Dad's Mind-Controlled Daughters Chapter Two: Daughter's Cherry Birthday Gift

Dad's Mind-Controlled Daughters Chapter Two: Daughter's Cherry Birthday Gift

Dad's Mind-Controlled Daughters

Chapter Two: Daughter's Cherry Birthday Gift

A Belt Buckle Mind-Control Story

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Notes: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

My forty-fourth birthday had not gone at all like I expected.

How could I have anticipated that my youngest daughter Tonya would become so flirty, that she would end up impaling her virgin pussy on my cock and ride me until we both had come? The idea of having sex with Tonya, let alone any of my daughters, had been a foreign idea until today.

I would never have touched my eighteen-year-old daughter, Tonya. I still couldn't believe that she was sitting on my cock right now, my jeans and boxers shoved down my legs while I lay stretched out on my recliner. Nor that my other two daughters, Janelle and Sarah, would catch us as they returned from buying groceries.

Nothing made sense about my daughter's behavior ever since they had given me my birthday gift. A belt with a wide buckle that read “Best Dad” on it. I had gone upstairs to change into a pair of jeans to wear the belt and my daughters had been normal. Tonya had been a bit of a brat, Sarah had been the no-nonsense one, and Janelle had been a teasing if responsible one.

I came downstairs and they were all flirting with me. All promising they would do whatever I commanded in breathy voices. Even Sarah, my middle daughter, was doing it, and she sometimes seemed asexual. The nineteen-year-old girl with her glasses was all about studying and never talked about boys. Janelle, just turned twenty-one, had always had a wild streak. I knew she was no virgin. Sadly, Tonya was taking after her, starting to dress in provocative ways. I did my best to guide my daughters, but I was a widower.

Doing it on my own.

I stared at Sarah and Janelle in horror. Guilt swept through me as Tonya squeezed her pussy on my cock. My body buzzed from my orgasm. I had just cum in my youngest. Bareback. I had unprotected sex with my eighteen-year-old daughter. I was a monster. A criminal. I had taken advantage of my daughter.

“Help us put the groceries away, Tonya,” Janelle said. She wore a tight pair of jeans and a belly shirt that hugged her large breasts. Her blonde hair spilled about her youthful and gorgeous face, a nose ring gleaming. She had two grocery bags in hand.

“Yeah,” Sarah said. My middle daughter wore a tight t-shirt that hugged her modest breasts, her nipples poking at the fabric, and a skirt she had to have rolled up so it fell so short down her thighs than normal. Her bob of short, brown hair framed her youthful if serious face. Her eyes were hot behind her glasses. “Get off Daddy's cock. We can take care of Daddy once the groceries are put away.”

“Right,” Tonya said and just climbed off my dick like having sex with me was something normal. Her round breasts jiggled, her blonde pigtails swaying. I groaned at the friction of her pussy sliding up my cock. Then she popped free and my cum spilled out, coating her shaved pussy lips.

She hopped off my recliner and darted to the door.

“Idiot,” Janelle said, thrusting out her arm, “you're naked. You can't go out there like that. What if someone sees you.”

“Oh, god,” Tonya groaned. “I wasn't thinking. I'm just feeling too good.”

Janelle gave a wicked giggle as she thrust plastic grocery bags into Tonya's arms. “I bet. Mmm, Daddy, you got a big cock. I'm glad. Stretched Tonya's pussy right out.”

“Stretched me out,” moaned Tonya as Sarah piled her bags into my youngest's arms.

I swallowed, still shocked by all of this. My daughters had gone insane. It was almost like the belt buckle had turned them into... sluts for me. Like they thought I was such an amazing dad that they had to do whatever I said, including sexually.

Tonya scampered by to the kitchen. They were good girls, normally, but they would always drag their heels about doing chores, especially Tonya. As my oldest two daughters headed back out to get the rest of the groceries, Tonya darted back in, cum running down her thighs.

I should say something. Do something. I had sex with my daughter. I glanced to the photos of my wife. Our wedding pictures, the last family portrait we'd taken when Tonya was only two and right before the aneurysm took my wife away from me.

She just smiled out at me like nothing was wrong. Mary would never have approved of this.

I didn't know what to do as Janelle and Sarah carried in more bags to hand off to Tonya. My youngest darted by, her round breasts jiggling and her cute ass swaying. I shouldn't ogle her, but it was hard not to see my daughters as women. Adults who were sexually mature. Who had gorgeous figures.

And it had been so long since I had sex with a woman. A few years since my last disastrous attempts at dating.

Tonya rushed back in, round boobs bouncing. Her sisters returned, Janelle carrying three bags. Sarah knocked the front door closed with her foot. The two of them hurried by, Sarah flashing me this sultry smile.

It looked so foreign on my serious, studios daughter's face.

“Ooh, this is going to be so much fun,” moaned Tonya. “You're the best dad, Daddy. We want to show it to you. Prove it to you that you're awesome.”

“Yeah,” I croaked.

“Help us put them away, Tonya!” shouted Janelle. “Then we can play with Daddy.”

“Oh, right!” Tonya darted back into the kitchen.


I swallowed. I should pull up my pants and leave. Get out of here. Figure out what was going on or give my daughters a chance to cool off. I glanced down at the belt buckle. There was no way it could have caused this, and yet...

They had changed when I put it on. So maybe... I grabbed it and ripped it off. I had to break this strange spell on my daughters. The belt whisked through the loops as clatters and bangs of cabinets slamming shut echoed from the kitchen. Grocery bags rustled. Cans clinked. The seal on the refrigerator broke as it was opened. I dropped the belt to the side of the recliner. It was off. That had to free them.

Tonya darted back in still naked and looking eager. Then Janelle followed, pulling off her belly shirt. Her large breasts spilled out. They were big and soft, a natural pair of Double D's. They smacked together as she turned to face me, a smile on her lips.

“Do you want me to give you a titty fuck, Daddy?” she asked, cupping her breasts.

Sarah entered last, already topless, revealing that she had rolled the waistband of her skirt to hike it. Now she was shoving it off. She had small breasts, little A-cups that barely had any shape to them. Her nipples thrust out as fat as her sisters. They all had their mother's nipples.

“Well, Daddy?” Janelle asked, shaking her boobs at me.

I wanted to say no. Should say no. If I was truly the “Best Dad,” I wouldn't hesitate to utter that simple word. Instead, “Yes,” croaked from my mouth. I stared at her large, youthful breasts. “Yes, I do.”

“Yay!” she shouted and then released her big boobs to bounce and jiggle while she unsnapped her jeans.

“Want me to lick out Tonya's pussy clean of your cum, Daddy?” Sarah asked. My innocent, quiet, shy, virginal daughter said those words like a pure slut. She peeled off the plain, white panties she wore, exposing a brown bush dripping in her juices. “I've heard guys like that. And you're the best dad, so...”

I stared at my girls, Janelle working on her big boobs. I had taken the belt off, and the girls showed no signs of stopping. Maybe the belt wasn't the cause. Maybe they had always wanted to do this and were using the belt as an excuse.

“H-How long have you three wanted to have sex with me?” I asked as Janelle wiggled out of her jeans. She had on a red thong that cupped her obviously shaved pussy.

“Uh, since you went upstairs to put on your belt,” said Janelle, stepping out of her jeans, her big boobs heaved. “It just... clicked. You're the best dad, and that means I have to take care of you. Do whatever you want. A good daughter is a submissive one who obeys her daddy in all things. That's how you raised us.”

“Yeah,” Tonya said. “I know I've been a brat, but that changes. I'm here to do whatever you want.”

Sarah nodded. “So, do you want me to lick Tonya's pussy clean of all your jizz.”

“Do you want to do that?” I croaked, Janelle now peeling off her thong, her boobs swaying as she bent over. They were so distracting.

“I do, Daddy,” moaned Sarah. “I want to lick her pussy because I know it'll make you happy. Right?” She gave me a worried look while her tongue licked over her lips. “I just want to be a good daughter for you, Daddy. You're the best. I love you, Daddy.”

“We all love you,” Janelle said. “We're all so grateful that you were such a great dad for us after Mom passed on. We know you're lonely. But no longer. We're your daughters and your lovers. You can't marry us, but that doesn't change the fact that we're yours. With Mom gone, we have to please you. It's our duty. We want to be dutiful and obedient daughters. We will be good girls for you.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Tonya said, bouncing up and down, her round boobs jiggling.

“Whatever you order, we'll obey, Daddy,” Sarah said. “That's what we realized while you were upstairs. It just made so much sense.”

“It makes no sense,” I groaned, the idea of watching Sarah eating my cum out of her little sister's pussy consuming my mind. My dick throbbed. I should say yes, but Janelle was crawling on the recliner now, her shaved pussy gleaming with her pussy juices. She leaned down to bring her tits to my cock.

My lusts exploded through me.

“Sarah, eat out your little sister's cunt. Lick her and make her cum and eat out all my jizz!”

“Yes, Daddy!” Sarah moaned. “Thank you for giving me such a wonderful task to do.” She pushed up her glasses. “Lie down on the floor where Daddy can see us.”

“Yes!” Tonya squealed. She backed up and then stretched out on her back. Her legs spread wide. I could see her shaved pussy dripping with my cum.

Janelle wrapped her big boobs around my dick. My oldest daughter's large, soft tits felt amazing. Somehow, that belt buckle had controlled my daughters, and I was too weak to do anything about it. I wasn't the best dad.

I was the worst.

I was taking advantage of them, but...

“Goddamn, yes,” I groaned as Janelle worked her tits up and down my cock. She slid them to the pinnacle. My face twisted in rapture. Her boobs felt amazing wrapped around my cock. I groaned, my face contorting with delight.

Janelle winked at me as she worked her digits up and down my cock. She stroked me with such delight. She made my cock feel amazing. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. Her tits made my dick throb and ache. Her boobs felt amazing wrapped around them. Just the best.

I groaned at how exciting it was to have her pussy squeezing about my dick. I shuddered, loving this bliss. My gaze drifted over to watch Sarah kneel and lick up the cum that had run down her little sister's thighs. My nineteen-year-old daughter lapped up the line of jizz, coming closer and closer to her sister's pussy.

“Oooooh,” groaned Tonya in anticipation. “That's it. You're going to... Yes!”

Sarah must be licking at Tonya's cunt. I couldn't see, Sarah's head blocked my view, but she was clearly licking. Tonya's thighs squeezed about her older sister's cheeks while she squirmed. Round breasts jiggled.

“That's it, Sarah!” Tonya moaned. My youngest flicked her eyes to me. “Daddy, she's licking your seed out of my pussy.”

“Yes!” groaned Janelle. “Lick her clean, Sarah. Do a good job. Daddy's watching.”

“I'll do the best job, Daddy!” Sarah groaned. “Mmm, your cum tastes so good coming out of her pussy. I think I like my little sister's cunt.”

“Of course you do,” purred Janelle. “Pussy is delicious, and good daughters keep it in the family. It makes Daddy happy, doesn't it?”

I turned my head to stare into my oldest's blue eyes. Her fat nipples rubbed into my stomach as she worked her tits up and down my dick. I should lie, but... but... “Yes.” I swallowed. “Yes, it does. It makes me happy.”

I couldn't fight this. I could only enjoy it. My daughters wanted it. The belt buckle couldn't be controlling them. Nothing like that existed. My daughters were just... wanting to take care of me. Love me. They were corrupted by a world of porn. Yeah, that was it. Janelle probably convinced the other two that this was how daughters took care of their daddies.

And now...

Now I enjoyed the delight of a pair of young breasts rubbing up and down my cock. Just like Mary did. Janelle looked so much like her mother, especially her nose (minus the piercing). Those blue eyes and blonde hair. Those big boobs that Mary used to rub up and down my cock.

“Damn,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in those depths.

Janelle grinned. “You're going to cum, aren't you, Daddy? You're going to cum all over my cute face. Just hose me down.”

“Yes,” I groaned.

“Do it, Daddy,” Tonya moaned, her voice sounding so throaty. “Oh, yes, yes, you have to do it. Mmm, just like Sarah is eating out my pussy.”

“Such a yummy pussy,” Sarah purred. “And delicious cum. I love your cum, Daddy.”

“It's going to be great,” Janelle cooed. “Just let that cock erupt. Coat me in your spunk.”

“Coat her, Daddy!” Tonya groaned, her back arching and round titties jiggling.

I groaned, the pressure growing and growing at the tip of my cock. It wouldn't be long now. I couldn't hold off from the delight of my eldest daughter's silky breasts sliding up and down my dick. They felt amazing caressing me.


Her tits swallowed the tip of my cock over and over again. Her fingertips dimpled her heavy tits as she massaged me. Her head ducked down. She kissed the tip when it merged from her gorgeous boobs. I groaned at that, my dick twitching in between her breasts.

“Fuck,” I groaned as she licked my cock the next time, caressing the slit.

“Mmm, that precum,” she cooed.

As Tonya's moans grew louder, her thighs holding Sarah's head to her cunt, the pressure swelled in my balls. I came closer and closer to cumming. Janelle's tongue brushed the tip of my dick every time it emerged from between her boobs.

I shuddered, my heart pounding at her touch. Blood rushed through my veins. My face contorted. This felt too good. I would have such a huge eruption of cum. Just fire it all into her face. My heart pounded this wild beat.

“Oh, god,” I groaned. “Oh, my god, your tits, Janelle!”

“Cum, Daddy!” she moaned, her tits sliding up and engulfing my crown. Then they slid back down. She licked my tip. “Cum all over my face.”

Her tits slid up, caressing my sensitive crown.

“Fuck!” I cried out and erupted.

My cum fired from my dick and splashed across Janelle's lips and nose. She opened her mouth wide, her tits squeezing about my erupting cock, and caught my jizz. But the stream sprayed wildly, painting ropy lines across her face.

Pleasure slammed through my body, a hammering rapture beating in time with the eruptions of pearly jizz. I basted my daughter's face, coating her in my seed. She moaned as I did, my recliner groaning as I shuddered.

“Oh, Daddy!” gasped Tonya. “Sarah's going to make me cum.”

“Good!” I groaned, my dick spurting a final blast of cum that spilled over my eldest daughter's tits.

“Sarah!” squealed Tonya.

Panting and riding the high of my orgasm, I watched my youngest daughter cumming on Sarah's lips. My middle daughter wiggled her hips at me, her brown bush flashing between her thighs. Juices beaded on her curls.

I bet she was a virgin...

My dick twitched between Janelle's boobs at that thought. I swallowed, staring at Sarah's ass and pussy as Tonya quivered through her orgasm. Janelle sat up and looked over her shoulder at where I stared.

“You want Sarah next, right?” Janelle purred. “Well, she's a virgin. She needs to be buttered up first. How about we take her up to your bed and I eat her pussy out. You could fuck me while I do that.” Janelle leaned in. “Maybe you can fuck my ass. I'm eager to do anything for you, Daddy. I love you.”

“Fuck,” I groaned.

“Oh, that's so good,” moaned Tonya. “So amazing.”

“Good,” said Janelle. “Tonya, go in my room. In my panty drawer is a bottle of lube. Grab it. Sarah, go lie down on Daddy's bed. That's what Daddy wants!”

Both of those girls jumped to their feet and dashed naked for the stairs, Tonya in the lead, her older sister hot on her trail. Their feet pounded up and up. Janelle giggled and slid her tits from my cock, her face painted in my cum. She beamed at me and crawled off the recliner.

“And you, Daddy, come on. Let's get you naked and have you take Sarah's virginity.”

“After I fuck you in the ass?” I asked my eldest.

“Daddy, I know that you watch porn.” She smiled at me. “I've snooped. And I've seen your Pornhub search results. Someone likes anal vids. Ass to pussy, especially. That's so filthy, Daddy, I love it. You're going to get that wish come true. Sarah's pure, pristine, virgin pussy defiled by your big dick from my ass. You'll both love it.”

“Fuck,” I groaned as Janelle turned and sauntered out of the room, her perky ass swaying from side to side.

Swallowing, I got up and stepped out of my jeans and boxers. Then I followed her, my dick throbbing. I was so fucking hard for my daughters. I knew I should put a stop to this, but I was too weak. I glanced at my wife's picture and looked away.

Mary would be so disappointed in me.

Janelle's plump and jiggling booty shook before me as she headed up the stairs, her thighs dripping with her pussy cream. The tangy aroma of her cream filled my nose, this forbidden scent drawing me upward.

“Got the lube!” Tonya shouted, standing at the top of the stairs and holding a slender bottle in her hand.

“Your job is to get Daddy's cock nice and slick for my ass,” Janelle said. “You remember what I told you about anal.”

“Use plenty of lube,” Tonya said. “And make sure the guy doesn't rush you.”

“Mmm, but Daddy, feel free to rush me. I've done anal plenty of times. But now... Only your cock gets to touch my body. I don't need those boys. I have a man. The best man.”

“Best dad!” squealed Tonya, holding the slim bottle in her hand, the label black. She bounced up and down, her boobs jiggling. Then she glommed onto my arm, holding me tight and rubbing her boobs into me. “Love you.”

“Love you,” I groaned.

Janelle led the way to my bedroom, the door opened. There lay Sarah on the bed, her legs spread wide. A huge smile spilled across her lips when I entered. She quivered in delight, staring at me with such hungry eyes.

Me, not her older sister who was sliding onto the bed, crawling between her thighs, and bringing a cum-smeared face to her pussy. Sarah gasped as Janelle began her prepping, licking my middle daughter's pussy while wiggling her rump at me.

Her plump ass.


The lube bottle's cap popped off. Tonya squirted a large amount of the cool gel onto her hand. Then she grabbed my cock, grinning at me. She stroked up and down my dick, sending pleasure coursing through me. I groaned at her touch, the liquid cool.

Tonya grinned as she worked her hand up and down my cock, smearing the lube into my flesh. I shuddered, savoring the feel of her hand on my cock. Tonya had such a big grin on her face, her blue eyes gleaming while her pigtails swayed.

“There,” she said. “All ready for Janelle's butt. Ooh, I can't wait for you to fuck my ass, Daddy. It'll be great. I just know it. You're the best, Daddy.”

She threw her arms around my neck, pressing her nubile body against mine, and kissed me. My lubed cock smeared the gel on her stomach while her round breasts rubbed into my chest, her nipples fat and hard. I groaned.

Tonya broke the kiss and smiled. “Go get her. Fuck Janelle in the ass hard.”

“Yes, yes, fuck her,” moaned Sarah. “Oh, my god, she's licking my pussy. She's getting my virgin cunt all ready for you, Daddy.”

“His dick is going to be dirty with my ass when he pops your cherry,” moaned Janelle, wiggling that plump ass. Her butt-cheeks quivered and her asshole peeked out.

“That sounds so nasty,” Sarah moaned. “Please, please do it, Daddy.”

“Do it, Daddy,” Tonya moaned and gave me a little push into my bedroom.

I stumbled to my bed, my lubed cock bobbing before me. Janelle's ass looked so bubbly and delicious. I groaned, kneeling on the bed and pressing my dick into her butt-crack. I slid down and down to find her butt-hole.

Tonya flung herself beside Sarah. My youngest beamed at me and thrust her fingers into her pussy. “Ooh, no hymen makes this so good. Thanks, Daddy!”

“You're welcome,” I croaked and pushed against Janelle's butthole.

She purred her delight into Sarah's cunt. My oldest daughter's asshole stretched and stretched to take my cock. I groaned as her asshole widened more and more. My dick throbbed in anticipation of my oldest daughter's bowels.

I popped into her anal sheath. I groaned as I slid into her bowels, her anal sheath squeezing about me. She felt incredible. Pleasure rushed down from her hot flesh engulfing my dick. Her mother was an anal fiend. Mary loved it up the ass.

Janelle purred just like my wife had.

“Oh, Daddy, yes,” she groaned while, “Oh, Trevor, yes,” echoed in my mind. They even almost sounded alike.

I glanced at the smiling picture of my wife in her wedding dress on the nightstand. She was gazing out on the incestuous sight. What would she think? That I was the best dad and therefore it was okay to fuck my daughters? Or that some magical belt buckle had, what, mind-controlled my daughters?

It was insane, and yet my dick was sinking into Janelle's asshole. She moaned into her younger sister's cunt. Tonya masturbated beside Sarah, both girls' faces twisting in delight. They contorted as pleasure rushed through them.

I bottomed out in Janell's bowels. She moaned into her sister's twat. Her tongue must be licking over that virgin pussy, brushing the intact hymen I would be soon popping. Both my daughter's virginities at once... Fuck, that was messed up.

I gripped my eldest daughter's hips and drew back. Her asshole clung to my dick. She held tight to me, massaging me. I groaned, experiencing the anal bliss of my daughter's bowels. Tonya whimpered, staring at me.

So did Sarah.

“Fuck her ass, Daddy!” Tonya cheered, three of her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.

“Yes, yes, get your dick so dirty for my pristine pussy,” moaned Sarah, her small breasts quivering. “Yes, yes, Janelle's licking my cunt and making me feel so good.”

“I'm glad,” I groaned, thrusting back into my daughter's asshole. “But I don't have to fuck your cunt with a dirty cock.”

“Don't you?” she asked, her eyes so wide behind her glasses. They were Mary's eyes.

“Yes!” I groaned and thrust into Janelle's asshole.

“Then I want you, too. I know it'll be so wild and hot. I'll have such a huge orgasm.” She shuddered. “Oh, wow, Janelle, you're good at that.”

“I love my sisters' pussies!” moaned my oldest. “I just want to make you cum.”

“Yes!” Tonya groaned, her fingers plunging into her pussy.

I thrust away at my eldest daughter's asshole I fucked her hard and fast. I buried into her again and again. She groaned, her flesh clinging to my dick. She massaged me with such hard strokes. It was incredible to enjoy.

Her flesh squeezed about me. She held me tight. I groaned, thrusting away at her. I fucked her with such passion. I buried to the hilt in her bowels. Her flesh squeezed about my dick. I groaned as I fucked my daughter's asshole hard.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Janelle moaned into Sarah's cunt.

My middle daughter squirmed. Her face twisted in delight. She must be coming closer and closer to cumming. Tonya whimpered beside Sarah; the masturbating girl groaned, her head tossing back and forth.

My balls smacked into Janelle's taint. They grew heavier and heavier with my cum. I couldn't believe that I had more loads in me. I had already cum three times. I should be done, but I hammered Janelle with passion.

Sarah would be next.

“Yes, yes, you are such a sexy daddy,” moaned Tonya. “Mmm, so hunky. Fuck Janelle's asshole, Daddy. Make her cum on that big dick.”

“Yes,” Janelle purred, her cunt squeezing down on my dick. “Mmm, just slam into me and make me explode. That will be great.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, thrusting forward hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her bowels, her flesh squeezing about me. It was incredible to enjoy. “Fuck!”

My hands slid up my daughter's sides and found her large tits. I squeezed her heavy boobs. She moaned, her bowels clamping down even tighter on my dick. I shuddered, savoring the velvety pressure around my cock.

“Shit, shit, shit!” I moaned, thrusting away at her bowels. “Oh, fuck, that's good. That's so good! Shit!”

I thrust away hard and fast. I plunged to the hilt in her. I buried with such force into my daughter's asshole, the pressure building in my nuts. They smacked into her flesh. I growled, my hands kneading her heavy tits.

It was glorious. The velvety friction massaged the tip of my cock. I hurtled towards that wonderful moment of pleasure. My nuts tightened as I plowed to the hilt in her bowels. I filled her up, the ache growing and growing at the tip of my dick.

“You're fucking her like a beast!” Tonya purred.

“Goddamn, he is!” moaned Janelle. “I love it. My asshole is melting. I'm going to cum on his cock!”

“Janelle!” Sarah gasped, her back arching. “Ooh, suck on my clit.” She pushed up her glasses. “Oh, Daddy, I'm going to cum on her face. My virgin pussy is almost ready for your dirty dick.”

“Yes!” I growled, slamming forward hard.

Janelle moaned. Her bowels clamped down as I drew back my cock. The velvety friction surged down my shaft. I groaned, my balls so tight. My cum brimmed in them, about to boil out of me. I buried into her asshole.

Her sheath went wild.

Squealing, my daughter came on my dick. Janelle's bowels rippled and writhed around my dick. The heaven of it was incredible. The incestuous rush of her asshole milking my cock sent such pleasure surging through me.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled and erupted.

I flooded my eldest daughter's asshole. I pumped her full of my spunk. The pleasure slammed into my mind. Bliss burned across my thoughts. Her bowels rippled around me, milking my cock and drawing out every drop of my spunk.

“Oh, Janelle!” Sarah groaned. “Yes!”

My middle daughter joined us. She bucked on the bed, her face twisting with delight. Her pussy cream gushed out and bathed her sister's mouth. Janelle, my hands massaging her tits and my cock unloading in her asshole, rubbed her face into Sarah's twat.

“So hot!” Tonya gasped, burying her fingers into her pussy. Her body bucked, her tits heaving. “So fucking hot!”

As I emptied my balls into my eldest daughter's asshole, my youngest spasmed through her self-induced orgasm. Juices gushed out, soaking the mattress. I shuddered, knowing Sarah made another wet spot of passion.

“So good,” my middle daughter groaned, her face twisting. “Oh, Janelle, that's so good.”

“Wait until Dad's cock is in you,” Janelle moaned, her bowels rippling around my dick. “Right, Daddy?”

“Yeah,” I croaked, my hands kneading her tits.

“Then slide out of my butt and love Sarah.” Janelle glanced over at Tonya. “Want to lick the cum out of my asshole.”

“Ooh, yes, please!” purred Tonya. “Daddy, I bet you want that.”

“I do,” I groaned. I had utterly surrendered to this forbidden passion. I knew it was wrong—criminally so—and I no longer cared. I glanced over at my wife's picture. Sorry, Mary. I tried. I really, really tried.

I pulled out of Janelle's asshole, so ready to deflower my youngest daughter and make her explode on my cock. She would gasp and moan and convulse around my dick. It would be such a wondrous treat. She would savor every moment of her twat rippling around my dick.

Janelle crawled out of the way. She knelt beside me, her ass aimed at my youngest daughter. Smacking her lips, Tonya bolted up. Pigtails bounced and tits heaved. She grabbed her big sister's butt-cheeks, parted them, and buried her face into her sister's crack.

Tonya suckled.

“Oh, my fucking god, yes!” Janelle gasped. “Suck that cum out of my ass. That's so nasty.”

“Mmm, it is,” Sarah purred. “I can't wait to do it. Your cum was so yummy in Tonya's pussy.”

“You will,” I groaned, knowing this would never stop.

I crawled over my daughter, my cock swinging beneath me. My dick twitched and throbbed. The pleasure swelled through me. I drew in a deep breath. My daughter grabbed my dirty dick and pulled me to her pussy.

I leaned down and kissed Sarah on the mouth. Her lips melted against mine. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She whimpered, rubbing my cock into her bush. Our tongues danced as she slid me down her wet slit to her hymen.

My dirty dick stood poised to pop her cherry.

She pushed me against her hymen. She wanted this.

I couldn't deny Sarah what she craved. Nor what I ached for. Barely legal pussy. My daughter's pussy. I pushed against her hymen. The membrane of flesh stretched and stretched. I groaned, kissing her with passion. Her arms wrapped around me as her maidenhead resisted me for one more heartbeat.

Her flesh tore.

Her cherry popped.

My dirty dick slid into her pristine pussy. I soiled my daughter with my cock.

“Daddy!” she moaned, her eyes widening behind her glasses. Such joy. Such abject delight. She loved my cock sliding into her incestuous depths. Her pussy clamped down on my dick. She held me tight. I groaned, loving every moment of being in her. I savored every second of sliding into my daughter's twat.

She held me tight. Her pussy massaged me with such wondrous passion. I groaned, savoring the pleasure of her twat. She gripped me with that wonderful pussy, massaging me with her silky snatch. I bottomed out in my daughter's pussy.

“Sarah,” I groaned.

“Yes, yes, polish your dick clean in her pussy, Daddy,” Janelle moaned.

“Uh-huh,” Sarah nodded, staring up into my eyes. “Please, please, do it, Daddy. I love you so much. You're the best.”

Damn. Somehow, that belt buckle had changed my daughters. I kissed her with hunger. Her lips melted around mine. She held me tight in her pussy. Her snatch squeezed down around me. I groaned, loving the way her lips melted on mine. They were hot and delicious. I kissed her, savoring the hunger of her mouth. The delight of it.

I drew back my hips, my cock sliding out of her tight pussy. She buffed me clean of her big sister's asshole. Sarah polished my pole. I groaned, burying into her twat. Her silky flesh massaged my shaft. Pleasure shot down to my balls smacking into her taint.

My tongue danced with hers as I made love to my little girl. Dirty, nasty, incestuous love. Every thrust into her cunt dirtied her more and more. She went from being my good girl to my naughty girl. My slut like Tonya and Janelle had become.

“Fuck, you're getting all that cum out of my ass,” moaned Janelle. “Just keep fucking sucking on my asshole. Ooh, and finger my twat.” My eldest purred in delight. “Just like that.”

I broke the kiss as I pumped away at Sarah's pussy. I glanced over at my other daughters. Janelle's big tits swayed. Tonya had her face buried in my eldest's butt-crack, my youngest plunging her digits in deep.

“They're so naughty, Daddy,” Sarah moaned, her hands caressing my back. “Aren't they?”

“And you're not?” I asked, glancing down at her. Mary's eyes shone up at me, full of love and passion. Sarah had her mother's personality. Mary was gone, but she lived on in our daughters.

“Oh, I am, Daddy,” Sarah purred, her pussy clenching down on me. “I love you so much. I'm so glad that we all realized what we had to do. Mom loved you, and so do we. We can't replace her—I don't want that—but we can still love you. Give you what you need.”

“You're wonderful, Sarah.”

She smiled up at me.

I kissed her again, Janelle moaning naughty encouragements to Tonya in the background. I drove my cock hard into Sarah's pussy. She trembled beneath me, her small breasts rubbing on my chest. Every thrust into her swelled the ache in my balls.

I groaned, the pressure building and building. I drove my dick into her pussy, her flesh squeezing about me. She polished my pole clean with her silky embrace. I groaned, my balls smacking into her taint.

The pressure built and built at the tip of my cock. I so wanted to erupt into her pussy. Flood her with my cum. The taboo thrill of pumping away at my daughter filled me. I groaned, burying into her again and again.

Her pussy clenched down on me. She whimpered and squirmed beneath me. I knew she came closer to her orgasm. She hurtled towards her bliss. Her cunt squeezed down on me. I groaned, loving the feel of her snatch holding me.

She broke the kiss, moaning, “Daddy!”

“Are you...?” I grunted, pumping away at her pussy.

“I am!” she moaned. “I'm going to cum on your dick.” Her glossy eyes stared up at me through my glasses.

“I'm close, too,” I groaned. “You feel amazing!”

She beamed up at me as I drove into her pussy. Then she gasped. Her hot flesh rippled around my dick. I groaned, savoring my middle daughter's pussy rippling around me. Her nineteen-year-old pussy went wild about my dick.

I groaned through the bliss, savoring the pleasure of her cunt writhing around my cock. I groaned, savoring that delight. The heat rippled through me. It was fantastic. I buried into her as she whimpered out her delight.

“Cum in me, Daddy!” she moaned. “Fill me with your seed. You're the best!”

What if I bred my daughter?

I erupted.

My dick spurted over and over into her pussy as the heady thought of knocking up Sarah swept through me. Her pussy convulsed around my cock, milking out the jizz flooding into her fertile pussy. She trembled beneath me, her face contorting.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh, Daddy, flood me with cum.”

“Flood her,” groaned Janelle. “Ooh, ooh, that's so hot. Fuck, Tonya!”

Janelle's moans mixed with my Sarah's. I shuddered, savoring this pleasure. My mind drank in the bliss of cumming in my daughter's pussy. Sarah milked me dry. She wrung out every drop of cum in my balls, her eyes staring up at me just like her mother had.

“I love you, Sarah,” I groaned and kissed her.

I trembled atop my daughter, my body buzzing from the bliss of my orgasm. It felt incredible to cum in her. To spill all my seed in her. It was such an amazing delight. I kissed her with hunger, my tongue dancing around in her mouth.

Tonya then flopped up beside us. “Do you love me, Daddy?”

I broke my kiss with Sarah and said, “Of course I do. You know that.”

“She's just being a brat,” Sarah said, though without the usual bite.

“I just want to know that Daddy loves me, too,” Tonya said, this look of fake pain on her face. “I'm s-sorry for being a b-brat and... and...”

“Not fooled,” Sarah said, holding me tight. “Daddy dumped all his cum in me. I have all of his seed in me, isn't that hot?”

“Yeah,” Tonya said. “Kiss?” She puckered up her lips.

I couldn't resist leaning over and kissing my daughter on the mouth. She tasted of Janelle's sour asshole. I groaned as I kissed my youngest. I savored the taste of that sour hole. My dick twitched in Sarah's cunt.

I was still hard. Still aching for more. My tongue danced with my youngest daughter's, savoring the way she thrust her tongue into my mouth. She was so cute. Sarah was delicious and Janelle was sexy. My daughters were... amazing.

I groaned and rolled over. I ended up on my back, Sarah and Tonya cuddling against me. They both had big grins on their faces, rubbing their breasts on me. Tonya might be a years younger than Sarah, but she had developed way more. Poor Sarah. The one place she wasn't like her mother was in the boob department. Still, those little mounds felt nice.

“Oh, that's cute,” Janelle said. Then she crawled between my legs and grabbed my cock. She ducked her head down and sucked me into her mouth.

“Fuck,” I groaned as my eldest daughter sucked Sarah's cunt cream off my dick.

“Enjoy, Daddy,” Tonya said and gave me a quick kiss.

“Yes, yes, enjoy,” purred Sarah, swooping in to deliver me another kiss.

I laid between my two daughters, savoring my eldest blowing me while Sarah and Tonya took turns planting kisses on me. Sweet kisses. Almost innocent save they were naked and their big sister had her mouth around my cock.

As I built and built towards an orgasm, I realized this would not end. Some spell, some bizarre power, had turned them into my sluts. They would be daddy girls until the day they died. So I had to take care of them.

I had to love them.

My birthday weekend would be a wild one.


“Hey, Trevor, how was the birthday weekend?” my coworker, Alex, said when I ran into him Monday morning at the coffee pot.

I couldn't tell him the truth that I had spent most of Saturday and all of Sunday having sex with my daughters. I wore their birthday gift. My three girls had all begged for it this morning as we got ready (me for work, them for school).

“Good, good,” I said, pouring my second cup of the day. “Me and the girls just stayed around the house and relaxed.”

“Man, how do you have such three good girls?” Alex asked. “I mean, they just do whatever you want.”

My cheeks burned. “I mean, they don't—”

“It's just, you're the best dad I know, and I need some help with my daughter. She's just out of control. You think you could give me some advice. Some pointers.” Alex grinned. “I mean, I bet your girls would do anything for you.”

“You have no idea,” I groaned.

“Yeah, you lucky dog.” Alex laughed. “Just need some pointers to tame her. You know, get her wrapped around my cock like you have yours.”

My jaw dropped. “What? I don't know—”

“It's cool,” Alex said, grinning at me. “I know how obedient your daughters are. The best dad's going to have his girls sucking cock. I bet they even do anal for you.”

I felt the weight of the belt buckle. Just how powerful was it?

“Here,” Alex said. He pulled out his wallet and opened it up. He showed a picture of his daughter. She had black hair and green eyes, a big smile on her face, the braces gleaming on her teeth. “She's eighteen now, and I just can't get her to listen.”

“Well, I mean...” I rubbed my hand at the back of my neck. “What do you think I can do.”

“You know, talk to her.” He grinned. “Show her how a daughter behaves with her daddy.”

“You're not saying...”

“Yeah, fuck her,” Alex said. “She's eighteen. Ripe. You'll enjoy it.”

“Goddamn,” I groaned, my dick growing harder.

“So, you'll help me out, Trevor? Maybe you can come over tonight and give her a lesson. Show her what a dad's cock can be like as you fuck her brains out. Maybe bring one of your daughters as an example? You can fuck her then fuck my Britney. Then I can fuck my Britney once she understands. I mean, you're the best dad there is. If you can't turn my Britney into a slut for me, then who can?”

My dick throbbed. This was insane. Just what the fuck were the limits on this belt buckle's influence?

“So, can I count on you to fuck some sense into my daughter?” Alex asked, grabbing the pot and pouring himself a glass of coffee.

I should say no, but Britney looked so cute. It was so wrong. Alex was under the belt buckle's spell, too. I swallowed. “And your wife?”

“Linda will understand,” he said. “Girls have to fuck their daddy's cocks. That's when you know you've done your job. That you're the best dad there is. So, give me a hand? I'm so close. I can just feel it.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I'll pick up one of my girls and be at your place by six.”

Alex slapped a hand on my back. “You are a lifesaver, Trevor. Thanks, man. It's going to make my home life way more pleasurable.”

I nodded. It would at that. Why had this belt buckle come to me? Where had my daughters even purchased it?

I headed to my desk, questions reeling in my mind. I sipped my coffee and stared at my work. Then I swallowed and went to Google and typed “Best Dad” belt buckle into the search and started browsing the results.

There were a lot of them.

To be continued...

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