My cousins sweet feet part 2

My cousins sweet feet part 2

One evening i was just sitting there watching tv, as i normally do while im bored. I was going to

hang out with my friends that night, but that fell through. I was debating what else there was to

do, then it hit me, i thought to invite some of my cousins over to spend the night. First i called my

little cousin Ray, he was only 5 at the time, but him in i were buddies, next i called my cousin

Brianna whos is/was one year older than me, and at the time 15. She had brown hair with blonde

streaks in it, and the face of a godess. Her boobs werent very big, a little below averag, but that

didnt bother me two much. She had long tan legs, cleanly shaven, but the best part was her

beautiful feet. They were a size 8, tan on top and light pink on the bottom, and ooo so soft. As

soon as she walked in the door that night i popped a boner just looking at her feet because, not

only were they beautiful, the toenails were painted red, my favorite color. We had a regular night,

we sat around and watched movies, but i looked at those feet all night long, i just wanted to put

my mouth all over them, but i knew i never could, but after i thought about it, i thought " this might

happen." I started to ask her random questions, like " Are you a heavy sleeper?", or "Are your

feet ticklish?" So after a got a good feelin i just waited for her to get tired. We popped in a new

movie in my basement, my dark basement. And under my covers i got a raging boner. she put her

blanket on and went to sleep, finally i thought. i waited patiently for an hour and then i moved in.

I made sure that i was sleepin next to her first, to eliminate most of the hastle. I slowly turned my

body so that my head was at her feet, it was difficult because my 6.5 inch boner was being

smashed by my entire 160 lbs, but it all paid off, for i was at the holy grail of feet. I gingerly lifted

the bottom of her blanket and turned on my flashlight. I was suddenly shocked because i saw she

was wearing thick socks, this was going to be a challenge, but i was this far so i moved the long

socks down her, oh so smooth ankles, past her soft smelly heels, through that beautiful soft arch,

then finally past those sexy toes. I inhaled slowly, to make sure i got every oz. of smell that foot

had to offer. I stared face to foot at the feet i have lusted over for years. Finally i touched my

tounge to her soft big toe. It tasted of salt but the smell just made that rise to a whole new level.

My rock hard shaft was pre ejaculating as i licked up and down her feet then my hornyness took

over and i noticed my hand goin up her silky smooth leg, i slid it in her pants and then found myself

massaging her warm wet pussy, it was partally shaved. i soon became aware that my hand was

not the only one in there. I looked up to see her staring down at me, my heart jumped and i tried to

speak but couldnt. She gave me the answer i was not expecting, "do that thing to my feet again"

she said. i pulled my hand out of her thong and moved back down, but to my surprise, she put

them back in and said "oh! it feels so good!" I told her to quiet down, my parents were asleep and

my mom was a light sleep er. I took the blanket off of brianna and slid her thong down then in

serted my hard penis in her warm soft box. I thrusted faster and faster until we both came and

were left with a huge mess. afterwards this is wat she said to me. "I only did that because i know

you dont have a girlfriend and i know how horny you get, you dont think i notice you starring

at me? Any ways dont do that any more if i want pleasure i would tell you, but if i catch you

again, i might have to tell. sorry. Maybe on ocasion i will give you a foot job or somethin, but not

unless i say!" She went to sleep right after it and i was left with yet another rock hard boner, so

even after her little speach i went back to those soft feet and fucked them till i cummed and then

went to sleep satisfied

NOT ENOUGH!? thats good cause i have parts 1 and 3 commin and possibly a 4 and 5

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