Best Friends Prego Wife Pt 2

Best Friends Prego Wife Pt 2

“This is for you,” she said, holding the blue vibrator. She held it to her lips and slid it most of the way in, never taking her eyes off of mine. “But not yet.”
Nicki laid the vibrator down on the sink and lowered her piss dripping pussy down on my face. I wrapped my hands around her big beautiful ass and pulled her down onto me as I started eating her. Somehow she tasted even better now that she had before. My tongue found just the right spot and she had an orgasm. My face was soaked with piss and cum. I swallowed all of her juices as my tongue darted in and out of her hairy cunt. One of her hands slid back and started rubbing my cock through her panties. I ran two fingers down her ass crack.
“Oh, you like my ass don’t you, bitch?” she whispered. She let go of my cock and started to rise. I tried to pull her pussy back down towards my, but once again Nicki slapped my hand away. “Bad boy! You do what you’re told to do, not what you want.”
Nicki got on her hands and knees, raising her ass into the air. Her pregnant belly hung down bellow her. She turned her sexy ass towards me and I could see her tight little hole.
“Lick me, Mark,” she ordered. I did as I was told. I buried my face in her ass, tasting her little pink ass hole. She wiggled and moaned as my tongue tried to force its way inside. I put one of my hands around and started rubbing her clit as I licked her from behind, and used the other one to spread her ass cheeks even more. I’d never licked a girl’s ass before, but it was definitely a turn on. “OH yes, eat that ass, bitch, eat it! Eat it!”
I knew she was about to cum again and I stopped rubbing her clit long enough to slid two fingers into her pussy. At once it started to spasm as she cummed again. I stopped eating her as and slid my middle finger into her little tight hole. She screamed in delight as I finger fucked her ass and pussy together.
When she finally stopped cumming she pushed my hands away and turned to face me. She pulled my face to hers and started kissing me hard on the lips. While our tongues wrestled she started rubbing my cock again. This time she pulled it out of her panties so she could really start to stroke it. I moaned into her kiss. After a moment she smiled and pulled her lips away. She knelt down and started sucking my cock while her hand played with my balls. I leaned my head back and moaned loudly. I could hear the sound of her lips as they slid quickly up and down my shaft. I looked down at her and she smiled up at me. We both knew I was about to cum. Suddenly I was shooting warm cum into her mouth. She kept sucking as I orgasmed, some of the warm, sticky semen leaking down from the corners of her mouth. My whole body felt weak, and I felt myself falling down on my back. Still she sucked. The feeling was so good it was almost painful. I’d never had a girl keep on with a blowjob after I’d finshed.
With a wet sound she let my now limp cock fall from her mouth. She made a satisfied sound and pulled her panties back up to cover my cock. Nicki slid up my body and once again started kissing my passionately on the lips. I could taste my own cum, but I didn’t care. I kissed her back with just as much enthusiasm. Finally she stopped kissing me, and for a long time we just lay there, covered in cum and piss and sweat.
“I think we’re ready for more,” she whispered after nearly a half hour. “You should be recovered by now, bitch. Get on your hands and knees again.”
I did as I was told. Being dominated was new to me, but I was very quickly coming to love it. Nicki smacked me hard on the ass cheek one time, and then she was pulling the panties down to reveal my bare ass. She ran her hot little tongue from my ball sack, all the way up my ass crack and I could help but moan in pleasure. It was another new experience for me. Then her tongue focused in on my asshole as I had on hers earlier. One hand reached around and started rubbing my limp cock again. And then she slid one finger into my ass and I moaned her name loudly. She giggled as she pulled it out and went back to licking.
I guess you might say I’ve been homophobic all of my life. The idea of ever taking anything in my ass was enough to scare me to death, but suddenly I knew what was coming and I wanted it. In just a few hours Nicki had changed my entire outlook on sex, and I wanted her to fuck me. I think I needed for her to fuck me.
I felt her spit in my ass, and then I felt the pressure of that blue vibrator as it found my asshole. I moaned as she very gently pressed it in and out of me, slowly working it in deeper. When she finally got it all the way inside, she switch on the motor and I moaned again. I moved my hips against her as she worked the toy in and out of my ass, all the while she was still rubbing my now hard cock.
“Ah, you like that, don’t you?” Nicki asked. “You’re as dirty as I thought you were. Yeah, my little bitch likes it in the ass, oh yes he does.”
“Harder,” I begged, and she fucked me harder.
It wasn’t long before I was shooting cum on her bathroom floor. She kept fucking me even after I was spent.
Then I heard a noise from somewhere else in the house and Mike yelled, “Hey, is anybody home?”

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