Wouldn’t you agree? OHHHH CHRIST! Here it comes again.” She continued her shuddering orgasm, pressing her streaming cunt to Katy’s open mouth for some time before finally subsiding. Eventually she rolled off and knelt beside her, looking down at the small, sated body.
“Well, for a first time that wasn’t bad at all girl. I’ve certainly had worse. You liked that too didn’t you? Didn’t you Katy?” she pinched one of the girls now fully erect nipples, hard.
“Ouch! Y-yes.” stammered the stunned stable girl. “I haven’t felt anything like that before. But can I go now? I have learned my lesson.” “No you can’t go. You haven’t learned all the lessons I can teach you. Not by a long way. You will stay here.
You know, for a virgin you really have been a very dirty slut today, haven’t you? So far you’ve sucked off a dog, had your arse well spanked, had you cunt sucked out and fist fucked a woman to a spurting cum. All you really need now is a nice big cock.” Katy looked at her in horror.
“Well you have to start sometime girl. This is supposed to be your punishment for being a dog slut. You have been a dirty bitch. Come on now, get up and come with Me.” she rose and pulled Katy to her feet. Taking the girl’s hand Diana led here to where the horse waited patiently.
“Now drag over a couple of those hay bales. Push them together. That’s the way.” Katy obeyed, totally in awe now of the woman who had, so swiftly, taken control of her life.
“Next to me now. That’s a good girl.” Diana was crouching beside her horse. “If you liked the dog’s cock then just wait until you see this.” She reached around under the stallions belly and grasped his cock sheath in both hands. She began to massage the length slowly and firmly and, as she did so, a great dark rod slid forward. It extended, as Diana increased the pace of her manipulation, until it hung almost to the ground.
“Isn’t that just fantastic? God but I wish all cocks were that big..” “It’s really scary! You should be careful, he might not like it and a horse can really hurt you.” “Silly girl. It’s not the first time I’ve done this. He and I are old friends, aren’t we boy?” Katy watched in awe as Diana grasped the great cock in both hands once more and resumed her masturbation of the horse. She lifted the wide flaring head and began to rub it across her tits and over her nipples. Trapping it between her large breasts, she let out a moan.
“Ohhhh yes! It’s so hot. He loves a good tit-fuck. Look girl, he’s leaking precum already. I do love spunk on my tits. Come close now and have a taste.” Katy had been, until now, a reluctant participant in Diana’s games but as her own arousal increased her inhibitions had lessened. She felt as if she was being driven not by her old self but by some new Katy. A girl whose compulsions came not from her head but from her newly awakened cunt. The old Katy, the girl who had taken shelter in the barn not long ago, would not have moved close to the naked woman who knelt holding out her glistening breasts.
“That’s the way Katy. Open wide now.” Diana pressed her spunk covered nipple into the girl’s mouth. “Yes suck it hard my lovely cum slut.” Katy nursed hungrily at the stiff peak savouring the taste of the first trickles of horse cum. Diana stoked Katy’s soft blonde hair. This one, she knew now, was beginning to enjoy herself. She pulled her tit from the avidly sucking mouth and was delighted to see the look of disappointment on Katy’s face.
“If you like the taste so much darling then come get some from the source.” she held up the huge cock before Katy’s face. Strings of precum hung from the head. “Lick it for him. He loves it.” The girl stretched forward, her tongue extended. She licked at the tip of the great prick, sucked up the sticky strings. She moaned in pleasure as Diana stroked her small tits.
“That’s very good. You are learning well. Tasty isn’t it? Now off you go over the bales and spread your legs. Come on, show me that sweet cunny. Spread it wide with your fingers.” Katy no longer hesitated when Diana gave her an order. She lay back on the bales with her pussy lewdly displayed. She froze however when Diana led the horse towards her.
“Oh no! Please don’t! You can’t put that thing in me!” “Don’t be so silly. You couldn’t possibly take a cock this size. It’s a squeeze even for me. I just want to watch you play with your pussy while I suck him off. Then if you are a good girl I might let you have a cum shower. Now touch yourself for me. Let me see you finger your pussy.” Nervously at first Katy’s fingers began to rub along her juicy lips. She watched as Diana moved the horse closer and then knelt to bring his cock head to her mouth. Katy had merely licked the end but Diana opened her lips wide and enveloped the great head. Diana’s jaw was stretched to its limit by the huge bulbous cock tip and Katy stared in astonishment and anticipation. Diana’s pleasure was evident in the deep groans that came from her throat as she gorged herself on cock meat. Then as the horse cock began to jerk in Diana’s hands she pulled her mouth away and pointed the thick length directly at Katy. A couple of strokes more and the prick leapt between her fingers and began to shoot jet after jet of hot sticky spunk. The fluid sprayed over Katy’s body covering her from head to toe. As the cum hit her pussy she thrust her hips upward and spread her legs as wide as she could. The river of sperm ran over her exposed cunt and tricked down over her bum.
“OHH! Diana! It’s so hot. It’s running down my bottom.” The girl used her hands to rub the horse cum over her soft smooth flesh as the torrent slowed to a trickle.
“O fuck, what a sight. A cum covered slut if ever I saw one.” husked Diana. “I must have some of that.” She led the horse away and returned to lean over Katy’s outstretched body. She began carefully to clean all traces of the horse cum from the girl. Her tongue licked and probed and she sucked up the great pools of spunk that she found in every hollow. Katy watched intently as her mistress moved down to her cunt and began to lick it clean too. she was surprised and disappointed when Diana suddenly stopped..
Looking down she found the woman looking up and beyond her.
Turning her head she saw Mr. Johnson standing in the doorway.
“Stephen, there you are. I thought you would never get here. Come along now, I have a job for you. I caught Katy here sucking off the dog and I have been administering a little corrective instruction. I’ve taught her a lesson. In fact I’ve taught her several. The only thing we have been lacking is a suitably sized cock. Now we’ve got one haven’t we? Don’t just stand there man with that hard-on in your pants. Make your self useful you worm. Take your prick out and come here.” Diana clearly liked to be in charge with her husband as well as with girls. Without speaking, Mr. Johnson unzipped his fly and released his erect cock. Katy stared as he walked around her to join his wife. While clearly not as massive as the horse cock, it still looked frighteningly large to the girl.
Katy tried to get up but instead Diana moved quickly to turn her over. She now lay face down across the bales, her cunt exposed beneath her well spanked red arse. Diana moved to straddle her, sitting across her back facing her husband.
“Now don’t be such a silly little bitch.” she said sternly over her shoulder. “you’ll love it once it’s in. He’s a bit of a wimp really but he has a reasonable cock. I’ve had a few girls work for me over the years and I always like to have Stephen open their pussies for me. He’s like me in some ways, he loves a tight cunt. We’ve had a few in our time but rest assured darling that yours is the best I’ve ever had. Now just relax and get ready for your fuck.” Katy could not see what was going on, but she felt Diana’s fingers on her cunt and spreading the lips wide.. The head of Stephen Johnson’s prick rubbed against her clit before coming to rest against her pussy lips.
“Please Mrs. Johnson! Make him stop. Please Diana, I’ll do anything you want.” “But this is what I want girl. I want to see your little pussy opened up and filled with my husband’s cock. I want him to fill your sweet cunny with spunk.” Diana took hold of her husband’s sizeable prick and rubbed it along the lips of Katy’s cunt. She was very wet; a combination of the licking she had recently received and the last few strings of horse cum that lingered around her hole. The girl could feel the head of Mr. Johnson’s prick come to rest tight against the entrance to her pussy.
“Now Katy, he’s going to start to push it in.” The girl was aware of increasing pressure being exerted on her hole and then the head began to slide forward, stretching her lips.
“OW! STOP IT! It hurts Diana. Please?” Katy began to sob as her slit was slowly opened.
“Hush now. Nearly there darling. He’s about half way in. It does feel good now doesn’t it? It looks wonderful. Your little pink pussy lips are stretched around the shaft. Just one last push and he will be right in. Let me give you a little frig to take the pain away.” Katy could feel the cock head deep within her but as Diana’s skilful fingers reached beneath her and toyed with her clit she began to relax and her resistance weakened.
“Ohhhh. I can feel it right inside me now. Play with me more Diana. I want it deep in me. Touch my pussy and then make him push it right in hard. I want it now. Really I do.” Diana leant forward and put her tongue to work on the girl’s tight arsehole. Then as Katy’s breathing quickened she raised her head again.
“Now Stephen! Do it now. Fuck her for me.” With one last thrust Katy’s cunt opened completely and she took the whole length of the prick. She cried out briefly and then let out a low moan.
“AHH! Oh yes. Make him do it Diana. Make him push it in hard.” “You heard my little slut man. Give her a good shafting.” Stephen paused only a moment before beginning to pump his cock into Katy’s newly opened quim. Diana climbed off her perch, happy that the young stable hand wasn’t going anywhere. She knelt beside Katy and kissed the girl deeply, pushing her tongue into her new plaything’s mouth as her breath began to quicken.
“This is just so fucking horny girl. It makes me so wet to see a cute thing like you getting screwed. You must tell him what to do. He’s pathetic really, but he gets off when women talk dirty to him. Tell him Katy. Show him all the nice new words that I’ve taught you today.
“Yesss. Fuck me harder Mr. Johnson. Push your big prick up my little pussy. Put your spunk up me. Squirt it in my cunt. I want your thick hot cum filling my twat to over flowing. AHHHH! AHH DIANA! I’m going to come!” “I do love a dirty mouthed slut! That’s right, push back to meet him. Fill her with cum Stephen.” As Katy reached her climax, Diana pressed one of her swollen nipples between the girl’s lips. Moments later the pussy was filled with a stream of spunk. The hot fluid flooded her depths and leaked back around Mr. Johnson’s prick. He halted and left his cock in place until it softened and slid out.
“Thank you Stephen. That will be all. Put that away now. Take the horse out to the box and wait in the car. Silent still, he moved quickly away.. His place was taken by Diana who buried her face in Katy’s pussy. She lapped the spunk that ran from the newly opened cunt. Katy pushed back to meet the probing tongue.
“Oh that was lovely Diana.” sighed the girl. “Can we do it again?” The woman raised her head, her face glistening with fluids from Katy’s well used cunt.
“I think we might do lots of things dear. In fact I already have a super idea for tomorrow. You have been such a good pupil and learned your lessons well. There is someone I want you to meet, someone who needs a little extra tuition herself. But for now Katy darling, I think you ought to go home.”

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