A Girl in a Black Skirt

A Girl in a Black Skirt

A Girl in A Black Skirt !
It was a hot late spring morning and I was feeling particularly athletic. I’d spent the last two weeks sailing in the Mediterranean and I was back in London waiting for my next assignment. I was a sports journalist and most of my time was taken up by running around the world on racing circuits, climbing mountains or sailing not to mention all the other sports I wrote about. I believed in participating personally in these activities in order to give the best and most accurate accounts on the subjects I covered. I’d had a hearty breakfast, poached eggs with bacon, sausages, tomatoes and baked beans, followed by toast and strawberry jam washed down with orange juice and black coffee and I’d decided to go for a walk through the mythical streets of London looking for ideas. I wasn’t into the Ralph McTell stuff, for me the streets of London were synonymous of mystery, action, women, big shops, and adventure etc. The only thing was, those damn cameras everywhere. Didn’t help when one wanted to pick up a lady for a drink, or something else. They could see everything and it was most disconcerting. Still, one had to comply and live one’s life the best way one could. Right now I was in a small side street off Knightsbridge just a few minutes from my flat in Old Brompton Road, and there weren’t many people around at this time of the morning. The only thing I was missing at the moment was sex. My work had been so intense that I hadn’t had time to find myself a woman these past few weeks but I was determined to remedy that as soon as possible.
That’s when I noticed the dark haired Gothic, long shapely-legged woman who was ambling down the street wearing black platform heels and a short black skirt with a black see-through blouse. Noticing the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra was already stimulating my libido. She was casually gazing at shop windows occasionally stopping for a longer look, and in general clothes shops. She stopped and stared closely at one in particular. I noticed it was to look closer the reflection of her black lipstick. It seemed to be a little thick but as I looked on she grinned and kissed the window admiring herself which made me half smile to myself. She was about twenty-five and had something of Kim Director from ‘Blair Witch 2’. The same strange awesome penetrating essence that the actress portrayed seemed to emanate from this mystifying creature. The mere thought of knowing she wasn't wearing any underwear apparently excited her to the most. It was written all over her. She suddenly noticed me standing across the street staring at her. The black skirt was
very thin nylon and betrayed the natural forms of her thighs in the sunlight. I was aroused by the way she swayed as she sauntered across the street looking at me as she approached. She grinned as she stepped back onto the kerb in front of me.
‘Are you looking at something in particular?’ She asked. ‘Or just looking?’
I was caught off balance and didn’t quite know what to answer. After all, it was I who’d spent almost three minutes staring at this girl as she walked up the street so I had to react somehow.
‘Actually, I was admiring the way you moved, it’s unusual to see a girl like you in
this part of London.’
‘Not necessarily but it’s true that eight o’clock in the morning is slightly early so
you’re excused.’
‘I thank you for your concern.’
‘Don’t mention it. Are you going to buy me a coffee somewhere or are we just
going to stand here and natter all day?’ I looked down the street and noticed a coffee shop fifty yards away, so I suggested we go along and have something to drink and maybe get to know each other. She didn’t object but her grin had faded away and something about her struck me as uncanny, I couldn’t put my finger on it though.
The coffee shop was almost empty at that time of the morning and the smell of hot coffee wasn’t yet aggressed by that of stale cigarettes as it usually is in the late afternoon. We sat quietly by a window. As I looked across the table at her I could feel that she was sad. Had something bad happened to her? Was her life a mess? Had here lover left her? Did she have health or money problems? I had no idea but the atmosphere was ponderous. Her skin was white and soft. She had magnificent, large blue eyes surrounded by a thin line of black mascara. Her ruby lips were beautifully bulgy and they added to her already sensual and vivid sex appeal. Her low cut black blouse was nicely shaped and transparent. The sunlight through the window enhanced her perfectly round and arrogant breasts accentuating their protruding nipples. As they brushed the thin nylon I could tell she was tingling inside and was sexually aroused but then why was she so sad? I felt her feet touch mine under the table. The warmth of her curvy legs was radiating right through my trousers and I was myself beginning to feel aroused by her sexual emanation.
The waitress came over and asked us what we wanted. The girl demanded a large coffee with lots of milk and sugar plus a couple of buns with jam and butter. As for me, I preferred a strong black espresso since I’d already had breakfast and was
no longer hungry. As the waitress went back to the kitchen, I engaged the conversation.
‘My name is Desmond. At least my Christian name though I must admit I’m not
very Christian, in fact very far from it.’ I felt I had to elaborate on that but she interrupted me as she took out a smoke from her flat black metal cigarette case.
‘And?’ She asked coldly as she lit it with an expensive Dunhill, lighter. ‘Is that
supposed to interest me?’
‘Sorry, I though we were here to get to know each other - and I don’t think you’re
supposed to smoke in here.’
‘Too bad,’ she started as she put the cigarette to her lips and drew deeply into her
lungs. I wasn’t sure how to react and was beginning to regret having invited her. But as she blew the smoke out into my face placing her rounded tongue in the middle making circles in a rather sensual manner, she began to express her deepest thoughts in her soft and purring sexy voice.
‘I agree we get to know each other up to a point. Then if you want to have sex
with me, it’s okay but after that, we walk our own paths without ever seeing each other again. Is that all right with you?’
That was the strangest proposition I’d ever had and it needed pondering for a few moments. Luckily the waitress came back with the order. It gave me time to think for a moment. She put the tray down on the table and gaped at the girl following the movements of the cigarette between her long thin fingers with the extremities painted in black varnish.
‘Yes?’ Inquired the girl as she looked up at the waitress.
‘You’ll have to put that cigarette out, I’m afraid.’ Announced the waitress in a
schoolteacher manner.
‘Or else?’
‘Or else you’re out of here.’
‘I’m the customer and I pay to be here, you understand you silly asshole.’ I knew
this was going to end up with a clash but unexpectedly, the entire situation changed. As the girl stared deeply into the waitress’s eyes, she left the tray and just walked away. It was as if the girl had literally hypnotised the waitress. I was baffled as my guest continued to smoke flicking the ash on the floor.
‘What was that all about?’ I asked candidly. ‘And I still don’t know your name?’
‘I thought you’d understood, no names. And that’s just some waitress pissing me
off,’ she continued stubbing out her cigarette on the floor with her platform shoe. ‘Let’s eat and we’ll talk later,’ she continued in a nonchalant manner. I obeyed without really knowing why. She intrigued me and I wanted to know more but she was right, we could talk about it somewhere else afterwards. Nevertheless, I still wanted to know what to call her.
‘Okay so you won’t tell me your name,’ I started between two sips of coffee, ‘but
I’d still like to know what to call you.’
‘The reason I don’t give my name is because it’s long, unpronounceable and
generally people don’t believe it or just forget it and I forget them. I don’t hang around I move a lot and don’t get attached to people so if you want to call me something, call me Gothic Liz.’
‘Gothic Liz, that is peculiar but if that’s what you want.’
‘It’s not what I want it’s what I’m stuck with and it’ll be easier for you.’
This girl was full of contradictions and I was really at a loss. How should I take all this? She’d offered to have sex with me out of the blue and then go away and forget me. That was troubling and quite disconcerting. I wasn’t sure I wanted to make love to her though I could feel my penis growing with each word she uttered. I decided to change the subject and get back to the essentials.
‘You mentioned sex, earlier, was that for real or were you having me on?’
‘Why should I want to joke about sex, it’s the only real thing there is in this world.’
‘Fine!’ I said a little surprised but interested all the same. ‘And where do you
propose we do it?’ I continued innocently. She looked at me curiously as she ate her bun and drank her coffee. She didn’t answer my question but posed another one instead which after thought, seemed perfectly logical.
‘Where do you usually have sex?’ The answer to that was obvious but I really
didn’t like the habitual corny line your place or mine and yet it stood to reason that even if I didn’t know where she came from or at least where she crashed, I knew where I lived so what better plan than to take her back to my place which was just down the road. I therefore answered what she was expecting me to say.
‘My pad! It’s just a couple of hundred yards down the road.’
‘Perfect! She said lazily.’ As she finished washing down her jam and butter bun
with the rest of her coffee, I watched her sensual mouth munching the food and imagining her chewing on my phallus and how that would feel later-on that morning. I
couldn’t begin to imagine what was in store for me and how this girl, calling herself Gothic Liz, was going to change my entire existence. For a moment, I remembered what she’d told the waitress about being the customer and paying the check but I wanted to be the man and took out my wallet. After all she did start by asking me to offer her a coffee out on the street earlier so how confusing was this going to be? She saw me go for my pocket and grabbed my hand with hers, which was soft and thin, yet as she tightened her grip, I thought she was going to crush my wrist even though my bones were much larger than hers.
‘I know I asked you to offer me a coffee but I told the waitress I was paying and I
have to go through with it because I always do what I say I will, so leave your wallet where it is. You’ll have other opportunities.’
‘I thought we weren’t seeing each other again after this.’
‘Don’t believe everything I tell you, only what you experience, you’ll understand
what I mean later. Besides you’ll have other opportunities with other women as well.’
She grinned and through a bank note on the table, got up and sauntered out casually. I followed her.
We entered my building and went straight to the elevator. The doors closed and I pressed the button opposite the number 13. I wasn’t going to go into a long explanation justifying the fact that I lived on the 13th floor of a 14-floor building. It’s often found that 13th floors and rooms do not exist because of silly superstitions but when you think about it, even if you go straight to the floor or room marked 14 ignoring the 13th, you still account for it because chronologically the 14th floor or room is the 13th count anyway, so it’s ridiculous. That’s the explanation I usually give to people who visit me, and they all see the logic of it so the superstition then falls and nobody mentions it again. Nevertheless this chick didn’t seem to worry about that sort of thing. The surprise I was in for was much greater than I’d expected. As we reached the 4th floor and then passed it, she pressed the stop button. Within seconds she was undoing my flies as my phallus was hardening. Her bare legs were up in my groin as her mouth came down on my manhood moisturising it with her saliva while her tongue was playing with the tip of my rod. She was crouched down sitting on her
heels as her black skirt was rising up her white thighs the sight of which was adding tremendously to my excitement. Within a few seconds I was coming and she was swallowing it whole-heartedly. Before I could say “WOW” My zip was back up and the elevator was moving up towards my floor.
‘Did you like it?’ She asked. I was stumped I needed time to think, so I said the
first thing that came into my mind.
‘Where did you learn that?’
‘Here and there. Where’s your pad? That was only the beginning. You did say you
wanted to have sex with me didn’t you?’ I obediently showed her to my apartment, turned the key in the lock, and walked in. She followed me closing and locking the door behind her.
‘You don’t have to lock it, you know. People don’t come knocking every five
‘Maybe, but I prefer total privacy for what we’re about to do.’
‘Funny, You didn’t strike me as being a private person after what we just did.
‘Very funny!’
She slowly strolled around the living room noting the way my Spartan furniture was installed. An imitation leather couch in one corner, a square ancient but not antique mahogany table, surrounded by four chairs in the middle and a television on a small bar in the opposite corner to the couch was the perfect description of a bachelor’s pad who’s hardly ever home such as I. The bedroom was even worse with just a single bed and a bedside table. She pushed the bedroom door open while I went to the kitchenette next to the bathroom, opened the small fridge, and grabbed a carton of orange juice. As she came back through she watched me bring the orange into the living room with two glasses and looked at me disapprovingly.
‘Don’t you have anything stronger?’
‘What at nine in the morning?’
‘Why not?’
‘Very well,’ I acknowledged not really wanting to. ‘I’ll get you a beer. Will that do?’
‘And one for yourself, I don’t drink alone.’ She affirmed as she pulled out her cigarette case and lit one up over the table.
‘Please don’t do that over my mahogany table, it comes from my grandmother.
Hang on I’ll get you an astray.’ She looked at me with a strange perturbed gaze as if I’d spoken in Hebrew or something similar.
‘Your grandmother?’
‘Yes, I inherited the table from my grandparents, or my grandmother in particular.
It was in her family for generations and it came down to me. In fact it’s the only thing I ever inherited from anyone.’
‘Oh!’ She said as she continued to stroll around the place. I brought her the
ashtray and placed it under the cinders as they were falling from her cigarette onto the table.
‘Hey, let yourself go. She said mockingly. ‘Cool down a bit baby, I’ve a feeling you
haven’t been around too much.’
‘On the contrary, I’m a journalist and I’ve seen the world but that table is very
precious to me so please do not drop your ashes on it. Now what about getting down to business.’ I opened the beers I’d brought from the kitchen and she grabbed one from me and started downing it as if she hadn’t had a drink for weeks. Again, she gazed at me as if I was speaking a foreign language, gulped a little beer, and put it down on the table.
‘Didn’t you have enough in the lift?’
‘Hey, you’re the one who told me I was going to get some sex if I brought you up
here and don’t put that beer on my table.’ I was beginning to regret having brought her up to my pad. She’d given me a blowjob and if it came to that, I could easily forget her promise and throw her out but I had a feeling she was looking for something and my natural journalistic curiosity prevented me from doing that. I wanted to know exactly who she was. She stared at me deeply in the eyes then without warning pushed her mouth against mine and kissed me hard poking her tongue onto mine playing with it as she kissed. While doing so her leg came up into my groin again like last time and once more I felt that tingle in my spine and my penis became erect in a few seconds. I softly caressed her legs, which were so smooth and muscular. I couldn’t bare it any longer; I had to go all the way. I pulled off her blouse and fondled her breasts with one hand as I started to unzip my trousers with the other.
‘Hey, take it easy buster’ she said slightly vexed. ‘We’ve got all morning so take
your time.’ She finished stripping off revealing a perfectly proportioned body with all the curves in the right place but I already knew that, her nakedness just confirmed it. It was already visible with her clothes on but naked apart from her high heels, she
struck me as being fabulously sensual and extremely exciting; in fact one of the most perfectly proportioned women I’d ever seen. I wanted her and I wanted her now. It took me a few seconds to strip off. I grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed but as she was going down underneath me she turned me over holding me as tightly as a clamp and finished on top of me on the bed. My rod was right under her shaven fanny and I had no trouble in pushing it in. It was heaven as she started to furrow making me come in and out. I put my hand on her clit and began to play with it. I could see she was appreciating it as she through back her head and went faster and faster. My love juice was on its way for the second time in the morning and I was enjoying every moment of it. As I came, she did too, I could feel her go stiff all over and then thrust herself forward and upwards as she shrieked with delight. As for me, my pleasure was so intense that I thought I was floating in another dimension as I was filling her cave with my milk.
‘Now baby, how did you like it this time,’ She cooed as she was getting dressed
‘Yes, you certainly came through this time; Oh, not that you didn’t last time but
this time around, you were really tops.’ I was really on top of the world after this and just to think it was so easy to pick up a girl in the street, bring her back to my place and make love to her with no strings and no mishaps except the cigarette burns and beer bottle rings on my grandmother’s table made me feel a real man again. Not having had sex for some time I was happy to experience this with such a weird and wonderful woman and on these occasions one often wonders if it will happen again so one tends to take full advantage of the situation. It was then that the most surprising phrase came from her mouth, as she was finishing to dress.
‘One thing, did you have any condoms by any chance?’ She asked candidly. I
was taken aback for a moment and had an uncanny feeling about this whole situation and how easy it had been picking her up and the way she looked so sultry when I first saw her. What exactly did she mean? I must admit in the confusion of fast sex, I hadn’t thought of condoms. I was now anxious.
‘Euh, why do you want to know?’
‘I was just wondering if you had AIDS?’
‘What?’ What kind of a silly ass question is that?’ I blurted out. Suddenly she burst
out laughing. I was going through all the colours of the rainbow and it occurred to me that she was making fun of me so I calmed down but was still slightly anxious about what she had in mind. I had to ask.
‘Okay, I fell for it. Now what happens?’
‘I leave you in peace to ponder over our extraordinary morning and I’ll see you
‘Are you coming back?’ I asked candidly.
‘Not in the way you think.’
By now she was dressed and was making for the door while I was still naked and wondering about her. She turned and said a quick ‘Toodoloo’ then smiled blew me a kiss and was out into the corridor before I had time to return her toodooloo. I dressed and decided to go out and finish my interrupted tour of the town. I was determined to go out this evening and enjoy myself. Go to a pub, have a few drinks, pick up a girl, and see where it goes then maybe take her for a meal and end up in her bed. It was the best way I could forget Gothic Liz because for some reason, I just couldn’t get her out of my mind.
As the day progressed I was feeling more and more tired. All I wanted was to go home and sleep. I was in a bar in Soho seated on a barstool next to a beautiful Eurasian but I could hardly keep my eyes open and felt pretty bad about it. I was obliged to apologise get up and leave the bar, and yet all I’d had to drink was one beer. As I stepped out, the night air hit me in a peculiar way. I felt strange chills all down my spine and an extreme tiredness. I hailed a taxi and got in and literally crashed onto the back seat but still managed to give the driver my address before I nodded off. Just before reaching my building, the driver woke me out of the strangest dream. I was in dark redlined room with a huge divan on which Gothic Liz was sitting naked with her legs crossed and as she looked at me her eyes became yellow then shone in an uncanny golden glow. She came towards me and grabbed my cock and put in her mouth and that was it. I was awake. I got out, paid the cabby, and went inside and up to my apartment. I’d decided to not take my car tonight as I knew I was going to drink and I was happy to have done so otherwise I would have had to leave it in Soho and that wouldn’t have been a very good idea. Once in my bedroom, I stripped off throwing my clothes on the floor, climbed into my bed and just collapsed into oblivion again.
In the middle of the night I was awakened by a noise coming from the hallway. I opened my eyes and somehow I was able to see in the dark. The whole apartment was glowing in a kind of golden aura. At first I thought I was dreaming. It was as if everything was happening from somewhere else and I was just an onlooker, not really participating but then I realized I was the centre of this supposed dream and it was very real. The whole room was now glowing brightly and I was lying naked on top of my bed. Gradually an apparition materialized above me. As it slowly took form I began to recognize the figure. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. This whole thing was just impossible and yet it was happening right before my eyes. The entire situation was hallucinating but there I was lying on my back naked and looking up at the ceiling, only what I was seeing wasn’t the ceiling but the perfect naked body of the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Gothic Liz was floating over me with her hair blowing in soft breeze, her mouth open and her eyes shut. It was an incredible sight. As she was slowly but delightfully closing in on me from above, I was feeling my phallus hardening to such an extent that it seemed like I had a veritable iron rod saluting the gothic goddess. As she was just a few inches above me, her eyes opened suddenly and stared at me wildly. Her pupils were large black beads and were surrounded by bright golden perfectly circular irises bathing in the bluish white sclera of her eyes. Her mouth came down on mine, forcing it open with her tongue which seemed extremely powerful. As she softly landed on top of my body, my phallus naturally entered her cave, which was extremely moist and welcoming, receiving me with warmth and softness. As my glans came into contact with her outer then inner lips, it naturally sent a message to my brain of extreme well-being and it took just a few ins and outs before my juice was racing through my groin and into her open flower making me zing with pleasure all through my spine, neck and head. She uttered a deep but feminine groan of satisfaction and slowly pulled herself away from me, rising up towards the ceiling again. As she gently floated upwards I felt a sudden emptiness within me but at the same time I no longer thirsted for sex the way I had done all day long. Slowly she started to disappear but not until she’d whispered something while still looking at me. I could hardly hear it but I could see what she was saying by her lip movements.
‘My name is Ereshkigal, I am the Goddess of the Underworld. You know me
under other denominations quite different from this Mesopotamian mythological one but the result is the same. You now belong to me.’ She then just vanished into thin air. After that I just fell asleep again and didn’t wake till morning.
As I was slowly surfacing from the strangest night I’d ever lived, my mind was feeling blurred. I looked at the alarm clock, which read seven thirty so I got up still naked, and went to the kitchen with my eyes half shut. I wondered why it hadn’t sounded at seven fifteen as it usually does but then I dismissed the thought as being due to the weak batteries I knew I had to change one of these days. The smell of hot coffee was reaching nostrils in a most pleasant way. As I stepped into the kitchen, there she was fully dressed in her black gothic clothes smiling at me and handing me a cup of smoking hot coffee.
‘Sleep well?’ She asked with amusement.
My entire dream came back to me in a flash. Something didn’t make sense. In fact nothing made sense. Who was this girl and how come she appeared in my dreams and in my physical life so permanently?
‘Actually, no, I can’t really say I did. I had a strange dream, a wet dream if you
like. By the way, what are you doing here?’
‘Oh yes, I do like. I love people who have wet dreams. Did you cum in the sheets?’
she hadn’t answered my question. She was ignoring it completely.
‘I don’t really know, I didn’t check.’ I answered bluntly as I took the coffee and
drank it. ‘I repeat my question, what are you doing here?’ I almost burnt my lips.
‘Hell this is stifling.’
‘Yes it is isn’t it? It’s good for you. Drink it and we’ll talk. I think there are several
things you have to know.’ Intrigued, I sat down at the kitchen table while she was atthe stove makings eggs and bacon for breakfast.
‘I’m all ears.’ I said with enthusiasm.
‘I’m a goddess. A Mesopotamian goddess in fact.’
‘Yes, very funny.’ I sipped my coffee thinking about the words she mimed when
she was disappearing but couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. Slowly as she brought the two plates of eggs and bacon and sat down opposite me. I looked at
them and decide I wanted tomatoes and baked beans as well so I turned around to open the cupboard and take out a can of each. When I turned back again and looked at the plate they were both garnished with fried tomatoes and baked beans as well as three eggs and two slices of bacon. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked down at the plates casually, smiled, and started to eat while she continued her speech.
‘So, as I was saying, I’m a goddess and I can do just about anything I want. I read
minds and manipulate molecular structure at will and nothing can resist me. And in particular sex hungry men. They are infants, putty in my hand; I do anything I want with them. Are the eggs done enough?’
‘Oh absolutely, just the way I like them,’ I answered a bit bewildered by the
sudden question but fascinated by her account and what was happening.
‘You see what I mean. Sorry about the tomatoes and baked beans I’d forgotten
for a moment.’
‘So if you can provoke miracles…..’
‘Not miracles, molecular manipulation by thought transmission.’
‘Okay, very well, if you can manipulate molecular structure, why were you actually
cooking breakfast?’
‘Because I enjoy cooking physically and I didn’t want to shock you as you were
coming from the bedroom. I had to explain things first.’
‘Fine! And you are here because…..’
‘I’m trying to tell you if you’ll just keep quiet a moment and eat your breakfast.’
While I was listening and eating at the same time, it occurred to me my coffee cup was empty. I went to get up to fetch the coffee pot and as I did so, my cup was full of steaming coffee again, so I sat back down looked up at the ceiling and decided to let her finish her story.
‘Okay! carry on.’
‘I was born 35000 years, your years, ago somewhere else. Shall we say in
another world?’
‘You mean on another planet?’
‘Not only, let us say another dimension to this one. It’s complicated but it’s not the
most important factor. What is important is that you understand that I’m not human.’
‘I think I’ve got that already.’ I said ironically.
‘Right! Now you have to understand that I can do what I want here. What you
don’t know is that I’m not alone. There are many of us. And we are spread out all over this universe with a great number here on this planet. Therefore we are in position to change your entire environment and that’s exactly what some of us have in mind. The only thing is, in doing so; we will upset the delicate balance of this universe and its dimension. Therefore those who have these intensions have to be stopped and the only way we can achieve this is by using members of your human race and empowering them so that they can fight their enemies from within. Do you comprehend what I’m saying?’
‘What you mean is that you want me to become a warrior for you, right?’
‘No, not for me, for you and your own kind.’ I was becoming interested in her story
and started elaborating highly sophisticated “Star Wars” scenarios when I remembered she could read my mind and I probably seemed ridiculous in her eyes so I concentrated on my breakfast.
‘Don’t worry about it;’ she said. ‘You all do it at first. Now concentrate because this
is important. It’s where you come in. You’re going to love it, it requires having sex to create powerful energy.’ I put my fork down and looked up at her in wonder. I smiled at her and knew that she knew exactly what I was thinking about, but I was wrong.
‘No! You will not be fucking me but one of my subordinates. A lesser goddess
without the major powers. However she is still very powerful in her own way so don’t think you can do what you want with her. She will be commanding you, not the other way around. You will meet her tonight.’
‘And where will you be?’
‘Somewhere in the vicinity.’
‘How is all this to happen?’ I asked candidly.
‘Tonight, you will go out to the pub known as “The Black and Red” where you will
meet a beautiful blond shorthaired girl. She will be your guide. Her name is Khana. From there on you will make love to her at a certain time in a certain place. She will tell you when and where.’
I was about to answer but I felt blurry for a few seconds and then suddenly found myself all alone in the kitchen. Gothic Liz or should I say Ereshkigal had vanished into thin air. Moreover, the table was empty and there were, no pans on the stove. I opened cupboard and found the two tins of baked beans and peeled tomatoes where I generally put them. All of a sudden the percolator sounded letting me know my morning coffee was ready. I decided to ignore the last half hour until I
looked at the clock and found it was eight o’clock and for some reason, I just wasn’t hungry any more. It appeared that I’d already had breakfast. So! Was all this real? I decided I’d go to the pub this evening to find out.
At seven thirty pm, I was all spruced up and ready to go out. I was wearing a black shirt, black leather pants, black boots, and a black leather jacket. Since I had black hair, all this fitted perfectly. I’d found the pub in question on the Internet. Strangely enough, it was one of the few minor London pubs that had its own site. It seemed to be very Gothic so having picked up a bit of silver jewellery here and there, I thought I’d wear an upturned pentagram to add to the dramatics of the evening. I wanted to get as much out of this evening as I could and being a journalist I was sure I’d get some sort of story as well even if it wasn’t my specialty. After all I could write, and maybe I was on to something big here. In any case I was apparently going to get some sex this evening and that alone was worth the effort.
The pub was the other side of town in the Brixton area. Not the most reassuring place to seek out pleasure but there were plenty of girls there even if the majority weren’t all blond. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about defining the right girl. Blonds did tend to stand out on a limb in that area of London. I soon found the pub leaving my car a quarter of a mile away just in case. As I arrived near the place, loud heavy rock music was belting out from the open windows as well as the doorway. I stepped inside and found it very dark apart from coloured lights flashing in time with the music. Most of them were bright red and a few green strobes added to the ambiance of the place. I sauntered up to the busy bar brushing shoulders with the most gorgeous women I’d ever seen, but unfortunately in most cases, accompanied by nasty looking heavies who didn’t seem to appreciate strangers. What astounded me most was the fact that there were very few coloured people in the place and yet this district is particularly known for its Afro population. Maybe this pub was special after all. Most of the women were fair skinned but wore black gothic skirts with matching top clothing and makeup as for the men; they were either in leather or black cotton also hard on gothic. It occurred to me that my choice of clothes wasn’t a coincidence. Had Gothic Liz got to me telepathically or was it really my choice? I’ll never know.
As I neared the counter I could see several girls seated on barstools. Three of them were blonds. How could I know which one was Khana, if any of them were at all? I decided to play it by ear and just relax and see what would happen. Strangely enough there was an empty stool between two of the girls so when I reached it I sat down. While I was waiting for the barman I started to study the two girls on either side of me. The one of my left was about twenty-five, or thereabouts, at least that’s what she appeared to be but then so did Gothic Liz and I remembered how old she said she was. This girl had an Aryan look about her. She had very short fair hair and a very fair complexion. She had piercing blue eyes and large red lips. She seemed sad with her thick mascara around the deep blue irises. She was wearing a shiny black soft satin tank top with a thick leather belt around her waist. The black leather skirt was extremely short and rose half way up her thighs, which were, crossed one over the other thus giving them an extra sensual appeal. She had short high heel boots also black and her legs were bare. It’s true that is was so hot inside that all the girls in dresses and skirts had bare legs. This girl had particularly smooth shiny legs from the bottom of her shins to the top of her thighs even up under her micro skirt. Her figure was fine and she was obviously quite tall, about five feet six, which helped her proportions, equilibrate perfectly. Her soft breasts were arrogantly poking through her tank top thus defining the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra, the form of her jutting nipples were perfectly visible.
The woman on my right seemed a little older, maybe in her mid thirties with sandy hair. She was wearing a black cotton blouse over a long but slit black skirt displaying within the split, perfectly curved legs from her stilettos to the top of her thighs. Looking at the top of the partition in the skirt, it appeared that she wasn’t wearing any panties, which of course contributed to the fetish thoughts that could raise a phallus in a few seconds. Mine was already on its way up and thickening by the second. As the barman came over, I stopped fantasizing and order a straight ‘Grants’ with no ice. I wanted to buy the two girls a drink but they both had full glasses in front of them. I decided to go for broke and as the barman brought me my whisky, I took the chance of ordering for the girl on my right who was closest to me.
‘May I offer you a drink?’ I tempted smiling at the green eyes on my right.
‘Well thank you mister,’ she purred in an accent from the Deep South of the USA.
‘I’ll have a gin and orange please.’ As she spoke the girl on my left grinned to herself pulling out a long thin cigarette from the packet taken from her purse and placed it
sensually between her lips. It was as if she knew my next move and somehow even provoked it. I took out my Ronson and lit her up as the woman on the right watched almost disgusted.
‘Thank you’ said the girl on the left. ‘I’m Khana’ she added. I felt stupid but
continued to act as if I was interested in the other lady. She in turn introduced herself in her Deep South drooling accent.
‘My name is Naomi but it’s all right if you’re more interested in teens, nothing
wrong with that.’
‘Actually I was just passing and saw this place so I came in. There was an
unoccupied stool at the bar between two ravishing women so I thought I’d sit down.’
I turned to Khana and asked her what she was drinking. She ordered a vodka and tonic directly without answering me. I took it for granted that I was to pay anyway.
‘So where are you from?’ Asked Khana as she looked at Naomi from the corner of
her eye.
‘London! I’m from London and my name is ….’
‘Desmond I know.’ On hearing my name from the lips of Khana, Naomi moved
away in disgust, which made Khana grin.
‘So!’ Said Khana. ‘How about going somewhere to see some action?’
‘Isn’t there enough here?’ I answered while taking a gulp of whisky.
‘I know a place where things move even faster.’
I didn’t really know what she wanted from me apart from sex and even that, I wasn’t sure what for. It was obvious a beautiful and sexually stimulating girl like her could find a much better take than me but it had been agreed with Gothic Liz that Khana and I were to physically fuse so I wasn’t complaining. However, the idea of going to some other noisy night spot wasn’t really within my plans for the evening but I did want to get to the bottom of this whole mystery, especially the ambiguity that linked us both to the girl in the black skirt. Was Gothic Liz’ story true or had I just imagined the baked beans, tomatoes and coffee. Not to mention the strange dream that I’m sure my fertile imagination could certainly account for somewhere along the road. Had she set me up with this Khana and was there going to be some horrible trap waiting for me somewhere? And what was all this about using sex to create powerful energy? The only way to find out was to follow her and live it out. But then was I going to be a dummy in doing so?
‘All right then! If you insist let’s go somewhere where there’s action. I was under
the impression something physical was to happen between us.
‘It will, but patience Desmond. Didn’t Eres tell you?’
‘Eres!’ She looked at me dumbly!
‘Oh! You probably know her under the name of Gothic Liz; Eres is her real name.
Actually it’s Ereshkigal but we call her Eres.’
I grinned understanding the diminutive and finding it quite cute at the same time. ‘I
know the name Ereshkigal she told me but I didn’t know her nickname. All she said was that we were to get together and have sex for some sort of energy thing.’
‘We must create an energy link to combat the enemy. But! We must do it at a
certain time in a certain place. Now if you just want to have sex, we can do that here if you like then move on to the place I want to take you to afterwards.’
Without letting me respond she took me by the hand and pulled me into the ladies lavatory where she threw out the two girls who were redoing their lipstick and locked the door behind her. She then grabbed me pulling me into one of the open cubicles. I didn’t wait; I was already hard and was unzipping my trousers as she was pulling up her skirt where I could confirm what I’d thought. She wasn’t wearing any knickers. She pushed me on the closed seat and sat astride of me. My penis was saluting her smartly as she came down on it allowing it to penetrate the moisture of her interior with smoothness and ease. I could feel shivers from my head all the way down my spine and into my lower tummy. It didn’t take long for my juice to move along the shaft and into her cavern. My blood was boiling and my muscles were tense as the process of intense fusion was going on. I was hoping for some reactive orgasm from her in the same way as Gothic Liz had reacted but she remained quite cold to that effect. Then she came out with the most surprising phrase I could possibly imagine but on reflection, knowing who Gothic Liz was and that Khana was of the same species, it didn’t really surprise me.
‘Sorry to disappoint you but Eres was simulating. She does it all the time. She is a
very powerful goddess and it takes much more than a human male to get her going but she’s also very diplomatic and since she needed you, she didn’t want to hurt your feelings so she feigned her orgasm.’
‘What about you?’ I asked innocently.
‘I don’t have time. You wanted sex and since it seemed the only way to get you to
follow me without any fuss, we had sex.’ She said coldly. ‘Now you’re satisfied, you can zip up and come with me. We have to go somewhere.’ She finished her phrase almost like an automat. What was to be done was apparently understood between us and now had come the time for action. I had no choice. She was very placid about the whole thing and I must admit, it worried me somewhat. Where was she taking me?
‘Very well!’ I agreed as I was zipping myself up. ‘Where are we going?’
‘To a place where witches, vampires and other beautiful creatures roam at night
and we’ll be fucking much longer with full trimmings in a little while so you won’t miss out, but we must go now.’
She grinned at me and unlocked the door behind which, by now, there was a crowd of angry females queuing up in an inelegant fashion. We left the pub hurriedly and she led me to her car. A beautiful sleek trim lined red convertible Ferrari with the roof already open. I couldn’t believe my eyes, knowing I’d left my old Austin a couple of blocks away from fear of having stolen or wrecked. This magnificent automobile was right opposite a rowdy pub in the middle of Brixton and no one came near it. Either, nobody had noticed it, or she really was a goddess with some sort of persuasive power to prevent people approaching it. Mind you, she did agree to have sex with me in the ladies toilets just to calm my libido. She could have hypnotised me. I’d again forgotten she could read my thoughts while I was analysing the situation.
‘You wanted sex now and I wasn’t particularly against the idea, so I greed. Does
that answer your query and yes, this is my car and nobody went near it because as you guessed, I prevented it from happening. Also before you ask about Eres’ transport, apart from TP, she has a large black Rancho four by four. She likes sturdy strength and power. Now can we go? She ended while climbing in the red Italian.
‘Oh absolutely. I agreed while crouching down in order to fit into the red demon
spaghettiwise.’ I silenced my thoughts though I was wandering what TP was. I wasn’t about to ask.
We’d been driving for about an hour due south. It was a warm night with a bright full silver moon. As I gazed up at it, it occurred to me that maybe it was linked to everything else. I knew a little about these things having travelled around many countries, some of which had people who in their own obscure and inimitable way, practiced some sort of local witchcraft. I knew about vampires having read numerous books including Bram Stoker, Christopher Pike and Anne Rice but what was true and what wasn’t, still remained a mystery to me. Being a journalist by profession and by nature I was curious of everything but always remained pragmatic and never took anything on face value. Things had to be proved to me.
As we passed Redhill and turned towards Reigate then down in the direction of Crawley along the A217, I had time to think about the last twenty-four hours. Khana was silent at the wheel. She was concentrating on the road as if something important was on her mind but she’d chosen to ignore thus giving precedence to her driving. There was practically no traffic and we sailed at a cruising speed of fifty mph almost everywhere. As we approached the Cuckfield turnoff, I was beginning to wonder how much longer this trip was to last. I kept worrying about my old Austin left in the vicinity of the pub, and was it going to be there the next morning? Was I, going to be there the next morning? Khana suddenly broke the silence.
‘Stop worrying will you, it’s beginning to annoy me. It will be there tomorrow, and
you’ll be there to find it. We need you tonight and after that, you won’t see us again.
I didn’t answer but I kicked myself for not remembering her special powers, or should I say their special powers. A few miles away a signpost marked Haywards Heath appeared and for some undetermined reason, I knew we’d arrived. We turned off into a side road as we entered the sleeping town and found ourselves near a cemetery. I wasn’t particularly worried about graveyards but neither was I used to visiting them at almost midnight. As we got closer to what evidently was our final destination, I moved my legs, which seemed to have grown numb from stillness. I knew that when travelling by air, it is important to move around in the plane to circulate the blood thus avoiding a blood clot forming and reaching the heart but I’d never envisaged it in a car ride. Probably because I was rarely the passenger and always had something to occupy the different parts of my body but I was, in this case feeling numb all over.
The red car with the black stallion on the end of the hood came to a halt and we got out. As I looked over the cemetery wall, I could see lights in the background.
‘Come on, there isn’t much time left, whispered Khana.’ That intrigued me but I obeyed.
‘Why are you whispering, afraid of waking the dead?’
‘Don’t be silly. It’s out of respect and also we’re not supposed to talk when we
arrive.’ Her explanation suited me though I did remain sceptic about her real motive for hushing the sound of our voices. As we turned behind a large tombstone near the church we saw a group of men and women all in white robes around a large bonfire. I couldn’t recognize anybody but I had a feeling the assembly was incomplete. Someone was missing. As we approached the others, a tall man whispered to Khana telling her to get undressed. She in turn looked at me but I’d already begun so she didn’t say anything. She just grinned slightly at my instant comprehension of the situation. A few moments later someone was handing us each a white cloak, which we hastily put on. As I looked back at the pyre I noticed that the crowd was moving slowly towards the centre. In the distance I could discern a figure walking slowly towards us. It was a woman, I could tell by her step. Moreover, I recognized that particular amble and as she got nearer, although she too was wearing a cloak it became obvious to me that the lady was Gothic Liz or to be more precise Ereshkigal. The great goddess was now among us and I knew that the ceremony could finally begin.
As she approached the pyre, with her left hand she took out a long double bevelled knife from a sheath under her cloak and pointed up to the sky. Khana filled me in on the details.
‘That’s an athame and she is going to evoke the four elements to witness our
orgy.’ The word in her mouth sounded promising but so surprising at the same time. We were seated next to each other in a large circle around the fire when slowly but surely, the great goddess started to rise into the air in front of the fire. She was soon hovering above the flames and they seemed to be licking her legs without having any effect on her. She cried out an incantation, which, I was sure, could be heard for miles; but I was to find out afterwards that only we, could hear her. He cloak fell off her shoulders into the flames and she just floated there naked in the air.
‘Oh great Elements of the universe; I point to you and ask for your presence among us great master of the eastern region representing the air as I stand and face the east.
She pivoted slightly looking in the eastern direction above the flames still licking her beautiful calves and thighs with no apparent damage. She raised her left arm pointing the athame straight up into the sky. Her right arm was also stretched out towards the firmament. She then turned towards the north thus going in an anticlockwise direction.
‘Oh Great master of the northern region, I ask for your presence among us as you represent the earth.’
She then slowly pivoted towards the west still holding up her athame in her left hand and stretching the right up to the heavens.
‘Oh great mistress of the western region, I ask for your presence among us as you represent water.’
Finally she slowly swivelled towards the south still in the same position.
‘Oh great master of the southern region, I ask for your presence among us as you represent fire.’
Suddenly there was a huge explosion and the bonfire seemed to heat up even more thus covering her completely. She was smothered in the flames for a few seconds then they died down again as she reappeared surrounded by three gods and a goddess. I’d asked Khana discretely why when pointing west she changed her cry to mistress and khana replied that that particular deity was a female without going into the details. The five deities came back down to the ground and Ereshkigal addressed the crowd.
‘My children, we are all gathered here to create energy to fight and destroy our
enemies. We will do this by generating a positive and powerful force through our kundalini. This will be done through sexual intercourse. Half of you are aliens to this earth and dimension and the others are what we call earthlings. The combination of the two entities will manufacture this force, which we will then send out towards our foe and will destroy it. HAIL SATAN and let the orgy now begin.’
Every man turned to a woman and each threw off his or her cloak clutching to his or her partner. While thinking about that last statement I hardly had time to see anything that Khana was throwing me, naked, as she was herself, on the ground climbing onto me spread-eagled with her legs each side of my waist. My phallus was up and ready as she first caressed her cheeks with it after which she slowly placed it in her mouth. I was caressing her thighs, which were tightly gripping the sides of my waist. My hand moved down into her groin and onto her clitoris. I swept onto it while
she threw her head back closing her eyes in sheer pleasure thus releasing my pole, which by now was throbbing with hunger needing to touch the extremities of the woman’s lips which ever they may be. She started to move down allowing me to near her vulva that by now was quite moist. At last I could penetrate her while still playing with her clit. I could sense that she was in ecstasy but as I entered her, I almost forgot what she might be really feeling, for my own pleasure went from an almost extreme ecstasy to absolute rapture. I was controlling my flow but while moving in and out shafting her faster and faster as she herself was exercising a vertical movement on my abdomen I could hardly prevent myself from coming. Within a few moments I knew this was it. Extreme bliss was flowing through my internal system and into her vessel. My semen was racing fast and furious simultaneously to her orgasm exploding on the tips of my fingers, which were playing with her spot. (At least I thought she was having an orgasm but knowing what I did know, I’ll never really be sure). She let out a scream while I roared with delight but we weren’t the only ones in this place of peace, enjoying this extreme moment. As I looked up at Khana I noticed she was sucking another man’s cock while enjoying my caresses on her clit and giving me pleasure inside her and this was going on all over the cemetery. Everyone was linked to someone else in every sexual position possible. We were all locked together while our energies flowed for long minutes. It was the longest coitus I’d ever experienced and it occurred to me that all the other couple had come exactly at the same time as we did. Suddenly there appeared a strange bluish white cloud above us and the flames from the bonfire rekindled as they reached the immense coloured firmament. It was obvious that Ereshkigal’s wishes had been realized. The entire energy process had worked and we’d taken great pleasure out of it. I was prepared to start all over again if need be but I had a feeling that that was the only time it would ever happen and I was sorry that everything would end there and then.
As Khana got up, she looked at me with tenderness and smiled as if to say “thank you, you saved my people” but how could I ever know what the result was of this massive get-together? I just had to accept the inevitable as I watched her get dressed again. I did likewise as well as everybody else. The fire had gone out and everything seemed back to normal. Ereshkigal was back in her Gothic clothes. She had become once more Gothic Liz or simply the girl in the black skirt. She walked up
to me and kissed me deeply on the mouth opening it while doing so. The kiss lasted about a full minute while Khana was watching with a smile of satisfaction.
‘Thank you Desmond,’ uttered Gothic Liz. ‘Thank you for everything and believe
me, you shall never regret it until your dying day because when it comes, we will be there to welcome you among us. One day, you too will be a god. We shall see each other again, have no fear.’
That last statement was a little weird but I only took it for what it was worth on the spur of the moment; I had other things on my mind. She pulled away gently before I could say anything, yet there was one thing bothering me in particular. It had been perturbing me since I first met Ereshkigal the other morning when she’d introduced herself to me. I had find to out the truth.
‘Before you go, there is something I need to know.’
‘Yes, what is it?’ She asked casually though I was sure she already knew.
‘Why do you call yourself Gothic Liz? I mean what does it have to do with
‘Simple. I’m gothic, always have been well for the past thirty of your years
anyway. Ereskigal can be translated as Erzebeth, which becomes Elizabeth and finally Liz, it’s easier.’ She smiled. I didn’t quite know how to take that explanation but I knew it was the only one I’d get so I had to accept it. I was overwhelmed by her warmth and affection towards me. I could really physically feel an immense energy going through me from top to bottom and up again as well as in every other direction. I just looked at her and Khana noticing at the same time that only we three remained in the graveyard then I lost consciousness. As I was doing so, I could hear Khana saying something to me; it seemed to come from far away though she appeared to be whispering in my ear.
‘TP means teleportation!’ She smiled and kissed me and then vanished.
I woke up at home in my bed full of sparks and ready to go. I was famished and needed a hearty breakfast so I got up, went to the kitchen and cooked myself some bacon and eggs, with baked beans and tomatoes. As always everything was in the right place. After a hot and then a cold shower, I shaved got dressed and not knowing really why, decided to go out for a walk down the street.
I’d strolled a couple of hundred yards when I neared the clothes shop where I’d first seen Gothic Liz. I was hoping I’d bump into her again and feel as if all this hadn’t happened and yet was about to, but there was no Gothic Liz on the horizon. I looked through the shop window but didn’t see anyone I recognized. So, I strolled on till I reached a coffee bar. I opened the door and went inside. It was the one I’d had been to with Eres, as I now enjoyed calling her, so I sat down at the same table and waited for the waitress to come over and ask me what I wanted. It was the same waitress. She came up to my table, and I had a feeling she was looking for Liz.
‘Your smoking girlfriend not here today?’
‘No, ‘fraid not, she’s vanished from my life.’
‘You’re better off without her’ she cooed. Obviously, I didn’t agree but I wasn’t
about to argue giving her my reasons so I just ordered a coffee and she went away to get it. Actually she wasn’t bad looking. In her early thirties, dark hair and a pretty face, nice legs too, but I wasn’t in the mood to move on her. I still had last night on my mind and was hoping for another ritual like it but I knew deep down that it would never happen again. The coffee came, and with it, a hell surprise.
‘Here you are sir, a nice hot steaming coffee.’ Said a familiar voice. I looked up
and there was Khana. It was she who’d brought it to me. She was dressed in a waitress’s apron and looking sexier than ever.
‘Hey Khana, what are you ding here?’ I asked excitedly.
She smiled at me putting her index finger over her lips making a ssshhhhh sound.
‘I work here, at least for today. My name is Hanna and nobody knows me under
any other name so don’t spoil it. We decided to allow you to keep your memory of last night but if you start referring to it or try to see us again, we’ll have to remove it, do you understand?’
‘I don’t want to make any trouble but…’
‘Do you understand?’ She reiterated firmly. Her eyes were sharp and menacing
now and I knew I had to obey. Sex had been marvellous but I was no match for these goddesses even if I half believed the myth. I knew that for the rest of my life I’d never forget this experience and I didn’t want to either. All of a sudden an idea sprang into my mind so I looked up at her and acquiesced.
‘Yes I understand.’
‘Good, then that’s settled. Drink your coffee and go, it’s on the house.’
She stared at me for a while let go of the cup then smiled again and finally turned and walked away. I drank my coffee and went home. As I arrived I sat down at my computer and started writing my story. I knew I wouldn’t publish it in any magazine but at least it would be some sort of testimony that I’d actually lived this adventure. So here it is.
Annex to the above:
I woke up this morning with the impression that I had experienced something strange but immense a few nights ago. I also have a feeling that I wrote about it somewhere only I can’t find it anywhere. It’s as if everything had been removed from my memory and even my computer has no record of my ever writing about it. I do have a bizarre recollection, however, something about A Girl In A Black Skirt. Oh well, I guess it’s just another one of those oddities of life. Looks like it’s going to be another fine day today.
Loki_Grondwitch !

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