Submissive & Owned Mums

Submissive & Owned Mums

Introduction -Mrs Marshall was dressed in a leopard skin thong bikini,spiked heels and a dog collar that read "cumslut" on it . She stood 5ft9 inches tall with a cropped brunette hairdo . She had long legs and 40dd tits (fake bought by her current 2nd husband ). At 50 years old Franny Marshall was still stacked.

On her knees she was currently blowing her master's penis . Bobbing up & down , she had been hypnotized and enslaved by her skinny perverted well-hung son Todd who had just turned 20years old . 3mths ago, she had begun sucking his 10 inch dick & now was an expert with no gag reflex . Ernie was a cuckold & Todd's stepdad, he was filming today's festivities. As Franny engulfed the full sausage Todd let out a long moan and exploded down his mom's throat. She was a great cocksucker he thought.

Chapter 1

Holly Rogers was a 48year old stacked blonde who happened to be the mother of Todd's current girlfriend Cindy. Currently the 5ft4 inch slut was giving Todd a rimjob while Franny sucked on her son's balls ,as Todd jerked off & watched the granny gangbang on TV. A short bbw German slut named Olga who was aprox. 65 years of age was getting used by 5 guys who were in their 20s. She had all her holes stuffed like a xmas goose And once the guys were done the BBW redhead they all jizzed on her face , tits & hair before Olga reived a golden shower from all 5 guys .

Todd loved it , so he ended skullfucking his mom Franny & gave her a massive mouthful of jism which Franny immediately shared with Holly in taboo Cum Kiss.

When the ladies were done french kissing , Todd led his submissive old whoes to the washroom where he Master Todd urinated all over his mom's & Holly's face, tits & hair. Todd loved to do what xxx stars did he smirked.

Chapter 2

Holly was collared & leashed wearing an overcoat& spiked heels , she aws seated in the backseat of their Oldsmobile with her 19 year old daughter Cindy , who had long black hair& was wearing spiked heels , tight jeans and a halter top Cindy had a tight athletic figure , medium size breasts & a firm ass..

Holly was ballgagged , & Cindy holding her leash. Her cuckold husband Philip was driving them to a motel where they'd meet Franny and Master Todd.

Chapter 3- BDSM TIME

Cindy held the leash as her mom Holly , crawled along the floor doggystyle , Holly's dog collar said ' Cindy's Slut" . On the other side of the motel room Franny was ballgagged & her dog collar said Todd's SexSlave" Today was going to be a special day Todd thought . Earlier in the week Todd had told Cindy to buy a massive strapon dildo & lube . He knew she had cause , even though he had made her Mistress to her Mom Holly , she still was his submissive & always listened to her Master TODD..

Todd was impressed as Cindy put on the 12inch strapon dildo & he told CINDY to have her mom Holly suck on the rubber phallus After it was nice and wet Cindy began by fucking Franny doggystyle first as Holly blew Todd. As Franny acheived orgasm , Cindy switched and fucked her mom Holly doggystyle , as Holly received fucking at both ends , as she continued sucking Todd's schlong. Holly orgasmed & Todd gave her his man dessert which she shared with Franny..

After Todd gave both Holly & his mom Franny a spanking for being she such naughty skanks ,he allowed his girlfriend Cindy to take the old hags to the washroom where he watched the 19year old piss on the old bitches faces, tits , hair and both Holly & Franny even swallowed some of the femdom's golden champagne.

Chapter 4

Joyce Evans was a 56 year old neighbour of Franny Marshall , Franny & she were 69ing for Todd today . Franny was a well-trained pussy-licker and Joyce was learning. 2 weeks ago Todd had brainwashed the divorcee & he had fucked all her holes he had cum & pissed on her . Currently the two sluts were on Todd's webcam . Todd now made his money this way and his members loved watching old dykes getting turned on . Holly was sucking his prick as he watched Joyce and Franny licking , after he came in Holly's mouth she'd join them & make it a 3way . Todd smirked his stepdad & Holly's husband paid to watch this website , they both had been reduced to cuckold wimps .

Chapter 5

Drinking a beer in the living room ,& sitting in his favorite armchair Todd watched a lesbian 3 way featuring Cindy , Joyce and Holly . Franny was blowing & gobbling her son's massive dong . As he watched Joyce fuck Cindy up the ass with a strapon dildo as she licked her mom"s cunt . Cindy needed to know her place so he loved watching her eat Holly's pussy Joyce made a great femdom as she spanke & fucked the much younger Cindy. Franny was drowning in cum , as she tried to swallow all of the jism her master provided her mouth . Eat it all you mother whore Todd screamed as he unleashed more man dessert for Franny. He took his dick out of her mouth & covered her face with cum Franny's face now looked like a vanilla ice cream cone . Thank you Todd she said meekly you knw mom always loves a facial

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